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12:06 AM
Morning all
12:17 AM
Hows life?
pretty good!!! just did some overtime to get something finished for a major release deadline, and am stealing a couple of hours of free time before sleep
but i should do the sleep very soon
how's things?
Busy as heck for me. I'm finally back in the office for the foreseeable future.
1:16 AM
@Ben Was there much rejoicing, or has there only been wailing and the gnashing of teeth?
Not much of either lol. More rejoicing though.
1:26 AM
@Someone_Evil lol
@AncientSwordRage I think this would be slightly improved if they were all like "The attack missed, and you feel a bit disappointed" or "The attack misses, and you're slightly embarrassed"
1:46 AM
@RevenantBacon you mean like...
2:17 AM
Honestly I should probably grab a few tables like that to help me narrate combat
Q: Where can I find more lore on the Lady of Pain?

Thomas MarkovD&D 5e lore has precious little to say about the Lady of Pain. A search of DNDBeyond yields only 3 references in the entire 5th Edition corpus. From the Dungeon Master's Guide: The city is the domain of the inscrutable Lady of Pain, a being as old as gods and with purposes unknown to even the sa...

1 hour later…
3:25 AM
World Champ Game Co. is discounting many of their physical products to make room for new inventory.
A Dragon Game by Chris Bissette. A game about dragons and subterranean adventuring
"Lasers & Feelings: Updated License" I've updated the license for Lasers & Feelings to allow for commercial hacks. This means you can sell your L&F-based games!
street magic anniversary sale! A sale hosted by Caro Asercion. This Saturday, March 13th, is the two-year anniversary of the date I first published i'm sorry did you say street magic. This week is also my birthday! To celebrate both events, i'm putting street magic on sale at 25% off for for the rest of the week!
3:52 AM
Power Goons! by Ray Olsen. A radical adventure game for heroic people
4:20 AM
@AncientSwordRage number 9 is the correct answer
4:58 AM
@AncientSwordRage is there ever evidence against?
@doppelgreener glad things are getting better for you, whatever “things” are. I’m less alive than last week cause I’m anxiously watching the mail for a Really Important Thing From College Board
5:34 AM
@BESW Combat sounds deadly... stats are 3d6, health is 1d6 + half your Brawn stat, you can take up to 20 damage per attack: When an enemy attacks you, say how you try to evade it and roll under the relevant stat. Take the difference between your roll and your stat as damage. If you roll equal to or over your stat, take the result of your roll as damage.
> Class: You're an adventurer. Race: No.
@Adeptus I believe the phrase he used on Twitter was "welcome to my OSR."
I do love the entry on race.
@BESW I don't remember old-school RPGs being that deadly... but maybe I just don't remember old-school RPGs well enough...
A common element of OSR (which is Old School Renaissance, meaning it doesn't recreate old school games precisely but more tries to recreate a set of design principles and remembered experiences) is that combat is deadly enough that you're encouraged to avoid it. Creativity is found in discovering roleplay and logic which allow you to skirt the lethality of engaging with the combat mechanics directly, especially at lower levels.
I was re-reading Dragon Warriors earlier (an 80s British fantasy RPG), and I'd completely forgotten the combat rules... first you roll to hit, then you roll to bypass the target's armour, and if they have a shield, they roll to block... Damage is a fixed number determined by weapon.
I know that A Dragon Game's damage mechanic is partly inspired by this thread:
yesterday, by BESW
Ordoalea Publishing wrote a twitter thread about "why all weapons in a #ttrpg should deal the same damage."
5:56 AM
@AncientSwordRage Credit?
2 hours later…
8:01 AM
No idea if that's the original source though
@BardicWizard only before coffee and after bedtime
3 hours later…
11:00 AM
@BESW If I wanted to learn more about this, without dropping the information you didn't want to drop here, what are some key words or phrases that i could use in my personal dig into this topic?
(if it's the kickstarter for the game I'm thinking of, the one that's crossed my feed more than a dozen times this week, i'm VERY curious)
@Powerdork Search the phase I put in quotes, on Kickstarter's own in-site search engine. You'll get one result.
yes, but i mean the allegation
I don't have a publicly shareable source on that, it's artists talking to each other.
thank you
You can see the patterns I'm talking about in the KS, though.
11:09 AM
That I can.
2 hours later…
@ThomasMarkov Can't, but I did the next best thing
@AncientSwordRage DV? :P
It should be in review queue
oh yeah, review queues
1:43 PM
@BardicWizard thanks :) i was dealing with brainfog for like a week prior
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2:49 PM
@Adeptus In my experience, they were quite so. (To include Traveller, the original)
3:31 PM
Traveler for GURPS?
Also, while I'm here, a quick reminder that the Pixel Dice Kickstarter goes live in about an hour and a half
Apparently, the guy doing the project has worked for Bethesda in the past on some of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games
I posted a new answer here as the old one was very brief and undercited.
@ThomasMarkov I disagree with your assessment of it being undercited.
The relevant page number of the book is citation enough
But do you agree that my more thorough answer is generally more useful in that it lays out all of the relevant rules that are, in the book, spread throughout several pages?
The rules directly relevant are the rules on whether a critical hit is scored
The bit about saving throws is also entirely superfluous
3:49 PM
@RevenantBacon agreed
the only thing undercited is this: Attack rolls for spells are attack rolls
which is probably ok, for the same reason I'm ok with the sentence 'Long cat is long'
@RevenantBacon No, the original GDW black box Traveller that came out in 1977 before GURPS was a thing.
Traveller goes WAY back
And there was a mini game where you made a bunch of characters so that you had one ready if one died - I always came to our sessions (which were too few, it was hard to keep a traveller game going in our gaming group) with two or three back up characters who the GM could insert if we ended up fighting and died, etc. (we initially did have a lot of D&D habits that turned out to not work as great for Traveller scenarios)
character creation is it's own game in Traveller
@AncientSwordRage Yep, and it's good fun in its own right.
4:02 PM
Hopefully more fun than in Shadowrun
@KorvinStarmast almost too much fun
@AncientSwordRage snort it really helps if there is beer involved, in my experience. YMMV
@KorvinStarmast it's plenty of fun even without lubrication
I've definitely planned character creation with a group, then run over and had to come back and either finish, or start the game another day
@AncientSwordRage Also true, however, at the time we were college aged and liked to add beer to our games. Where I lived at the time (Maryland) the drinking age for beer was 18.
4:18 PM
I think I played Traveller in my late teens and early twenties, but I've been tee-total since... 2009?
must have been after that I think
@AncientSwordRage One of my most memorable (for perhaps the wrong reasons) sessions when I GM'd Empire of the Petal Throne was when a few of the players went out back and consumed a number of hallucenogenics (much stronger than weed) and then came back in to play some more. Things went kind of weird that night ... that one session still comes up now and again in casual conversation. (three decades ago, and a bit more)
Imagine being objectively correct about something, then being told by multiple people that "that's actually just like, your opinion man"
@RevenantBacon All the f-ing time.... it's the worst.
@RevenantBacon imagine... hah! I've been there
@GcL well, not the worst, that's just like your opinion man
4:34 PM
5:02 PM
LMAO the Pixel dice are already 25% funded and it's been 2 minutes since it went live
@RevenantBacon I think you misspelled 100%+
it's still ticking up
@RevenantBacon its at 368000 now
5:18 PM
5:31 PM
@ThomasMarkov Dev Tools in chrome say the last stats.json that arrived is 508224.69
Scratch that, 510686.69
@RevenantBacon whoa, they're at 500k of a 200k goal.
I'm tempted to get one, now it's not just a simple gimmick
@AncientSwordRage I may get the two dice (2 d20s)
@NautArch yeah I'm not sure what to go for
March 2022 delivery?!
5:38 PM
@NautArch I'm NOT surprised
Not so sure anymore :P
@NautArch 1) pledge high, 2) invest that money in safe stock, 3) sell the day before they charge you
@NautArch you could get a devkit addon?
$200, nothankyou
@NautArch is two better than one though?
@NautArch I don't blame you!
I'll just wait and pay full price when they launch for real
5:46 PM
@NautArch I can never tell how much extra they'll go for
> In fact, Pixels are fully waterproof! :)
Im sold.
@ThomasMarkov no you want the dice to be sold
I love cool dice as much as the next gamer, but if I was going to invest that much money in more gaming-stuff I don't think flashing dice are really at the top of the list.
@PeterCooperJr. they don't just flash
they have bluetooth and an API
I do see that.
5:48 PM
@ThomasMarkov finally, no more problems with having my dice drown
But, I'm still hoping that playing online-only is just a temporary thing for me.
one day you might roll 4d6 and it is loaded into dndbeyond for your next character's stats
@PeterCooperJr. I was looking at these before COVID, and I'd actually rather have for table play than online.
Can program crit or other value flashes!
I kinda want to see how hard it'll be to make a Surface Table and turn local gaming into a digital map.
And it seems like it negates the main advantage of Roll20 et. al., that I can just click the weapon and it tells me the answer. I get how rolling physical dice is nicer, but the API integration seems to be the worst of both worlds, the extra time for a dice roll with still clicking around on a screen to do stuff.
@PeterCooperJr. Fully agree with that! The plus for those platforms is automation.
I jsut want a flashy die :P
Same reason folks buy metal dice. I'd rather have ground effects than die cast metal.
5:51 PM
Oh, sure, it's a cool flashy die. I do want one.
I'm just saying I'm not sure it's the top of my list of gaming-stuff to get next.
@PeterCooperJr. I can imagine a scenario where you do online roll playing via something like Spelltable, and you can show them being physically being rolled
@PeterCooperJr. I have issues inserting pauses for parties where characters have abilities that are contingent on reacting to a roll before the outcome is known.
@NautArch There was an amazing demo of playing D&D on a Surface table at PAX East 2010. It was 4e, so it was just really a tabletop video game. :)
@PeterCooperJr. ah a D&D edition that made sense
@PeterCooperJr. I could absolutely see that being amazing.
Mostly because I am awful at drawing maps. It's the thing I like least about true tabletop
5:54 PM
I had a big tv as the middle of my in person table so I could use my wacom and the players could use a mouse.... it's really tiring to stare at a bright screen.
And e-ink components large enough are very difficult to source.
@GcL that's a solid legitimate issue.
didn't think about that.
I once tried out a session where they had a ceiling projector pointed down at the table, so they did Roll20 for the maps but everybody was in the room. Was very neat. (Just a shame that the scheduling didn't work out for me to attend that group regularly.)
IF you're combining it with physical tokens and minis, there's an additional parallax issue when there is even a small gap between the bottom of the mini and the image.
@PeterCooperJr. Ceiling projectors are neat, but have an issue with having to have a very bright light source right above your table. To get bright clear images, you need a projector screen surface on the table and even with a nice reflective surface that light source needs to be bright.
@GcL I think big TVs not being used in the expected manner is always going to cause issues
CF.. my former students union who turned a bunch 90 degrees, and made them practically black and unreadable unless you stopped on the stairs in front of them
Yeah, they did have something on the table that seemed to work well. Though again, I only observed it once for a couple hours.
6:00 PM
@NautArch I work around that by roughing out a few major features, then asking players to add a few details each.
@AncientSwordRage I might sandwich some e-ink between glass panes in the future, but it's a lot bigger project. That arrangement is used for big commercial interactive displays and such, so it's not as much using equipment in an unintended way.
@GcL ah ok cool
@NautArch Vis-as-vis markers. Some graph paper taped to the table, and a sheet of acrylic taped over it. Makes hacking out even big grid very quick and easy. And importantly, very cheap.
@JoelHarmon what about interior spaces?
Definitely making good maps is a challenge for physical tabletop. I also find it to be a challenge for virtual tabletop, as you need to "buy the book again" to get the maps from a specific published adventure and/or find or draw other maps that are close to what you're looking for. And somehow the just-draw-a-few-boxes-on-a-grid with most being in your head works better in person than online.
6:03 PM
I found some cheap grid cupboard liner that I just stuck to posterboard for my backing
But I definitely second the 11"x17" laminated 1" grid paper, with wet erase markers approach
@NautArch Same. A rectangle for a tavern, add a door and maybe a bar. Let the players decide whether there's a fireplace, big or small tables, etc., maybe a barrel or two in a corner
It's "easier" for homebrew campaigns. But for a module?
it also distracts them while I consult my notes for whatever is upcoming.
@JoelHarmon I can very much get behind this! Still confused how to do it with the module maps.
6:05 PM
I used to struggle with tavern and inn interiors.
Then someone (I think it was Naut) suggested I just use bars and taverns I had been to IRL.
Currently, we use google sheets with some small images. Granted, the encounter specific NPCs are always A1 through A8 to D1 through D8, but the players made nice little images for themselves.
It's pretty fast to highlight some areas and fill in gray so those are walls. Also, it means your walls actually end up having thickness.
@NautArch I must have missed that requirement. I'd think you could either do the same, and impose whatever major features you want, or try taking a picture of the maps in the book, then blow them up and print them out.
I should note I've never run a module, and IIRC only played in one once.
I was just looking at the Critical Role Store and I'm really disappointed that "Critical Role Polo Shirt" is not named "Percy de Polo the Shirt".
@ThomasMarkov snickers
@ThomasMarkov Critical fail is a kind of critical roll.
6:08 PM
@PeterCooperJr. Clearly, your priorities are misaligned. Glowing math rocks go click-clack
@JoelHarmon I just started modules during Covid to make things easier.
hey @NautArch can I have your ear for a minute?
@Helwar That'll be $5
@JoelHarmon same thing, no?
@Helwar sure, here or discord?
6:14 PM
oh, wherever you want, don't wanna bother... THere is a discord for this?
ohno, just that I have a discord :P
here is fine!
let me add you just for sake of having nice people on discord
ok, you know you got my friend back into one of your campaigns and all that? (works great and we are forever in your debt for that), thing is, she's playing one of my homebrews, and DND beyond is making it SO DIFFICULT to share it with her
and we tried for she to just make the race herself so it's in her homebrew but it doesn't seem to work either
and I wanted to know if you could just "check" my race as ok in that campaign
this is a pain in the buttocks, i know, sorry
@Helwar oh, let me take a look.
Did you mark the homebrew as public?
yes I did
it has 3 subraces, but I couldn't make it into ONE thing like in the official races, dunno why or how
6:17 PM
(this was my substitute for elves in my homebrew world... except then everyone wanted elves so now I have this and elves ¬¬ but such is life)
which character wants this?
she's on chatizen 3 i believe? don't have access to her things now
@Helwar Im looking at her character sheet now
Its in stackizen 3
So whats the problem?
6:22 PM
well, she's playing in my world with a homebrew race and she can't have the homebrew in her character sheet
i can't find the homebrew in the public listing
wich we can work around but thought maybe @NautArch could add the homebrew and she would not need to always keep in mind the differences
@NautArch let me check again
ah, there it is
still can't let her select it, even though you selected homebrew
@Helwar Make sure the "Home" tab of the character sheet has homebrew checked.
@ThomasMarkov it does, i checked
6:23 PM
@NautArch I just turned Bernie into an Ouran Panthos
So it shouldnt be on Naut's end
but since @ThomasMarkov is in stackizen 3, it should be available to her already? I will try to get in contact with her and work it out
I added it to my collection and set my stackizen 3 character as one of the subraces
so yeah, it should be avilable.
6:25 PM
ohhh, but you are a subscriber aren't you?
weird, i added it to my collection, but still not showing up
heck, i tried doing it with one of my old characters and didn't let me
If it's not working don't obsess with it, I don't want to impose that much, we'll work it out on our end as much as we can
passing this off to @ThomasMarkov, he's got it working :P
@Helwar I can make a copy of Bernie with the race set and have Naut add it to the campaign as an unassigned
6:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov subscribers can add things to their library, us pennyless chums can't xD
@Helwar Im creating an unassigned character now
Which subrace?
K, there's an unassigned character with the race set to Ouran Panthos
I can build Tyzea based on her character sheet
6:31 PM
oh, thank you! I feel bad you're going through so many hoops
@Helwar There's an unassigned character "Tyzea's Alternate Character" that is mostly built based on her existing character sheet.
ok thank you very much! As soon as she get's to her home I'm gonna nag her incredibly until she checks it
6:52 PM
Teamwork for the win! 😁
7:06 PM
it's working
she claimed the new character sheet
thank you very much
we're checking it now and will delete the old one so you have that slot free
1 hour later…
8:18 PM
Q: Is the Pit from a Robe of Useful Items permanent and can it be dispelled?

RhinoTXIf you place the Pit from the Robe of Useful Items, will it remain there forever, as if it was dug? RAW, I assume so. The RAW on the Robe of Useful Items doesn't say anything about the items being temporary, so we should assume they are not. I'm less convinced on Dispel Magic, and I know I will h...

8:44 PM
Q: How do I deal with this very annoying teammate who engages in player versus player combat?

TompkeI am playing with some friends over Discord, and one of them makes characters with a bit of a light temper. Not that bad, right? Wrong. If you do something or say something he doesn't like, he makes his character slash you with his great sword. It happened in multiple campaigns now, to my wizar...

9:20 PM
@KorvinStarmast Does dying during character creation count?
I never played "real" Traveller, but I did have a MegaTraveller computer game. So many dead characters before I even started playing...
9:39 PM
@Adeptus yes it does :)
2 hours later…
11:22 PM
@KorvinStarmast I remember our Traveller game...that was such a massive miscue, me thinking the cable was electrical not mechanical

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