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6:42 AM
@Ankoganit i think this is DIG+IT(A+L_)SIGN+ATURE* (= a scheme for verifying)
dig = like, a clue is a sign, cryptic is the anagram indicator... it = this?
@jafe correct!
that was a difficult one... so many options for many of those words
CCCC: A fellow has close friend with, among other things, keen interest in picking initial letters (11)
"like this" in particular looks like it has to be a unit since it can produce so many useful parts like SIC, THUS, AS IS etc
7:04 AM
damn, that's a lot to pack into the previous c4, kinda surprised it would be solved in less than a day
(well, given how active people are in here usually)
@jafe i think it's A (CRONY) MAN+IA(=inter alia)
(that's a fun word!)
@Ankoganit that's right
That c4 was also nice
7:12 AM
thanks :) found while trying to fit "acronym" as the first word for ankoganit's clue
7:38 AM
CCCC: Paralegal's case against minor for embezzlement (10)
1 hour later…
8:40 AM
ok, one more because i have a clue i want to post :P
@Ankoganit P_L+UNDERAGE
9:01 AM
@jafe correct, of course
CCCC: My word! Ecstasy, a bit of DXM and heroin separately ingested by Rand al'Thor (9)
last one for at least a while from me... i still have 8 clues to write for friday's crossword :S
9:19 AM
good luck making the remaining clues lol
@Ankoganit Where does crony and mania come from?
@jafe @Randal'Thor
@jafe Rand's a drug addict. Knew it. Tsk tsk.
@Daniil it is CRONY (close friend) inside A MAN(A fellow) + IA for Inter Alia (among other things)
@Sid Where does Inter Alia come from?
9:24 AM
@Daniil synonym for Among Other things
@Sid Oh ok, thanks
@msh210 Yup, double-height Enter key on both keyboards.
(I saw that DIGITAL SIGNATURE had to be the answer to Ankoganit's clue very quickly but never figured out that clue -> SIGN, duh. I still don't think I understand how the clue indicates that AL goes before SIGN rather than after.)
IT+SIGN "has" A+L_, i think
yeah, but "X has Y" would normally mean X then Y not Y then X, no?
9:56 AM
@GarethMcCaughan the intention was 'has'='contains', as in DIG IT SIGN contains AL
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11:08 AM
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11:41 AM
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12:29 PM
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1:41 PM
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yay, free advertisement
2:20 PM
3:19 PM
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7:11 PM
@Mithical Somewhat. He takes them separately.
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9:16 PM
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10:54 PM
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11:43 PM
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