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1:10 AM
@Ben so good and bad...
As i like to say, "Six of one, half dozen of the other" haha
I feel bad downvoting this, but not only is it not relevant to my question, it's a good answer on another question
A: What spells force the target to make an ability check?

Lokango FreeWarThere are a few class features that also requires ability checks, for example: Fighter Arcane Archer Grasping Vines: strength(Athletics) check to escape the vines Rogues Inquisitive Insightful Fighting: Rogue's Wisdom(insight) vs target's Charisma(Deception) for extra sneak attack option Swas...

I imagined the meme of the guy sticking the rod in his own spokes, except instead of me sticking the rod in, life did before I got the opportunity haha
@AncientSwordRage Existing or a new one worth asking?
1:53 AM
posted on May 20, 2022 by Bardic Wizard

 Believe me, I should have done something fancy this week, but I’m at the stage of the semester where I’m just kind of done and I don’t want to do anything but read my phone and wait to be all the way done. So, instead, I present a thing I started back in October, around Homecoming season, and picked up again last week in time for Prom season. I have a second, related thing, but that again

@Ben I'm not sure
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I had a look, the closest is the Helping Bigby's Hand with the help action
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Birthday Weekend Sale by momatoes. All games 32% off!
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12:26 PM
Moon Elves by Maik. A weird sci-fi setting of a utopian socialist forested moon of "elves" and telepathic trees
Black Sun Orcs by Encho Chagas. What to do when the perfect society has to deal with the fear of an invisible enemy? (a response to Moon Elves)
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2:34 PM
Q: Which magic weapon deals the most damage?

Groody the HobgoblinWhich magic weapon deals most damage at each rarity tier? (I am not asking about Artifacts, just normal rarity scale magic items). For the sake of defining weapon damage: Direct expected damage from a hit (not maximum possible damage) Damage upon hit, not damage over several rounds (although men...

2:55 PM
A wild bobble appears
Am I summoned?
not specifically
I happened to look at the right time and saw you pop into existance
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9:26 PM
@GroodytheHobgoblin that demiplanes question almost makes me want to go dig up my spelljammer book.
I do wonder if the answer author has access to any of the 1st or 2nd edition sources that they seem to be drawing inspiration from.
Yes, I am not sure. They certainly seem to be quite knowledgeable about some of the history, but it is very hard for me to follow any of their argument/logic
Even if Demiplanes were in the Astral, how does that enable you to connect them? And where does the whole Phlogiston stuff come from ... that was a theory used by chemists before they figured out how gasses work to make the mass formulas balance out. I think it was then appropriated for various RPGs as a kind of "ether", but its not clear to me at all what it would do here.
Or they're reading the wiki of it. I don't recall dealing with 2ed planar travel being fun outside of spelljammer. I think the few adventures of my groups that involved it got dropped because of how convoluted it was.
@GroodytheHobgoblin Spelljammer or the planeswalker book. All that stuff kinda runs together for me.
I think the answer might have been okay if it was prefaced with, "This answer works if the 1st and 2nd edition cosmology is accepted as cannon. As per this interview with JC: <link to interview>". The going on to quote the book and page and content that states demiplanes are part of the ethereal with a note that this contradicts the 5e DMG model.
But the mix-n-match of the 2nd and 5th editions ethereal planes definitions just doesn't seem right.
9:45 PM
@GcL, OK, that makes more sense then. I agree, that woudl work better. Still not a great answer to preface something that does not really apply to a rather technical rules ask with "here is how it used to work, but not anymore", but better than not having that
I took a couple of readings and the comments section to even sort out that theory of what's going on. I suspect they're opaquely referencing "great wheel cosmology" as something that should immediately and obviously support the pivotal point that the demiplane is in the ethereal.
Even still, doesn't address the issue of making two adjacent demiplanes. The spell doesn't state that they're anywhere near each other, and in either edition, the ethereal plane is a big place that always takes a long time to get anywhere.
The DMG mentions the great wheel, but that still would not follow from it by what the DMG has. There is an image in the PHB too
-Yes, that is my main problem, I fail to see any logic leading from Phlogiston and Astral Plane to being able to connect Demiplanes
There's another answer that seems to assume that a second demiplane would automatically or at the option of the caster be directly adjacent to the first. I wonder why that assumption is prevalent. Maybe it's just convenient?
There should be a primer on 5e rules with all the key tools like "spells only do what they say they do".
One can answer like 60% of all rules questions with just a dozen such principles
OK, I'll call it a night, have a good rest of your day.
10:07 PM
@GroodytheHobgoblin are you saying we could close those 60% as duplicates? 👀
@AncientSwordRage One duplicate to rule them all.

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