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12:12 AM
@Ryan Me too being old or me too trying to clear the web of fake news? :-)
1 hour later…
1:18 AM
@Emilie you should go join and ask questions and upvote, and if you need questions to ask ill write some for you :)
Business Development

Proposed Q&A site for business consultants, marketing managers, advertising executives, sales executives, small business owners, and other professionals seeking answers about business development, marketing and sales strategies.

Currently in definition.

Trying to get a Business Development and Marketing oriented stack exchange up and running. It requires a certain number of followers, questions in total, and questions with 10 or more votes.
9 hours later…
10:41 AM
Quiz: Which sovereign state features a blackletter typeface in its coat of arms/emblem/…? Hint: It’s not Germany.
3 hours later…
1:53 PM
@Ryan Ah neither of the options! lol Interesting proposal, though I'm not likely to participate to that kind of Q&A, kind of done with business development. Would a question like "Do I really need a website or will a FB page do?" be on topic?
2 hours later…
3:45 PM
I love the new google search results showing SE posts
@Emilie since it's still in scope definition, there's no 'on topic' and 'off topic' yet
@WELZ neat!
@WELZ another trick by Google to make you stay on their site instead of clicking through to another site
if anything that would make me want to click on SE even more because it has a sanctioned look to to it and those small boxes usually won't be big enough to fit a whole answer
4:10 PM
it does catch the eye more, so that's good. but for a lot of SO answers, the highest rated answer will just be three lines of javascript
@WELZ I can't seem to get one to pop up, what did you search for?
@JohnB hmm, I noticed it yesterday while searching how to do something on my computer (it was some Super User stuff) and I was like cool... So now I searched the title of a question on GDSE in google - (to guarantee that it comes up)
Q: Does Stack Overflow have a special Google integration?

BendEgDoes Stack Overflow have a new special kind of Google integration? How does this work? It looks great!

Thanks @Cai. How do you always have these posts handy? Lol
@WELZ I tried searching for the title, no pretty box for me :(
4:23 PM
I spend too much time procrastinating
maybe there is some A/B testing going on and I am in group B
@JohnB While I'm signed in to my acocunt it works, when I'm in Incognito... it doesn't
I sometimes think that when people send me AI files, they run some sort of script to make it as messy and unusable as possible
"yes, run the script that separates all objects and puts them all in one Layer, perfect!"
5:32 PM
@Emilie with more explanation as to the business and goals I'd say definitely on-topic
6:00 PM
Q: Should questions ask for softwarerec whose answers are about tutorial be edited to reflect the new tone?

OokerWhat word processing tools that can work with complicate text boxing? This question initially asks for software-recommendation. But one and a half answers give tutorial for doing the task in Word. Should I edit the question to reflect this direction? What about the other half and the comments?

6:55 PM
Hello. I am trying to find out if this vector pack is for commercial use, mainly on products for resale but I can't find anything in license: novadevelopment.com/software/art-explosion-800000-128989
I looked in Terms of Use at the bottom but nothing mentions commercial use...
@Ryan They don't know...
Seems I need higher level of CS.
@Boris_yo okay, well asking us is not going to get you an answer. none of us work for the company
Vectors to me seem like public domain thought. And what is in public domain does not require permission.
Vectors are not public domain.
7:14 PM
@Ryan If you want to word it out, I can post it later :-)
Interesting, I wonder how this person ended up concluding that vectors are public domain more than pixels or anything else...
8:08 PM
@PieBie SEA? Search Engine....
happy Friday night! @Vincent shouldn't you be out gaming and drinking
8:37 PM
@Ryan search engine advertising, with AdWords by far being the most well-known service
@Boris_yo what in the...? That is not right at all. Vectors are just as much the result of intellectual and manual labour as pixels or words.
@PieBie ah Paid Search Advertising. Never heard it by acronym SEA before.
thanks for the questions and joining btw!
I kept and continue to think "Search Engine Acquisition"
like that cant be right, thats not a thing lol
9:43 PM
@Ryan you're quite welcome. I do think 'business development' is a better nomer than 'marketing and sales'
2 hours later…
11:26 PM
@Ryan I was! 😃

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