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4:50 AM
Q: Creating the hardest 10x10 maze

Dmitry KamenetskyYou are given an empty 10x10 grid. You are allowed to paint some of its cells as walls (black), while the remaining cells stay empty (white). A robot is programmed to start in the top-left corner of the grid and visit the other three corners using the shortest path. All three corners must be reac...

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9:56 AM
@hexomino bahaha I just saw your profile location thing on the users list. We look good flanking Deus and Gareth :-P
10:52 AM
@Randal'Thor ;-)
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12:16 PM
Q: A Covid-19 puzzle: Alcohol for your School!

Culver Kwan You are the principal of a primary school in HK. Schools are resuming soon, and you have to ensure that your school have enough alcohol. Each of the 30 classrooms should have a bottle containing 500mL alcohol, and the staff room should have 2 bottles of 500mL of alcohol. You searched on t...

Q: Raven Matrix-like tests

riddle loverI have some raven test that I couldn't find the answers Hope you can find the answers.

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1:28 PM
Q: Murder on the Fairway

GreenestLanternA body has been found at the Green Estates Fairway. Next to the body was a bloody golf club which was later confirmed by the medical examiner to be the murder weapon. Thankfully, only ten men besides the victim had been golfing that day. The police interviewed each man and asked: How did you...

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3:02 PM
Q: Not to mean no-brainer

Always Confused What does this picture mean? What are meant by different component of this picture? What is indicated by the square inside the red bevelle? Ps. I made the puzzle so I know my intended answer which I'll publish within tomorrow.

Q: Three squares in a triangle

Alex Cheng In a triangle, three identical squares of side lengths 2.8 share a common vertex and are each touching two sides of the triangle. If one of the angles in the triangle is 75 degrees and is opposed to a side of 10.8, then what’s the area of the triangle?

Q: Not to mean no-brainer

Always Confused What does this picture mean? What are meant by different component of this picture? What is indicated by the square inside the red bevelle? Answer need to contain explanation. Ps. I made the puzzle so I know my intended answer which I'll publish within tomorrow.

@Sphinx Thank you
3:38 PM
just realized that "run one fraud each (7)" was a schrodinger clue, but it's not a very good one as both answers have the same number of letters, and even having all but one letter the same (scarper vs scamper)
and... the definition and wordplay never switch sides
4:03 PM
To the close-voters: you might want to check how tricky this puzzle is, and how many neat "aha" steps are involved in the solution, before thinking it's a straightforward textbook problem rather than an olympiad-style geometry puzzle. — Rand al'Thor 13 secs ago
cc @BeastlyGerbil since I saw you in the review queue :-)
4:40 PM
Q: Complete this cross sequence

melfntWhat is the next element of this sequence and why? Possible choices:

"rand" is apparently a dialect word for "border"... looks unlikely to be useful in the current c4, though.
Rand al'Thor isn't even from the Borderlands.
pretty sure the four indicator words are "initially is gotten by"
Could "Maybe Gareth McCaughan's" be a definition for something he might have? Or would that be a bad cryptic clue?
Or "Maybe Gareth McCaughan's C4" as a def for ABSTRUSE :-)
you mean like "maybe achilles' " for TENDON? not sure
mccaughan's could be part of the wp, making MC with the "c4 initially"
so the def could refer to another gareth altogether?
4:54 PM
@Randal'Thor definitely agree, but looking at the question, I could imagine it in one of my maths textbooks which is why I voted close. It was def borderline though, and my opinion is certainly not necessarily the right one, but thats the good thing about the review queue :)
How to increase IQ?
Practice IQ tests? IQ is a pretty meaningless measure a lot of the time.
5:14 PM
How u all feeling at lockdown?
I am feeling very depressed
CCCC hint 2: … and they're not the four you think they are.
@AlwaysConfused It can have that effect. Try to learn something new. YouTube is good for that, as are specialized sites/apps like those that teach computer programming or natural languages.
That can help with the blues. (Not with clinical depression. If you have that, seek medical attention.)
hmm i m visiting PSE more frequent than usual
5:30 PM
@AlwaysConfused same
I've become lazy and sloggy too
This C4, lol.
Passing most nonproductive phase yet
What is CCCC?
May 28 at 13:36, by Gareth McCaughan
CCCC is Cryptic Clue Chat Chains! Latest clue is ⤴/⤵ there! Join the fun! See Deusovi's Cryptic Clue Guide and GPR's Archive & Statistics of past clues.
5:42 PM
how to join it?
If you solve a cryptic clue, you write the next one.
Although the archive hasn't been updated in basically a year now, but then thats a lot of work for anyone! Still good to see some examples of past clues tho :)
@oAlt is this latest CCCC?
@AlwaysConfused the current C4 will always be starred on the right side of the chat (if you're using a computer that is, bit more difficult to see on phone)
THank u
Don't even know where to start with this C4. Everything looks like a possible def and possible wordplay.
Great surface though :P
Maybe we simply have to start at the C4 of the C4.
@BeastlyGerbil thanks
5:53 PM
@Sid surely 'initially' has to be important too. But don't know which side to take initials from and how many before there's a different indicator. Could be 'GMC' but then again could simply be 'I'
Then again cryptic clues are definitely not my strong point though, I struggle with the simpler ones so probably nowhere near :P
I was thinking C4 could simply be bomb
And "initially" just clues all the first letters of the next few words. However, "BOMBIGBRAT" makes no sense to me. :P
Oh just saw one of the hints saying there's four indicators as well
Or at least four words indicating
I have no clue :P
@Sid I'm not sure @GarethMcCaughan would appreciate being called a bombigbrat. :-)
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
Can someone in this room help me please?
How do you get feeds posted by a specific user e.g. Sphinx?
@Daniil Feeds are here.
I think only mods (and maybe room owners?) can add or amend them.
I know, I'm trying to see how they can be posted by a specific user rather than feeds
I am planning to make a room with multiple feeds and want differentation between them
Ah, to name the feed as a specific user you need mod powers.
Feel free to ping me if you want help with that :-)
Yes please, give me a few min :)
Feel free to enter
3 hours later…
9:54 PM
Q: How are the numbers to the left related to the ones to their right?

John BrookfieldsI created this puzzle. These numbers follow a particular logic. Could you guess what that is? [48, 7] [29, 6] [32, 6] [12, 4] [1, 0] [26, 6] [24, 5] [46, 7] [25, 4] [19, 5] [47, 7] [63, 8] [78, 9] [43, 7] [51, 8] [87, 10] [93, 10] [98, 10] [20, 5] [79, 9] Hint 1: Hint 2: ...


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