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12:33 AM
Q: Why are certain quantities so fundamental to physics

tusharApart from having a qualitative description of quantities such as momentum, work and energy, why are these quantities considered so fundamental? What is the reason to define them in the first place? We could define other quantities but why these specifically? They help us solve the equations of m...

4 hours later…
4:12 AM
Q: Which basis does the wavefunction collapse to?

Jeff BassWhen we measure position for example, how does the system "know" that we're measuring position in order to collapse to a position eigenvector? Does the wave function always evolve from the state that it collapsed to? For example, if we measure the position (whatever that means) does the wave evol...

2 hours later…
6:30 AM
Q: Why do balloons get cold when they deflate?

Shuheng ZhengWhen I deflate balloons by cutting one end and letting the air out, why does the surface of the balloon feel cooler? Thanks,


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