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1:25 AM
Q: A journey through letters and numbers

Arnaud MortierIn the year 240747665835497936670841504392312550131533789094302176923021923 0892355006879909214795402102204224, as cosmopolitanism is in the air and companies are more than ever bound to a fair management of human and inhuman resources, the truth is still sometimes tough for some people. Take...

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3:23 AM
Q: Sun setting in East!

Mea Culpa NayIt was a bright and sunny day during April- May(can say, peak of summer) in a country in the northern hemisphere, near to the equator. I was wandering(on foot) through this country's vast and open land - harsh desert - and in the evening seen a strange thing - the sun was setting in the East - ...

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4:26 AM
[dave chappelle scratching neck] Y'all got any more of them C4s @GarethMcCaughan?
2 hours later…
5:56 AM
i assume the "y'all" implies that gareth is not one person but actually a whole team of solvers
because that would make perfect sense
6:13 AM
Yep. Gareth McCauganicalTurk.
(...in the more modern sense of a crowd sourced bunch of people automating a single job, rather than in the more classical sense. I'm not suggesting that Gareth is a machine with a human hidden inside, which would raise more questions than it answered.)
6:40 AM
Great. Now I imagine that Gareth has a twirled moustache and a turban.
Q: Earth rotation discrepancy

Spark FountainSome time ago, I discovered that planet earth's sidereal rotation period equals 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.1 seconds (see for example this Wikipedia article). The sidereal rotation is the rotation of a celestial object around its axis. Thus, earth takes a little less than 24 hours to rotate arou...

fun fact: google's chess AI is just a small box in a silicon valley basement containing hikaru nakamura
@Sphinx I'm not sure this is really a puzzle?
And it was deemed barely a puzzle
5 hours later…
11:54 AM
@Alconja Yeah, sorry, I know I owe one. Soon.
@jafe In many varieties of Southern US usage, "y'all" is actually singular and you need to say something like "all y'all" if you actually want a plural.
@GarethMcCaughan All good mate. No pressure, was just idle at work and looking for something to mull on. :)
12:14 PM
CCCC: Turning down Cash in favour of a younger singer (3,4)
Q: Swapping two corner pieces in a 3x3x3 cube

MohanI am learning to solve a 3x3x3 rubiks cube and the concepts behind the algorithms. I learnt a few things about the comutator . I am trying to form an algorithm to swap any two corner pieces i.e. at the end of the sequence two corners will be interchanged leaving all the other pieces undisturbed ...

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1:54 PM
Q: A Strange Safari

Omega KryptonWell, my friend told me that he's just visited a safari. Being toured around, he was very surprised how the guide could spot those animals so quickly. He took some pictures of the animals, anticipating to show them to me. However, when he gave me the photos, the photos are nothing like animals!...

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3:52 PM
Q: Very easy trigonometry question

DavidThere is a very well-known family of right triangles in Mathematics called "The Imperial triangles". Let me explain you how they are defined: We say $T_n$ is the $n$-th Imperial triangle if these two conditions are met: Its hypothenuse has length $\frac{1}{n}$ Water boils at the second-to-long...

2 hours later…
5:49 PM
Q: What are the house numbers?

DEEMFollowing the last question " What is the corner house number?" here is possibly a more challenging version. Fill in the missing house numbers on the map shown below. The area is occupied by math and language loving (crazy) residents who have come with the interesting names. There are 4 stre...

Q: Prove your innocence

Minh TranInspired by A double-agent with a conundrum. Everything is hypothetical and while the choice of countries are important, they serve no political purpose. Tension between the US and China is rising. You are a senior officer working for the CIA, in charge of protecting secret technology from the h...

6:29 PM
Q: So, what's to do?

Rewan DemontayIt's White to move and draw the game. What must White do? You must provide proof for your claim of what's to be done by any reasonable means. This puzzle was created by Nikita M. Plaksin, and published in Shakhmaty v SSSR in 1980. No looking up the solution please!

6:48 PM
Q: Cultural before-and-afters

Daniel ScheplerEach answer to a clue will consist of the titles of two works or series put together, where the last word of the first title matches the first word of the second title. Note that the word match does not have to be exact; for example, the last word of the first title might be a plural version of ...

7:28 PM
Q: Slitherlink Fillomino hybrid

ReinierThis puzzle is a combination between a Slitherlink and a Fillomino. You should put a number in each square and draw a single closed loop over the grid such that the following properties are satisfied: All the shaded squares should contain 1, 2 or 3, and the number should equal the number of si...

8:07 PM
Q: Trying to figure a math puzzle/equation for a surprise trip using the date

ka rouxI planning a surprise trip for my husband's 40th. He is a math geek. I am not. My plan is to tell him in a series of riddles/puzzles that he needs to figure out. We are going to LA to see his favourite singer. Anyway we are going Oct 25/6 (haven't 100% settled on the date) to Oct 30, 2019. So...

1 hour later…
9:10 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Clearly POP STAR = younger singer. This uses an indirect anagram (indicated by "Turning") of A$ (Australian dollar = down Cash) + PRO (in favour of) + TP (tepee, which looks like A)
9:37 PM
ah, we're on the Bad Solutions thing again, I see.
(No, that is not the answer.)
Man, and I was so sure.

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