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9:00 PM
the lockpicking and social engineering proposals didn't do so well - so there may be a bunch of folks languishing without a place to go
@RoryAlsop I agree. but we'd risk becoming a whinging point, or ranting platform. which we could handle in the same way, but as the man said we would have little effect anyway.
@AviD too true, sadly
@Gilles in any event, a step like that would not be solely at the moderator's discretion, but subject to a wider community vote (via meta)
@AviD And preferably with input from any target site as well. Mergers, not hostile takeovers.
@Gilles Scoping questions are really up to the community, not the moderators. But I think a good site revolves around a good set of experts, and expertise in this field usually involves a security mindset. So as I've said in the relevant meta questions, as long as the questions meet the other guidelines, the fact that they are about "physical security" isn't an issue at all for me. IT shops obviously NEED good physical security.
9:03 PM
Good point
@Iszi I think moderation is not about content but about establishing a friendly environment for the community. I have started to write tag summaries and tag wikis which requires approval at my current rep level. So I go slowly about that and wait for feedback between each chunk. Another project of mine is improving questions. Both projects are things that I can do as normal users. I think this is a good indicator that the stack exchange systems works well.
@Gilles Ubuntu and Linux/Unix seem have different target groups, so it is good to keep those sites apart. Airport security and lockpicking are about security, too. But I expect little overlap in target groups, so I would vote for independent sites.
@Gilles I guess since we agree about the community part handily, I'd say that the moderator part is dealing with individual questions on a small scale more than directing the whole site... and I will try to let any security-relevant question live or be reworded when possible as long as it meets the FAQ standards.
@HendrikBrummermann What about in light of the fact that they don't have enough mass to develop their own sites at this time or in the near-foreseeable future?
We're at the hour, anyone have a final question that just must be asked?
I'd also like to get final thoughts from the candidates. (:
@RebeccaChernoff Tron mentality -- I fight for the users (and try to get us more!)
9:06 PM
does that make the mods agents of the MCP? Nooooooo!
@RebeccaChernoff As I said before, this has been an incredible set of candidates, and no matter the results we'll be in a good place. Vote your heart.
Just remember the power of a rather cunning hat.
@ScottPack I completely agree.
(Tom Morello's hat)
@RebeccaChernoff Well I'm really happy with this town hall. I am conforted in the idea that all candidates shows great interest and dedication to the community.
Good luck to all.
Motion to have six moderators. Any seconds?
9:07 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks to SE for a great set of tools, and the CC-licensing approach. And thanks to the other candidates - the community on this site is a real pleasure to interact with.
@JeffFerland Aye
@JeffFerland Yeah - why not?
@JeffFerland hehe, sorry. q:
@JeffFerland Aye
@JeffFerland That leaves us short one though.
9:08 PM
No flags would languish, that's for sure.
We add more moderators as sites grow. SO GROW!
I have been happy modding as a pro-tem - love the SEI model, and would be delighted to keep doing it, but would also support the others if I don't get in:-)
Someone would have to be voted off Mod island.
@Iszi Do we have 7 now?
@Iszi 2
9:08 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Clever - I see what you did there:-)
@RoryAlsop same same
@AviD I see 7 candidates listed.
@Iszi 8!
@JeffFerland 8 candidates, including @graham
@Iszi did somebody withdraw? there were 8.
9:09 PM
1 hour ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
The candidates I see here are: @Mvy, @AviD, @ScottPack, @nealmcb, @HendrikBrummermann, @JeffFerland, and @RoryAlsop. Graham couldn't make this time but he can certainly add responses for the digest.
That's 7... wait.
As I said, it's been a pleasure. I must be off, though, so that I can make sure to get to the school on time.
@Iszi + @Graham.
It says 8 on the voting page
Have a lovely night, lad(y|ies) and gents.
I swear, I counted that like five times including Graham.
9:10 PM
or, are you saying since he's not here, we can safely ignore hi?
@ScottPack gnite
Cheers @Scott
@Iszi then you should have gotten 40
@RebeccaChernoff I'd like to thanks everyone for the nice discussion. I am very confident that everyone of the candidates is a good choice and will do a good job to keep this friendly community and help it to grow.
Yeah, so... 6 mods leaves us with a double elimination.
(We are such a nice bunch of friendly types ain't we)
9:11 PM
There are 8 candidates.
Thanks everyone for participating and best of luck to the candidates
@TimStone Erm... why's that link to an IP?
@Gilles LOL
@TimStone there are 4 lights :-)
9:11 PM
@Iszi never trust a direct IP address
@Iszi Because we haven't gotten a domain name, shhh. :P
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks
@Iszi can we eliminate @Iszi twice?
@AviD Hahaha
@AviD I'm not up for vote.
9:12 PM
@Iszi 3 times, then? ;)
@TimStone Ahh - I'll change the link on our meta page to that one. @Hendrik has been taking snapshots for us
@RoryAlsop from the official site with some edits to the html code to trick the javascript to query security instead of homeimprovement.
So, how long 'till elections?
@Iszi Results in 8 days
@JeffFerland Results? The elections are open already?
9:16 PM
@JeffFerland I CANT WAIT!!
open now by the look of things
Kinda not fair, if they want to let @GrahamLee weigh in on the Town Hall.
@Iszi heeeey, ya snooze ya loose
@Iszi elections start at the same time that the nominations end
@Iszi I think 8 days of voting will give him plenty of room.
9:17 PM
@RoryAlsop It will not be easy: this Chat session has shown that all candidates live in Care Bear land, with everyone being as wonderful a proto-mod as all the others.
@ThomasPornin lol
care bears.... on a horse??
@RebeccaChernoff There will be a digest of this Town Hall Chat posted on your site's meta within the next 12 hours (or so). Candidates who have not had an opportunity to respond to the questions may do so in this chat, and their answers will be transferred into the digest shortly thereafter.
(Not sure if she mentioned that before I got here)
10 have voted already. Good stuff!
@ThomasPornin Yeah, pretty much.
The town hall chats aren't really an official part of the elections, just something we do because I think it's a useful thing to do. And because I said so. q:
9:18 PM
@RebeccaChernoff LOL
Keep in mind this could have happened tomorrow or the next day etc.
Also you can change your vote, it isn't locked in.
see?? MAGICK!
nah - then it would have clashed with Bicycles
@RebeccaChernoff ah, good to know.
@RoryAlsop oy
9:19 PM
I learned a few tricks that may let me vote twice
@RebeccaChernoff Well, there's a fairly essential bit of information.
@AviD You and your sock puppets
@RoryAlsop no, not you this time, I was talking about temporal session race conditions ;)
@RoryAlsop where did you see the number of people who voted already?
9:21 PM
(and nobody knows what that means - your post isn't live yet:-)
@RoryAlsop eggsactallee
@HendrikBrummermann it says on the page
but, when they read it, they might have incentive to actually scroll down :D
@AviD good one
truth is, this is a tough vote.
9:22 PM
@RoryAlsop I don't see the number of votes either. Are you sure it isn't a diamond thing?
I *really* dont know which way to vote, the candidates are really good.
Except for @Iszi. ;)
Election closes in 8 days.
429 voters were eligible, 4 visited the site during the election, 50 visited the election page, and 10 voted
try a reload
@RoryAlsop Reloaded, searched for "eligible", nada.
Hmmmm - maybe is a diamond thing and I've given it away
@RoryAlsop hmm, its possible.
as an anonymous user, that banner only read "election closes in 8 days."
@RoryAlsop you will probably be disbarred for that.
makes my vote easier ;)
9:25 PM
Damn bourgeois!
You and your special pages with your numbers!
@AviD Y'know. I did think of running, but there's not many candidates who did run who I wouldn't rather see in ahead of me.
@Iszi you know I'm kidding, right?
only reason I'm glad you're not running, is cuz that would just make the decision even harder.
@ThomasPornin Typically I might be active anywhere from 14:00 thru 07:00 UTC (the next day), so I tend to be around later than many candidates.
@nealmcb hahahahaha
sorry - it was just the timing
9:28 PM
@RoryAlsop yes, timing is everything, isn't it
in humour anyway.
and in sales.
@AviD in bed
@JeffFerland no no, it's "except in bed".
@AviD Timing doesn't matter in bed? I feel skeptical about this one.
@AviD Thanks. Maybe I'll run when more slots open up.
9:30 PM
@AviD Ahhhhh
Alright ,time to wander about Beantown and then visit the rents.
shall we adjourn back to the DMZ? Means I can shut a tab
@JeffFerland Catch you later, sir
@AviD I think that's an indication that it's time for "the usual suspects" to wander back to the usual place.
@RoryAlsop Isn't that @AviD's line?
9:32 PM
@Iszi Yeah - and perhaps take their misplaced stars with them :/
@nealmcb Good luck with that.
Can we keep this room clear until Graham has his change to add his responses for the digest please?
Y'all mind moving to the main room?
@Iszi Thanks for the encouragement - it seems to have worked :)
@RebeccaChernoff +1
@ScottPack or @RebeccaChernoff - Might one of you want to move the off-topic chatter to The DMZ?
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