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12:44 AM
Don't wait for the first shoe to drop.
12:55 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Out of thin air. (From a "the", I had vaguely supposed.) Hence the "perhaps" :)
@Rubio, you will solve my next puzzle.
Mebbe have already.
I have the form, just not the details.
Since i found out that my artistic aunt does crosswords on the john, as i do, i've been obsessed with prospects.
And here's her latest:
^ Yes i know that's not a crossword.
Did i mention? A collection of criteria for a USA crossword:
       The whole grid is an N x N square of cells where N is an odd number.

       The pattern of black and white cells has 180-degree rotational symmetry.

       Answers ...      ... are all at least 3 letters long;
                        ... are all different.

       White cells ...  ... are all "checked"
                            (part of both an Across answer and a Down answer).
                        ... are orthogonally contiguous
                            (no islands when considering shared edges);
1:13 AM
Q: To Win The Right

Rewan DemontayI found this nice little problem on Tim Krabbe's website the other day. I found t so unique and beautiful, that I felt compelled to share it here as a puzzle to be solved. Please do not use a computer and do please don't look up the answer! Try to use your own brain power! Source: Gady Costeff (...

2 hours later…
2:54 AM
Q: 6x7 Pokemon-based cipher

EzbethsMy friend made this cipher for me to solve and it has me stumped. Wondered if anyone else would want to take a crack at it. All it is is this image:

2 hours later…
5:12 AM
@Brandon_J may i ask how you change the porfile pic in chat? i changed the one in Puzzling, but am not able to change the one here in chat :( thanks!
5:40 AM
Q: Help with a "tougher tuesday" crossword puzzle on "animal opposites"

LagerbaerI assume this must be some obscure word play that I can't figure out. The overall clue of this NYT style crossword puzzle is "Animal Opposites". The three clues relevant to this overarching clue and their answers are: A bird of prey without a mate? --> Lonesome Hawk Where you might buy an albi...

5:56 AM
44 mins ago, by Omega Krypton
@Brandon_J may i ask how you change the porfile pic in chat? i changed the one in Puzzling, but am not able to change the one here in chat :( thanks!
solved thanks
6:17 AM
@GarethMcCaughan PA'S+TOR(y)?
Are you doing "on the left of" to mean the left part of? (in which case, maybe TOR(-ies) would be better, since then it's the full left half)
ah, right
7:21 AM
@OmegaKrypton caching
7:56 AM
Please join me at The Troll and lighten the mood.
8:24 AM
TIL that the symbol of the democrats is a donkey. Now everything makes sense as to their stupidity
9:00 AM
Q: 3D Crossword, Cryptic, Statue View & Maze

jafeThe following image depicts the layers of a $5\times5\times5$ cube. Using 3-dimensional thinking, can you find the way out of the cube? Empty version with no crossword numbers Empty version with crossword only 1. Crossword (blue squares) Across 1. Separately 4. Hurry 7. Phy...

9:30 AM
@jafe Yup, PASTOR is correct, and I think TOR(-ies) is better than TOR(-y) but don't mind which way you get it :-).
@Sid It goes back to a political cartoon representing a prominent Democrat (Andrew Jackson) as a jackass, punning on his name. He was a bit of a populist and his supporters decided that what his enemies called stupidity was just really Being On The Side Of The Common Man, and embraced the symbol.
It's worth being aware that since his time the Republican and Democratic parties have pretty much exactly changed places.
Probably best not to incite political flamewars here, by the way. I suspect many TSL regulars would not agree about which US party is the Stupid Party.
Q: Tom travels extensively all over. He was trying to figure out

UvcThe missing members in the following sequence. $A$, $A$, $A$, $A$, $?$, $?$, $?$ Please help him out.

9:53 AM
it's okay, i'm sure whoever loses the argument will just concede and change to the other side immediately
CCCC: Sacrifice of federal leaders by cartel (8)
10:40 AM
Q: Red and Blue Dividing Line

UvcIn the grid shown below, 20 numbers are given in blue and red. Draw a dividing line along the contours of the grid such that A) Blue Numbers Sum to the same on either side of the line B) Red Numbers Sum to to the same on either side of the same line.

11:08 AM
@OmegaKrypton looks like you got it
yep thanks
12:01 PM
both crosswords solved from jafe's newest creation, but this Statue View seems tough to visualize
12:20 PM
Q: If you snatch, I trade

BeeIf you snatch, I trade. If you work with bites, I isolate, If you work with celestial bodies, part of me protects. If you work with the land, I divide. What am I? Give the reasoning for each line! An extra line will be available as a hint if required later on.

@Deusovi make sure you have the latest version... there were a couple of numbers wrong in the grid when first posted
yep, only started under an hour ago
(thanks for the heads-up though)
also, I discovered that I can't count, which may be an issue
hm, I'm hitting a contradiction
update: never mind, it's fine
@jafe is there an extra L-tromino in the bank?
because unless I've made a mistake counting (which is very possible), I have an extra one, but all the clues are satisfied (and there are multiple ways to place it in the leftover space)
12:37 PM
hmm let me check
i count 24 shades cells in the solution... 8x3
@jafe sacrifice = OF + FE_ + RING
@Rubio yes!
Good morning all :)
ah yep, more counting problems
CCCC: Belief in a hands-off God without a place leads to tyranny (9)
12:47 PM
and done (though Gareth seems to have posted the answer between my figuring it out and my posting the explanation)
Oh that wily Gareth
hehe he knew he was getting sniped any second there
yeah, no idea which of us should get the green checkmark.
well, I have clue explanations, and I posted my explanations first
You both obviously need the rep, so - MOD FIGHT TO THE DEATH
12:59 PM
sounds like a reasonable solution to me
Also, we gotta do something about @jafe and these low quality, low effort, cookie cutter puzzles. It’s totally getting to be a problem. *cough*
Out of curiosity @jafe (and no need to answer if you don’t want) - what do you do? You clearly have enviable time and talent for puzzlecraft.
I generally try to avoid posting just the answer and then backfilling the explanation later -- it seems like it's just prioritizing speed over completeness, which isn't really a good thing for the site IMO. (Plus, had I done that I would've posted my answer before Gareth -- the combination of cleaning up the cell borders and getting my screenshot program to play nice took at least two or three minutes.)
In that case I think you should get the checkmark.
1:04 PM
(If for no other reason than “answers without explanation” are, basically, not answers here ... I tend to agree with both your last messages)
@Rubio i'm a software developer
some weeks are busier but now with vacations rolling in it's pretty quiet here :P
what do you guys do?
@Rubio I'll referee!
with bribes in mind, i bet
...I refuse to either confirm or deny that.
1:19 PM
@jafe I'm a professional puzzler. ;)
1:44 PM
I’m a professional slacker
You? Professional? :>
I resemble that remark
The fart joke cryptic gave it away? Hehe
Oh, that only showed that you are young at heart ...
I'm a mathematician working in the tech industry (so, in practice, mostly an engineer and software developer).
Well. I am in fact a systems engineer. I have to do something less technical to avoid going slowly insane. (So I chose puzzles, apparently, so I could go quickly insane.)
1:55 PM
@Rubio Don't try to fool us. You were always insane.
Well, yes, there is that.
2:07 PM
I think most of us have technical jobs and have come to PSE from other SO/SE sites.
I arrived at Puzzling through the SE network, yes, but I was being serious when I said I'm a professional puzzler. I run an escape room :P
Oh, interesting. I've never done a real-life escape room. (And I'm not sure whether the concept carries over well from Flash games to physical puzzles.)
The quality varies. I've done one that was boring, one that was completely unfair, and one that was fantastic and well worth it.
So it's like the Flash games, then.
2:22 PM
One of the great things I find about escape rooms is that they make for a great social activity. In the ones I've done with friends, we've gone to the pub afterwards and talked about it (who did what, what did we like, etc).
2:41 PM
Q: Decode the message

TanteMartinaTry to decode this message: y08 700) 07734 Hint: Hint

@Sphinx umm... does that have a solution...
lol just as I said that an answer got accepted
@Mithrandir What's the strangest thing you've ever seen someone do in your escape room.
Does picking the lock count?
2:49 PM
Yes, were they successful?
Yes. They kinda sabotaged themselves in doing so, though.
I can imagine that it is fun to do an escape room with friends, but I probably don't have many friends who would enjoy doing puzzles and join me. A good friend did an escape room with his colleagues as a company event. He didn't enjoy it, but supposed that I would have liked it.
3:02 PM
@Rubio Solution to your CCCC is SPOT in DEISM making DESPOTISM.
"without" meaning outfix instead of deletion? And that doesn't warrant a question mark?
Yes, "without" means outside here. What would the question mark be for?
That's not how I normally interpret the word
"Without" meaning "outside" is perfectly cromulent. Didn't we have a discussion of this very thing in TSL just a couple of weeks ago?
(Looks like we didn't; perhaps I'm thinking of somewhere else.)
We had that discussion, but a couple of years ago. :)
3:09 PM
Not a couple weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure I was introduced to that meaning of the word here a while back
yeah, "years" sounds about right
pretty sure I found a search result from 2017
but it's just one message Gareth posted back then
If memory serves, Gareth quoted a (Christmas?) hymn that uses the word.
nah, I can find a C4 Rubio posted that uses "without" to mean "outside of"
@GarethMcCaughan indeed. And I was pretty sure you’d be the solver for that one heh
@EriktheOutgolfer I’ve done it a time or three in the past,
probably prompting the earlier discussion in here
yes, at least the one I found was the cause of that discussion
3:15 PM
I may well have quoted a hymn that uses the word, but it isn't a Christmas one. (If anything, an Easter one, but I don't think its use is particularly seasonal.)
@Rubio looks like you've posted 14 C4s with "without" in them
although obviously not all of them use "without" like that :P
I've generally thought of this definition of "without" as being the more sensible one - the opposite of "within" rather than the opposite of "with"
the oppsite of "with" should've been "withnot", raise your hand if you agree
Once upon a time, "very" meant "truly" as in truth rather than quantity
How about withless?
> Old English withūtan ‘on the outside’.
the heck
3:19 PM
Once upon a time, irregardless was not a word. Languages change. Sometimes not for the better. :)
yeah, that word is wild 10/10
and guess what, it means "regardless"
"I insist it" is three words, sure.
um... "it" is definitely a word...?
3:34 PM
IT is an acronym for Intellectual Tyke
3:48 PM
CCCC: God (hands-off slacker) casts me down, leads to tyranny (5)
@GarethMcCaughan That's DEITY: DEI (ID(l)E(r), "hands-off" slacker with I ("me") moved further down) + TY(ranny)
@MOehm Correct! (I knew this would be an easy one; I just liked the riff on Rubio's clue.)
Well, Rubio had me sent down the "Surely, hands are L and R" path, earlier, so ...
Q: Here Is Our Limerick

rtkWe are just some of many One of us on every line Don't jump to conclusions Or there'll be confusion Make it right and you'll be fine Can you determine what we are?

4:12 PM
How do you get TY from TYRANNY? Is that an accepted abbreviation?
Oh. "Leads to". Never mind.
Q: Be Quick and Calculating..Take Four Shots

UvcTo Target Sum of 100 Exactly . By shooting the right different numbers in four shots summing upto 100.

4:54 PM
CCCC: Poor devil, disinterested at heart, gets nosy, giving up resistance to exploration finally (11)
5:38 PM
@Rand al'whut. Please join me at @youknowwhere.
I may be walking across my own arm here, but it seems to me that Humn constantly talking about his own personal soapbox here counts as advertising and should be appropriately disincentivized.
Q: Prove or disprove: If k*n+1 and (k+1)*n+1 are both perfect squares, then (2k+1)|n, where k and n are positive integers

ThomasLThis question came to my mind while trying to generalize the result for k=3 as posted in https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/575733/if-4n1-and-3n1-are-both-perfect-sqares-then-56n-how-can-i-prove-this

6:03 PM
Q: What Am I - Short Riddle

Beveloper Two bodies I have, Though both joined in one The stiller I stand - The faster I run

@MOehm The solution is IMPECUNIOUS (poor): IMP (devil) + disint(E)rested at heart + CURIOUS (nosy) with R (resistance) replaced by N (exploration finally)
5 hours later…
11:24 PM
Q: Number sequence: 202500, 5184, 32400, 12960,?

MattiCan you solve my first selfmade number sequence ? 202500, 5184, 32400, 12960, ? Hint: Hint:


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