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2:03 AM
Q: Can I stab through two enemies using a spear?

VylixIn RPG video game (Final Fantasy Tactic, for instance), a spear user can attack two enemies in a line at once. I want to transfer this to my character using 5e mechanic with as little homebrew as possible. Reflavor is welcome. How can I achieve this 'stabbing through two enemies in a line' experi...

2:34 AM
"Jeeyon Shim carved a new path in crowdfunding for her keepsake games" by Alexis Ong for Verge. Who needs Kickstarter?
Errant by Kill Jester. This is no life for decent folk, but you’re not decent folk. You are an Errant.
Bundle: TTRPG Picnic A bundle hosted by kumada1. TTRPGs are in many ways the perfect picnic game. There's no need for electricity. They're often designed for small groups. And snacks are already expected. So shake out a blanket, pour your favorite beverage, open the hamper, and pull out some new rpgs!
MEGALOS: NEW GAME by matara. Free quick-start introductory adventure for MEGALOS, an Aetherological Crystalpunk RPG
Josh Clark shared on twitter "Some of y favourite B&W interface screens!"
RadioAirHyper asked on twitter "for explicitly two-player tabletop RPGs that capture the vibe of action and adventure cartoons."
Danielle Osterman wrote a twitter thread "about the Tarot in tabletop roleplaying games"
Jeeyon Shim 심지연 asked on twitter "Who are your favorite indie game/ttrpg reviewers on TikTok?"
2:54 AM
BESW has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
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5:30 AM
Q: How I can convince evil characters to save the world

Abraham NúñezI made a homebrew campaign with some friends and gave them a more or less summary of what was to be expected of it; when they turned in their characters all of them were either neutral or evil. If the campaign is about saving the world, how can I convince them to do so?

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10:01 AM
@HotRPGQuestions can we get a 5th close vote so we can figure out the system and not still operate in "every game is just d&d right??" mode
2 hours later…
12:30 PM
@doppelgreener I'm still so frustrated that people can get an answer in before closing whether it's quickly or slowly....
There's a similar issue on puzzling. People need to provide attribution if they didn't make a puzzle, but people get so eager to answer they don't check if it's sourced correctly...
2 hours later…
2:05 PM
@BESW Thank you.
2:16 PM
@AncientSwordRage Yes, my implicit trust in BESW's judgement is what I bought as my source to make a recommendation, extending that to an inquiry of sorts — couldn't agree more that we don't need pointy links for that.
@Akixkisu 🙌
I shared those comments specifically because they showcase that it was a shared decision between mods and room owners based on a pattern of behavior rather than a specific incident, and that the decision was exclusively focused on the question of inclusion in the chat feeds. Any further extrapolation is left as an exercise for the reader.
I'm flattered by the trust in me, but I wasn't acting unilaterally.
@AncientSwordRage Extended; ehen I bring something to someone's attention, and they ask me reasonably to help them draw conclusions, then I believe it right to follow up with a request as long as they aren't too demanding :)
I put the comment on the meta because I'm the person who was doing all the "here's what's up with the feed" stuff at the time.
I can't even remember who first brought up the subject for discussion, it might have been me but I really doubt it--I don't know how I would have noticed anything going on with Angry in the first place, I've never paid the blog any mind.
2:32 PM
@BESW As far as I'm concerned, that you made the comment, combined with the content of the comment is enough of vetting to make a recommendation to direct traffic to a different blog.
That's fair enough, just--being clear that there's no opinion or recommendation from me or anybody involved in the feed decision, regarding Angry's continued presence on the main site.
I've almost entirely divested myself of main and meta, barring a few quality-of-life flags and votes here and there where it'd seem irresponsible not to once I've seen it.
@BESW That is a fair distinction; yes, the recommendation comes from me, who opines based on your statement.
Thank you. That's an intimidating number of people throwing my weight behind their choice, and I want to be clear exactly where my weight lies so that decisions are made with full information.
1 hour later…
3:45 PM
@BESW I think you're trusted to know who to trust in a sense
4:31 PM
@GroodytheHobgoblin Changing subjects, I’m curious to know what value you think this answer has, I flagged as NAA because it is doesn’t attempt to answer the question as written at all, and doesn’t appear to provide even a meaningful frame challenge.
@ThomasMarkov I see a frame challenge: he is telling the asker that it does not make sense to run a spear through two people. I did not find a match to any of the bullets on this list: rpg.stackexchange.com/help/deleted-answers. I agree that it is badly done and low quality, of course but I think it is an honest, if inept, attempt to answer the question, so I did not want to vote delete, nor did I want to edit it.
4:48 PM
@GroodytheHobgoblin I don't see how that answer actually addresses "how can I stab through 2 enemies [in D&D 5e]?", though. "You can't" is a valid answer if it's based on the D&D 5e rules/experience with D&D 5e... But the answerer has now explicitly clarified (in a comment) that they didn't even realize it was about D&D, and that they don't have experience with D&D.
Anyway, I've now deleted the answer.
The comment, BTW:
> Ok, thank you for the reactions. I just came in and did not understand it had to do with a specific sets of rules. I own MERP i'm not a D&D player. – Yvain, 3 mins ago
@V2Blast Re deleltion: Thank you -- I had not seen that comment (although he mentioned something about warhammer in the beginning). I general I am not quite sure how to deal with answers that I think honestly try to answer to the question, but are in some form deeply flawed. I thend to say OK to them, and expect them to be downvoted and then deleted. Is that the wrong approach?
I certainly tend to be more lenient toward what appear to be genuine attempts to answer the question, but sometimes they still miss the mark so much that they dont really address the question at all.
@GroodytheHobgoblin I think we have a few discussions on the site's Meta about such answers
If they're attempts to answer the question and are aware of/directly applicable to the correct system/edition, etc., then even if they're bad/wrong answers, they usually don't warrant deletion – downvotes are generally sufficient. (I say "aware of/directly applicable to" because sometimes a good answer answer will reference how something works in a different system/edition, but then explain how that mechanic could be adapted to the system/edition in question.)
If they're just based on the answerer not realizing the system/edition actually being asked about, though, then I'd typically vote to delete them – even if they're attempts at answering the question, they've fundamentally misunderstood what's being asked about, so they're not an answer (unless the author edits to clarify how it could be directly applied to the system/edition in question).
Thank you, that helps, re deletions.
2 hours later…
6:55 PM
Can we get a cleanup starting at... uh...
@GroodytheHobgoblin here I guess? This is not a main TTRPG topic, more a Here Be Dragons.
@GroodytheHobgoblin As for running a spear through two people, I can point you to historic accounts of couched lances skewering 2 to 3 people during a cavalry charge. Especially I want to point to the accounts of the Siege of Vienna and the biggest cavalry charge of the medieval era.
7:17 PM
@Trish I'm not claiming their answer is correct or that you could not run two people through. I just thought they make the point that you cannot do that as a refutation to the question.
@GroodytheHobgoblin Do note I said cavalry charge. ;)
7:41 PM
Q: Are there any known methods or suggestions for reverting a Shadow Dragon to original form

Akanay KanaoğluSo my question is simple. There is a shadow dragon in my campaign who was previously a gold dragon. He remembers vaguely his past and wishes to revert back to his original form. I thought of True Polymorph spell at first but I didn't find it very satisfying. Does anyone have a suggestion or if th...

8:19 PM
Apologies for the pings that generates
@Someone_Evil I'll ping you! /S
How's it going? Read anything interesting lately?
Not really. I sorta fell out of it having misplaced my copies of Stephen Fry's Heroes at some point. I should really make an effort to find that before the summer actually
Q: What is the correct Artisan's Tools to use for statuary?

Darth PseudonymIn the Player's Handbook there's a list of about 20 "Artisan's Tools" that player characters might have proficiency with, and what those tool kits contain and can do is expanded on in Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Two of those kits are Carpenter's tools and Woodcarver's tools, and Xanathar's br...

9:00 PM
@Someone_Evil Thank you for the cleanup! it's just a contentious topic.

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