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8:02 PM
anyone else ever try to close a tab with ctrl+w, but miss and hit ctrl+s and you're like "nooooo, I don't want to save this, or really any, webpage ever.
@goodguy5 lol sometimes I middle click the wrong tab and briefly freak out until I remember I can just Ctrl+Shift+T
@G.Moylan ctrl+shift+t is life
I try to use as many keyboard shortcuts as possible, which is why it bugs me when sites have weird tab-order
so um I'm gonna kinda try and reconnect with some old friends
8:18 PM
@Gwideon Nice!
I hope that goes well!
Is that a Bionicle pun?
Could it be a Bionicle pun?
@Yuuki "reconnect with some old friends" could certainly be a Bionicle pun
8:33 PM
I can't consume the word "reconnect" without thinking of a friend of mine who uses "reconnected at an alumni gathering" as a euphemism for hooking up with this guy (at an alumni gathering, to be fair), who would later become her husband and the father of her child and a really good friend of mine.
Thank you for the anecdote. I am unsure what to do with this information.
@MikeQ Maybe reconnect with some old friends?
so um hi
@MikeQ What I'm hoping you'll do is remember it next time says that they reconnected with an old friend and think "damn it, goodanecdote5"
8:39 PM
@Gwideon yo
@goodguy5 So what you're saying is that our real families were the friends we reconnected with along the way?
@Yuuki O.o
@Yuuki sweet home alabama
@G.Moylan made me chortle; col for Chortle out Loud
alright. actually shutting down this time. have a nice weekend, heathens
@goodguy5 toodles! o/
that goes double for you, @Gwideon ;)

(just a joke, basically picked you at random)
have a good weekend
8:46 PM
No picking people at random. At best that was semirandom.
As the saying goes: You can pick yourself at random, but you can't pick your friends at random.
you can pick your nose, you can pick your friend's noses, but you can't pick your friends
Pretty sure I got that right.
And if your friends don't pick your nose, then they're no friends of mine
i kinda wonder what it would be like if bioncle got a ttrpg
There have been many attempts. I don't know how well they work. Nothing official.
8:50 PM
I'd probably start with something simple, like apocalypse engine, or Fate
One of these is a d100/ WH40k hack and is wayyyy too complicated for magical robot heroes
... Could you adapt Masks for Bionicle?
I feel like that would be incredibly appropriate.
Just from the title? I don't think the system mechanics match up.
oh yeah i'd probably do something really simple
Yes, entirely based off the title. That's how I operate my life: based on superficial wordplay.
9:00 PM
Masks is more about feelings, relationships, and being an angsty teen with superpowers
Also seriously who thought WH40K was a good option to make a ttrpg it's a wargame for gods sake
Whereas Bionicle was usually more about weapons, magical macguffins (masks), good heroes fighting evil monsters, and helping folks/communities in need
i know dnd did it but yeah
also yeah something more gear focused might be better. it would also have to have a focus on group dynamics
(I was actually serious when I said that I base my life choices off of superficial wordplay)
9:30 PM
@Gwideon it does have incredibly deep lore. Half of the massive rules book is lore text
@G.Moylan and shelf after shelf of novels about different parts of that lore
I'm personally a fan of the story of the Thousand Sons and Ahzek Ahriman
9:48 PM
@G.Moylan I wasn’t criticizing it’s lore I was just saying that I don’t think it’s mechanics line up well with being a ttrpg
@Gwideon I mean that the lore is probably the reason why people thought to make a TTRPG for it. It's a very in-depth world with lots of conflict, and Games Workshop has always encouraged expanding the lore in your own way with your army in WH40K, so it seems a natural extension to bring that to tabletop. The mechanics of the two games in no way gel, I agree, but the story is all there
Plus, playing through something like the Horus Heresy could be pretty fun
Or the betrayal of the Thousand Sons, for example
Wily demon lords and corrupt bureaucracies, spaceships, armies, magic, monsters, aliens, elves, undead, robots, undead robots. It's got everything.
Besides, D&D developed as an extension of tabletop war games not that unlike where 40K has its roots
so in a way, they're cousins
10:17 PM
conveniently the mechanics of the warhammer-based roleplaying games are only very remotely connected to the mechanics of the mini wargames
and they are not about replicating what happens in the wargames
they just use the setting
10:35 PM
@MikeQ If you have resources to share, that would be helpful. Most people don't have the training necessary or even know where to start looking to learn.
Yeah I know I could use more help. I googled myself and found some PII
Ping me if you have something please.
11:04 PM
@BESW Well basically one needs to think like an attacker. And an attacker tries to connect a trail of info dots, pivoting off each dot to find more and more pieces of personal information, until eventually they build a cohesive picture
Defense involves two things:
- Securing each datapoint, such as changing your passwords or even closing unused accounts
- Isolating datapoints, so that an attacker would have trouble connecting your accounts
ohh and here I liked reusing my name
It doesn't always mean doom and gloom. As long as you control what information is accessible to your online presence.
@MikeQ When I googled myself I had old accounts that I had deleted come up. If you tried to navigate to them they were gone but the PII is still there
like on the search screen
With the magic of GDPR, there should (in theory) be someone you can contact about that, to get that info removed, or at least anonymized
11:09 PM
Internet is worldwide. Many non-euro companies still need to comply with GDPR.
Relevant Google support page about removing your personal information from Google results: support.google.com/websearch/troubleshooter/3111061?hl=en
@V2Blast sweet thank you.
no problem :)
See I didn't mind connecting my name to SE when I first started
But then my dumbass outed myself on a whim =[
I'd say a practical goal is such that it would be inconvenient for a random user (assume low-skill), starting from only one online account, to quickly identify your meatspace self
11:22 PM
I don't think I have very many followers personally on any platform. Just a few moderation roles :P
I don't want followers. That sounds like too much responsibility.
11:34 PM
To each his own. I'm a live and let live kind of girl.
11:45 PM
@MikeQ wat
@MikeQ I appreciate you are trying to help and have good intentions, but....maybe check to make sure people are okay with you doing this poking around at them first maybe? Because bringing up how easy particular people are to find, while may be true, is...an uncomfortable thing to have publicized.
I get that you are attempting to assist, but maybe start with general advice stuff and then people can contact you if they want specific help?
True. @V2Blast feel free to delete any of my messages in here.
Yeah... resources, not audits, please.
(I know how findable I am, I've made my peace with the bits, please do not go poking, it's rude. Extra if you do go poking, please don't say what you find. I know what's there, and what's lurking...but let my dead stay dead please.)
11:56 PM
It's not safe for you to be revealing people's bits on them, even in the name of helping, even obliquely.
Some of us already know how not safe we are.
Sorry, this just pushes very big buttons for me
Hm. I aimed to be nonspecific enough. But yes, you're right, this isn't a good way of reporting exposed PII
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