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5:51 AM
Q: The Defining Moment

PiIsNot3 Popular tourist destination, with “the” Throwing a Native American weapon Fruit with a fantastic nickname? President or patriarch Like Nigeria and Chad “Gold” Egyptian boat Seattle player Uproar The answer will be a thematic title.

6:30 AM
Q: Weird cipher. i thing requires XOR

Ishan GuptaA Caret RG91Z2xhcyBFbmdsZWJhcnQ= this is a cipherI recieved. I think it can be solved using XORing. Can anyone help me decipher it. thx.

7:09 AM
Q: Cipher. Binary didn't work


7:48 AM
Q: Cipher. Xoring maybe

Satwek HajelaSo i received this cipher from a friend, who created it. Pls tell how to solve. The cipher is GJLHOSJWJMYQ==== Any help would be appreciated,

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10:04 AM
Q: Casual brothers

Soltius We're a bunch of five brothers (though others exist), We have varied jobs: one of us is a chemist, Another a hunter, a zookeeper, a singer, The oldest of us is a former adventurer! We do share a goal - we're not that diverse: Help you find your way (if you're not scare...

10:43 AM
2 hours later…
12:46 PM
@Sphinx I think this probably counts as "mathematics problem, as opposed to mathematical puzzle". Thoughts?
On the one hand: duh, obviously yes. On the other hand: I've seen very similar questions in actual published books of puzzles. So I dunno.
Even so, that doesn't necessarily make it acceptable here. There are a lot of 'actual published books of puzzles' that are pretty bad.
There's also a slight self-promotion issue, though I don't think they've done anything badly out of bounds.
I mean, I assume aman4d = AmanSharma
A few more and it might be a problem, yeah
but the actual puzzle content posted here doesn't point very directly at whatever the canonical source of these things is, so it's not like it's effective advertising :-)
12:51 PM
(should I know what specific service that paper-plane logo denotes? perhaps I'm just too old)
ah, Telegram, I think
2 hours later…
3:16 PM
Q: Greatest Number using four 1's

Ak19What is the greatest number that could be formed using only four 1's( i.e., only 1,1,1,1)?

2 hours later…
5:40 PM
Just thought Id share a beautiful clue from today's Globe and mail. "It beats one boomer's kid supporting fast-fashion clothier (4,5)"
6:20 PM
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7:50 PM
Q: Don't know how to solve this last pieces

Adrian U.So i almost finished the rubik's cune but i have these 3 last pieces which are not at their place (green on red face,blue on green face and red on blue face).Away from these the other faces are done.

1 hour later…
9:08 PM
Q: What kind of parity is this? (5x5)

K_lash96I was just solving my 5x5 cube as always, but at the end I got this configuration and haven't found anything regarding this kind of parity. I am pretty sure all squares are correctly placed and no twists are there. Before I got the edge parity in 5x5, then I used my 4x4 parity algorithm taking 1...

3 hours later…
11:45 PM
Q: Stop and Take a Breath!

Brandon_J I've been to the carnival; I've been to the robber's den. I've seen judges who are just and unjust. Can't really judge them; I've been one to make mistakes, too. I've also seen twins eating a delicious green fruit. I've sat down in a comfortable rocker, and eaten a ste...


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