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12:04 AM
I think what threw me off was the "winner, finally" being R and not _R
yeah, my bad there
all good
12:23 AM
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3:44 AM
:54843286 Oh boy, I was always wondering where I could buy supplements! And this time it's in French!
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8:36 AM
Q: A combinatoric puzzle

Lakshay SuraI have been wondering about my facebook password all day and night and I suddenly thought about this. My password contains alphabet of English language only. Each letter could be small or capital. I was wondering about all the combination in which a password could exist. For eg. My password is a ...

9:20 AM
10:03 AM
what gets past the bluegrass bulge? the muffin man, the muffin man...
that has been stuck in my head for two days, thought i'd share it so it goes away
any minute now
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2:17 PM
Q: Google (Maps) Hacking

Jeremy DoverSo I think I might have been hacked...my Google maps has gone crazy. I tried poking a couple of places in, and it is taking me to the wrong location. When I enter CAYMAN, it tells me it is between the villages of Hope Bowdler and Wall under Heywood in Shropshire. When I enter ISLAND, it tells me ...

2:42 PM
Q: Running through its corridors

Rewan DemontayIt shifts and move before their sights It rumbles with shifting every night Within its walls many are long trapped Running through its corridors in hope Eight ways and for one man each To find a way out in their reach Flesh and metal lurk in the night Doors shut them at sunset's sight Get in befo...

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5:08 PM
Q: My name with just one letter replaced

CrozierHappy Independence Day to you American users, here is a puzzle to provide some entertainment on this fine Saturday. These are crossword clues without the actual crossword puzzle. You must solve each line and then give your answer! My name with just one letter replaced. Just don't freak out. I a...

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6:39 PM
@Deusovi Apparently "evasive" is used as a noun in video gaming. No idea what it means.
oh, it's been two days
CCCC hint 2: "Democrat" is the word in question.
what does "word in question" mean?
yesterday, by Deusovi
24h CCCC hint: One word here must be used as a part of speech it is not normally considered as. (There is precedent for this, though.)
3 hours later…
9:25 PM
There are lots of definitions in Urban Dictionary that are there, so far as I can tell, because one person thought the word ought to mean that. That one looks like an example. (And the citation in the entry seems to me not to justify the definition given; I think it means "behaving like Democrats", which in the particular context there may well have meant behaving badly, but the same would go if someone had written "republicanning" in a parallel sentence about Obama's inauguration.)
I hope Deusovi just means that it's being used as an adjective rather than a noun. (Strictly speaking, the adjective is meant to be "Democratic", but the use of "Democrat" as an adjective is pretty common. Mostly among people who disapprove of the Democrats.)
Yes, I agree completely re UD. I also suspect (rather than merely, as you said, hope) that he means it's an adjective.
My second guess is that he calls Democrat with its usual meaning a proper noun (though it's not really, despite its capital letter) and means it as a common noun (a proponent of democracy or a member of a democracy, rather than a member of the Democratic Party).
10:00 PM
Q: Crosswords: Maximum number of words in an nXn grid

ocukeWhat is the maximum number of "words spaces" that can be in an nXn crossword, based on the placement of the shaded squares. Some limitations No word can be less than 3 spaces in length Every cell in the grid must be part of an across AND a down For example, for a 3X3 grid, there are 6 maximum w...

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11:30 PM
current puzzle coming slowly
very slowly
trying to make a crossword where the Across clues are cryptics, and the Down are math (like my last puzzle)

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