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12:12 AM
@TerranSwett I guess anything I wrote
but they're not very good :(
I guess that means you'll find them easier to solve
Lad leaves you speechless, cutting off middle finger??????
ok this is not a CC at all
but I was playing around with (-you)TH
and (-m)UM
12:27 AM
I thought I might be close with lady=MAAM, 2 Across leaves you speechless...but this gives MMU, not MUM
12:41 AM
can we use "Across" literally
It's a bit self-referential, but I think we talk about D and A as common abbreviations for down and across, e.g. 1D, 2A.
2 Across = 2 A = AA?
they'll suck the words right out of your mouth
and hopefully the ants out of your area
1:35 AM
@Avi mood
4 hours later…
5:13 AM
Q: "Please give me the best coffin please."

Souradip DasI was an owner of selling coffins in a shop . One day a man comes to me and says :- "Please give me the best coffin or the most expensive one to me , for I always wanted the best coffin for my wife. " I didn't like the person at all , so I said " When did your wife die ? " He said, "She's not dea...

Q: Gladys's Clashing Cryptic

jafe Dear Puzzling, Remember me? I have some exciting news for you. I'm starting on a new journey to visit a few wonderful landmarks around the world. In case you want to follow my travels, I'll send you a crossword puzzle from each destination and you can guess where in the world I'm travelling. Eve...

5:27 AM
@Sphinx aw man, not an O
but at least it's a new series :0
ooh cryptic
5 hours later…
10:03 AM
CCCC hints: (0) I feel slightly guilty about the "bags" part, for two reasons. (1) First letter is K.
10:28 AM
clearly the enumeration should be 1... the word "chum" bags H, which is a drug
11:06 AM
@GarethMcCaughan keta mine, but bags=mine seems to be a part-of-speech mismatch unless I'm missing something.
11:46 AM
@msh210 You are missing something (I think), but it's a fairly obscure something.
chambers says bags - (children's slang) i want to do or have, etc (the thing specified); i lay claim to it - "Bags I sit in the front"
so it's like saying "(this is) mine"
keta is some sort of fish?
ah, keta salmon = chum salmon
12:02 PM
@jafe I guess that's what I was missing, but it only works if "bags" works as a clause by itself.
@jafe yeah, that much was clear
I think one can simply say "Bags!" to mean "I claim that", but it's a little unusual.
And one can say "Mine!" to claim something, too.
But both are a little odd, and the conjunction of those two oddnesses is the main reason why I feel slightly guilty about the clue. (The other is just that "bags" in that sense is really quite obscure, especially outside the OK.)
But I liked the clue so much otherwise that I couldn't resist :-).
Slightly disappointed it wasn't an &lit.
I'm not a big &lit fan.
Anyway, I think that one goes to @jafe who filled in the missing piece.
12:06 PM
i think you got it, i was never getting any part of that :)
If I post one now, there'll soon be 24 hours I can't monitor chat for a reply. So if you have one, then go ahead, @jafe. Otherwise, I'll
i've got nothing prepared
CCCC: Supermannish? Save a kitty (8)
heheh, nice surface
2 hours later…
2:13 PM
Q: A riley that strives to become better

mrdeadsvenYou could say my prefix aims for the top. My infix with my suffix sets a strong foundation and just like here, seldom used on its own. But my suffix really sounds like it puts it all together.

2:23 PM
dictionary attack time!
(I wouldn't really, of course)
2:38 PM
Q: A mathematicians Riley riddle

mathA Riley riddle: My prefix is a unicorn, My infix is not better. My suffix is the first to do teamwork, My $whole + Boyz$ is hip-hop. Can you solve this? Sorry, you can't just go to a mathematician and ask him to solve this. Only a Puzzler can solve this😉 Hint 1:

3:02 PM
Q: What is a Parallel Wordâ„¢?

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@Sphinx wait, sphinx releasing after just 5 minutes? I thought it was fixed at around 20 or something longer than just 5...
3:51 PM
Q: Lunch with my travel agent

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2 hours later…
5:54 PM
Q: How many right triangles are there with these conditions?

aminabzzHow many right angles are there with the following conditions: the sides $a$, $b$, and $c$ have an integer length (Pythagorean triplets) the amounts of area and perimeter are the same for each triangle.

6 hours later…
11:38 PM
Q: What is Scenario One and Scenario Two?

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