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12:00 AM
@TheDoctor I tried it once. It was terrible
Probably because it doesn't exist @TheDoctor
12:15 AM
I think some of these questions should be kept just because of the answers.
@Door how did you write your bot then?
My votes are in
Careful inspection of network stuffs with chrome devtools @TheDoctor
@TheDoctor I was referring to the purge.
Peter taylor voted to delete all, i kind of agree
12:32 AM
Lol. Historical lock isn't much different than deletion
If they are all deleted, new users won't see them and say, "Hey! code-trolling!"
The historical lock message specifically mentions the fact that these aren't on-topic questions
And locked posts don't count as having any of the tags they do, and don't show up in question lists
So it's really not very different from deletion actually
in Charcoal HQ, 1 min ago, by Doorknob
Anyway, gtg because dinner and homework
I'll probably be back tomorrow morning
Me too
12:42 AM
as I said above I'm strongly opposed to deleting question with highly upvoted answers because "but in general, no matter how much you despise a question, it doesn't seem fair to people who put effort into the answers to rob them of the 300-700 rep they gained out of them."
But code-trolling generally doesn't require as much effort as an actual challenge
@m.buettner If they're greater than x days old, they don't lose rep.
I think x == 60.
Oh, I didn't know that. In that case... I'm less strongly opposed... still a highly-voted answer might be a high quality answer (on a low-quality question) which might be worth keeping around.
1:24 AM
The sun is shining on the back of my mac, and i am seeing an apple sillouette in my screen :P
If i shine a laser at the apple, i can see it from the other side :D
Q: Duct tape can fix anything

Jeff GohlkeThis challenge was inspired by this StackOverflow Meta post. In it, @hakre says: I've seen a project really written by Stackoverflow (a noob copies together from SO here and SO there), attribution normally never is done which results in rights termination under CC. (sic) Your mission is to...

Hmm ... raised eyebrows
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7:19 AM
I'm here! :P
@Doorknob fanceh ;D
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9:01 AM
I just noticed
Look at dmckee's answers
...aaand Peter Taylor's
9:12 AM
@mniip, we're both being consistent with opinions we've expressed multiple times. Is that surprising?
I do respect your opinion
1 hour later…
haha that's funny
the code?
no the results
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12:00 PM
12:19 PM
12:32 PM
@Doorknob, what do you think about the duct-tape thingy? (feel free to respond in the nineteenth byte as I tried to start the discussion over there)
12:48 PM
@Doorknob mind pinning that?
Source is in an earlier message of mine if anyone wants to reproduce
Alright, gtg to school now
Someone just voted to reopen "How do I write an adding function?" Seems an odd thing to do when it's heading for either locking or deletion.
maybe not everyone with reopen privileges is aware of the recent developments regarding CT
1 hour later…
2:03 PM
I said "I have to go for a bit, then I'll fix stuff", did the thing I had to do, and immediately fell asleep. Go me \o/
@mniip Would it be possible to make a version that doesn't have Indifferent votes on the second row? They don't seem particularly useful from a "how do people feel about this question" perspective, since those people don't feel about it at all.
Q: Tips for golfing in Processing

TARDISDoes anyone have any code-golf tips for golfing in Processing? It is a graphical extension of java, and is somewhat difficult to golf.

@undergroundmonorail, hmmmm I could, I guess
If it would be inconvenient, it's not like it's important...
in The Nineteenth Byte, 12 mins ago, by TheDoctor
I'm making a chatbot and i need rep to talk in chat
@undergroundmonorail updated
2:24 PM
Yet another reason to graduate @Peter @m.buettner, the changed privilege tables.
2:41 PM
Do people lose privileges when the site graduates and the rep requirements are steeper?
There are many ways to lose privilegies
I'm going to have to figure out which privileges I use the most, and make sure I have enough to keep them when we graduate :P
just get 20k rep and you're safe :P
Quite hard considering that we don't even have any 20k users at the moment at all :-P
2:50 PM
I wasn't being too serious... it's easier here than on SO though.
I'm on my way to 20k! Just 19219 to go...
I'm almost 3/4 there :-P
same thing
3/4 left :o
3:16 PM
@m.buettner I dunno, I got 20k on SO pretty easily. ;-)
Q: Stack overflow code golf

Chris Jester-YoungTo commemorate the public launch of Stack Overflow, what's the shortest code to cause a stack overflow? Any language welcome. ETA: Just to be clear on this question, seeing as I'm an occasional Scheme user: tail-call "recursion" is really iteration, and any solution which can be converted to an ...

^ This question was a rep cow for me. ;-)
The auto-community-wiki-after-30-answers "feature" was instituted largely because of this particular question, and ironically, it continued to bite us in CGSE long afterwards (until recently, when they removed that "feature").
After that question ceased to be a rep cow (after being auto-CW'd), my main rep cow is this answer:
A: class << self idiom in Ruby

Chris Jester-YoungFirst, the class << foo syntax opens up foo's singleton class (eigenclass). This allows you to specialise the behaviour of methods called on that specific object. a = 'foo' class << a def inspect '"bar"' end end a.inspect # => "bar" a = 'foo' # new object, new singleton class a.insp...

@ChrisJester-Young well lucky you :P ... I don't mean it took long on SO (I needed 3 months for 15k then took a break and got the other 5k within a month or so as well). but my rep/answers ratio is about twice as large on ppcg as it is on SO. also your first rep cow proves my point :P
@m.buettner Ah, I see. :-)
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5:50 PM

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