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12:02 AM
@bobble...I'm here for you. I think I have it with the wordplay (did not look at msh210's)...want me to get you back to work?
I have some obligations, so I have to leave anyhow... take it away!
I think the CCCC might be SUBSCRIPTION, an underwriter's product. SUBS(-e = missing note)C(RIP=injury)TION
3 hours later…
3:23 AM
rip and tear
rip is a tear, but RIP and tear(s) both express something sorrowful
2 hours later…
5:29 AM
@JeremyDover That seems likely.
2 hours later…
7:40 AM
@Avi you're not wrong
5 hours later…
1:08 PM
Q: Make Riley Riddles, Not War

BassWhen a famous man sets out With a frightening weapon in hand In between remain I, devout Against killing making my stand What am I?

@JeremyDover You got it! Well done.
2:14 PM
CCCC: Manic phony with nervous reaction that induces sleep (8)
@JeremyDover Solution to your CCCC is PHONY* + TIC making HYPNOTIC.
@GarethMcCaughan: Yep, you got it!
7 hours later…
9:12 PM
CCCC: River net (5)
SEINE (ddef)
Yup. Thought it would go more or less instantly, but it's such a nice compact thing I couldn't resist.
(It feels like it ought to be a total chestnut; it's probably appeared in newspaper crosswords many times.)
I used that as an answer in my first crossword... ah, the memories
Doesn't seem to have been a C4 before, at least :-).
Anyway, your turn.
Also: I've solved TWO C4's. Haha! Take that! (who I'm yelling at is yet to be determined)
9:32 PM
CCCC: Reverend's fine felines back up course-Q.A. site (5, 8)
9:44 PM
@bobble thats more than the one I've ever solved :P
Having said that, I imagine all people looking at the new C4 knows the answer it's just who gets the wordplay :P
Yeah, I couldn't think of a definition that was harder yet fair. But the wordplay + alliteration was too good to resist :)
10:01 PM
@bobble stack overflow (QA site) = REV OK CATS < + FLOW
I'm not sure what the "'s" is doing in the clue if my solution is correct.
@msh210, that's correct
CCCC: Beasts of burden? Good for nothing (4)
The "'s" was for the surface reading, and I thought I could add it since the charade was the same
10:47 PM
Q: Simple? Substitution Cipher

Stephen HowellThe following was carved into the cliffs along one shore on the island of Pohnpei after a strange fog had engulfed the island. Even stranger sounds emanated from the fog before it dissipated slightly before the dawn of the next day. The next night certain letters were seen to glow blue. However, ...

11:11 PM
Q: Two chunky pixelated X's locked in mortal combat!

plasticinsectIn this dramatic image, we witness two rather chunky pixelated letter X's (having recently fattened themselves up for the approaching winter) locked in mortal combat, fighting to the death for the right to claim territory and ultimately to survive and have offspring.* It may seem cruel, but it is...

11:25 PM
@msh210 I've seen it mentioned here before, but is it correct that the 's could be valid if it were "has"?

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