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12:23 AM
I hope people are busy writing up their nominations. They won't write themselves. :D
This is one of those times where it's okay to toot your own horn and step up to the plate... in fact, think of it as being like a job interview.
If anyone needs help, there's this site I heard about where they help people with questions like that. You might wanna check it out here: workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/interviewing
Not sure mod nomination questions would be on topic there though... but there may be helpful information there...
In all seriousness, we have a lot of good people who would be more than capable of filling these roles...
2 hours later…
2:10 AM
@jmort253 show 'em how it's done. :-)
2:49 AM
@JoeStrazzere and @RhysW seem like logical candidates.
@jmac too... But he's repeatedly said that he's not interested.
@JimG. I don't know if I want Joe to be distracted from answering. I mean, look at his track record!
(Mind, if he does decide to run I'm not saying I would oppose him; he's a solid contributor and I think he'd approach the job with all due care.)
3:50 AM
It is true, answering participation does drop when one takes on a moderator role, especially on a busy site.
11 hours later…
2:28 PM
@MonicaCellio Any interest/availablity to be a mod?
@jmort253 Do we need to nominate you? Are you still interested in continuing in your role as mod?
3:05 PM
@Chad don't know yet. I do have two other diamonds (one's pro-tem and a smaller job), but I think I could do a reasonable job here. I was hoping a pile of strong candidates would nominate themselves so I could just say "yeah, that works". :-) I have some questions for our current mods (which will take the form of a meta question today), and I'd like to see answers to those before committing. (And I'll ask them publicly so everybody gets the benefit of those answers.)
You and I are also the 2 top all time flaggers... so would lose your input there too. But I think you would be a good mod if you wanted i.
@Chad how can you sort by this?
false :P
@MonicaCellio: All the best. I guess @Chad could apply too.
you are right end
I was mistaken... thats the first time ever for that to happen :p
@Chad I'm a ways behind you yet. :-) (I'm around 160 or 170 helpful ATM.)
3:13 PM
@MonicaCellio yeah I was thinking of JCMeloni
I've only about halfway there
@MonicaCellio So I think you would be a great mod... but I understand if too much on your plate
though with 20k rep I can "self handle" most flag types of things since I can just cast delete votes
For a long time I ignored the 10k flag queue because I didn't see what piling on more NAAs or VLQs would do. But in recent weeks I've gone back to it, using it as an entry for voting/commenting on stuff I missed, and occasionally to use a custom flag to suggest some other outcome (like adding a post notice).
@enderland You would get more power as a mod
3:14 PM
@Chad thanks for the vote of confidence!
There's also value in having higher-rep users who aren't mods. We don't have enough of those. So, we'll see.
Our problem is we need active mods that understand the community.
@MonicaCellio we need a lot more of them who are active in DV/delete vote/CV'ing too
If Rhys was still here I think he would be a slam dunk but I dont think he has time for it anymore
@enderland yes. I use the privs I've got, but I lost my VtD at graduation and need to get it back (working on that, but it'll take a while).
@Chad I've been wondering what happened to him. My impressions from his past activity are very positive.
And I hope @jmort253 will run.
@MonicaCellio We helped him get a new job that means he doesnt have the time to spend here... we did too well
@MonicaCellio ditto.
3:18 PM
@Chad ah. So we done good, but at a cost. :-)
(I expect to be starting a new job in the next couple months, so that's a big unknown, but I don't intend to get sucked into one of those "outside life? what's that?" places.)
@MonicaCellio that the one you are flying out to interview for?
@MonicaCellio The thing to consider is it seems being a mod here is going to be pretty time consuming to do it right. At least if Jmort is to be believed(which I do)
@Chad that's one of the questions I want to ask the current mods -- not just "how much time", which has a lot of variables, but more specifically the work profile -- what do mods spend most of their time doing and how big does that tend to be?
@Chad yup. I've already had the Skype interview with the hiring manager and interviewed with the local team, but the rest of the group is out of town and I need to meet/interview with them. I have a good feeling so far, but I've got other applications out too. (I got RIFfed recently, in case you're wondering why I'm willing to talk publicly about this stuff.)
as in job eliminated?
is that to take effect soon or already?
3:28 PM
Reduction in Force (ed)
No fun.
depends if you get any severance and/or wanted a new job anyways :)
thats true. ok back to on topic stuff...
@Chad yeah, I worked for a defense contractor, and sequestration trickled down to us. The customer on our biggest project loves us (our software really has saved lives, which is awesome), but they couldn't protect us and the program got a major cut.
@enderland A year or so back I thought about leaving, but then we got a project that really hit my sweet spot of skills and interest, and its next phase was supposed to start last month. Then it didn't. :-( But there's some compensation, so I don't have to worry about meeting the mortgage this week. So long as I land in the next couple months it'll be fine.
@Chad oh whoops -- thought we were in the other room for a moment. Sorry 'bout that.
part of me would love my company to have that sort of thing with a severance/compensation package
3:35 PM
@AlexM. (and any other mods nominees) The mods here tend to get mistreated by some of the users(mostly low rep but not all). The users can be rude, and obnoxious and the more experienced users are likely to question some of your decisions as a mod. Do you think you have the temperament to withstand this, keep a good attitude, and turn the exchange into something constructive?
@Chad: I guess its part of learning - "The users can be rude, and obnoxious and the more experienced users are likely to question some of your decisions as a mod. "
@Chad yeah, I only lose my patience when it comes to personal preferences and stuff, and it happens in chatrooms
I always had a different attitude on say, gamedev.se's site when doing maintenance
I do not mind my actions being questioned
in fact, I'd be worried if they weren't
I guess you can only nominate yourself
@Chad right -- no throwing somebody else's hat into the ring without his consent. :-)
you sure love deleting messages lol
3:43 PM
@AlexM. they did not belong here
@MonicaCellio which saves @gnat :p
I didn't get the chance to read them, I just linked it to the deletion spree from the watercooler
In the interests of full disclosure: anybody who's a moderator anywhere on the network -- people whose names show up in chat in blue -- can see deleted messages. Just FYI.
Same with room owners, too
(Checks to see who owns this room. :-) )
@MonicaCellio they get deleted more to avoid future problems than to hide them from mods
3:47 PM
@Chad I know and I approve. I just thought it prudent to point it out since there is the possibility that I could be a candidate in this election and I have that privilege.
@MonicaCellio I have no problems with you reading anything I wrote which gets deleted, either, just FYI
@AlexM. - What does "I have a rather huge backlog of suspensions due to me going against rule enforced censorship in gamedev's chatroom." mean?
Hey all, a proposal: it seems likely that this room will have a lot of discussion this week. One of its purposes is to be able to ask questions of candidates. I've seen one of those so far, currently starred, but it may well be off the starwall by the time later candidates decide to run. So what do y'all think about a practice of pinning open questions (questions addressed to all candidates)?
@enderland I've seen nothing problematic in any of the deleted comments in either room today, just for the record. And I don't expect problems either. It's pre-emptive.
(I also don't promise to look at deleted comments, so attempts to get me to look just by deleting might not do what the person wanted. :-) )
@Chad I'm not exactly one to stop himself from expressing his opinions in a chatroom because X or Y might find it to be against his views
@MonicaCellio I think that is good
3:55 PM
I was flagged numerous times on gd.se's chatroom mainly because of that; what disturbed me is that the only thing leading to that was a set of rigid rules that were not written anywhere, and 0 judgment from the users flagging things
Are mods allowed to have their own views?
in what context?
if you go to a mod and ask him what he thinks about a particular kind of food, yes, he is entitled to have his own view on the thing
@Chad ok on the basis of one "yes" and no objections in all of 5 minutes, I'll pin the one question and any others I see. If anybody objects to this please ping me; I'm not trying to take over or anything, just make sure stuff doesn't get lost. (And, in particular, any site moderator can veto this; it's your room, after all.)
a moderator is still a human you know
1 message moved from The Water Cooler
Q: Current moderators: please tell us about the job

Monica CellioAs experienced job-seekers (and regular readers at The Workplace) know, an interview is a two-way street. Just as it's important for the community to ask questions of candidates, it's also important for those candidates to have answers about key parts of the job. Sometimes the best answers come...

1 hour later…
5:12 PM
@jmort253 Still waiting for your nomination, i dont see it anywhere! ;)
@MonicaCellio oooh you are running?
@RhysW I don't know. I'm gathering information. Also hoping that enough strong candidates will run that I can just avoid the question. :-) I don't have a burning desire for the job but I'm open to the idea.
@MonicaCellio That might be a good thing, we know that burning desire isnt clouding your judgement!
@RhysW :-) I want my delete vote back, but I can live with doing it the slow way.
Tell me about it :(
5:33 PM
trust me, I want your delete votes back since I'm the only person casting them right now other than moderators and it feels a bit sillly to even cast them (at least on answers)
@MonicaCellio You make good posts you will get there.
@enderland voting to delete individual answers is a sucker's game. You delete the question and all the answers go with it for free!
@Shog9 you should browse workplace more, we get plenty of bad answers to good questions
@enderland I consider a good question to be one that attracts good answers.
@Shog9 and by that definition we have good questions. That those good questions also attract bad answers is not a reflection on the question. (This is the "on subjective-seeming sites everybody thinks he's an expert and the world needs to hear his unsupported opinion" problem. We're not the only site that has it.)
5:40 PM
subjective sites by definition are going to have a much more difficult time with that sort of situatino
not to mention what @MonicaCellio just said
@enderland as a mod (elsewhere) I'd like to encourage you to keep casting those votes where you think they're called for. It makes the difference between a deletion looking like a unilateral mod action and one looking like it has community support.
Meh. If a question attracts a bunch of crap, it's by default a liability. If it also gets a really good answer, it may be worth salvaging - but you do have to weigh the cost of the salvage against the worth of that answer.
It's much easier on the mods if they can point to somebody else weighing in too -- whether that's close, delete, or anything else that leaves tracks.
And yes, it's all very subjective
@MonicaCellio the single most visible form of feedback is still down-voting
I think we have pretty decent consensus on the first tier of answers that aren't worth saving. We just don't have enough people who can act on them yet. We'll get there.
@Shog9 indeed. People need to do that too, and that doesn't require much rep.
5:43 PM
"30 people flagged this - you can't see it, but trust me, it happened" rarely settles much, in my experience.
Anecdotally, most of our crap answers come from drive-bys. People who bother to become part of the community learn to write better answers.
we're fighting the hordes of redditors and forum posters who are used to drive-by posts
We are challenged to clear out that crap quickly so that people who might become good community members don't imitate what they see.
That was one of the unexpected benefits of participating on Stack Overflow for me: I thought I was pretty good at explaining stuff when I signed on, but looking back my first answers were... Pretty typical forum fare.
5:45 PM
@Shog9 I like the way you think :)
We need a better ratio of good examples to bad examples, in other words.
"If you're annoyed with the signal-to-noise ratio of the Internet, the only way of changing things is to add more signal."
For every Joe Strazzere there are 100 forum-dwellers. :-(
@MonicaCellio joe started that way, actually
Don't entirely agree with that, but there's definitely a kernel of truth
5:47 PM
@Shog9 add signal and, where you can, remove noise, yes. For formats where deletion isn't available all you can do is add signal; we can address both sides.
@enderland oh, interesting. I didn't know. But ok, here we have somebody who learned to do better, and look at all the great content he's contributed. If most of the visible stuff on the site were crap, would he have done that?
@MonicaCellio adding signal is harder than removing noise. The problem is that if you just remove noise you're not left with much.
@Shog9 when the body of work is small, yeah. TWP actually has a lot of signal; removing noise won't impoverish it.
@Shog9 I think that my experience in SE has improved that for me as well. Which has greatly improved my participation at work because I find the skill translates well in requirements gathering and project planning/management
yeah absolutely, being involved here and having actual feedback on how I present ideas/etc is unbelievably useful
5:49 PM
@Chad definitely. I tend to default to writing for a small audience of interested parties now, rather than an audience of one. Makes a difference
6:18 PM
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7:28 PM

cultural clash

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^^^ get hordes of fastest gun SO regulars into the question and there will be no time to edit it to repel all the garbage that comes to their heads. Been there at Programmers, it's a lost game
Q: Answers quality in hot questions

gnatFor few recent months, I've got a habit of downvoting answers which quality doesn't look OK to me. These probably can be generally described as low effort and/or these lacking relevance to question asked. Opinionated slogans, claims that are not backed up by appropriate references or by ...

What is especially depressing is that regular ways to deal with this kind of issues just don't work. It's typically not difficult to edit the question to repel garbage answers, I can easily name a handful of active regulars who can and do just that.

Thing is though, it takes some time to figure how to clean up ambiguous wording while preserving the essence of original. In regular questions this works like a charm, but when editing a hot one, I often find out that when I'm done with edit, someone already posted an answer that invalidates my edit. And answer that exploits another minor ambig
8:22 PM
> Not everyone agrees with the premise that StackOverflow is exemplary and that all other sides should follow its model. I find its huge volume of traffic exhausting and daunting. It is too fast-paced for my taste. Questions are asked, very quickly answered, and then forgotten.
> It might work fairly well for technical programming-related questions, but it is not necessarily a model that I would like to try with theoretical research problems. I think that reasonably low volume is an important feature of this site.
A: How to make our cs community very different from the cstheory?

Shog9The core question here should be, why do we even have separate CS and CS Theory sites? And the most convenient answers to this can be found by reading this thread on the CSTheory meta. If you have time, please read through it before continuing here. If you're still stuck in line at the DMV afte...

> This brings me back to Jukka's answer (quoted in part above). Even though the Stack Exchange software seems to be working fairly well for that community, this is mostly accidental - it was never designed for small, low-traffic, mostly self-contained groups of people. You can actually license the system for use on private, internal sites, but very, very few groups ever do this: not many internal organizations reach the scale necessary for it to actually work.
So just a side question, what happens if nobody nominates themselves for the elections?
@RhysW shut the site down, give the top users a red stapler, thank you all for playing
Or something else. But yeah, can't do an election if no one wants to run.
haha could the front page be replaced with an image of the SE team throwing their hands into the air in a 'welp, we give up' gesture?
8:41 PM
@Shog9 Couldnt we just draft people in a lottery? Compel them to endure the pain :p
@RhysW with out the pay
@RhysW heh
that'd be.... ironic
@enderland Like a free ride when you have already paid?
8:43 PM
everyone's worried about workplace graduating and having site quality and being subjective when in reality they should worry about people volunteering to be moderators after it graduates
CMW said he intended to and I think he will be good
:D it would be a good sign if atleast one of our current mods nominated themselves
Realistically, there are 6 days left. It's a bit early to be freaking out.
I'm 50-50 on whether I will run, pending some SE feedback at this point
(I know, I know, I'm criticizing the local sport here, but...)
8:46 PM
@enderland Oh?
@enderland If you don't run, I will hate you forever.
@Shog9 I second this
(If you do, I'll only hate you while you're a mod)
@Shog9 :-)
I dont second this
8:46 PM
it's ok, the programmers.SE chat folks are going to conscript me if I don't run anyways (either that or haze me out of their chat)
those programmers, theyll make a bot that follows you to every site bugging you for not running
seriously though I just need to figure out if I'm ok with making the committment to the site to be a mod
Thats fine, makes sense and we get it, still gonna haze you though...
this is me. so for me to commit to running for mod here is a... big deal to me since I can't just quit
@enderland Not that I do not think you will be a good mod... but you are one of the more active users on the site... community moderation is important and having you to help champion that is important too
8:50 PM
@Shog9 Never too early to freak out.
Ah, i think i have the opposite, im ok with failure, so make sure im in positions where i need to succeed, trying to break the habit a little!
@Chad I agree, but, if the options are no mods or me... :P
4 mins ago, by enderland
it's ok, the programmers.SE chat folks are going to conscript me if I don't run anyways (either that or haze me out of their chat)
I can verify that.
Do we know how many mods we are going to be able to have? I hope its at least 4
8:52 PM
@Chad Check the election page.
only 3 :(
Only one candidate so far? I expected a bit more enthusiasm for this election...
@Chad Being a moderator isn't the only good reason to run. We need at least a few people to lose as well!
@Shog9 You are just a ball of positive energy aren't you :P
8:55 PM
@Shog9 Id be willing to run if I could be guarenteed to lose :p
@RhysW Splitting pure sunshine between my teeth
@Shog9 Is THAT what that was?!
I think I'll campaign with the "Oded" moderation philosophy
shoot first, ask questions later
My luck despite my candid admission that I would play favorites and arbatially close and delete comments, and answers I dont like, I would get elected anyway
I love Odeds tendancy to squish things that should be squished
@Chad The internet likes that kind of reverse humour, you'd win by a landslide
9:01 PM
"why should you vote for me?" - "who else is running anyway?"
nomination text? done √
"why you should vote for me" "There are three slots and only 2 nominees"
nomination text? done √
hey cmw :P
hey man
or... miss? checks profile
haha right the first time
9:04 PM
How's that even pronounced? like reese or like rice?
Rhys I mean
@CMW now address the question I asked... (Its sticky started at the top of the list)
always confuses me
@CMW Like Geese, but with an R
ah, I see
Ohh you havent submitted yet?
9:09 PM
Only the one submitter so far
still working on it. tooo many queues and chats and posts that need judging :)
@Chad You should post your question (the pinned one) to that Meta thread...
Q: 2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's how it'll work: During the nominati...

@YannisRizos done
@Chad I'll post my answer there then, as well
@Chad Thanks. Unpinned it from here, no need to divide answers between here and there.
9:20 PM
Shouldnt that thread be CW
@CMW not yet, silly CMW :P
lol thats what this chat is supposed to be for
@Chad Is there a reason for low rep users to edit the answers there?
@RhysW of course not, gives me more time to figure out the right answer :D
@YannisRizos I suppose not
9:21 PM
@cmw the questions in that meta will be asked to nominees in a later round!
s/figure out/google/
@Chad I suppose, but since you posted your question on Meta, there's little reason to have it here as well.
@RhysW ahh i did not realize that
thats why i thought id let you know, just incase :)
9:23 PM
@RhysW currently there is only one nominee
It sucks we cant draft people...
need to take a plane to japan so i can make jmac nominate himself
Currently, there are no viable candidates (there, I said it).
A: 2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Shog9Two experienced users, both good contributors at times, just can't get along. Every time they interact in any way, sparks fly. Acrimonious comments pile up, distracting everyone from the actual questions being answered. Tit-for-tat flags and votes accumulate. Passive-aggressive meta posts ruin yo...

fortunately we dont actually ahve that here
9:24 PM
@YannisRizos :O
@Chad I don't easily get angry, especially not with new users, and for the more experienced ones, I spend long hours near the water cooler, happy to discuss everything and find a common denominator. Past experiences with kids groups as well as sales jobs taught me a good deal of patience and when all else fails, sticks and stones.
(just so it's answered)
As per the normal rules of this site, "Just quit" isn't a valid response here. — Shog9 ♦ 4 hours ago
lol i was going to comment that too :p
I used to work in customer services. I never got fired so i reckon im pretty good at putting up with grumpy customers
@Chad you weren't the only one
@RhysW Posting a comment on Alex's nomination. I just don't think he's familiar enough with the site or SE in general to be a mod.
Surely that is what the voting stage is for?
9:27 PM
There's a reason you can post comments on nominations.
...i cant argue with you there, flawless logic
just realised that sounded sarcastic, i didnt mean it to!
@RhysW No worries, didn't take it as sarcasm.
@CMW that question is to collect questions that will be asked in a group by the team. Don't answer on the meta post; you'll have a chance. (Or, for questions that don't make the survey, you can answer in chat later.)
@YannisRizos phew, i could do with keeping people on my side and insulting them afterwards
i mean
@MonicaCellio I just thought I saw a similar meta post on SO gathering answers in the comment sections during phase 1
didn't pay too much attention there, though
9:30 PM
@YannisRizos we're on day 1 of 7. Not worried yet; people are thinking about it. If get to the weekend without a good slate it'll be time to worry.
@CMW oh, hmm. I didn't pay much attention to the SO election, I'm afraid.
but I'm happy to wait :)
40 mins ago, by Yannis Rizos
@Shog9 Never too early to freak out.
I think we will get a good line up, especially if we can keep atleast one of the existing mods
@Chad Maybe Shog considers "stir up trouble" to be part of his job description?
Part of his job description? I thought that was his job description.
9:35 PM
@YannisRizos you keep getting your description mixed up with others
@enderland I thought yannis was shogs underling? so they have very similar job descriptions
@YannisRizos well, that's the part we see, but I don't know what else he does with his day.
@MonicaCellio I imagine shog as the type to have a swivel chair and a cat and spend all day inventing names like the 'deathinator' and the 'destructobeam' for his latest evil inventions
@RhysW The cat of course being Anna Lear.
@RhysW cue chorus of "bwahaha"s.
9:39 PM
....if i never make it to posting in the elections, assume the worst and have the police search shogs house :P
@MonicaCellio I was thinking that was more of a ripped from the headlines type question
It'll be evident which one is shogs house, it still has the TP all over it from @Chads last escapade
I'm assuming you've all seen this? elections.stackexchange.com
@YannisRizos Thankyou for friendlyifying your comment on Alex's post :)
@YannisRizos oh cool thats new
@RhysW It's friendly? brb, deleting it and posting a rougher one. Mods need to be able to deal with crap comments.
9:45 PM
@YannisRizos well, i like that you phrased the last bit as a question rather than an accusation then :P
@RhysW Heh, it's been around for years. It's even linked to from the election page. That said, somehow, everyone manages to miss it.
new to me then :)
it's linked on teh elections page >.>
@YannisRizos yes, very handy! (I wish the historical data were frozen at the time of the election so one could look at similar past elections, but oh well. The info for current elections is very useful!)
i havent been around long enough for most elections! ...apart from my own
9:47 PM
I want those stats for me realtime
@RhysW Alex just responded.
hey yannis, do you still have a link to your moderator speech?
@RhysW I think you can still find it through programmers.stackexchange.com/election. It was awful and extremely long (it was before they put a limit on nomination stubs, and I think I might have inspired that particular feature).
My Politics nomination is a lot better. meta.politics.stackexchange.com/a/97/101
haha quick and to the point, i like it
@YannisRizos - Do you think it would be fair to say that TWP requires a fairly high amount of moderation compared to many other SE sites?
9:56 PM
I think I'm probably the wrong mod to ask. Both my sites need more moderation compared to TWP, Programmers being old large-ish (and having a rocky start) and Politics being naturally controversial.
On the "ounces of tequila per night" scale...
TWP suffers a bit from forum-itis, but I don't think it's going to be a lot of work for the new diamonds. That said, I don't have much more info than you do.
phew, done
> I'm a programmer.
Got my vote.
idk, spelling mistakes and not capitalizing "german" ;-)
10:05 PM
If we are going there, The Workplace isn't properly capitalized in the first sentence either.
@enderland Wait... I can capitalize on being german?
yeah, I think German and English have different grammar rules for caplitation in that sort of context
if I remember right German doesn't really capitalize when saying that sort of thing? I remember this being screwy
On a more serious note, I'd consider being in a European timezone a good thing. At least one of the three mods should be in a non-US timezone, to provide almost full coverage throughout the day.
The Workplace is a fairly active site with a significant amount of moderation activity needed. How would you classify the amount of time you would be able to devote to moderation activities? Are you up for the commitment that may be needed?
I don't capitalize, no matter the language
my autocorrect does it sometimes, though
10:08 PM
I would like to add, are you going to flake out and bail on us if it gets too hard?
how do i say that nicely
don't bother saying it nicely, it'll be more clear
@YannisRizos especailly post graduation, prior it wasn't as big of deal since most activity here was USA working hours
@CMW youre Euro timezone too? well there goes my edge :P
Berlin, sir
@enderland Also you need a mod being active when I'm active. Cause I tend to break things. And by things I mean other people's hopes and dreams.
10:13 PM
@YannisRizos and by other peoples you mean "all" other peoples
Dealing with yannis alone is a full time job, or so im told
@YannisRizos Where are you at?
Greece. I guess that makes us mortal enemies.
10:15 PM
my list of why and why not is very empty right now
@YannisRizos I like greece, actually
never been there, though, but the fooooood
man some of the Germans I worked with last summer were bitter about the bailout....
i like greece because it sounds like my name
i also dislike greece because it sounds like my name
10:16 PM
the people, too
and im tired of thinking people are calling to me, when they are talking about their holidays
gotta lol for a bit. ttyl
10:28 PM
might be a good idea to remove stars from some of the non-questions that have stars now
11:00 PM
It felt wrong cancelling some of those stars, but I did it anyway, kept around the ones that are questions / useful information for the nominees

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