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12:01 AM
Q: Are remote controlled aircraft ontopic?

UndoI'm envisioning that we get quite a few questions regarding remote controlled aircraft - how should we respond to these questions? Are the on topic? Or do we want to keep the site to only life-sized aircraft?

Q: What feeds should our main chat include?

TildalWaveOur main chat room has an option to include RSS / Atom feeds and display them as either: Message feeds: New items from these feeds will be posted into the room like regular chat messages. Ticker feeds: New items from these feeds will be shown via a slide-down ticker overlay that periodically ap...

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1:56 AM
Q: Should we allow questions asking for resources?

Qantas 94 HeavyFor this question (Intl. Flights - Which are the Flight Level rules differences?), it appears to be asking for resources that have collated information of various altitudes for direction of flight in different countires, which are plentiful. Should these types of questions be allowed on Aviation....

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5:52 AM
Q: Should the tag be air-traffic-control or atc (and other abbreviations)?

jrdiokoWe currently have an air-traffic-control and atc tag. Which one should be used? In general, when should common terms be abbreviated in tags and when should they be spelled out?

6 hours later…
11:49 AM
Q: Downvotes and closing votes without comments

Yves KlettI just came across a few down/close-voted questions (e.g. Usage ratio of An-225 Mryja) which had no comment describing a reason for said votes. What should be done about that (presuming that this is not optimal)?

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2:21 PM
Q: What should we call our chat room?

called2voyageMost SE site chat rooms get a clever name at some point. What ideas do you have?

2:45 PM
Q: Ideas for future topic of the week

called2voyageI'm going to try something new here. I got an idea after observing Space Exploration and Astronomy. Topics of the week often are really good way of getting out a lot of interesting questions when there are enough visitors to the site in the week to see the topic and respond. The problem with Astr...

3:19 PM
Hello world!
Q: Is this type of question appropriate: What to do when the captain smells like alcohol?

Philippe LeybaertThere's a lot of discussion about whether this question is appropriate or not: What to do when the captain smells like alcohol? I personally think it's more a question for a forum instead of a Q&A site. The question could be interpreted in 2 ways: What do the regulations say? In that case the...

4:17 PM
Q: Update the link to Chat

Danny BeckettCurrently, this link goes to http://chat.stackexchange.com: Can it be updated to http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/12036/aviation?

4:59 PM
Did anyone watch the new Air Crash Investigation (aka Mayday) the other day? @TildalWave @BretCopeland @called2voyage @TimPost
@DannyBeckett Sadly, no. Management meeting tomorrow and working hard on metrics tool.
@called2voyage Ah... good luck! I wonder if it's wrong that I've been looking forward to this new season of Mayday, lol
Season 13 started with "Britain's worst air disaster"
6:00 PM
Q: Broken link in the Users tab

Danny BeckettI was having a look at the Users tab and found this broken link at the bottom of the page: weekly / monthly / quarterly reputation leagues

1 hour later…
7:00 PM
Q: Should we combine topically-similar tags?

egidWe now have two questions tagged Class Bravo and none tagged Airspace, which to me would be the logical parent tag for any airspace questions. Should various classes have their own tags? Should they be synonyms for a master Airspace tag? How should we think about this?

7:31 PM
Q: Rename tag class-bravo to class-b?

lnafzigerThe FAA refers to the different types of airspace as Class A, B, C, D, E, and G. On the radio, B and D can be easily confused, so we use phonetics (Bravo or Delta), but when written it is not used that way. I would suggest renaming class-bravo to class-b and possibly adding a tag synonym if it ...

8:08 PM
@DannyBeckett Hey! :) No, I can't say I have. Do you by chance know which part of the season that is? Is this it? youtube.com/watch?v=mH8IHRii-d4
@TildalWave yeah that's the one!
it just started again
on Mondays in the UK
I think maybe it's the same across Europe on Nat Geo
I don't even recognize the event by the "Britain's Worst Air Crash" title ... I can only think of some awful tragedies on Britain's territory, like e.g. Lockerbie (well, that's Scotland to be more precise).
Q: Separate profiles?

abelenkyI'm a professional programmer, and very active on StackOverflow.com. I'm also a private pilot, and starting to get active on Aviation.StackExchange.com. For both professional and vanity reasons, I want my StackOverflow profile to tout my programming knowledge and experience. Employers don't r...

@TildalWave yeah I thought that myself
it does come up on Google though
searching for britain's worst air disaster comes up British European Airways Flight 548
says that Lockerbie overtook it
@DannyBeckett Nope. I think I've only ever seen one or two of those, and certainly none lately.
I went flying this morning, now I just got in to work (here at Stack Exchange), and checked the aviation.stackexchange site. My life seems to have been bridged all of a sudden.
... but alas, time to do "real" work.
8:50 PM
Q: Can we ask about airplane design?

geoffcIs it appropriate to ask about airplane design? Like design features of a 747 or an SR-71, or an F-15? Or is that out of the scope here?

9:39 PM
Q: Are questions about personal experiences on topic?

JamiecI have asked a question on the main site which although upvoted is unanswered. I was thinking about ways I should update the question to make it perhaps more answerable, or with more detail. My question is regarding revalidating my PPL, and I could go to the relevant authority, and ask them but...


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