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1:57 AM
Is there a term that means "scale model, but bigger"?
@BESW I assumed scale only meant in proportion
Technically "scale model" doesn't mean exclusively smaller, but in practice nobody's gonna take it that way without a lot of footnotes.
Pantography might be a good starting point
"enlarged pantographic copy"
"scale enlargement"?
^ Dragonborn spam
2:13 AM
@AncientSwordRage That's absolute nonsense in context and is thus perfect, thank you.
@AncientSwordRage [sporfle]
@BESW like, the model's bigger than the prototype?
@Shalvenay Kinda, yeah. Like, a model of an atomic structure, or a statue of a person that's bigger than person-sized.
@BESW generally you'll just hear them called "models" when they're bigger than the thing they're modeling, because people don't care so much about being scale-correct in those cases for the most part AIUI
I'm writing some copy for a fictional model, that wants to boast grandiosely about its accuracy.
(spoiler: it's not actually very accurate.)
then again, most of the models that I've run into that are that way are things like ball-and-stick molecular models
2:19 AM
@BESW it's clearly "larger than life"
where being to scale matters not
@AncientSwordRage XD good one
Looks like the kind of shpiel you want
Excellent source for interior copy, thanks!
I'm trying to do something for the Pocket Jam and my roadside attraction idea seems perfect.
restaurant & historioscientific
18:1 scale makes it THREE STORIES TALL
just off Queen’s Road in Milton
turn at the B&B
look for the giant planets above the trees
2:37 AM
Q: How to calculate the likelihood of success for increasing DC

fyrepenguinHow would I go about calculating the odds of success someone has, given N total tries at a skill check, a skill modifier of M, and an increasing DC of a base X plus Y per success, for a total of S required successes? I could probably figure out how to do that calculation if it was just three sequ...

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7:13 AM
@BESW that looks perfect
1 hour later…
8:22 AM
Marvel at the clockwork astrohagiography of Sir St James!
Every hour we put the orrery through her paces, showing off the awe-inspiring cosmic dance of the planets. Don’t miss the grand finale when a cometary interloper joins the planetary conjunction, predicting the miracle of Saint Euland a hundred years later!
*Audio accompaniment on cassette or radio provided for a reasonable fee, including narration by Jules Potts (no relation) and an original musical arrangement composed and performed by local band Starfell Line.
> Originally a private theatre, the orrery’s ground floor is now the FALLING STAR DINER AND STAGE SHOW. Delicious and thematic fine dining accompanies a dazzling display of the latest animatronic technowizardry in the automated DANCE OF THE SPHERES stage show.
Chocolate Kuiper
Butter Pecan Bolide
Martian Mint Julep (temperance julep available on request)

Closed for Venusian Aikido lessons by Dr John Quiquaequod Smith on alternate Thursdays
8:59 AM
I'm enjoying these very much
> Venusian Aikido lessons by Dr John Quiquaequod Smith
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11:22 AM
@AncientSwordRage Doctor Who joke
@BESW I ended up looking it up because it looked vaguely Latin
4 hours later…
3:57 PM
Q: Does "vulnerability to piercing damage" from the Wild Magic table travel with the sorcerer?

KJ TsanaktsidisIn my game, we have a Wild Magic sorcerer in the party. During a recent combat, they rolled on the Wild Magic table and got the effect: 95-96: You and all creatures within 30 feet of you gain vulnerability to piercing damage for the next minute. So far, so good. The whole combat encounter was v...

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7:57 PM
@Akixkisu Great question you added to the meta.
4 hours later…
11:43 PM
I’m honestly surprised we don’t have a rag for drugs, we quit a few questions about drugs. — Thomas Markov 26 mins ago
I was also apparently on drugs when I typed that last comment. — Thomas Markov 51 secs ago
I'm not sure that rpg.se has 'experts on drugs' in any way that would be useful to tag for.
"A rant from 2001: Why RPGs Are Not Too Expensive" by Sean K Reynolds. (BESW says: 20 years later the TRPG landscape is very different, but I think the principle holds and if anything is even more pronounced.)
Big Bad Con event: "Beyond Doskvol: Developing within Blades in the Dark" (Oct 24) Join Pammu, Nychelle, and John for a discussion of developing a new supplement for Blades in the Dark: The Dagger Isles! As work is underway they'll talk about the process so far, challenges and opportunities exploring these new waters in the Shattered Isles.

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