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12:39 AM
Is anyone willing to sit out this CC and offer feedback?
I could, but I'm no expert
@micsthepick I hope this doesn't offend you, but I would prefer one of the regular cryptic gurus to take a look
@EricTressler as I said, I'm no expert :)
Don't worry, someone will wander by eventually. There's no rush
1:13 AM
@micsthepick Sure, I'll take a look.
That's the solution annotation, not the actual clue.
The clue is on the starboard
does it match the current C4?
oh that one :P
Yeah, looks okay to me.
onetimesecret.com/secret/7v86jmpyzindqcwwzvtwi221ip7gvi1 (password is the solution, all-caps)
1:24 AM
okay. Thanks for taking a look, and apologies for spoiling it for you
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3:49 AM
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4:10 AM
Q: A dirty limerick

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4:38 AM
@Deusovi that’s a brilliant idea
using that as a password
5:18 AM
Q: Who am I? My second puzzle

Deepu SasidharanSecond puzzle created by me. I am a feeling. I am related to money. Take last four: all people like me, lazy people more. Who am I?

I cant find the syntax for a multiline spoiler, with blank lines in the middle. It keeps exposing my exclamation marks.
With blank lines between multiple spoiler blocks? Or blank lines within one spoiler block?
>! Line one__
>! __
>! Line two
(where: __ = 2x space)
That's for a single spoiler with a blank line in the middle. The best you can do with putting a blank space between two separate spoiler blocks, is to put some non-text between the two (eg.   or ---)....
5:38 AM
>! Line 1
>! Line 1 <br>
>! <br>
>! Line 3
or that, if you prefer html to double spaces (__ == <br>)... which is useful if you want to do things like have lists inside spoilers (>! <ol><li>...).
1 hour later…
6:55 AM
Thank you guys, I wanted to do it without the oppressive >! in every line. Multiline as in /* */ instead of // # etc.
<br>, __ and <p> helped a little, but then the markup becomes unreadable if you cant use line breaks.
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7:53 AM
Q: Born on the same day, but one is two years older

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8:11 AM
Q: What can I be? (First attempt)

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10:54 AM
@Mithrandir Ugh. All gone now.
Q: When should the knowledge tag be used?

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12:15 PM
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12:52 PM
Q: Which coins i have used?

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1:28 PM
could refused just be a joining indicator? re-fused?
1:48 PM
I can imagine refused meaning re-fused in a crossword clue -- but I think it would genuinely have to be re-fused somehow, not just fused.
2:46 PM
ungh, it could conceivably mean "taken apart and then fused back together", which gives a tortured answer:
Elected revolutionary -> washington -> nowanights, which is a word at least in M-W. Luckily it isn't a valid scrabble word.
also, it isn't "about time", but rather an expression about time.
That would be an indirect anagram, which is a Very Bad Thing.
considering the more likely answers, "about time" might just be "plonk a time unit somewhere in the middle"
Q: Difficulties solving Cipher Riddle of an ARG

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3:06 PM
@Bass For what it's worth, that's what I've been assuming. (Though it might be "t", or a word meaning "time", or something like "era", rather than a unit as such.)
3:43 PM
@Deusovi Bass was assuming his above definition of refused, so not quite indirect, just stretching it.
@thecoder16 Huh? No, it would definitely be an indirect anagram. An indirect anagram is when you anagram a synonymized word (here, "washington").
Oh, oops, got my terms confused
Q: Knights and liars

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5:34 PM
Q: My birthday is uncommon

luizfzsI was born 1 day after my sibling. Yesterday was my sibling's birthday but today is not my birthday. When is my birthday?

puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/62343/… seems like it would be a dupe, are there not existing leap year questions?
5:54 PM
hmm, let's see
Well it seems different enough. I didn't find anything I would close it as dupe for either.
6:30 PM
Q: Who/What am I talking about?

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Q: My prefix is food, my suffix is rude

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6:59 PM
if a sequence is easily found on oeis.org, do we still answer it?
Q: Can you find the pattern to this number sequence?

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7:58 PM
Q: Who is this great man?

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8:29 PM
C4 hint (24h): D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
@Jordan.J.D Ideally, point them at Number-Sequence Puzzles: What (Not) To Do? for some guidance on how to turn a number-sequence challenge into an interesting puzzle.
8:44 PM
Q: A tragic mistake

b aI have an unfortunate vice which leads me to to endanger myself. I always knew this was inevitable, but today my vice led me to a fatal mistake, and I died from it. My only wish was to have a gravestone erected for me so that my friends would know what happened to me. At first I was satisfied to...

9:01 PM
Q: I start with an animal and finish with a material

Gustavo Gabriel I start with an animal And finish with a material I also entertain people And make your house beautiful Got the idea based on this great riddle

9:35 PM
Q: Why is age not counted from the start of conception?

JacksonI’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but why is age not counted from the time of conception? If there is life, why must we wait until the child is birthed to start tracking it? This also brings to mind, why is your birthday not on the day you were conceived?

10:09 PM
@Sphinx Can anyone help me on this one?
Q: Who owned each heirloom?

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11:03 PM
Q: Password in Rubik's cube

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11:30 PM
@Eric - DE(TERM)INED< (def: elected)
@Alconja That's right. Nice work!
I asked Deusovi to look at it because I wasn't sure TERM or the def were fair synonyms
Yeah. Slightly non-obvious synonyms, but I agree with him that both are fair.
11:54 PM
Yeah, that non-obvious-ness was what I commented about in my response.

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