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1:04 AM
@Medix2 Beyond's "Basic" is actually Basic+SRD.
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3:11 AM
Q: Can a Familiar cast Summon Animal?

AndrásIf my Familiar has the Spellcasting ability, is it limited to spells with 2 actions or less? The ability make it sound like the only limitation is that it is 5 levels lower than your highest-level spell slot.

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11:59 AM
@Someone_Evil Yeah, makes sense, but with the election announcement on the meta I was thinking through that process ... anyway, thanks.
12:42 PM
@MikeQ Got a message for you in the back room
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3:54 PM
Q: How are we defining Fair Use Images with respect to the function of the Stack?

Lino Frank CiaralliI just had an answer deleted for a possible copyright violation, and I happen to disagree with that reasoning because of the function of the Stack (I don't care about the deletion, the answer isn't really an appropriate answer anyways so deleting it is appropriate for others reasons entirely.) Th...

4:08 PM
posted on October 14, 2021 by Bardic Wizard

 The title says most of it. I’m down with what’s either a cold or (quite possibly) the flu — not COVID, I think, but I’ve got a crazy cough and a mild fever, and I’ve been out since Tuesday. This should tell you how bad I’m feeling: I haven’t crocheted more than half a round on the Current Shawl Project (no, you haven’t missed anything, I haven’t talked about it much) since I woke up Tuesd

4:47 PM
Q: I am looking for some feedback on my first homebrewed magic item "Aurel‘s Adaptive Crossbow"

LiqsI am running my first campaign since a little over half a year now and the ranger in the group still has a basic heavy crossbow at this point (almost level 5). Which is why I want to present them with the opportunity of finding a magical crossbow. Finding the crossbow itself will not super easy a...

5:06 PM
@Someone_Evil has chat gone silent, or has my profile somehow blocked nearly everyone who I usually see in chat?
@AncientSwordRage It's kind of weird, I am not seeing any of the chat messages beyond @Someone_Evil and @Adeptus for the last day or two. It's like everyone is blocked. Weird.
@KorvinStarmast ...there aren't any messages there!
it's just quiet here
@KorvinStarmast I ate half of chat, somebody else most have had the same idea.
It is the season after all.
@AncientSwordRage OK, it is unusual to see it so quiet, but that's also fine. I was worrying that I'd hit a wrong button on my preferences. @Akixkisu I hope you had a digestivo afterwards (I prefer Limoncello, others brandy)
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8:04 PM
@KorvinStarmast I enjoy Lyre's Coffee Originale.
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10:44 PM
Good caffeinated morning all
@AncientSwordRage Welcome to chat for half the day for myslef, @linksassin, @Miniman, and I belive @Adeptus too?
@doppelgreener I hope everyone remembers that things like unions don't start in the best parts of an industry; they emerge from places with the most dire need.
@Ben Good don't-talk-to-me-I-haven't-had-my-cuppa-yet 😴
"Workers at Pathfinder publisher Paizo have announced the formation of the United Paizo Workers union" article by Chase Carter for Dicebreaker. Staff say they are “underpaid for their labor, required to live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, and subjected to untenable crunch conditions on a regular basis”.
@Adeptus I did speak to early... Mine is still boiling :P
Jay Dragon wrote a twitter thread about "why Our Haunt isnt doing stretch goals"
@BardicWizard Meguey Baker made a short thread on replacing the backing of old bead-and-string art.
10:50 PM
Wait... @BESW you and @Trogdor are in UTC +10 too right?
Aye, it's ten to nine Friday morning.
MAHARLIKA RPG a technomystic Science Fantasy mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology, centered around Mekanized Weapons or Meka, and their pilots
I thought so. Was just saying that from roughly 12pm to 4am the chat room goes very quiet for us haha
Aaron Lim shared on twitter a ""slightly cursed image" courtesy of a game of Cozy Town"
"Slayers expands its monster-infested city with a new setting book for the asymmetric RPG" article by Chase Carter for Dicebreaker. Rock the monstrous blocks.
Starlight Riders by Cezar Capacle. A space western game about heists through the galaxy
@Ben Well, except for the occasions when that's when people start fights.
Oh :(
Cezar Capacle shared on twitter a "conflict resolution mechanic idea" based on blackjack.
Ah, 4pm, yeah, that does tend to be a more dead zone. It's just after midnight that the biggest fights start.
Pocket Places Jam 2021 Hosted by Roz, Oz Browning. Systemless, rules-free locations that fit on a single sheet and can be folded down into a little 8 page zine! You've got two weeks to make one and submit it to the jam!
ImmaWaffleBunny shared on twitter illustrations by Nadhir and the original "reference scribbles"
Sprinting Owl Designs wrote a twitter thread about their game Post-Nuclear Wasteland Barbecue and its place in the Gems in the Rough Bundle
BTW, just to head this off at the pass because I see this problem every time union action appears in the news: unions don't want company customers to boycott unless the union asks them to. Boycotts actually reduce the company's stress on production lines and turnaround. If a union is striking, for example, they probably want the company to feel overwhelmed by its inability to meet demand.
11:08 PM
@Ben Half-day? Is there some kind of holiday in queensland?
If you want to support a union and they haven't explicitly shared an action consumers can take to help them... instead of going on a wildcat boycott, send 'em some money.
@linksassin A quick google says no, sadly :(
I was responding to the remarks of an "empty chat", which is usually what happens for half the day for us in the +8 to +12 UTC region
@Ben Ah, yes. Very accurate then.
11:38 PM
Ok, now it's a caffeinated morning
@Ben nice!
I never noticed, but you look very nice in blue!
@Ben yep
[wave] :)
Now I've had my coffee, I'm in a state of conundrum. I have an issue with my C# project, asking me to refer to the "actually project rather than just the dll"; I'm not sure where to start with the chrome extension project I was going to start; and so far we've had no luck with the fruit fly traps :(
11:56 PM
@Ben I would help but I think we call them pickles over here, not dill.
I'm honestly confounded because I have no idea what that means, and my google results aren't shedding any light on the issue either. One says "just add it as a project reference", which it is, but the program is still returning a reference to the OMR.dll
@AncientSwordRage also an accurate response
I wish there a website for this
Like coding.stackexchange.com or something
@Ben Sounds like you need to reference the .vsproj file rather than the .dll

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