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3:38 AM
@john Let us look closely at the (a) tmc2130 datasheet and see if we have missed something important. (b) Silent Stepper Sick Schematic (the breakout/board/module) and find out the function of the jumpers (SPI, CFn).

(2) TMC2130 Datasheet R1.1 - Trinamic 2021jun17

(3) TMC2130 SPI SilentStepStick SPI Schematics- Trinamic 2017dec22
Now the schematic:
@john I more or less agree that tmc2209 is the best way to go now. For me, SPI cannot do long distance (> 30cm) so UART is my only choice. I have a couple of analogue switches (multiplexors) in my junk box, but I am not sure if using digital mux is a better way. My first step is just 4 motors without need for analogue switches.
And my first step consists of 3 little steps: (a) fiddling/messing in standalone mode, using manual jumper wires/pins only, but no Rpi Pico, (b) Use Pico GPIO pins to replace manual operation, but no UART (c) UART mode to config and diagnostics, removing all jumper wires, but still need Step, Dir pins/jump wiring.
4:19 AM
I got confused with all the jargons of the tmc2xxx/3xxx stuff, because I came from the A4899/TB6600 world. So I need to read a FAQ:
SilentStepStick FAQ - Watteroot
2 hours later…
6:48 AM
I also found that I misunderstood/misinterpreted many tmc things I read, including the following:
(1) I told you that tmc can only do SPI or UART, but not both. I was wrong, tmc5xxx can do both SPI and UART, though 5xxx is a bit expensive, and commercial modules seems can do SPI only. Unluckily I cannot edit my old chat record. Perhaps when we finish our chatting, I will write a summary, including a long errata list.
Some more references:
TMC5160 Datasheet - Trinamic

TMC2226 Datasheet - Trinamic

TMC2209 and TMC5160: Guide for MKS Gen L and SKR V1.3

TMC2100 guide Part 1 Stepper driver upgrades - How to set VREF & firmware - Teaching Tech 2019feb23

TMC2208 guide Part2 Stepper driver upgrades - Teaching Tech, 2019feb26
7:38 AM
So, TMC5160 can address up to 256 slaves, and no analog switch/mux is required.
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
The time has come to test TMC2130. As said earlier, I will test in 3 steps:
Step 1 - Standalone mode - No Rpi Pico, only manual jumper wires, and a square wave sig gen.
2 hours later…
11:03 AM
Let me know how you get on with the TMC2130. I'll be sending mine back anyway I think to avoid any trouble. 5160 doesn't seem too badly priced if it's a better option eventually but the 2209 will do for now. I just need something to run so I can code the rest. 5160 does need external MOSFETS apparently, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of buying those. The step controlling looks better though
11:17 AM
Ah, I did not notice that 5160 need external MOSFETs, that is a big problem for me doing prototyping. I only plan to use 5160 later, perhaps 2 years from now. I am keeping in mind 5160 things for future plans (SPI/UART 2 in 1, can address 256 motors etc). For now I will be messing with 2130/2160 SPI, and 2209 UART. I think almost all 2130/2209 knowledge and skills can easily be ported to 5xxx.
I have started 2130, going very slowly. I am using the following motor:
Ah, locking down supper time. See you later.
1 hour later…
12:28 PM
12:50 PM
Now I am using this stepdown voltage regulator to test the stepper motor:
XL4015 1.25 to 36V DC-DC 5A Stepdown Module
1:09 PM

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