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4:49 AM
Q: Knights and Queen puzzle

Culver KwanNOTE: THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL. I JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS PROBLEM AND IF YOU HAVE HEARD OF THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE GIVE OPPORTUINITIES FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T TO ANSWER. Horst and Queenie are playing a game on the $200\times200$ chessboard. At first, the chessboard was empty. Every move, Horst puts a whi...

5:46 AM
Q: Guess characters from pictures

Dmitry KamenetskyI've been sent this by my friend on Facebook. Unfortunately I don't know the original source. Every picture represents characters from a TV show/series. Can you guess what they are?

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10:28 AM
Q: Mathematical sequence help

aroni1I've tried solving this sequence but couldn't find any solution. This is the sequence: 30739, ?, 10923, -19181.5 Got this from there:https://jowforums.com/thread/48405592/anecdotes/iq-thread2/2.html

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12:40 PM
Q: Complete the series:

Abhirup Adhikary4427, 827, 67, 31, 9, ? Looking at the numbers I tkink that there must be some exponential relationship but couldn't find it. I took the series of differences between the numbers which is 3600, 760, 36, 22, ? But I still couldn't find any relationship. The question has very less chance to be wro...

Q: Can you fill in the missing number?

SwatiTry to figure out what number might be missing inside circle (sorry for bad drawing :P ) . All the best :)

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2:53 PM
Q: Please ! Answer this puzzle

Dipendra Pratap Singh Gaur How should the numbers be filled in in this arithmetic grid?

Q: unsolvable Number pattern

polline2This is the sequence: 24, 333333, x, x, 53, 44444444, 82, x, x, 222244444444, x, x,x, 444433333322221 In this sequence we could consider those couples: 24,333333 x,x 53,44444444 82,x x,222244444444 FIRST PART OF REASONING: notice that the second part of the couple presents as many numbers a...

3:25 PM
I thought this C4 would go faster than it's proven to. So I'll provide a small hint: "perhaps Tom" is a unit
3:37 PM
Oh that is clever
@msh210 WRECK WE YES CAT sounds like REQUIESCAT
which is a prayer for the repose of a dead person.
Oh my god
Q: How to solve this maths puzzle?

Shashank Jain How can I solve this maths puzzle?

4:08 PM
Q: Ranking boxers in order of their strength in minimum number of days

Utsav Patel1024 boxers are to be ranked in order of strength: The following are given: No two boxers have the same strength In any match, the stronger boxer always wins A boxer may fight in only 1 match per day How many days will it take to rank all the boxers by strength? My approach till now: Find t...

Q: Another puzzle for who has long boring days

perayuThe rules: each line must have the digits from 0 to 9 The sum of the digits in the column is shown at the bottom of the column The same number can appear more than once in a column An adjacent box can not contain the same number, including the diagonal boxes Have fun !

@hexomino yep!
@hexomino thanks
4:23 PM
CCCC: First term in addition to a union gives first and last. (6)
Q: The scientific one!

Prim3numbahThe picture below will lead you to the correct answer. The answer consists of two parts(_____ _____). Try see if you can make sense of it! Oh, and don't forget.... the scientific one!

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5:43 PM
Q: What is the next number in the following squares?

amir bahadoryWhat is the next number in the following squares?

6:03 PM
@hexomino A + U + G_ + END
and very nice
6:20 PM
@msh210 Yes, well done!
6:32 PM
@hexomino thanks
CCCC: A shocking son, a shocked nation (5-8)
7:24 PM
Two can approximate you can to a toucan
Two can approximate "you can" to can a toucan
7:47 PM
8:14 PM
Q: Reverse Engineering Computer Formula

wonderfulsomebodyA computer uses an unknown formula to create a 4 digit Output using specific Input. Here are 3 examples: Input = 20066 : 020470 : 47 : 1 : 322267 Output = 0927 Input = 20066 : 020470 : 46 : 3 : 198684 Output = 3244 Input = 20066 : 066992 : 20 : 3 : 307608 Output = 9055 Input (from left to rig...

8:33 PM
Q: A quick rebus for the children

xKobaltAs a parent, it might happen to tell this at the partner: (3, 3, 7, 4)

8:52 PM
Q: Literally Riley

AviMy prefix sounds of lines My infix's on signs My suffix's hat's askew I'm Spanish, it's true What word am I?!

9:45 PM

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