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12:41 AM
Q: What is the value of ⍰?

coder_person123This is a question that I have been unable to figure out an answer to. Moreover I can't figure out what it relates to. It was given on a programming proficiency test. the question mark symbol appears to be: U+2370 APL FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL QUAD QUESTION Here is the question: What is the value o...

3 hours later…
3:53 AM
@msh210 can't see why not
it can still be read as part of the wp even if it's not strictly necessary
like "x followed by y" which i believe is completely fine
depends on how it's placed, but I don't think no-op words are necessarily a problem
1 hour later…
5:17 AM
Okay, thanks.
5 hours later…
10:01 AM
Q: Monument Valley Sudoku

happystarAnother Sudoku monstrosity from the brains of Yours Truly. No rules are given, part of the challenge is trying to work out what the rules are :)

Q: Does this sound right to you?

chasly - reinstate MonicaWhat is the missing integer in this sequence? 9, ___ , 5 And who is this? 5, 6 That's enough clues. It's time to work!

2 hours later…
12:27 PM
Q: My friend's scrapbook

MrSethwardI was visiting with my friend Susie the other day when we got talking about our travels. As we discussed favorite cities we had been to, she suddenly got up and went to grab a dusty scrapbook from the attic. She turned to a page and said it was some souvenirs for a world tour of cities she'd done...

12:58 PM
"bosom, the top two" is clearly BO, right is OK, now the only thing is to find out why the book is a she and why we're told to powder it
@jafe: Great idea, but all of my books are gender-neutral and do not have chafing problems.
1:49 PM
no lolita or anna karenina in the mix, then
2:04 PM
jafe-ing problems
2:23 PM
CCCC Hint: "her bosom" is a single unit
1 hour later…
3:42 PM
Q: Escaping The The Broken Time-Machine

CYrAlexis is time-traveling inside an elevator-sized time machine into December 14th, 1977 from June 2nd, 2700 when the time machine halted, abruptly. Alex started tensing. She rummaged through her bag, trying to find her phone, but it was not there. Instead, she only found a couple of coins, a wren...

4 hours later…
8:10 PM
Q: Choose the single correct answer

akhileshIf you choose an answer to this question at random, what is the chance that you will be correct? A. 25% B. 0% C. 50% D. 25%

2 hours later…
10:15 PM
@JeremyDover I doubt it, but I propose that maybe the answer is EROS, &lit. The definition half is something Eros might say in his role as the god of sexual desire (which is not normally enough for a definition, but I don't see anything else). And the wordplay half uses "powder" to mean "remove a layer from" (which again is weak), "the top two" to mean "take the next two letters of each word", and "right" to mean "and put them in order".
10:36 PM
Q: D'`A@?!n<H:3i1xTS-s1N/.L,%HjF!&feBScQa=N)LxqYotsrk1onPf,jihJI_%F\aZ_^W{h

John BrookfieldsI created this puzzle. Your task is to decode the following message and find the answer. Refer to the tags for more information. D'`$M]!=<lXF8yw/RQ,OO`pn&lIjG4~2BeS@b``u)yrZvun4Ukpi/mOejchgf_%cbDZYX|VUZSRWVOsM5KJONGkKJIHA@d>C<;@9]=6|:32Vwv432+O/(-,+*#G'&feBc!x>_uzyrq7XWsl2ponmfN+LKgfe^$\a`_X|\[T<...

10:58 PM
@msh210 Wow! That definitely is not what I was thinking, but I admire the construction. I'll throw another hint out there for fun.
CCCC Hint(ish): The wordplay is a non-standard construction, but I don't think there will be objections.
11:25 PM
Q: My Exciting Travel Adventure

QuantumTwinkieI have been working hard all year. You know what that means, it's time for a summer vacation! This puzzle will tell you were I am heading!There are three puzzle sets, with 9 clues each. Each set has a pattern that is revealed through the answers(first letters). You will need to complete the patte...


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