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2:29 PM
Q: The Wires Underground

dvcThere are ten wires that run underground across a river. Thus on each of the banks, there are ten ends of the wires. Unfortunately, given an end of a wire on this bank, one doesn't know which end on the other bank it corresponds to. Suppose that you an ohmmeter and a bunch of wires. (You can then...

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3:48 PM
Q: Tales of Two Cities (With no Gas Stations in between)

lozzleTwo cities A and B are 100 miles apart. A person has to travel from one city to the other in his old old car, which can travel only 50 miles with its tank full. Unfortunately, there are no gas stations between the cities. (Of course it is dumb, but still) suppose that the person cannot carry any ...

3 hours later…
6:45 PM
Q: If I asked you if you had $100

Yukang JiangHere are four yes/no questions. Try to get all of them right with at least a sensible explanation for each (just giving examples are ok). In colloquial English, if you had 200 dollars, and I asked you if you had 100 dollars, would the answer be yes or no? In colloquial English, if there were 5 ...

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9:03 PM
Q: Don't Fail MY Exam

dvcA professor decides the following grading scheme in his class. After the final exam is graded, he keeps all the papers upside down on his table in a random order so that no student can recognise his own paper. Each student during his turn can overturn at most n/2 of these papers (where n is the t...

9:30 PM
@msh210 Solution to your CCCC is MEDIEVAL: (LAVE IDEM)<. (Not entirely convinced idem = like exactly, though.)
@GarethMcCaughan You're right, of course, and it's "like" as in "I mirrored his actions: he stepped toward the door and I did the like". Or at least I think it is: my Latin is kind of nonexistent.
Q: Heyacrazy: Empty Space

DeusoviThis is a Heyacrazy puzzle. Rules of Heyacrazy: Shade some cells of the grid. Shaded cells cannot be orthogonally adjacent; unshaded cells must be orthogonally connected. When the puzzle is solved, you must not be able to draw a line segment that passes through two borders, and does n...


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