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12:05 AM
Q: Should we create a Riley-Riddle tag?

Brandon_JEver since the original Riley Riddle, I've seen a lot of Riley Riddles come around. They are usually of fairly high quality, and new PSE users have no straightforward resource for finding the reason behind the name "Riley Riddle," or what makes a Riley a Riley. At the same time, "Riley Riddle" i...

12:29 AM
Paging @Alconja in the TSL
...and the devil appears
So, I suggest Riley as the name because (unsatisfyingly) that's what everyone calls them
I think that if we make a tag for this, we at least need to had Riley-Riddle as a tag synonym.
Yeah, I get that, but for an existing person doesn't need a tag called Riley, and for a new person "Affixes" is more descriptive of what's going on.
If I see a Riley riddle and want to make one, and I'm looking for tags, I'm not going to type in "affixes", I'd use "Riley"
As a moderate counterpoint, we don't have jlee or what-is-a-word tags either... we have a word-property tag. That tag, while encompassing the What is a ... Word™ format, is not exclusive to it; it covers anything where finding common properties (or lack thereof) of words is the subject of the puzzle. I haven't entirely made up my mind if riddles of this type should have their own tag (we've seen a lot of fads come and go without getting or deserving their own tag; this trend seems a bit more enduring than most, so we'll see), but I know "riley-riddle" seems wrong. — Rubio ♦ Apr 30 '18 at 20:28
12:33 AM
See also, "word-property" vs "what-is-a"
I strongly disagree with a "riley-riddle" tag per se.
I don't speak latin per se
sorry, had to throw that in :D
I guess it feels like we have a bit of "in-speak"
that a tag with a good wiki could fix
"What is a _________ word" seems fairly self descriptive and unproblematic
and I'm the first to admit that I could be completely wrong on this
but I'd like to give it a solid investigation first
Am I talking to myself now? :D
I'm here, but only ~30%
Personally, I think the tag encompasses Riley riddles perfectly well - no need for an additional tag
12:39 AM
(Also only here partly, have other more "important" things to focus on ;) )
Quick random question - do any of you guys eat awesomeness, or are y'all solid counterexamples to the "You are what you eat" idea?
And going back to naming, like Rubio said, using an actual descriptive labels allows the tag to be used on things more broadly, rather than restricting them to a single very specific format.
I'm seeing some good points.
I link to some other "prefix-suffix" wordplay in my answer to the older question (and in comments below)
Maybe a tag isn't the best way to fix it
12:40 AM
Which couldn't be tagged with "riley" but use the exact same mechanism.
Does anyone else think that we have a problem with the term "Riley Riddle," and if yes, do you have any suggestions for improvement outside of a new tag?
@Rubio What would you know about "What is a ____ word?" puzzles? ;P
I don't mind posts calling themselves Riley Riddles in a title or whatever
Me, either
or neither?
gah, whatever
@Brandon_J bah. :)
I have the prettiest template for them, if nothing else. Does that count for anything?
Definitely not worth a bounty
or anything like that
12:53 AM
@Brandon_J I'll answer that cause it seems this current convo is dying down a bit... I had the absolute worst diet this past school year. Combined with a lack of physical exercise, and I can now see why they call it the "freshman 15"
But in my defense, the only consistently good things in the dining halls were the fries and pizza. Everything else should've belonged in a radioactive waste facility
Intensely wonders if you didn't get the joke or if I didn't get the counter-joke
Nah man, I thought you wanted an interesting conversation! Now I'm mad and no longer want to be your friend anymore :( (jk)
No, that's good food for thought
So... you're not gonna actually respond to what I said?
Nope, 'cause I don't want to think about what I will have to eat in a few months
@PiIsNot3 I guess it instead ends up in a waist facility?
That hopefully isn't radioactive
1:01 AM
@Brandon_J Dude, I gained like 10 pounds of pure fat, it's not really that funny
Now I gotta figure out how to lose all of this stuff...
And no it wasn't really radioactive, but it did come darn close at times
Like I said, I'm trying to avoid depressing myself before I get to college.
Heh, well you better start early then :)
What college BTW, if you don't mind me asking?
University of Alabama in Huntsville
or UAH
AKA "ooaaah" I suppose
Well that's how I say it
the admissions rep was not amused (/s, I never said that)
but I have a full ride, so that's nice
1:04 AM
Heh, gotta find some silver lining I guess
I'm looking forward to it, on the whole
@Brandon_J Wow, that's amazing! Full ride to any school is honestly so difficult to come by nowadays
@PiIsNot3 NMSQT Finalist status helps
Ah, yeah, see now that's where I screwed up badly
I guess by this time you have enough info to find out my exact identity
but oh, well, this isn't reddit
and whoever wants to find this profile can find it
1:07 AM
@Brandon_J Don't worry, I've given up my real name and hometown to a couple of online people, and it isn't that bad
Everyone tells me that they forgot to take the PSAT Junior year
Just gotta make sure you share that stuff with the right people...
Just make sure you share some false information occasionally...
@Brandon_J Oof, bad, bad choice
1:08 AM
Totally unrelated, did you guys know I was president of a small European nation once?
I once slept through my school's prom
@Alconja By any chance, is it going to leave the EU soon™?
and then got crowned prom king
@Brandon_J Ah, the ol' "sleep through practice" strategy
1:10 AM
Speaking of Reddit, I just saw a joke about how someone was celebrating their 32nd birthday for half a minute.
Took me a while to get that one
About thirty seconds, actually
2 hours later…
2:46 AM
Q: Lady Luck Powers Up Every Member to Sum Upto Non-Prime Number. Who am I?

Uvc$Given:$ UV, WX, UVCUVWX, are concatenated Numbers. U, V, C, W, X are distinct digits ( zero to nine ). $Relationship:$ $UVCUVWX$ = $U^7 + V^7 + C^7 + U^7 + V^7 + W^7 + X^7$ $Clues:$ 1) UV is Prime. 2) WX is a Square. 3) Sum of Digits in UVCUVWX is a Cube. $Figure $ us $Out$.

3 hours later…
5:57 AM
@Randal'Thor You might be interested. The quote in the Literature.SE ad in your profile is likely mis-attributed. I asked a question about it on Skeptics.SE and somebody attributed it to Elizabeth Yates.
6:24 AM
Q: ...And they were stumped for a long time

jafeThis puzzle is part 16 of Gladys' journey across the globe. Each part can be solved independently. Nevertheless, if you are new to the series, feel free to start at the beginning: Introducing Gladys. Dear Puzzling, Today I got a glimpse of what things may have looked like ...

Doesn't seem like super strong answer (certainly not to the point of claiming "This quote ... is from American writer Elizabeth Yates") given that Yates herself is claiming that she didn't coin it further down the answer... (not that that means it isn't misattributed)
Actually, that itself would make a good Literature.SE question...
@Alconja I didn't intend to conclusively support the answer. Note that I didn't accept it. Also, I didn't realize you guys would be interested!
@Mithrandir Is there something against double posting questions? I will post a modified form on Literature.SE. Thanks for the suggestion!
At first, I had no idea you guys were referring to the question I linked. I was going to close this tab and just happened to read the messages.
@BarryHarrison It's generally encouraged not to cross-post. If you've asked it on Skeptics, just leaving it is probably a good idea unless you specifically tailor the question to the site.
Got it.
I won't post in Literature.SE then.
6:45 AM
@BarryHarrison we're a pretty diverse crowd in here. We're generally interested in anything interesting. :P And sorry, didn't mean to put words in your mouth. I agree that while it's certainly not conclusive it definitely casts doubt (hence my parenthetical), which I think was ultimately your point.
3 hours later…
9:38 AM
Q: Two Overlapping Nonograms

u_ndefinedFind the 5-letter word made by the overlapping nonograms.

10:16 AM
Q: Three numbers, three words

TraaZGiven only these 3 numbers below, find the 3 words related to: An animal A car brand A drink Numbers: 456448711 875654332 7456987877

Q: A minimal stalemate with no possible illegal moves

trolley813Imagine that the main goal of the game of chess were to actually capture the opponent's king, not just checkmating him. So a stalemate would (usually) no longer be a draw, but a loss for the stalemated side (since they are compelled to expose their king into check, and he will be captured next mo...

1 hour later…
11:34 AM
Q: Math quiz from a test

MarybnqA student took some exams. The arithmetical average of his grades is 25. He takes another exam today and he gets a 30, so the arithmetical average of his grades becomes 26. How many exams did he take, including today’s one?

Q: A burglar's sunglasses, a lady's odyssey

jafeThis puzzle is part 17 of Gladys' journey across the globe. Each part can be solved independently. Nevertheless, if you are new to the series, feel free to start at the beginning: Introducing Gladys. Dear Puzzling, I hope that you are well. Today I listened to some wonderf...

12:13 PM
Q: Hexagon vs Harry Houdini...Round 1....How did Harry do? Let us Find out

Uvc$Given:$ Harry Houdini is Mental Math Magician and top Math Wizard at Hexon..one of the top cryptographic companies in the world. They have deployed Passwordless super smart secret system to control employee access. Top Tier employees get top-notch questions to be answered in allotted time pr...

2 hours later…
1:51 PM
Q: The Most Powerful Number

AdamA power-full number is defined as a number with $n$ amount of non-zero digits $D_x$. The number takes the form $D_n$&$...$&$D_2$&$D_1$. The digits in a power-full number satisfies the rule $D_{x+1}$&$D_x=k_x^{x+1}$ where $k_x$ is a positive integer. This rule applies for $1\le x\lt n$. Essenti...

2:24 PM
@Brandon_J I think "Me [n]either" is a sort of shorthand for "I don't either" or "Neither do I", so either form works about equally well. I've almost always seen/heard "neither" here in the UK and have often seen "either" from people in the US; perhaps it's a difference between AmE and BrE.
4 hours later…
5:57 PM
@GarethMcCaughan As a fellow Brit I can confirm that I only hear "neither"!
6:32 PM
I speak American and "me either" sounds a bit off to me.
Q: What is an Even Word™?

FlutterDashieIn the spirit of the What is a Word™/Phrase™ series started by JLee, a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it an Even Word™. Use the examples below to find the rule. $$ % set Title text. (spaces around the text ARE important; do not remov...

7:28 PM
@Mithrandir I only say "me neither" and don't recall many, if any, people using "me either" in that context
@BarryHarrison Thanks for the link and the info!
Interestingly, the answerer on Skeptics is also one of the top users on Literature.
And yeah, that question would have been equally on-topic (and would have got the same answer :-) ) at Literature.
@Rubio Agreed. Even the practice of calling them "Riley riddles" doesn't make me feel quite right. Sure, Riley made an interesting puzzle, but he was hardly the first to write a riddle which describes the first part, last part, and middle part of a word (any more than JLee was the first to write a puzzle asking for a common property of a list of words). What the puzzle is about is more important than which internet user went viral for making one.
Or, as someone told me back in 2014 on Puzzling, "Discuss ideas, not personalities." :-)
Yeah I'd agree with that. I don't mind crediting the first person to codify and enshrine a particular format of puzzle (and in fact my "What is a ... Word™" template does precisely that) but that's in the posting and is up to the individual poster to decide how (or if) to do. it's not elevated to a site-level thing like a tag, which should definitely calling out puzzle types, not their creators.
7:53 PM
@Rubio ^ delete?
Good dog :-P
8:32 PM
Q: Statue Park: Knight's Lines

DeusoviThis is a Statue Park puzzle. Rules of Statue Park: Shade some cells of the grid to form the given set of pieces. Pieces may be rotated or reflected. Pieces cannot be orthogonally adjacent (though they can touch at a corner). All unshaded cells must be (orthogonally) connected. Any cells with ...

Q: How to Modernize Student Council

Dark ThunderYou are the math teacher at a high school and you are in charge of organizing Student Council for the whole school next year. Your boss, the Principal, read a research paper on Student Councils and made some crazy demands: MORE OPPORTUNITY : There will no longer be one Student Council but inste...

2 hours later…
10:30 PM
Q: Hiker's Cabin Mystery | Pt. VIII

I N T E R E S T I N GPart VII is still up for grabs! At last! You've solved the mystery of the cards! Now that you've gotten into the hiker's computer in the hotel room, it's time to explore! Good news! There is only one file. You double-click on it, but the smile falls off your face in an instant. More ciphers... ...


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