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1:04 PM

I am curious to to know something.

If I reduce the opacity of a color will it impact printing process in press?

or its nothing ?
@NeverLookBack Not... that I know. As a matter of fact, reduced opacity will be converted into flat colours during the cPDF process, se the printer can output the right colours
1:33 PM
@Vincent Thank you, I didn't know.
THeres a conceptual pipeline that works like this
[modelling in software] -> [expansion] -> [modeling in printer dirver]
The printer does not know anything about modeling in software. All it knows is how to put a dot at this point on paper. That dot is allways the same, genberally a color printer has 4 colors it can print or it can choose not to print in whuch case the color is white
The printer does not know what transparency is.
Printer may or may not know what a line is. Depends on dirver.
Same happens to monitor it also has no concept of transparency a pixxel has one color and one color only
2:22 PM
@Wrzlprmft can you clear the comments of graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/155520/…
My bad
3:00 PM
3:54 PM
@joojaa WOW!! I never know. Thank you so much <3
@Wolff okay. I am reading , Thank you <3
Q: Can a post be protected from its author?

joojaaCan a post in a thread that is protected be locked so that author can not edit it? Sometimes authors keep piling so much stuff on the question that it woukd serve community better if post is rolled back and locked.

4:29 PM
@NeverLookBack That question is about CMYK printing specifically. @joojaa's comment here is a more general explanation.
But if course when you start layering objects, tint and opacity acts differently.
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7:05 PM
@Wolff understood. yes joojaa explains the core.

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