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3:56 PM
Q: What are asperitas clouds and what are the conditions associated with them?

stanleyHow do they form? And what are their implications for aviation?

this reads like an assignment; there's been recent discussion on the topic on meta, I think changing the previous consensus
it's a really bad post -- and given how easy it was to find this: skybrary.aero/index.php/Asperitas
assignment-like questions are now closed for what reason? off-topic or unclear?
I wasn't sure so I retracted my vote . . .
4:33 PM
I didn't see a homework question in it, and aviation related meteorology is on topic so I voted to keep it open.
But surely it isn't an example of good question.
But I could see ssomebody posting a good answer based on the skybrary material.
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
@DeltaLima need your help since you're the top answerer in RNP, per aviation.meta.stackexchange.com/a/4134/14897 -- can you please go here aviation.stackexchange.com/tags/rnp/synonyms and suggest required-nav-performance as a synonym -- once done I'll ask the mods to take it from there ;)
@ymb How are things?
@TomMcW -- Hey Tom, what's the rumpus? :D
guess what movie I finally watched -- missed you
@ymb1 What movie is that?
hehe I gave a hint already ;)
Miller’s crossing?
7:02 PM
imhad to Google your hint. Haven’t seen that in ages. What did you think?
superb! watched it twice, though months apart
AThe scene with him shooting the Tommy gun down the street is worth it.
The cigar from his pocket at the end was the best
We studied that scene in film class. It’s cool how the record goes from diagetic sound (aka, can be heard by the characters) to non-diagetic background music. Genius
7:08 PM
I like that! what most caught my eye, was the camera
how characters are there, but they're revealed later
superb cinematography
like the brother on the chair in the dark, or the boss's girl on bed next to Tom
dunno the film technique term for it
Yes. That’s a cool effect. I’ll have to watch that again.
I think I’ve watched In Bruges about 4 or 5 times now. Kills me every time. Ralph Feinnes especially
still remains my #1, watched it countless times -- it's like a fairy tale or something
Im realizing just how bad my eyesight has gotten. Is there any way to increase the font size on chat?
mobile or desktop?
Either. I’m on my iPad. I tried switching to desktop but same font
7:17 PM
I think it's an iOS option, under accessibility
or under Safari if that's your browser -- on desktop just Ctrl + plus sign
Couldn’t find it in iPad settings. I really need my glasses updated.
ok found it
under settings > safari > page zoom
give it a go
There we go. Thanks. Now I have to log back in from Safari. I am using Firefox right now.
maybe under settings > firefox there would be a similar option
The Firefox settings are super limited.
The log in page for SE is stuck. Annoying. Found a work-around for now
7:27 PM
also on safari the AA in the top-left (address bar) should have a font option
Switched to my laptop now. More control over stuff on there.
7:43 PM
I was reading the discussions about the decrease in activity on the site. Do you suppose the site could reach a point where all good questions are already answered?
no, I think there is still room for many good questions
Vikki comes up with great one, like the 737 tabs one, brought me out of hibernation
Don't remember that one
what we need to do... IMO... is go History.SE's way, if it's on Wikipedia, it's lazy and should be closed -- who knows, maybe this will drive the quality up, then the quantity
Q: How are the 737’s elevator and aileron cables attached to their control tabs without impeding the control surfaces’ motion under hydraulic power?

Vikki - formerly SeanThe 737 (all versions thereof) is one of the few jetliners still in production to have any manual-reversion capability for its flight controls in the event of the loss of all hydraulic systems. If hydraulic pressure is lost in both the A and B hydraulic systems, control tabs on the elevators and...

Yeah. History.SE is very picky about prior research. They get really good answers over there. I'm a voyeur on that site.
i've never actually been too critical of that myself. But I understand why it makes sense.
One thing that happens on av.se that doesn't seem to happen on History.se is that someone will answer the obvious questions before it gets closed for lack of research. Then you have a closed question that might have a low-quality answer.
7:53 PM
Same thing happens on duplicate questions. We end up with two of the same question with answers on both. Not sure if that's really helpful.
also agreed; I asked a dumb question (don't tell DeltaLima) 2 days ago: aviation.stackexchange.com/q/84819/14897 -- a comment was enough for me to retract it, of zero value even after I found the post that answered it
Sometimes I think when a question is a solid dupe then answers from the closed question should be moved over to the original one.
we did it just the once I remember -- the callsign confusion
I never ask dumb questions :P
> post merged (destination)
7:57 PM
I've taken a look at some of my past questions and think, "duhhh!"
it's duhhh because you asked them! :D
They seem pretty obvious to me now, but I didn't know anything at that point.
the post I found, after which I deleted the question, I had already upvoted it! 🤣
I'm notorious for forgetting to upvote things. I'll read the post and the answers, think "interesting," then move on and forget to give credit where it's due.
maybe they should move the vote arrows at the end of the post :D but then you won't know what you're getting yourself into before you start reading!
8:04 PM
I've always wished the answerer's name was at the top of the post. Not sure why it's at the bottom.
I think it wouldn't matter even if they removed the names, I judge the post based on its own merit and citations, references are super important -- otherwise it's an argument from authority kind of thing
or to sound smart, even though I copied it: argumentum ad verecundiam
My thing is when I'm looking for someone's specific answer and the answers are long you have to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the name then scroll all the way back to the top.
I could tell most of the time from the first sentence :D
Sometimes I can. I can usually tell Peter's answers pretty quick.
he's got the best opening lines! like that one from the other day:
> The Concorde mainly transported fuel across the Atlantic so that enough was available to land safely. Passengers were just an extra on top.
8:11 PM
That's awesome!
A: What made Concorde so heavy?

Peter KämpfThe Concorde mainly transported fuel across the Atlantic so that enough was available to land safely. Passengers were just an extra on top. Also, being first-class only, it held fewer passengers than what low budget airlines have taken to cramming into their planes lately. To look at the structur...

@TomMcW i gtg now, been super seeing you, if you're around later, I might catch you then
8:51 PM
@ymb1 sure, will do that tomorrow!
9:48 PM
posted on March 12, 2021

What the heck is bell-feggor?... Perseverance Lands... Mars FARs... Logbook Meanderings... Belphegor... Terrafuggia Good News Bad News... FAA Employee Follies... Cirrus Milestone... This will come up at next meeting... Updates on Expense Sharing. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast. Recorded Feb 19, 2021.

2 hours later…
11:58 PM
@DeltaLima super; thanks in advance

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