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10:09 AM
Q: Hand tiling - 4x inflated pentominoes with pentominoes and tetrominos

theonetruepathThis is a manual tiling puzzle. Difficulty level always hard to estimate, but I would say a few minutes per solution for an accomplished solver, all the way to just about impossible for someone like me. I always reach for the computer. The goal is to tile all twelve '4x inflated pentominoes'. Ie ...

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12:35 PM
Q: Letters to Numbers: What goes in the blank circle?

DEEMThis is a letter to number conversion and pattern puzzle. What number goes in the blank circle and why? Each letter is a distinctly seperate digit from 0 to 9. ( There are 10 letters representating 10 seperate digits from 0 to 9). All the vowel digits add up to a Prime number. N^M = A I^S = D N...

1:24 PM
Q: My identity in high school

FeryllMy first semester—no, my entire freshman year—in high school, I was all alone. As I started my sophomore year, I finally made a friend. Two, actually. They weren't in the same class as me, but for the rest of my high school life, they and their classmates basically defined my whole friend group. ...

1:48 PM
Q: .....Let it begin

Prim3numbahThe task is to somehow make sense of these images. Once you've done that, replace the question marks(each question mark represents a digit) Good luck! ?? -96 , ???? -85 , ???? -99 , ?? -76 , ??? -97

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2:51 PM
@Sphinx "blaze it" will most likely be 420, hahahah
and that concludes my thoughts on the puzzle
for now
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6:40 PM
Q: A Lazy Sunday Cryptic Crossword

Jeremy DoverFor those of you lazing in the summer heat (or winter cold for my ANZAC friends!), a cryptic crossword. I would like to acknowledge using Crossword Compiler for help in creating the grid, but all clues are, for good or bad, my own. Happy solving! Plaintext version here ACROSS 8/17A. Woman in Cra...

Is there a difference between a jetty and a pier?
7:05 PM
Pretty much whats underneath
A jetty is solid whereas a pier is on pillars so water can flow underneath
(@Avi ^)
What's that word finder tool someone mentioned to me?
7:41 PM
what kind of word finder?
I use different sites for finding, say, words with a certain prefix irrespective of length, than finding words with a certain pattern of letters (e?t??e)
8:22 PM
ooh cryptic
I generally use Qat, Onelook, and Nutrimatic in various combinations.
8:44 PM
word-find is very useful when creating puzzles too I find
2 hours later…
10:25 PM
Is there some list of legal words/phrases to split def. and wordplay?
1 hour later…
11:47 PM
@bobble There's no definitive list of "legal" anything, because it varies from setter to setter. For splitting def and wordplay, my general rule is that the splitter -- if one exists -- must indicate the relationship between the two parts. So something like "[wp] to form [def]" is perfectly fine -- it tells you the wordplay, and then that those parts together will form the thing defined by the definition.

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