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4:05 AM
Q: How many numbers generate a palindromic number after subtracting or adding a fixed quantity?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe puzzle is as follows: Suppose you have a three-digit number in the octal system. If you add or subtract 212 (also in the octal system) from that initial number, you get a three-digit palindromic number in the same system. Using this information. How many numbers will follow that peculiar rul...

3 hours later…
7:26 AM
Q: Riddle from SBHacks 2021!

Anshuman DashMy home is the air, the earth, and the sea, Between highs and lows you are sure to find me. I am boisterous and loud, as bright as the sun, But those who can see me or hear me are none. I am born with a goal, I live in a shell, I accompany those who greet and farewell. I have numerous forms, inte...

3 hours later…
9:59 AM
Congrats @hexomino, welcome to the Legends club :-)
10:22 AM
Q: Maximize a way to get $e\pi$ in the digits' valley

JKHAIn this puzzle, create $x$ to Maximize $\dfrac{e\pi}{x}$ where $x \ge e\pi$. To create $x$ you must use less than $23\le e^\pi\simeq 23.14$ digits and operators from: $0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9$ $+\quad-\quad/\quad\times\quad$ dot $.$ $\quad($ $\quad)$ For instance, if I decide to choose $x = 3.14159...

3 hours later…
12:54 PM
@Randal'Thor Oh thank you, very kind
1:19 PM
Q: Infinitely large, definitely cryptic

jafeThis is an infinite cryptic crossword. Solve the clues and use the four given grid pieces (each duplicated infinity times) to create a grid that continues endlessly in all directions. Across A1. Soldier that earns pay from sea in Ajaccio, Corsica's capital A3. Crazed maniac? Her rant shows extre...

1 hour later…
2:48 PM
@GarethMcCaughan i will get back to you. The wait will be worth the while.
Oh, and @hexomino, i already did. You said that you learned something. I'm not a teacher, just a leaky sponge.
And we all get wet.
Bow wow
@humn I am driving by again... for now
You do remember.
I've expanded my vocabulary to "a lot!" and "with all my heart."
English is a b@.
And i learned from the best. Here to tell. With apology.
Can't help it.
Can't help blurting out, that is.
I can help everyone else.
When i bat for myself, it's below average. When i bat for the team, it's home runs.
Behind the scenes and under cover. Until now.
Don't want to brag but this seed is sprouting.
(psychologists are unable to measure my iq and i've been playing it down ever since.)
(every test ran off the board. as you?! I'm in good company.)
It's so easy that i became a slacker.
While helping careers for others.
Voi leipa"!
Butter on toast.
@jafe, learn English from a bastard.
You already know, but there is another level.
Okay, poof.
Or not. Sorry to bother:
Or again.
3:42 PM
And you('re) lucky for that
Each time i try to accept credit nobody believes me. Each time is a struggle.
Life underground.
One of these days i'll have credibility.
Until then i'm just an ass on pavement.
Truly. I was born on pavement in a snow bank. When i'm not solving all the world's problems i am thrown down.
On sidewalks.
4:08 PM
24 hours ago, by bobble
humn, could you please stop spamming the Lair with posts that should be in the Troll?
You're essentially turning this place into the Troll. I avoid the Troll because I can not understand any of the communications there. That room has a purpose, as does this one, and the Lair's purpose is not to be the Troll with a wider audience
I don't think you do. You just posted yet another music video
If you want to tangle hit Troll. That was my swan song here.
4:43 PM
Q: A Conflicted Riley Riddle

samm82My infix will give you a name My suffix will help you with pain My prefix will make you frown My whole will let you down What am I?

5:34 PM
Q: A Scrumptious Sudoku Sandwich - SS#7

Beastly GerbilAn entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #47: "Wacky Sudokus" Other puzzles in this series Welcome to the seventh puzzle in this series! For more information about the series, see the first puzzle and the introduction. Enjoy! Halway through now! The puzzles so far have been somewhat of an introd...

6:08 PM
@BeastlyGerbil I'm happy that I got to answer one of the SS series! My only chance was the weekend anyhow.
Ayyyy nice job! Very nicely explained answer too
Halfway through, you still have time to try others :P
I'm posting them around this time every day so you never know
Tomorrows the first 'very difficult' puzzle
So I'm interested to see how that one goes down, as the recent ones have been solved pretty quick
The problem with this time on weekdays is I'm in school
Ahhhh rip
10:12AM my time
For me its the evening, I've chosen round now cos I think its the most inclusive for the majority of major timezones
6:12 PM
(right now)
6:27 PM
Hoping a few others post some wacky sudokus, don't want to be the only one! :P
Athins puzzle is the only other so far, and wow that was an incredible puzzle
I am working on a Pento-Doku (Pentominous + Sudoku) but it's coming along slowly
Oooh that would be interesting
I'm surprised at how little sudoku puzzles there are here as theres so much you can with them
Theres only about 280 total on the site
1 hour later…
7:44 PM
I am proud to announce that after two months of hard work and procrastination, the first puzzle to the second installment of the Chain Puzzle series will be released on Monday, January 18, 2021, on who knows what time PST!
Is that Puzzling Stack Time?
What's the theme of the chain?
Video Games!
Don't forget to credit Deus and I!
7:47 PM
I was just about to actually
'specially for the Earth-annoyed clue :D
A special thank you to @Deusovi and especially @bobble for their enormous contribution to the puzzle. Without their help, this puzzle would not exist :D
And with that, I will head out for now o\
8:34 PM
Q: I guess I'm French, tall and strong

python_coderI guess I'm French tall and strong. winds come and go, though they cannot blow me over. people buy me and sell me an I am very common on the street and roads but they rarely build me without help my rival is short compared to me take me apart, and you've got me cornered I may have a tail, dependi...


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