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12:19 AM
One hat a day, keeps anxiety away
Today might be a day to live with anxiety.
@U12-Forward hahaha
1:15 AM
There isn't a log of Hat's obtained? It's always hard finding the 1 of my profiles without a hat - I've got to open all my profiles and open the hat panel to see which ones don't have it
1:36 AM
Huh, some sites don't qualify for Everything (Solana, Computer Graphics, etc) due to have less than 10 answers on the most answered question.
2:19 AM
I just got the "Shakuntala Devi" secret hat. I don't see it listed on the hat list yet.
2:50 AM
@toolic think there are 21, so more to come. You can add it. What were you doing the last 30 mins before?
3:05 AM
is the requirement for unflagging hat is one of your flag being declined by mod?
@U12-Forward when you want to try again, make 12 comments, wait and I'll update the question to improve it, delete them.
Previous year hat: Delete a number of comments after owner edits post
3:23 AM
@justANewbstandswithUkraine Don’t think so. I got it yesterday without any declined flags.
@justANewbstandswithUkraine flag a comment and after a while (after 5/10 seconds) unflag it.
@justANewbstandswithUkraine I have unflagging on 23 of my 25 and I can't do the last 2 because nothing to flag. The only requirement I can find is "do 12 flags back to back that are cleared" - by that I mean "thank you" comments NLN auto clear. For some sites I have to flag NLN and moderates handled. These are NOT reliably giving Unflagging - I kept trying until success
@turivishal Unflagging does NOT require any retracted flags. An early theory was this, but I can get unflagging without have any retractions (0 in flag info page)
@panda got time to troubleshoot one?
@justANewbstandswithUkraine On more theory, I believe it has to be 12 flags on 12 different posts (you can't triple up). I should add that caveat to Catija.
@Catija @Catija flagging is 4 helpful and Unflagging is 12 helpful each on separate questions or posts (12 flags on one question will count once.)
4:22 AM
@turivishal I didn't retracted any flag but still got it
if my idea is not right then I think James is, I did flag a lot of posts as NAA/use CGPT that day
I flagged only 3 comments, so I don't think this has any thing to do with comments
@justANewbstandswithUkraine ah I don't know how you got it without unflagging, the name of the hat is Unflagging!
@justANewbstandswithUkraine Apologies I thought you said retractions required. They are not.
@justANewbstandswithUkraine I have obtained Heads up, Flagging, and Unflagging on about 9 sites doing nothing else (no votes, no reviews, no comments, no posts, nothing) but flagging comments with "thanks".
@CinCout It's far less than 30, if that's anything to do with it; could be days visited.
@turivishal The name isn't literal. Notice flagging has 4 flags and requires 4. The unflagging has 12 and requires 12.
@JamesRisner Maybe flag 4 comments?
I really flag just 4
4:32 AM
@justANewbstandswithUkraine non comment flags work too
yeah so I agree with you
just take longer, and can be declined.
@Rob I'm pretty sure it is 10, that someone else agreed with you.
@JamesRisner I exactly know I did nothing, just flagged the comment and retracted it and i got the hat.
@turivishal "exactly nothing" means you were idle for about 30 minutes, flagged and retracted and waited 30 minutes doing nothing else and got it? Otherwise you forget it's 30 mins delay
@DanBonachea Does it have to be in one room or 8 rooms?
4:38 AM
@AJ To my knowledge it has not been confirmed and no one with Verified have test more than 1 room.
@JamesRisner means before flagging i was away for 1 hour, and after unflagging, I got hat within 5/10 minutes.
@JamesRisner ok
@turivishal Well, I've done that exact test, 3 different ways, on 3 different profiles, and never got it. So I can't understand that. I do understand that a virgin (not flagged since before 12/14) could get unflagging just by flagging precisely 12 comments.
5:06 AM
yesterday, by Catija
Just a reminder, the hat route runs every 10 minutes on the 10s, so "right after" is relative.
5:41 AM
Good morning
6:03 AM
good night ;-)
@Rob It's 10 on SO as confirmed by @Catija.. we just need the number for the rest of the network
this is confirmed: "Compete 10 Close reviews where someone else also completed the same review and the result ended up being what you chose"
can someone please visit here and help a fellow hatter out?

 Winter Bash 2022

Questions about the winter Bash and Hats
Chatterbox: "Send 5 distinct blocks of messages, in one room"
What is blocks of messages?
I am new in chat...
@turivishal you basically want your name to appear 5 times on the left
6:23 AM
@CinCout Means my previous message is 5 in this chat room, so will i get that hat soon?
Hi , I have answer that reaches a score of 100 during Winter Bash but I didn't get K-pop hat , why ?
@turivishal i think yes
@Parisa.H.R that's a bounty of 100, not a score of 100
@CinCout okay thanks.
@Eran Well both of them give me 100
You mean 100 people upvote a question?
6:28 AM
@Parisa.H.R what do you mean? A score of 100 requires at least 100 upvotes (or more if you have some downvotes too).
@CinCout I just got it thanks again..
@Eran oh thanks
@turivishal great. Please help me out too if possible
@CinCout Is the other chatroom for hats on SO? I just entered it
@Eran it appears to be
7:01 AM
@CinCout sure tell me.
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
@U12-Forward "This is The Way"
@KadirŞahbaz you figure out emperor trigger?
Everyone (which has a positive score) who replies to the post below will be awarded <I'm Okay...> hat within a week, except for the bounty winner. :D
Q: Show off your hats! (2022 edition)

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogWinter Bash 2022 just started today, and within the first hour, nearly a million hats have been awarded across the network. Let's show them off here! As with the 2021 edition, I'll copy the same text from the 2017 edition: Post hats, hats, and more hats! Those that you're especially proud of, or...

@JamesRisner No. I do a lot of things (asking, answering, upvoting, reviewing, flagging) on SE. So I'm not sure what triggered that hat.
1 hour later…
10:48 AM
hi friends, do you guys know how to get Mmm, Cookies!? I've tried multiple ways by clearing cookies but I cannot obtain that :(
@NickVu I think it's just adjusting your cookie preferences
@NickVu You just need to display the dialog - changes are not necessary.
11:08 AM
@NickVu Click "Cookie Settings" at the bottom of the page in any SE website.
11:35 AM
We still don't have theories or hints for these:
Over 9000
Emperor's New Hat
Running Up That Hill
Shakuntala Devi
Four Ayes

Or do we?
11:45 AM
We have theories about flagging and unflagging but nothing confirmed yet
Same for "this is the way" which is nearly confirmed but apperently some details are still incorrect
12:11 PM
@mousetail indeed, no idea on how to get the unflagged one :(
@JamesRisner the 9000 one is probably "get 9000 reputation during winter bash"
Same for flagging and unflagging per https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/62589812#62589812
It can be done, on a virgin profile, by simply just flagging. But there is some qualifiers that I can't pin down. For example, I created a politics profile and got unflagging as one of my first actions doing ONLY comment flags on "thank you" comments.
What I don't understand is I've detailed how to do unflagging on command, yet so many others still say they can't get it awarded while I have 24 with it simply flagging comments.
Just doing review queues seems pretty reliable
But it must be possible without the queues
@mousetail I don't have review access on 23 of my 25 profiles with unflagging
Only unique hats count for the leaderboard
@mousetail Is that for someone else? Not application to my comments.
12:19 PM
What I mean is you just need to do the queue on one profile if only one has access to it, if the leaderboard is what you are going for
Also I see a few new secret hats where discovered, running up that hill, Shakuntala Devi, Hedy Lamarr, and regorio Y. Zara. Any theories what those are?
@mousetail Oh yes correct. I'm point out how I can essentially get unflagging in a brand new (10 flag a day) by flagging 33 comments (10 the first day, 11 the second day, and 13 the final day).
Yea I know, but we don't know a reliable way of getting it, except some people did get it
So it must be possible just we don't know how
Or put differently, it's does work with just cleared flags. There may be other options like 1) clear 12 flags 2) dance a jig?
@mousetail That's my quibble. I reliably got it on 23 unneeded additional profiles to prove to myself I can generate it on command with a blank profile doing nothing but flagging.
Catja did confirm the required amount is /4 on other sites
So it probably just requires 2-3 "actions"
the action must be related to flagging, maybe a specific flag reason?
@mousetail The last two are new to me. But as of this post earlier, nothing had been post in here definitively. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/62594753#62594753
that's possible, and one is no longer needed comment flags ;-)
My recent theory https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/141302?m=62593219#62593219
Hasn't been confirmed or denied (or I missed it).
12:28 PM
Catija is probably sleeping
@KadirŞahbaz How do you get the glasses hat? the four eyes
Any idea how to get more hats? I am stuck...
@U12-Forward No idea. I got it when I woke up in the morning.
@mousetail *hopefully sleeping. But the odds aren't good.
Nobody can stay awake 3 nights in a row, I hope
@KadirŞahbaz Hmm
12:35 PM
@mousetail She's got a 4-year-old, it's a miracle she sleeps at all
After this Stack Exchanges owes her like 30 hats for the 4YO
@mousetail actually the 4yo should get a replica of all the hats in this WB
Except maybe the smoking pipe
Any other hat guesses?
Could you guys get me a Nice Answer badge? I think I kind of got the trigger for Four Ayes, upvote this
I don't think asking for upvotes is allowed
You'll get it natually eventually though
12:46 PM
I do need more stars though
@mousetail correct they are not.
Just gave you Starr’s. Need more?
I got the hat thanks
Suprised I got it on meta though, I thought like chatterbox it was based on your chat parent user
Is that for 8 messages in one chat room or one message in 8 chat rooms?
8 in one chat
12:57 PM
Presumably 8 in rooms parented to the same site, similar to the badge requirements.
any comments on this?
Q: Chatterbox and Verified hats considering the same room as if belonging to different SE sites

CinCoutI participated in 2022 Winter\Summer Bash Starring room in order to attain the Chatterbox and Verified secret hats (their triggers are already confirmed). I received both the hats as expected. But what's interesting is that while Chatterbox was awarded on Stack Overflow, Verified was awarded on M...

@Mithical I also presume, but I apparently can't figure out parenting. It seems to change but I can't get it on other profiles.
Does the "Edit and reopen" option in the close vote queue count towards "Hey, Listen"
@mousetail I didn't test it, I edited in one window and reopened in the queue
I suspect it will tho
I have done a comment clean up, did get me hats some years back, not sure if it is something this year.
1:15 PM
I wanted to try these, but need a partner:
Post 10 comments that each earns an upvote.
Delete 6 comments from under posts (not your own), that were edited by
their owners after you commented on them
6 posts are edited by the owner after you commented on them
Then we'd remove all the comments.
Those are all variations of past years.
1:27 PM
@KadirŞahbaz Congrats on our current first place position!
Any idea on the emperor hat @KadirŞahbaz
I'm pretty sure (based on art) that Gregorio Y. Zara is:
question with no answers for a week
or some variation of Q with no A (it has a strike)
Or answer a week old question with no answers
It's impossible to ask a question with no answers for a week since the event is less than 1 week old
@mousetail Yes, I was thinking "3 days" instead of a week as a variation. I like yours also.
We have profile links to people with Hedy Lamarr, and regorio Y. Zara hats?
1:47 PM
How about Running Up That Hill?
My notes on Running Up That Hill:
... nothing
Who has it?
it doesn't show on all activity on Catija's profile.
I'm working thru SEDE data to disprove various Q&A hats from past years.
1:50 PM
@U12-Forward I don't know. Before getting Emperor hat, I was flagging "thanks" comments. I guess it is not relevant. Maybe related to periodic actions. I was making other types of interaction around 00:00 (UTC) when got the hat.
My notes on Emperor's New Hat:
Nothing to do with wearing or unwearing hats.
Caija can't get Emperor on Code Gold. (291 rep)

Kadir got emporer after:
- Flagging tens of "thanks" comments. Got -> Flagging & Unflagging.
- Retracted some comment flags.
- Editing posts.
- Removing comments made.
Four Ayes:
Four Eyes means two people to agree on something
Only person to have it and on world building obtained around 4am 12/17/22

Shakuntala Devi:
toolic first to get at 9:20 pm 12/17/22
figured I'd dump all my private super secret notes on secret badges ;-)
Interesting that it requires a certain amount of rep to get
We should have like a document or something to organize this better than scattered messages lost in the noise of this room
I read every message, I have no life.
Thank you for your service
I laughed at the hats when I stumbled on them in years past. This is my first year "trying them". I wish I'd done past years now.
@mousetail It could also not be rep, but some other thing I guess. But I couldn't think of a non-rep thing they wouldn't have.
I'm too rules follow-y to do that.
@U12-Forward what exact trigger you trying, I'll do a SEDE query for it if I can
1:58 PM
@JamesRisner Somebody upvote a -3 scored question after edit
It may need an other edit before I can undo that vote (if I even want it, I like that kind of Q.)
That's tricky to code, because I need to walk backwards through the edits to get to -3 or less.
2:15 PM
Did anybody who got one of the new hats swap hats 5 days in a row? There's a good chance that would be one of the triggers.
It's only been 3, right? So won't be until Tuesday
Didn't it start on Wednesday? So Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
haha the id of the verified hat is 6942050
@JamesRisner I honestly find this year's hat way too much fun and great than from what when I checked past years' hats. And wouldn't mind putting one 24x7, for the whole decade atleast. Can't we "save" these hats???????!!!!!!!
We save them via the hat photo thread I believe
2:30 PM
Screenshot and keep on your own computer, and if you really like your avatar with hat, make a pic and upload that as your new avatar, (only works if not sticking out.)
@Eran December 14th, 21:00 UTC + 5 days = 12/19 21:00 UTC so very late tomorrow night or the next morning
I am now wearing 5 different hats on 5 different accounts.
Likely not going to work, but you never know.
@JamesRisner Not cool. Why? well... youtube.com/watch?v=o2DXt11SMNI
3:15 PM
No hat for wearing different hats.
3:37 PM
I guess I'm Okay...
1 hour later…
5:00 PM
hi friends, how did you guys get Miranda if you already have direct-edit privilege?
5:32 PM
@NickVu Only by suggesting Tag Wiki edits
Or get on another profile, it counts for your "all network profiles" count.
6:04 PM
This is awesome! thanks, @JamesRisner!
are we able to apply the same trick to Tourist hat? @JamesRisner
@NickVu what trick?
New account on a site you are not a member yet, yes, it worked for me.
(And that is a site where I do not understand any of the questions.)
2 hours later…
8:02 PM
0-30 quickly, 30 to 31 is 24 hrs and ----- no clue when next Hat. Yep.
8:29 PM
I got four ayes, I think it might have been after one of my comments was upvoted four times.
1 hour later…
9:47 PM
@StephenKitt I got four ayes too, but I haven't commented anywhere
10:00 PM
"Mario Molana" hat is highly related to "Reopen Review". (1) Edit 1 (maybe 1+) closed question. And get "The previous edit(s) were unsuccessful in reopening the question" warning. (2) OR Reject Reopen Review (Choose "Leave closed")
Mario *Molina
@KadirŞahbaz hi, how about the 3 new secret hats? you have the Gregorio Y. Zara video one already, remember how?
@Vickel I don't know about "Gregorio Y. Zara". Maybe relate to total view counts during WB (on your question or answer). Some hat is not related to your actions. Like "Collection Complete hat (Another user saves one of your posts)".
10:15 PM
@KadirŞahbaz I can't prove it, but when I did it I had been idle before. I didn't edit during. I skipped a lot of reopen that shouldn't be or had 0 or 1 reopen votes and tried hard to pick ones with 2 already. I believe it took 15 (from memory) to get it. My theory is 10 reopen where someone else agreed with your status.
Gregorio Y. Zara was the inventor of the videophone, the first two-way electronic video communicator (from thoughtco.com/gregorio-zara-filipino-scientist-1991703)... so maybe that is the key...
it also has a green Q and red A with a strike thru
(first) two-way communication
11:13 PM
@KadirŞahbaz Gratz on glasses, video and emperor! What you think triggers them?
11:41 PM
Testing for Mariachi, can three people star the same post in the staring chat?

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