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7:17 PM
@GraceNote Hey, I asked that one last year! Functionally, diamonds allow button clicking. I can migrate questions myself instead of flagging (no matter how much I nudge the devs to get us a list...). Truly, though, I'm already effective in being part of the community. It's not about what the diamond gives me... I'm starting to think it's not much. The question is more, "What do I bring to the diamond?"
@GraceNote I'm comfortable with that. I act in the best way to be a helpful part of the community and I think my past has been conducive to dealing with a future as a mod.
@TimStone As long as they are making an effort at moving forward, they're worth it. You walk away when they're obstinate or they stop helping themselves. Unless users are going against the system, they're really not "problematic". I think with new users the strongest struggle is teaching how to ask a good question. I've saved a few new user questions in my time with some handy editing and related comments.
@RoryAlsop Don't feed the trolls. I've seen a few intense ones in the past year. I don't think it really troubles me.
@TimStone Edit and comment. Not Constructive is a followup option.
@GraceNote A low-value down-voted question with hostile user comments is edited by me, attitude of others addressed in comments, and the question goes from a strong negative score with close votes to a highly viewed, highly voted question from recognizing the save value and appropriately editing. serverfault.com/q/369058/3139
That approach... the attitude and human adjustment that doesn't take any moderator tools... that's the key.
7:53 PM
@TimStone most of the time downvotes and comments work. As the only 10k in the election, I'm the only one that has vision of deletions... and it has happened in our past that we've had those very wrong answers that have been so highly voted before migration that they overwhelm our community. Being a mod is stepping out of bounds when everything else has been exhausted... and clicking delete when it's the last option available.
@RoryAlsop It already happens. You talk it over. If you can't agree, the first one in "wins". These little trifles sort themselves out, and sometimes you just swallow it.
@AviD I'd probably spend a little more time talking in Meta. I'm in chat so regularly... I'd probably just be encountering more pings. Tracking-wise, I'm up there with the rest of them already.
@Gilles Yup. I spend plenty of time arguing against closing questions, editing them to re-open, etc. When I click close, it will warrant five votes... and I will still entertain others who think it has merit.
@GraceNote Aside from the fact that there's a difference between, "How do I verify this is secure," and, "How do I break into this guy's site?" I'd say you can't appreciate SQL injection until you can look at something and say, "Oh, I'd break that." Having spent some time in PenTesting (and now writing / reviewing code), yes: I practice.
@TimStone I don't have anything I'd run around advocating for as a moderator... except maybe getting us a migration list. For everything one person wants differently, another likes. Overall, things work pretty well here. I don't hear the community clamoring for anything massively different.
@RoryAlsop I'd get back to writing articles. I stopped last year after some personal tragedy. I'd spend more time at conferences talking our community up. It's far easier to open a conversation with, "I'm a moderator of this awesome community" rather than, "Hey, I'm just a user here, but it's really cool." Serving the diamond!
@Gilles Absolutely. I feel I lean toward the conservative side of closing questions, and as the only 10k in the race I see all the closes, deletions, etc.
@Gilles I do understand flagging, and that's a bit of why I use it less. I click close to deal with questions rather than flag. Sometimes I discuss migrations in here instead of flagging. Most of the time, I have the power to do the job without flagging already.
@AviD @ScottPack. He's part of the crowd... when I think of this site, I think of the users in it. The people who are most active and most a part of everything. Those who are rocking the cult of personality are the ones who define what the site feels like, where it goes... moderator or not. They're the ones we should hitch our carts to and have fly the flag the represents us.
8:13 PM
@JeffFerland sorry to interrupt your flow, but she asked about black hat, not black box. Black hat usually (okay its a bit ambiguous) refers to malicious, illegal, or unethical activities.... but you knew that :)
@RoryAlsop I just moved to the West Coast and I'm now at -7/-8 UTC... and that's why I missed the town hall as well. 5am just wasn't possible after a night of shopping for necessities in my new apartment. That said, I'm picking up from mid-day onward and when our current European mods are ending their workday, I'm starting mine up giving us a much-expanded overlap of when a mod is available.
@AviD I think that the "How do I break into this guy's site" is a reference to the kind of Black Hat that ain't allowed
@AviD Black hat technique... I don't mess with others' systems, but the knowledge of openly breaking things is the dispute. We'll never* allow questions that are openly intending to break systems that others own, but entertaining questions with the same topic and "appropriate" wording may become part of our community.
@AviD It is town-hall format. You're encouraged to make me defend my statements :)
@JeffFerland yeah, but you dont really practice "black hat"... wait, do you?
@JeffFerland no no, town hall is over, everybody went home. I'm just the weirdo who hangs out to talk to the guy sweeping the aisles.
@AviD I've already gotten a softer rep curve of late... There are far more users now than when I started. IF the questions are getting good answers from somebody, I don't need to duplicate that effort. My rep is big enough that I no longer care about my rep... I care about my role, developing the community, and helping us grow constructively. Sometimes that's in answering, and sometimes that's in other things.
@Gilles See my above answer, but basically there is a point for a mod to say nope and delete when no other community option is effective.
@GraceNote I'm seasoned. I'm open-minded and well-tempered. I'm happily accepting of times where things don't go my way. I'm confident enough to click the buttons when they need to be clicked and to stand behind it. I feel I would represent our community very well. It's not about the diamond helping me, it's about me serving the representative role of our community well.
@GraceNote I'm very sorry to everyone that I didn't make it during the scheduled time. 5 am was definitely not in my time budget on short notice. It certainly was encouraging to wake up to a number of notifications from the regulars in DMZ and to be actively missed when something happens. I think that also goes to show I am a part of the community now.
@TimStone All yours.
8:25 PM
@JeffFerland When I think of you, I do think of garlic salt and paprika.
@ScottPack I... don't get it. And, I'm not sure I want to.
@Iszi Jeff said that he's seasoned.
I thought you meant that his role that he serves was that of extra flavouring
@ScottPack Oh! Right. 'Cause it totally wasn't some freaky man-love thing you guys had going on. That'd be just... weird. I don't know why I ever thought that.
I thought he meant it as an ethnic slur. like saying the cab drivers smells like cabbage.
8:29 PM
@ScottPack with garlic.... mmm.
I uh...may have passed out...but I am back now! arms digest creating lasers
@TimStone So what you're saying is that, unlike public employment, Manhattans are appropriate SEI workplace beverages?
@ScottPack FYA? Is that like a FAW?
@Iszi I'm guessing its a F*** YA!!
8:41 PM
More like
Awww, and I thought the THC had to be PG? Wait... they put that in PG movies these days, don't they?
I'm a Parent; my Guidance is that it's ok.
@ScottPack I'm willing to believe that, though I myself am not a Stack Exchange employee (if I was, I wouldn't likely have frustrating work days that drove me to drink :P)
@TimStone oh youre not?
I'm surprised my own self.
8:46 PM
so why did you get the crap privilege of collating the digest?
For the girls. Clearly.
That's a long story, but the short form is that it's just one of the things I meddle in because that's what I do.
Q: Non-Legalese EULA for Diamonds?

Mark HendersonI just accepted the UELA for being a diamond mod on the site that I moderate. I think this is a great move, especially the bullet points regarding what you can and can't do with the information, and that we're not SO employees. I even read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as required. But wo...

for those that be needing it
@AviD I thought we used CC-BY-SA?
@Iszi thats for content. this eula be for moderators.
8:54 PM
@AviD Really? 'Cause it turns out the link is to BY-SA.
@Iszi huh? which link?
@AviD First link, top answer of above question.
@Iszi this one? looks cc by sa to me.
@JeffFerland what is your stance on abortion after rape, must know before I finalize my votes!
@AviD Exactly, but the link text is CCASA.
8:58 PM
@LucasKauffman I guess if pregnancy doesn't happen after rape, then allowing abortion after rape won't be an issue now will it? Then everybody can stick their head in the sand and be happy.
@JeffFerland aah good point
@Iszi not that I really get all the licensing, but it has this:
> Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.5)
@JeffFerland I see you have Improved Evasion.
ahh, I see what you mean. in the meta post.
@JeffFerland sand may get pregnant.
@AviD You should pull out your head before that happens.
9:00 PM
btw something that came up today at work, we did a test and as local admin on w2k8 we were able to dump the password from a domain controling admin that was logged on to the same server. My collegue said something about it being single sign on issue. Does anyone know how it works?
@ScottPack well the sand wanted it.
okay, this is the wrong room for this. Everybody out.
@LucasKauffman Something about a three headed dog I'm sure.
/me sighs
@JeffFerland, get the lights on your way
@ScottPack but kerberos doesn't store the password?
or does it?
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