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12:11 AM
@Avi I feel like I should unpublish my answer. I don't think I did the clue justice in my reasoning :/
12:28 AM
@Graylocke no reason to do so - you're almost there
you just need to figure out precisely how the wordplay works
at worst somebody else can pick up where you left off if you're totally stuck
but if you don't really want to reveal the answer to other people, you can temporarily delete
and undelete when you're done editing
12:48 AM
@Avi you tagged the wrong user. User Acccumulation has three c's
@NorthLæraðr it's in the website msh210 linked in his about me section
@jafe mood
@JeremyDover that's nice, but again I still can't believe I didn't notice :P
1:04 AM
@Mithical it's the international phonetic alphabet.
@Avi I feel like this is staring me in the face and I am overthinking it. :/
The day has reset! (Well an hour ago). Shall we see another vicious cycle of vengeance and take-down? The drama intesifies
1:58 AM
@oAlt yikes
@Graylocke you have strayed further from the correct answer ;(
2:22 AM
@Avi You have now got me tracking down the Ombudsman's Office... I think I am becoming delusional.
What is annoying me is that I want the T and not the O. defendant finally is the wrong letter...
3:19 AM
Found this clue online: Pompous man is left rambling about wine (4-9) for SELF-IMPORTANT
does anybody know how this wp works?
IS LEFT * about wine
MAN IS LEFT* about wine
@Avi ah
that'd do the trick
2 hours later…
5:16 AM
Q: 77-digit number divisible by 7 with seven 7s

P.-S. ParkThe smallest number divisible by 7 with seven 7s is trivially 7777777. Then, what is the greatest 77-digit number divisible by 7 which contains seven 7s?

@matt I'm aware of what it is, I just don't know how to use it
6:21 AM
in case anyone's wondering when the next gladys cryptic will be up: i just threw away the next instalment and started from scratch :/
it's going to take some time before the series continues
6:31 AM
good luck! i've had to start puzzles from scratch before and it is not a fun time
2 hours later…
8:14 AM
Q: How to reconstruct the explicit form of a function?

NickThere is a function $f(x,y)=z$, and $2\cdot x<y$; $x, y, z \in N$ such that $f(x=2, y=5)=32$ $f(x=2, y=6)=36$ $f(x=2, y=7)=40$ $f(x=3, y=7)=48$ $f(x=3, y=8)=52$ $f(x=3, y=9)=56$ Question. Can someone reconstruct the explicit form of the function $f(x,y)=z$, $2\cdot x<y$; $x, y, z \in N$?

8:39 AM
Q: Even and primes puzzle?

Mamuthis is secret numbers that increase regularly, what is the order? If you like numbers, it will be fun. 2^3 * 224299 2^2 * 3^2 * 19 * 3557 2 * 5 * 320647 2 * 599 * 3011 2 * 29 * 64283 2^3 * 7 * 11^3 * 59 2^3 * 7 * 47 * 1877 2^8 * 19 * 1229 2^2 * 1639271 2^3 * 17 * 109 * 569 2^3 * 5^3 * 17 * 503 ...

10:03 AM
The way Mark Knopfler plays the guitar mostly leads to sticky situations? (7)
10:46 AM
Q: Tribute to Eugene Varshavsky bwahhahahahahahahah

happystarEach cell in the lower-right 9x9 grid must contain a positive integer or be left blank. Numbers on the outside of the grid indicate the sums of one or more adjacent digits in that row or column, in order. Each sum is separated by at least one blank cell. No number can be repeated in a row or colu...

Q: iq test Please teach me

user71656iq math test 35, 147, ?, 2387 452801, 773924, 102410, 471056, ? 357, 1251, 152, ?, ?, 0 011010, 100010, 100010, 100010, 000010, ?, 100010 120, 10, 3, ?, ? Please explain me i don`t know that

10:57 AM
@LukasRotter Oh gods, enough with the pickle nonsense already. It's fine in chat, but there are people trying to solve puzzles on PSE who don't hang out here all the time, and it's Not Nice to post puzzles that those people literally have no way of solving.
11:14 AM
to be fair it wasn't lukas who posted the puzzle
but yeah i was never going to get that and i do hang out here all the time :P
11:33 AM
Yeah, I wasn't blaming Lukas for it.
ah right
12:02 PM
Q: iq test i don`t know

iq test. 011010, 100010, 100010, 100010, 000010, ?, 100010 53274, 71067, 7776, 14137, ? answer is 2783 explain me . Why 2783 ? 011010, 100010, 100010, 100010, 000010, ?, 100010 i don`t know

@Sphinx Sheesh.
12:46 PM
wow. yet another one.....
At this point, this is purposely destructive. Doesn't seem like he has much of an interest in actually getting his question answered.
Just spam away
Q: iq math test i don`t know

iq test. 4456, 8111, 6243, ? 120, 10, 3, ?, ? i don`t know that what`s answer ? Please explain me

1:42 PM
"Please explain me"
I'm having difficulty.
@GarethMcCaughan I don't think that was the puzzle setter's intended solution. If it was, it's a very poorly designed clue (pickles aside).
I mean, "circles constantly" --> PI? "observing" --> C? "the head and foot of the Spanish kill" --> KLES?
1:56 PM
@msh210 I don't like it all that much myself, but I've just got an intuition that says this was the puzzle setter's intended solution - it wasn't a joke answer. The user has an alias that is often at the centre of pickles chat here... I guess we can only wait and see what the OP says.
2:29 PM
I also am having problems with my crossword... turns out the the second half is harder to grid than the first! Who'da thunk it?
@msh210 Sorting questions by newest, three of them come up first. Not a good look.
2:55 PM
@LukasRotter yes
@GarethMcCaughan i hereby forfeit my pickle nonsense.
@Stiv indeed
Q: Density in Den Sitting

Jeremy DoverPlease find below a word search puzzle. But it's not just any word search...the words you find cannot be too dense. The definition of a word in this puzzle: appears in /usr/share/dict/words:https://gist.github.com/WChargin/8927565 must be at least four letters long appears contiguously in the gr...

@Sphinx thank you very much /s
@msh210 i agree, it is definitely not my best clue (tbh none of mine are very good)
3:12 PM
Oooooh just 16 rep between deus and rand now
Are you available to be the announcer for this round of the fight?
@BeastlyGerbil wow
google is catching up
3:26 PM
Q: speed and acceleration of car

sukeshThere is a road with length l meters. The start of the road has coordinate 0, the end of the road has coordinate l. There are two cars, the first standing at the start of the road and the second standing at the end of the road. They will start driving simultaneously. The first car will drive from...

@Sphinx cars can stand?
@bobble I can try :P
C4 hints: (1) "Quaint or rubbish?" is so worded so as to be similar to a recent C4; otherwise, "Rubbish?" alone would suffice. (2-3) The answer is ....r....d where . stands for a letter (not necessarily the same letter each time).
Ok cast the final delete votes on all those 'iq' questions, theyre gone now
for now
3:54 PM
@BeastlyGerbil They are never truly gone
Why do you keep deleting your messages?
deletes the universe
@LukasRotter alternatively, he may be so interested that he's spamming away. Joking aside, I really hope that the user would learn from this, and by extension, that this situation won't eventually climax to the user getting banned.
@oAlt i agree with those statements
I see
4:10 PM
An acknowledgement of your acknowledgement :O
I acknowledge your acknowledgement of his acknowledgement
I acknowledge your acknowledgment of his acknowledgment of his acknowledgment.
@msh210 I think (and, even more, hope) you're right.
Er, but if merrybot = matt then matt's "Indeed" in response to Stiv suggests that, alas, you're wrong.
4:59 PM
TCP in a nutshell
@GarethMcCaughan yes, that is true
@NorthLæraðr my brain hurts now
Transmission Control Protocol is a network protocol that uses a few acknowledgements during communication. The running gag is to take it to be absurd (basically what you guys just did). UDP on the other hand would be "This is your message: blabalbla and I don't give a **** if you actually received it or not"
^ nerd
@LukasRotter today i learned
5:07 PM
Q: Show that : $n =E(n*LOG((10*n)/(1+n))+1)$, $n> 0$, n integer?

ExtrazloveShow that $$n =E(n*LOG((10*n)/(1+n))+1)$$ for $n> 0$ , $n$ is integer and E integer part(The ENT function on excel).

Q: A quick Riley Riddle

Don Thousand My prefix is a term for individuals of a certain gender My suffix is a particle with an electron owed My infix is a misnomer for ASCII code And I am a sprawling abode What am I?

5:17 PM
Apologies for being the cranky old man, but a Riley riddle popped up in my feed, and I found myself doing it even though I really don't like them. Per the discussion on Meta, I went ahead and created an affix-riddle tag, and assigned it. (Affix is the generic term, per Wikipedia, which as we know is always accurate.)
If this makes you think I'm a jerk, then...I lasted a lot longer here than in most fora :-)
do we tag with both [affix-riddle] and [riddle], or just [affix-riddle]?
could be both, lemme check conventions
riddle - A riddle gives indirect clues about an unnamed object or concept to be identified.
So yes, it can be tagged riddle
if you don't have enough space (5+ tags) then you might consider keeping only one of riddle/affix-riddle
At least transitionally I would tag with both, and the two seemingly active examples I've edited, I left "riddle" if it was already there.
But longer term, I would hope folks would just tag with [affix-riddle], for more accurate searching/filtering.
Someone has to make the tag wiki - I could write it up after my school ends, but I don't have the rep. So how does that work?
@bobble Thanks for the reminder. I'll take care of it.
5:34 PM
Always use for riddles, just like we use for maths puzzles even if they're also tagged or or whatever.
how do you make the tag-buttons show up in chat?
@Randal'Thor Apologies...you are correct. I was thinking filtering would not work if both were applied...but probably more an indication I should get away from the computer for a bit.
comes from [tag:bobble]
no questions are tagged :(
and it worked!
Have we already concluded that you shouldn't walk with Sand al'Thors
5:40 PM
(I will not make a prequel joke. I will not make a prequel joke. I will not make a prequel joke.)
Ah yes, the prequels. Horrible movies, great memes. (in my opinion, of course)
@bobble Do it. And then you shall complete your training for the Dark Side
I already had this feeling that OP of this would add things that everyone already realized as the first hint... Welp, maybe the extra attention from the front page will get it solved.
Okay but like the sequels are worse than the prequels IMO
Episodes 7-9
like what is up with the last movie it's so jank
5:49 PM
I enjoyed the popcorn I ate during the sequels
Oh, but you didn't enjoy the popcorns at the prequels??
Actually I'm not sure you were old enough for the prequels
Ah yeah, I assume you would've been too young for the prequels
I saw the prequels at home because my dad insisted that we had to see them once
To enjoy in a movie theater
And we didn't get popcorn :(
I liked the prequels besides Anakin
Like take Anakin out and the prequels are great
5:50 PM
how about the plot?
Well, the plot revolves around Anakin, no?
so what did you like?
api/v1/indicators/{indicated} -> indicators indicating what is {indicated} I can tell this API is going to be great already
The fight scenes
They were sick
And Phantom Menace was pretty good
...and I just realized that it's lunch. have to go, bye!
5:52 PM
See ya!
Q: Falling out with the Judge II

Avi All by oneself: thrown out car, rotten feed, and amount of food found outside bird's house (18) The bird was never found again, and no fingerprints could be found on the car or the food. What happened to the bird?

@Avi That's what happens when the developer themselves writes the user documentation.
I mean, it's not wrong
6:10 PM
@Avi what does that mean
exactly what it says
visiting api/v1/indicators/{indicated} will give you the indicators indicating {indicated}
e.g., api/v1/indicators/reversal will give you reversal indicators
what is this api for?
cryptic crossword clues
i want to keep the ones I like in one place
it's not on github yet
nor really functional
6:13 PM
ah ok
I'm still designing api endpoints
i assume its just on some random text file then?
`id clue length wordplay definition answer breakdown
1 (Buzz, expressions of hesitance) "The United Nations, together with a European nation", repeated USA's leader, "discovered Papuan area for exotic fish" (21) 21 (Buzz, expressions of hesitance) "The United Nations, together with a European nation", repeated USA's leader, "discovered Papuan area exotic fish HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A HUM + UH UM + (UN + UK) + (UN + UK) + U_ + (-p)APUA(-n) + A`
ok that didn't paste the way I thought it would
but you get the idea
i really dont
ok so I have a database
6:14 PM
just bam 4 lines of gibberish
it contains clue id, clue text, length of the answer, section of the clue that is wordplay, section of the clue that is definition, answer to the clue, and wordplay breakdown
for all of 1 clue so far
why would you need a database of cryptic clues though?
because all the current databases
are way too annoying to query
compare that to what i'm working on: wikipedia sent through layers of google translate until it is nonsensical
i doubt anyone here is interested
i mean
The vodka is good, but the meat is rotten
6:20 PM
yall want an example?
... i'll take that as a no
i see
i'm handing out nonsense to anyone interested
linguistic innovation now has 12 stars
The prognosis team looks at the painting museum and tells Abel to go to the grave and grab a brush and talk to the actors.
6:38 PM
@bobble the anti-pickle-effect comment has 6 stars
Q: Tubariphobia - The fear of pickles

Lukas RotterThere are many topics that polarize. But not a single topic comes close to the one and only, age-old question that some claim is the root of all division between people: "Are pickles disgusting or not?" I'm not taking sides at all here. But since I assume you, the reader, is an intelligent and mo...

with 11 upvotes, this puzzle is from Lukas Rotter
thank you
it is encouraging
I noted fastener broke...! (14)
DEFENESTRATION* is what you get when you don't fasten your windows
creative :)
it's not quite a solid clue because "I noted fastener broke" doesn't literally mean "Defenestration"
but it's funny
6:47 PM
yes, it just sounds ridiculous (in a good way of course)
another not-quite-solid clue that jafe and I came up with yesterday was this:
Bad defense speech? Time for capital punishment! (14)
PUNISHMENT = capital punishment :)
but defenestration is not quite "punishment", because it's not legally justified
... yet
yeets pickles out of window
happy now?
double the memes
6:49 PM
yeet + pickle = wholesomeness
Have you ever heard the tale of darth plagueis the wise? Legend has it that he was a pickle. He could save his family, but not himself, from defenestration.
wiktionary "yeet" definiton:
yeet verb To throw an object a long distance or with a sudden or forceful motion.
yes yes
6:52 PM
it is time for the daily pickle yeeting, everyone grab a pickle and yeet it out of a window
Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Pickle of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to eat pickles... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from not eating pickles.
@Mithical of exhaustion or of boredom?
The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was defenestration, which eventually, of course, he encountered. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice threw him out the window. It's ironic he could save others from defenestration, but not himself.
@matt Both.
6:53 PM
oh no. yeets you a pickle
that should help
fun fact: yeets the pickles in azerbaijani is turşuları qarışdırır which means mixes acids
in bengalit it is আখরোট আচার = walnut pickle
bulgarian поздравява туршиите = congratulates the pickles!
haitian creole: yeets vinegar
hausa: it adds to the crumbs
igbo: yeets and pixels
kinyarwanda: maybe spices
kyrgyz: accepts salted marinades
malagasy: boring pickles
malay: yeets orange
maori: drawing bends
burmese: tomato yeets
odia: turmeric powder
serbian: leets trifles
you have an odia translator
7:07 PM
@Avi "yeets the pickles" versus google translate
@Avi google translate
sesotho: asks for cakes
oh they added it
sundanese: yeets a car
tatar: these cooked yeets
keep cooking your yeets
turkmen: likes salts
urdu: pickles bounce
uyghur: eats vinegar
this is getting pretty spammy
7:11 PM
ok then
@Avi not anymore
@Deusovi i shall no longer mention pickles
If you all want to continue with the anti-pickle thing, it might be worth making a separate room for it. Gareth seems to have been getting frustrated with it, and I know I have as well.
good idea
eh, I'm not sure if I'll join that chatroom tho
@NorthLæraðr why not?
Eh, it's getting kinda old
It was funny while it lasted, but having a whole separate chat isn't worth it IMO
7:23 PM
let's see what everyone else thinks
I'm with North here
aight then. 2 no, 0 yes
any other votes?
ok then, I'm deleting the room
... cant figure out how to
it'll auto-delete for lack of activity
ah good
like it's fine throwing in a pickle every now and then
7:30 PM
just not a billion
and in any case
if you're really into something
make a puzzle!!!
ok then ... the npg is no more
@Mithical We, the No Pickle Gang, hereby offer a truce. Let us cease the conflict towards the greater goal of maintaining the peace of this chatroom.
*offers hand for a handshake*
does North have hands?
7:32 PM
thats the trick
@bobble Only one
@NorthLæraðr ? why
@matt I was born without a left hand
seriously? wow
7:33 PM
@matt Now canonically, I'm a tree, and you heard none of this :P
now it is time to play the npg song but in minor
@north, you want to do the honors?
@matt Ehh, too much transposition
hm ok
what should i make a puzzle about
@bobble Canonically, yes (metaphorically speaking), in real life, like one
@Mithical accepts handshake
how are we going to back-tag the rileys?
7:45 PM
@bobble ?
add to the the older riley riddles
no idea
@bobble * you had one too many f's
we're actually tagging rileys now?
um I think just type "riley riddle" into the search
7:48 PM
not all of them are called that
7:59 PM
omg im going crazy how can i format a preformatted block with many lines into a spoiler quickly?
two spaces at the end of each line?
preformatted as in <pre></pre> or markup code element
liberal copy-paste of <br>s?
8:16 PM
@LukasRotter No idea, but I really wish there was an easy way to
no-no-gram = yes gram?
but they say two wrongs doesn't make a right
two lefts don't make a right either
they make a u-turn
not if you turn left by 135 degrees
how many lefts make an up?
I've left it up to you.
NPG = No Pickle Gang or Nice Pickle Gang? Nopickle will ever no
alternatively, Nasty Pickle Gang and Nutritious Pickle Gang (I spent a lot of time looking for random words starting with N and having positive/negative connotations)
I was going to make a 10 liars puzzle
where the author is one of the liars
but I couldn't find a way to make it work
because then they could've been lying about the # of liars
8:30 PM
1 hour ago, by Deusovi
If you all want to continue with the anti-pickle thing, it might be worth making a separate room for it. Gareth seems to have been getting frustrated with it, and I know I have as well.
that wasn't particularly pro- or anti- pickle, just words starting with N
Nine Pickle Gang or Nein Pickle Gang?
not bad!!
It's time to decide
well, there's a puzzle for that
8:32 PM
There was some puzzle where the answer was that the puzzle was lying.
can't find it right now, sadly
well ideally it wouldn't just be the puzzle author lying - there would be additional liars, as well
e.g. you give some setup such that the # of liars is impossible to be fulfilled
thus the author is lying, and so you flip every statement
which then gives you a uniquely solvable lies/truths combination
Would be extremely difficult to solve and design (provided that I hadn't just spoiled the entire mechanic right in front of you)
@JeremyDover, tomorrow afternoon will likely be open for me. In case you still care.
"Munch on an email heading" announced a local restaurant, perhaps (6)
EAT A RE: sounds like eatery
Deusovi, have you ever seen people use Unicode-specific characters as part of their cryptic crossword clues?
also @anyothercrypticcrosswordsolvers
8:54 PM
@bobble Oops! I saw you active today, and just went ahead an posted it...my Density in Den Sitting puzzle. Looks like there is still work to be done.
I am sorta-active in the morning, but I don't have time for puzzles
Shame, it looks cool
I'm curious: how did I inspire it? Or would that be a spoiler?
@Avi literally every character is a unicode character
@bobble inspire what?
8:59 PM
so like non-ascii?
well uh any puzzle in a language that does not use the latin alphabet
like, do we have emoji cryptic crossword clues or any of that nonsense
I think I've seen it somewhere
@bobble It would very much be a spoiler :-)
9:02 PM
hmm so it looks like they do exist, but it's basically translation to words
that then becomes parse-able as a regular CC
Q: Emojional cryptic crossword

jafe ACROSS 3. 🌟½☥🐪🚫👣 (9) 7. 🏆❌🖽⚔️ (3) 8. ½🍔🇫🇷🌊🏢 (6) 11. ♉½🇬🇷✉️ (3) 12. 🔫⭐⏺️♥️🗽🎭 (5) 13. 🍈♥️🇨🇴🏙️⏮️🍟🔚💐 (6) 14. 👂♀️🦌💰 (5) 16. 🎩👦♻️🐴🦄☝️🗾🏝️ (6) 19. 🐏💪🔀 (3) 20. 👊💢🦇👔⛔👁️😢➖💯 (7) 21. 🥋🚫👽👌🦅🔰🎤🎶 (7) 22. 🥂🙏 (6) DOWN 1. �...

is what I found
9:47 PM
@GarethMcCaughan, are you available for physics help? (Or anyone else)
10:02 PM
@bobble I dunno a lot of physics, but can try to help.
Okay, I'm trying to reason through the forces affecting a ball moving in a vertical circle
The ball has weight of 2N, and on a 2m string
I'm given that at the top, the string has tension of 7N, and at the bottom is 15N
and am trying to figure out why that is
I'll warn you from the outset: I dunno tension at all.
I mean, in physics.
The tension is what is driving the centripetal movement
I think
Assuming it means something like tension in real life, it makes sense it's more at the bottom, since the ball is making the string more tense there and less at the top
The weight of the ball, I mean
but why?
10:05 PM
Since it's a downward force
The ball only weighs 2N
and 7N + 2N does not equal 15N
Yeah, as I said, I dunno tension. Sorry. I hope someone else can help you.
okay, thanks anyhow
Did you try the Physics SE chat?
I'm pretty new to the concept of chatting online, to be honest. So I'm mostly sticking to just here.
10:10 PM
type letters on your keyboard. they get sent to other people, who read them and send letters back
Being helpful is my passion
there's also pictures sometimes :)
Realistically, the string is much more likely to go slack (and stop spinning) at the top than at the bottom. Why is that true? (I don't know, but if you do then you may have an answer to your question.)
nevermind, found my teacher's keys
Withholding the teacher's housekeys to extort a good grade is not recommended.
but why not? it works so well :P
10:32 PM
@bobble Isn't there a formula for centripetal motion?
Yes, but I was trying to reason about the forces contributing to it
The bottom would have more force because it has a greater velocity closer to the center
Or acceleration Ig
I'm not very helpful either :P
Oh verticle circle
@bobble Physics SE chat is a good place to ask. I've asked a few questions on their chatroom and they've been pretty nice
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