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room topic changed to Genshin Impact: For all you Paimon related needs. [fatui,] [paimon,] [traveler]
room topic changed to Genshin Impact: For all you Paimon related needs. [fatui] [paimon] [traveler]
at least this will bring less spam to the other rooms I guess.
That said.
automated translation
> Dear Travelers.

We are very sorry, but in response to the relevant audit requirements, we will adjust some characters and performance in the game in the 2.4 update on January 5, and the subsequent 2.5 update. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this hasty adjustment.

The following adjustments were made in version 2.4

(1) Adjust the appearance of the characters "Dandelion Knight - Jean (Wind)", "Flight Champion - Amber (Fire)", "Crown of Thorns - Rosaria (Ice)" and "Starry Sky Water Mirror - Mona (Water)".
basically, CN recent new [redacted] rules have caused a first round of censorship on the Chinese version of the game.
Weird. idk what the changes are, at a quick glance on their models I don't see much change
So far, only China version of the game is changed.
Like what I find genshin good on is the fact that they dont oversexualise their characters. Like most gapachon games have base outfits that are way more explicit and usually there is a 20$ 'swimsuit' skin on the show
With some temp "fixes" so some outfits.
For example, right now Mona on Chinese version looks like this
3:00 PM
ah I guess the picture in the article showed the normal skins, not the censored
thats why I didnt see much change lol
on the next 2.5 update China will get new skins for some characters, while apparently Global server will keep both options
ahhh china
if the world was a school, you know china would be the teacher that walks around with a ruler to enforce the skirt length rule
Now, the ones who already know me probably already realized that I am not that fond of excessive fanservice (see Senran, DOA, etc) yet this is still troubling
Like in other china based games I've seen so much worse
Yeah, I guess its only because Genshin is very popular atm, in china too. Because as I said, there is so much worse in case of 'oh god this is fanservice' lol
@Fredy31 Honkay Impact has swimsuits, Genshin doesn't - and both are Mihoyo. It is pretty clear there is an hidden agenda of some competitor against the bigest gacha on the market.
3:04 PM
Like I said most games with gapachon I played before like the first buy with money skinline is a swimsuit skinline
That said, forget the fanservice side for a second.
But yeah probably the skins are coming... there's what... 2 skins in the shop now?
@Fredy31 I doubt they would risk excessive skin if they already had to tone down some designs.
Either the two versions of the game diverge visually or they will simply tone down every new character.
yeah by skins I mostly meant 'alt costumes'
LoL has done that for years, where some characters have CN only skins
Problem is that while there is some sort of reasoning over changing Mona original swimsuit like design...
3:07 PM
like the Skeleton ones in CN are just 'you don't see shit'
Older actual articles on China newspaper made some far more worrying claims.
Apparently Venti is considered "effeminate design that does not respect cultural values"
So, forget the fanservice... actual homophobia is at play too.
yeah that sounds like some competitor is slingning mud
Because idk exactly but I saw venti's 'form' as a young boy, like 12-14
But yeah, he's not a manly man that can build you a cabin in the woods by himself with no tools? GAAAYYYYYY
Someone show them the concept of 'Bears' and we will have a field day
Venti is Barbatos.
Want to see the actual Barbatos?
3:12 PM
Googling it just gives me a bunch of Gundam pictures lol
one of the demons princes (like every other archeon name so far)
notice the clothes.
Seem so distant from Venti?
Like remove the beard and boom: venti
was really wondering too why wind = green
So, only change he deserves is getting a beard skin.
that explains it
But yeah I find it pretty funny that oh yeah that archetype? GAY
Really look at any archetype of a person in society, there WILL be a gay version of it
And its not because you are effeminate that you are gay either
to be fair, it is even worse. Because Venti dress is largely bases on European 1400 clothing.
3:16 PM
But yeah Miyoho if you go up their chain, who do you find? Netease or Tencent?
Europe in the 1400s was the gayest time of all time
anyway, since I mentioned it above
Like hes a bard... any other character archetype would not fit.
Want a REAL GAY BARD? Jaskier from the Witcher :p
still can't translate the picture, but.. it does indeed point at Venti as "not family appropriate representation"
But yeah, like you said at the beginning, that feels like a competitor pulling on their government contacts to hit Genshin in the kneecaps
Like if above Miyoho is big daddy Netease, then its probably a Tencent based game that is pressuring
Because as I said... I've seen so much worse from other, china made games
Not for the venti thing, but for the fanservice thing
But yeah nobody is bitching from LoL's Ezreal, afaik
And LoL is huge in China
Especially THIS skin lol
well... coincidence, I just found out that this character...
3:23 PM
Oh god hell yeah Taric
is usually depicted using OLDER art in china.
and have you seen THIS skin?
This one to be precise
Never been a LoL player, I just know the game by name
3:24 PM
But yeah, LoL has big daddy tencent, and is the big game from Tencent, so I guess you dont go fuck with them
Hunh, Miyoho doesnt seem to have a bigdaddy, no mention on Tencent or NetEase on their wiki
goes as far as
> “Players can choose to be either good or evil… but we don’t think that games should give players this choice… and this must be altered.”
So I guess one of them is pressuring them to join them or continue having to deal with all that shit
Mihoyo is known to be basically the Origin of Tencent EA if you get what I mean...
3:27 PM
'crack down' yeah as if any china base dev would go anywhere close to even mentionning something close to a gay relationship
Also looking at Overwatch and LoL that here have, in the lore, openly gay characters, that part of the lore is strangely omitted in China
@Fredy31 ... you didn't get the daily commission with Ellin?
Maybe I skipped through the dialogue
daily comms I don't really give the light of day
The one that in the Windblume festival (which was intended to be a Valentine equivalent) wanted to send flowers to... JEAN?
Dont think i got that one yet
guess its a daily in february
nope, the daily version is the "break all the mannequins in two seconds" one
in that one you can already see that the character (female) basically has a crush on Jean (female).
during the Windblume limited event you had this dialogue
> Ellin: I wanna offer some flowers to the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean.
Ellin: I guess you must be quite close to Master Jean? She's an incredibly upright and diligent woman, talented and always gets the job done. Honest, kind, gentle, not to mention...
Paimon: Alright, we get it! She's pretty great!
Ellin: Sorry, once I get talking about Master Jean, I get a bit excited...
Ellin: This time tomorrow, I'll finish composing my poem, pick a fresh dandelion bouquet, head over to the office, and hand the flowers to the guard.
3:32 PM
But yeah genshin has some details you dont expect from a china dev, like a lot of the shogun story is how a totalitarian government is suffocating their population... ring any bells? cough china cough
That is why I basically expect them to move to another country any time now...
and I am not even joking
I remember 2-3 other things that I was like 'was that a small jab at china?' but I can't remember on the top of my head
@Fredy31 as for that my personal biased weird idea is that someone at Mihoyo is a fan of some very specific pony cartoon... there are a little to many coincidences.
Yeah that is not in my ballpark lol
Raiden Shogun is basically Starlight Glimmer with Twilight face.
3:36 PM
I understood less of that sentence than the article you posted this morning
@Fredy31 Loses friends/relatives, is scared to lose someone again, creates a closed community where she steals people individuality to create an eternal status-quo that never changes
Exactly what happened with the character Starlight in the abovementioned show.
as for the face part....
at that point I'm not so sure... its mostly 'cute face with a purple color scheme'
But hey, wont stop you from creating a fanfic of that duo :p
oh, that part was mostly a joke.
the thing about the plot... isn't.
It even has the local version of the statue.
On Genshin, visions on a statue.
well, no clue what that is referring to. Still not done with that part
Doing basically any and every sidequest first, idk why
@Fredy31 You did see the statue right?
3:47 PM
the giant statue to her image
oh okay i'm clicking, that thing is an item from everybody, just like the statue is a collection of all visions that are stolen
yep. And not any item. It is the equivalent of the vision - a mark that represents your individuality.
your redweb goes wide with that lol
Remove the mark and the pony ends up like the ones who had the vision stolen
@Fredy31 I guess that Private would get the comparison quite easier lol
3:49 PM
@Fredy31 let me try another approach.
Ever read a story called "Harrison Bergeron"?
Nah, but dude I follow your point
There is a lot of things that seem to weirdly matchup
And I'm really starting to wonder if MLP is available in china lol
(I would doubt it is legally available)
@Fredy31 well, since you mentioned that, I'll just give you a nice trivia that should be well worth a laugh. Then I will suggest to get back to Genshin :P
Yeah I'm supposed to be working RN
My code was compiling!... the compile takes 30s, and we've been talking for a good hour, but stfu!
But yeah, yesterday I wanted to play after my day of work... Connect at 4:30 to the notification 'we are pulling down the servers for maintenance in 30minutes. Maintenance will be 5 hours'
fuck me
room topic changed to Genshin Impact Talk: For all your Paimon related needs. [fatui] [paimon] [traveler]
@Fredy31 one is a chinese bootleg, one is a licensed Hasbro product. Which is which? :P
(and this concludes the OT)
4:00 PM
Gonna guess 1st one
First one... is the official one.
I fucking knew that the '12 inches' thing in the corner reeked of cheap facebook ads knockoff
Mind you, there are a few decent licensed one, like the one that Private bough some years ago
anyway, in case you were interested, actual video from the game
But yeah I can see that being Tencent or Netease putting pressure to strongarm them in a Deal or even aquisition by them
Like look at how miserable we can make your life. Come under our umbrella and we will make all that go away
Because I'm pretty sure its not common in china to have a game dev that is not related to Tencent/Netease directly
Like the only deal I found was a deal to have Genshin on the Tencent webstore (which is basically the Google Play in china)
44 mins ago, by SPArcheon
Mihoyo is known to be basically the Origin of Tencent EA if you get what I mean...
If you know how much Richard loves EA... he even dedicated the last three games in the Ultima series to them...
(to curse them in every possible way, that is...)
oh. my. archeon.
4:20 PM
Nanidafuk is a Collei
Rip. Kaeya.
Oh that character
Guess they are setting up stuff to include that character soonish
But yeah my problem in game rn is the motherfucking oceanid
need some water fragments for my healer... got no range except her
and that oceanid just LOVES BIRDS
@Fredy31 Lisa. Often ignored, actually works decently there.
4:23 PM
and if you take too much time to deal with an illusion it oneshots a character, basically
Would have to boost her too
Think shes level 40, and I'm at world level that monsters are 60
just cant wait to find another creature for water materials
cause I got all the choice for pyro, cryo and electro but water? only the fucking oceanid
@Fredy31 can't you lower the WL for a while until you farm the thing?
You can do that?
didn't know
@Fredy31 Depends... let me check something
but i should have the stuff to boost lisa
I'm just poor in xp books rn
Do you remember the current World Level?
is it 4 or 5?
@Fredy31 wrong room btw.
4:29 PM
true that
Anyway, if you are at 4 too bad for now, you'll have to play normal.
Q: What are the limitations of decreasing my world level?

AkixkisuI may choose to decrease my world level from 8 to 7, but the setting would lock for 24 hours. After that, can I then reduce my world level further? And if I do that, do I lose access to the domains that I initially unlocked by increasing my world level or will I only gain worse rewards at the rat...

@SPArcheon Don't know that game at all
think I'm at 4?
I'm adventure level 38 pretty sure
it starts at 20 and then every 5
the decrease is possible only once you reach lev 5
guess i should boost lisa
if anything else fails, at your level the adeptus tentation dish should be an huge bost.
4:31 PM
rn my party is beibou (electric pirate)/xianling (fiire cook)/traveler (wind)/water healer lady that always talk about her sis
with Kaeya as a bench switch if I go for a boss that is immune to an element from the main party
have you got Diona by any chance?
but my bows suck as of now
idk anything ranged feels freaking weak
Do yourself a favor, level her up anyway.
maybe because my strat rn is dump ability/switch character
just to overload as much as possible
Even if you use her as a support, at your point it is a better option that Barbara.
4:34 PM
Barbara is good for just put her ability on, have some heals going instead of always relying on lunch
Because shielding is far to much relevant to ignore unless you manage to get the healers at a point where you overheal by a lot.
but rn shes trailing because of my oceanid problem and he heal is not that great
@Fredy31 that is the point. In your situation Diona could actually help with the shield and would also put a little delay in the npc movement with the freeze.
yeah that is the idea you are giving me
BTW, since I noticed you still don''t know some mechanics....
4:36 PM
shielding the damage is more useful than healing it afterwards
You ARE upgrading the talents of the characters, right?
as much as i can, but as always there is always bits and bobs in short supply
like the hoarders medals
beibou uses that for EVERYTHING
yep, many noticed that some materials are overused while other are kinda useless.
Loach pearl is probably still sitting unused.
theres one character I got, cant remember the name but hes a ground archer, he uses pearls ive never seen for levelup
hes stuck at 20
@Fredy31 You mean Tails?
4:42 PM
not talking about Sonic the Hedgehog here
we already went off topic with ponies for a while, wont accept another fandom leaking here
Yep, he is nicknamed Tails because of the tail.
From Watatsumi Island
where there is a hydro cube, so basically this island is all my needs in one
A joke on the fact that Sayu spindashes like Sonic.
Guess that island is behind that wall i cant cross in inazuma
@Fredy31 I'll hate to destroy your hopes...
but.... the hydro cube drops a different item from the one dropped by the Oceanid...
4:45 PM
But I guess with lisa it should be easier
especially if it does the birds i'll just ult their asses
But yeah i saw that pyrovines and cubes didn't drop the same stuff so didnt know why i held hope
and the cube is basically needed only by this one
who is also an Healer an not much more than that.
Yet... she does heal a lot.
that is always the easy throw in rpgs. Water = Heals
Except persona that throws the heals on Wind and Pyro
But the Pyro is the first girl of the party so... girl = healer
Can't remember who is the healer in P4 tho... Think its again on a pyro base character
and Yu (because in P4 the main character is called Yu. Someone had a laugh)
@Fredy31 Sayu is Anemo and does heal. So does Jean.
@Fredy31 BTW, what island and what wall.
If you are talking about a place that is enveloped in mist.. nope, that is not Watatsumi.
5:03 PM
About halfway through Yashihori island I have a wall like the one that stops you from going to the dragon's lair early in Mondstat
But yeah I did the whole mist island quest chain... god damn it was annoying. They make you do 3 laps of the whole place to basically do the same thing every time
Go to island. Shit its misty again. Got to every perch. The perch blows up in 3-5 bits that you have to go through the mist find/liberate. Fog clears for the region. Leave to talk to the quest giver. Come back, start back at step 1
like the lore was pretty ok, even good. But the quest in itself was garbo
@Fredy31 I will just say that I assumed Paimon would suddenly turn into Midna...
idk i dont see the relation
but damn was there parts of this quest I was mashing X
like bla bla bla I dont care you will make me do a lap of the fucking island again
@Fredy31 I see you removed the "get the next 20 seeds of twilights to cleanse this zone" thing from your memory.
Oh god why
Assuming you played Twilight Princess in the first place
5:15 PM
TP was a good Zelda game... until you reminded me of the parts where you fucking run around a place looking for that last godess tear for some reason
Like WW is my favorite, but TP probably would have been without that
@Fredy31 Hestu's gift.
The map thing I found is official genshin, pretty sure since you connect with your account, but for some reason i wont give you the collectibles you found
@SPArcheon At least that pile of crap is not mendatory
Anyway, did you know that there is a Flappy Paimon?
Was part of an event in china, works only on mobile
or on desktop if you switch to a mobile user agent string
But yeah thats a thing that I might do soon, the runaround for the gods collectibles
need that stamina yo
thought i finally found a dynamic checklist and nope
guess I'll have to farm all the dandelions everywhere for the item
@Fredy31 the items you meant?
there is a different version per region
5:30 PM
yeah theres an item you can do in every region that spots the nearby collectibles
and.. it is a consumable.
ok, I kinda hoped you though that if was multi-usage :P
never tried but i guess its only working in the region that item is related to
yep, but it works once.
then you have to craft another.
that was my point.
5:31 PM
yet, be grateful.
takes 5 dandelions, and there is what, 10 in the map in all?
then you have to wait 2-3 days for their reset
its a pain
To be fair, the map you linked shows that there are ten just on the mountain south of the vinery
btw, again, I don't comment on the fanservice aspect of the thing... but... if this is true.... gliding event will be a mess for China players.
I get the point, but I fear they went a little too far.
Yet not many other options I fear.
The problem is in the character clothes, so they can't hope to fix the camera and still get something playable.
I would say that there is no way to not have a 'problematic clothing' when your mechanic is gliding
except if for some reason all characters were wearing baggy jeans
And once again, i've seen so much worse from other china games
Like Overwatch, which is skintight bodysuit nation
And well, in terms of fanservice genshin stops pretty much there: Skintight body suit with clothes over it
Not like League has this too
And that IS the chinese server version
6:08 PM
Like I said, I'll avoid commenting on the fanservice instances. They could really avoid some lame examples to be fair, like quite unneeded camera angles during some dialogue but I agree there are far worse offenders in the wild
I assume Genshin got targeted because of its popularity.
Yeah like I said. Its popular, and it got no big daddy to go fuck you up if you annoy him
Blizz and Riot are owned in a big majority by Big daddy Tencent. And Tencent is very well plugged in the chinese government. So you don't fuck with them
Like a kid in school who you know their dad is a big time mobster. You dont fuck with those kids
Because if for some reason they don't take it good, yeah say bye to your legs or worse
My personal theory about this is, like I said, Tencent or Netease that will slowly turn up the pressure, making their life miserable, until they take a deal to get bought out by them
@Fredy31 That was my whole point with the EA/Origin comparison.
Yeah but EA doesn't have the same means of pressuring you into submission
EA can put one hell of an offer on the table to aquire you, but they can't on the other side make your life miserable to force you to accept the offer
@Fredy31 True, but they had 100 times the money. A few random suing just before the buyout should give a big hint....
Yeah but EA has to find something to sue you on
and its public, showing them as the bad guy
Tencent can just put the spotlight of the chinese government on your face
without any sign its them
And pretty sure Tencent has 100x the money of EA. Guess they can easily go get some money in the government coffers in some way
6:24 PM
true, I just pointed out that EA had all the power to force Origin hand.
Wait EA did not create Origin?
Thats why your point was confusing I guess
I think there is a misunderstanding there.
Always tought EA created Origin as a steam competitor
I am NOT talking about the Origin steam ripoff
(which I am sure as ever was named that way just as a mockery)
I am talking about Origin System
Richard Garriot old company
The creators of Ultima
yeah just read up on it. Useful from EA to name their service that to catch all the SEO
but the wikipedia doesnt mention a lawsuit to pressure the aquisition
6:27 PM
started with Deathlord some years before, got forward from there with continue battling.
just that EA bought them out, forced them to release games too quick, and then when those games failed because they were forced out the door too early they shuttered the studio
like they did with a lot of others
it is complicated....
EA's handling of Origin Systems, the studio behind the Ultima series, is considered a key example of this business practice. EA acquired Origin in 1992. Under EA, Origin was pushed into quickly finishing two Ultima titles, Ultima VIII: Pagan and Ultima IX: Ascension, despite protests from the studio's founder Richard Garriott.[3] Both titles were poorly received compared to the previous entries in the series.[4] Between these, Origin had also developed Ultima Online which had been successful.
Following development of Ultima IX, the studio had started work on Ultima Online 2, but due to the poor sales of Ultima IX, EA cancelled that work, leaving Origin primarily to support Ultima Online until EA decided to shutter the studio in 2004, moving the remaining staff to other divisions within EA.[5] Other studios considered to have been affected by EA's handling include Bullfrog Productions, Westwood Studios, Maxis, and Pandemic Studios.[5][6]
room topic changed to Genshin Impact Talk: For all your Paimon related needs. [censorship] [china] [fatui] [paimon] [traveler]
yep, wikipedia is not that great on this topic. Too specific, too little info, too many different versions.
If you are interested read up this or this
second one is probably funnier IMHO if you want to skip the history course
I am still baffled at how fast artists work
It took less than half a day!
new meme: Barbara made the new clothes.
I guess that is Barbara's sister she just wont shut up about
I swear half her lines are 'oh my sister this'
6:44 PM
no, Barbara's sister is Jean.
the one in the picture is one of the nuns from the church.
Which based on her dialogues is there just to keep patrol on some specific figures, is very annoyed about the fact she as to pray gods, doesn't even remember Barbatos name and so on
basically she is the church secret "problem solver"
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