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12:00 AM
@humn ‘merrybot’ contains 8 letters... 8... BINARY!!!
Music to my 2^2^0! ears!
Thats 2^(2^0) factorial times ears factorial
what no latex?
ahh come on PSE
You've been in a chat room with mathjax?!?!?
That would be great here!
anyway uh 2^(2^0)! =2 = ... BINARY!!
uh no I haven't but I wish...
yet the actuall PSE allows latex... w e i r d
Have you seen our truly fine collection of puzzles?
12:04 AM
I certianly have. ex. the table in What Is A __ Word
If that's the rule, then fifty + fifty = one hundred should be there, too. — msh210 3 mins ago
@msh210 , post it!
so you are really ~6 gerbils, hmm, @BeastlyGerbil?
I’d say I have the body mass of around 2000 gerbils but the IQ of around -8 gerbils
12:09 AM
how are you negative gerbil intelligence?
Gerbils IQs are beyond the realm of human understanding
[stepping out . . . a stray cat i've been feeding seems to be bleeding . . . bye 2^2 now!]
Well then, BG...
There’s a lot going on in those tiny heads. They know the solution to Big Bang, the answer to black holes, dark matter, the true value of root -1 you name it they have it solved
@humn Done.
12:11 AM
ok then... what is the meaning of life?
42. That is one of the few questions humans have accurately managed to solve.
heh. Name all 8 Neolithic founder crops.
the BG intelligence quiz
Hold on let me google what those are real quick
ok gerbil, you are under arrest for not being as smart as expected >:)
crops are the things you do to selfies to get rid of the things at the background
12:14 AM
i am still laughing nonetheless
@merrybot after some intense <strike>research<\strike> thinking I can inform you they are emmer wheat, einkorn wheat, barley, lentil, peas, chickpeas, bitter vetch and flax
What happened before the big bang?
Gerbils. Gerbils happened
In case it wasn’t apparent enough I may be slightly sleep deprived and should get some sleep :P
climbs back into gerbil cage
See y’all!
12:40 AM
Q: Make the numbers 1-100 using 8 8s

Matheinstein Rules: Make the numbers 1-100 using eight 8s Use the operations + - * / exponentiation and ! No Rounding as in $(\sqrt{88}+8*8+8+8+8)/8= 12$ No using other digits Multi digit numbers and .8 is allowed Use overhead lines for recurring decimals: $.\overline{8}= .88... = \frac{8...

1:30 AM
CCCC hint: One of the words in the clue is a slightly dubious indicator.
1 hour later…
2:59 AM
Q: I'm a number with a special product, so name me when you think you've got it

GalenIn the blocks that come before, their special product tells us more. To guess my scheme you'll need calculation, but only little tests of recreation. Each block contains atoms strong as Thor, which further join to make a score. Yet some atoms die if they do not share, no paths to find with...

4 hours later…
7:05 AM
Q: Puzzle of 26 brothers

Mad MaxOf all the 26 brothers, I am the first son. With me it starts, the biggest one You know it, the chance to not know is least Of all the places in the world It’s fav hangout is Middle East

3 hours later…
10:28 AM
Q: Can you fill in the missing numbers in this unfriendly magic square?

Paul RichardsAn unfriendly magic square is a magic square whereby the difference between neighbouring numbers always is subject to a minimum, i.e. Each number in the matrix is unique. Each row, column and the two diagonals add up to the same number (the magic constant). The difference between each pair of n...

1 hour later…
11:36 AM
Q: Find The Common Pattern In These Words

defectedWBCYou are a super spy, typing on your QWERTY keyboard, when suddenly you received an urgent call from your boss, Caesar. He had urgently called you, defying all protocols, as he wanted to inform you that you had been selected for a top mission which could very well alter the fate of humanity. You...

11:59 AM
Q: Murder at the crime scene 🔪

eyl327Someone has been murdered! Eight suspects have been identified. The contents of their bags have been emptied to use as evidence and are listed below alongside their names. Which one of them was the murderer? Text-only version: Adelaide 🏑🧶 Beatrice 🏏 Emmanuel 🍴🥄 Kendrick 🥢...

12:44 PM
Q: Weird song from liner notes of a broken CD

AnonGrandpa Bob liked to think he was a rockstar. He also loved to play that play-a-song-and-guess-the-name game. Known outside the family exclusively as Mr Deau, the weirdest thing he left behind when he died was a self-recorded album on CD. I can't seem to get the CD to play - all I have is the lin...

1:03 PM
i wonder if "septic" could be an anagram indicator... something like TANKS* plus _G plus O for open (is that an abbreviation?)
or maybe it's "open" for taking off the first letter
I can't see anything apart from sepctic that would work as well
2 hours later…
2:37 PM
Q: Masterbrain Specialist Subject Round

hexominoDaniel has reached the semi-final of Masterbrain, a TV show which features an intimidating setting and challenging questions, presented by the famous Morten Mortensson. Daniel has achieved a high score in the general knowledge round and is about to answer questions on his specialist subject. The...

3:34 PM
Finally, but not finally, a Titan (5) - AT LAS(-t)
2 hours later…
5:19 PM
5:56 PM
(╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯
1 hour later…
7:22 PM
CCCC hint (revised): One of the words in the clue is a slightly dubious indicator. It is an anagram indicator but is not "septic".
8:18 PM
Q: A real time-waster: the clock of confusion and color

Mule DonkeyJohn was doing his math problems like a good child one day until he looked at his clock. To his dismay, his own clock had become another one of those blasted things! He couldn't make heads or tails of its rules! He toiled and toiled until he smacked the thing and it fell on the ground and broke a...

8:39 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I feel I have to try this, is it CESSPIT? with "tanks finally" cluing S and "replacing" being the anagram indicator for SEPTIC + S, this leaves "open midden" as the definition which is not really a match but I thought they both might be used in an informal way to mean "a disgusting or corrupt place."
8:54 PM
That is indeed the intended solution. For what it's worth, OED actually gives "a midden" as one definition of "cesspit".
9:07 PM
Another question for the gerbil: don't you find that gebril cage of yours a bit... claustrophobic?
aah gerbil cage (f*k my keyboard)
nice job markdown
*gerbil cage.
f**k my kbd.
@GarethMcCaughan Ah, cool. I thought it was close enough to try it.
9:24 PM
gerbil? hello?
I don't dare misspell "gerbil"
at least not anymore
Q: My friend's dad gave her a puzzle to solve, and I've never seen anything like it, any help would be greatly appreciated

Noah I am admittedly not a puzzle person, but I have never seen anything like this, and I am at a complete loss. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on some weird theories. Any help would be an absolute lifesaver. Thanks!

@Sphinx - that's Burmese.
How hard would it be to invent a language for the sole purpose of creating a puzzle?
@Avi That depends
9:30 PM
there are multiple prior cases of this happening
How complex is the language? Or you simply replacing words, or actually inventing a grammatical syntax that could've been possible via passage of time?
The latter
oh, a natural language?
I'm a huge fan of conlang puzzles
I was thinking programming languages
9:32 PM
@Avi Those are really hard
You would need to know extensive background in linguistics
@NorthLæraðr@Avi etc. It's Burmese. Look it up.
you don't need to, but background helps
Or you don't, and fear the roasting of the entire linguistics community
@Deusovi Helps with accuracy
9:33 PM
(we're talking in general, not about that particular question)
@Avi I think the easiest way to make a conlang is to take a page out of Latin and just have 50 bajillion cases
Basically specific word endings to represent different tenses or subjects or whatnot
@NorthLæraðr Basically, yes.
Though, the most important question in conlang is would some group be able to communicate effectively using this langue
And the answer is usually probably not
unless you did a good job designing it, I suppose
9:37 PM
it just depends
@Avi ex. Klingon
You don't necessarily have to have a full fledged grammar in mind
@merrybot oh, interesting
I happen to be a Trekkie.
9:40 PM
@Avi You should look at Tolkien's work if you're interested in developing an actual conlang
Since it's a puzzle, I figure I don't think it should be too complex
You could do what was one of the puzzles in Galactic Puzzle Hunt did
Random interruption - I'm writing a book.
Mix random words up with english, and have the person figure out by logical deduction
@Deusovi Remember? That was pretty fun- it was the Bake Off one, with the alien recipe
Have you seen GPH 2019?
talking to me or avi?
9:42 PM
Yeah, I participated in it
2019's whole gimmick past the first round was that you were learning a conlang
@NorthLæraðr You should have a full-fledged grammar, or at least enough to say what you want to say.
Well I never got past the first round :P
@Deusovi I guess so. If you don't have a grammar in mind, it's arguably more akin to a code
I'm just thinking
Honestly just take a page out of Latin lol
wouldn't it be evil to have present participle happen within the middle of the word
9:45 PM
It's about as straightforward I could think of, though it's simultaneously the most infuriating thing ever
I'm thi(ing)ink right now
@Avi I mean, yes, but actually no
but yes
and perhaps mix up the alphabet for when this happens too?
no, just
9:46 PM
@merrybot ?
put something after the first letter of the word to indicate it
Then be like
like maybe when there's a suffix in the middle like the thingink the alphabet gets rearranged
@merrybot That's a cipher
You should be looking at the first and third hints as opposite in truth to the fourth hint
@Avi The heck
9:47 PM
@NorthLæraðr facepalm
so a logic puzzle, but you invent your own language for it
Maybe you shouldn't take a page out of latin
yeah guess not
backs away from @Avi
9:48 PM
LaST THING you need people is thinking the sentence is "Flower gives girl" instead of "girl gives flower" (even though the same in Latin as long as it's clarified that the Girl is the subject)
Giving flower from girl to singer
Where did the "from" come from
Q: Fill in the grid such that no two digits repeat in any column or row

MissNatureQ#3:Fill in the grid such that no two digits repeat in any column or row.Each shape has a number equaling the product of the shapes’ digits. One by one left to right, top to bottom

Q: Anagrammatically speaking

FlanManFill in the blanks below. Each sentence uses words that are anagrams of each other. In each pair of sentences, solve the first sentence, change one letter of an answer-word from that sentence, and shuffle it to form the answer-words for the second sentence. The answer-words in each pair of senten...

ooh yay angrams
my keyboard is so fking annoying sometimes
@merrybot You can just edit your post
Or your comment
9:50 PM
Or your comet
another facepalm
or your asteroid
@Avi Shoooooting starrrr
or your galaxy
or your glazed donut
I am fairly lazy
9:51 PM
I mean, kinda hard to move being a tree and all
chuckles Good point.
galazy -> glazy -> lazy -> lay -> ay -> a
@Avi or your unglazed donut
@Avi galaxy
9:53 PM
another exciting episode of "hpw not to speell"
ah yes, my broken parser is spouting gibberish
head tilt
smacks the top loudly
explodes your pool
9:54 PM
this bad boy can fit so many poorly constructed sentences in it
had to do something
in what exactly, @avi?
my broken parser
ok uh I have a book to write
good luck - I'll go back to figuring out how to puzzle y'all without it being solved in minutes
it's abt literally everything
9:55 PM
sorry trauma from Latin still haunts me
even @BeastlyGerbil's BINARY!!!
@NorthLæraðr uh wat
my, uh, strategy for avoiding my puzzle being solved in minutes is
inventing various new types of puzzles
@merrybot don't ask
9:56 PM
like what?
then stringing them all together :3
@merrybot don't ask
@NorthLæraðr I just did.
evil laugh
ok but seriously I can't tell you because that would ruin all the fun
9:57 PM
whatever you do, don't cram me into a cardboard box ok?
γιατί είμαι κλειστοφοβικός
That's not even all of it
Nice greek
9:58 PM
it translates on google to "because I'm claustrophobic"
no @NorthLæraðr it's the burmese thing. and yes @avi.
lol - the latter one says "and burmese"... in burmese
Non, je ne comprend pas
google ဘာသာပြန်ဆို = ကြောက်မက်ဘွယ်သော
"no, I do not understand"
10:00 PM
dropping off - cya
Tu es superb!
@avi - תפסיק עם google לתרגם כל מה שאני מקליד!
But why hebrew
why not
gịnịkwa bụ ihe a?
no I'm not actually multilingual
but yes on the claustrophobia part
if you translate "the sphinx's lair" a bunch of times, you get "bull" -- hey no swearing google translate!!
Just don't translate anything to Korean, or I'll roast you
And I've got plenty of firewood
10:04 PM
(literally "anything" in korean)
what... that's not grammatically correct
I wouldn't know
That word needs to have a verb something following it
스핑크스의 은신처
go ahead, bring on the firewood
Like 아무것도 할거야, as in (implied subject I) anything will do
10:07 PM
that's not firewood
Says who
> Just don't translate anything to Korean, or I'll roast you. And I've got plenty of firewood
장작 is firewood, first of all
ok then throw the firewood at me OH WAIT YOU DON'T KNOW MY LOCATION MWAHAHA
throws virtual firewood
10:10 PM
it bounces off my force field
you forgot to light it
doesn't matter
it definitely does
smiling tree
그래, 너 잘났다
"yes, you're good"?
It's a sarcastic phrase in Korean
10:18 PM
oh i see: also means "well, goddamn"
More accurate translated, "Alright, you know it all"
google translate is ridiculous
It is
구글 번역은 말도 안됩니다
That's pretty close actually
It's too formal for what you're trying to say
10:20 PM
how did you interpret it? what's its exact translation?
We're you trying to say, Google can't translate?
Or rather
no. "Google Translate is ridiculous"
Well direct translation would be
"Google translater can't speak" but it's in formal language
okay then
In Korean, there's a "casual" and "formal" way of addressing
10:22 PM
what other langs do you know?
All you really needed to say is, "구글은 말도 안돼"
@merrybot Korean, and am learning French
Gave up Latin and German, though I will one day pick them both up
"Google is ridiculous"
My Korean used to be way better, but I moved to America and kinda became rusty
"말도 안돼" kind of a funny expression: it means ridiculous, but it's directly translated as "can't speak" or like "doesn't know how to speak"
Alternatively, it can also be used to say "it's so dumb, I can't even put it into words"
but trees can't rust...
엉뚱해 is a better word for ridiculous, though it comes up as weird
Well, you could say "엉뚱해" to mean weird like "he's acting weird/ridiculous"
Or stupid
It just depends on the context.
10:29 PM
brain almost explodes
yeah, korean can be weird that way
don't even make me explain how their lettering works
or else you'll throw more firewood at me?
No, I just won't explain it to you, because it's kind of confusing
It's very different from how english lettering works
We have a set alphabet, unlike Chinese, but... to make words you put them into... blocks?
blocks? w-
w-what exactly.... does that... mean?
You have the consonants ㄱ(hard g) ㄴ(n) ㄷ(d) ㄹ(like a mix of l and r)... and the "vowels" ㅏ(ah) ㅐ(eh)ㅣ(ee) ㅗ (oh)... etc.
You put them together to pronounce them as one
10:34 PM
this is like the time i learned about the fast growing hierarchy in 1 hour
none of it made any sense
가 (gah), 내 (neh), 디 (dee), 로 (lro)
etc. etc.
ok makes sense
But then you come across these things called Batchim (받침)
Basically, you place a consonant underneath the group to add another cosonant sound
간 (gahn), 낻 (ned), 딜 (uhh I don't even know how to write that in english)
also you see how some of the vowels are on the side and some of them go underneath
you can mix some of them for diphthongs
And they get like a "w" sound
10:40 PM
CCCC: Looks like bottom of tram in wreck. (8)
궈 oo(ㅜ) (uh)ㅓ, so "goouh"
Except you prounounce it at the same time, so like gwoh
I think I lost them
I haven't even explaing double Batchim (받침) and double consonants yet
Huh merrybot hit the "aight I'm outta here"
11:09 PM
@merrybot my cage is surprisingly large with multiple rooms and an attachable cover for when the cat tries to eat me
If mods could update CCCC? :)
11:49 PM
Oh hmm... lucky you

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