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8:22 AM
@DanHulme do you think I can superping the voters to ask more details?
I wouldn't, but you could see in TL if other mods think that's an OK use of superping
8:39 AM
I will go with a meta post, unless anyone has anything against it
Q: Why is this question being considered a duplicate?

FedericoThis question got voted as a duplicate of this other question. Both before and after closure it got edited to avoid being a duplicate. Despite the edits, people voted to keep it closed. I am obviously biased, having answered it (and that's why I have not used my reopen vote, being a mod it wou...

3 hours later…
11:23 AM
@Federico i repeated it to make my point clearer, OP didn't fully read the answer
rewording for a reopen IMO will make the current answer obsolete
why function vs why decision-making
@Federico ignore the above, I didn't realize OP did not originally reference the duplicate post
I like that you now mentioned the crotch strap, I'll revise the question to be about the decision-making, not function, and VtRO
@Federico ummmm, still, that will make the tone of your answer obsolete, suggestions?
no, sorry. that's why I posted on meta
just added that bit to my answer:
> But that will also require revising the tone of the answer
@Federico I'm trying to find a way to reopen, but honestly can't find any without editing both the question and answer -- here's a suggestion that I'll keep out of meta
you can merge your answer into the older question, showing the CRJ > Cseries as an example of retrained design despite being a brand new plane, and leave the new question closed as it should be
@Federico who requests merges? anyone can? thinking more about it, I think it's the best compromise
if there are no mod issues with that, I'm happy to flag to request a merge
11:54 AM
eh, I wouldn't. not really necessary. also, there so other opinion right now
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4:38 PM
Q: Tag synonym for CSeries

ymb1I created the new airbus-a220 tag, can we have the older existing cseries (x5) become a synonym of that?

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6:34 PM
So, are planes generally faster and more efficient at higher altitudes?
Ignoring differences in winds aloft, of course.
@TannerSwett up to a point, yes

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