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2:49 AM
@Glazius No, I meant like, general impressions.
3:08 AM
I think it's a good adaptation of the original game to a scenario with some very different setting assumptions, that as a result spotlights some tech in the original Blades that's always seemed corner-case for its setting, like protecting someone.
I would play in or run a one-shot of it, and I'm curious to see what the long game's going to turn into, as it's currently under construction.
3:21 AM
Also for some light consideration: Speeding Bullets, a tongue-in-cheek Lasers and Feelings hack for playing your own Shadow the Hedgehog game, with a guest appearance by the 336 canonical routes through the original Shadow the Hedgehog game as an oracle.
Not to be confused with any of the submissions to Speak the Sky's the '"Sonic 2006" of the tabletop' game jam.
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5:38 AM
How are other human beings doing? I’m doing decently well, except for my life is about a week away from being awfully hard
(Read: next week ends third quarter and we find out which AP test timetables we have this year)
I'm struggling with Emotions but mostly okay.
@BESW oh no! Emotions are hard
Made a lot of brownies yesterday. Freezing plates of them to deliver to friends.
5:45 AM
Brownies are very good and friends are wonderful!!
@BardicWizard yeah. I came across some words a couple days ago that perfectly describe something I spent a couple months failing to explain to therapists before I gave up a year ago. Now I have the words and I'm not sure what to do with them.
@BardicWizard I use brownie mix, and add pumpkin puree instead of the oil/eggs/water the box calls for. Low cholesterol, and a bit wetter. I also spiced them with cayenne, cinnamon, and cloves, and one of the batches has walnuts.
@BESW saves recipe
Ratios for the pumpkin puree: figure out how many cups the oil/eggs/water would make altogether, and substitute that much or a little more pumpkin puree. You can use other fruit purees, like banana or avocado, but you may need to change the ratio a bit to get the consistency right (avocado is a lot dryer than pumpkin, I usually have to add some water).
I haven’t actually cooked in a while; there’s been other important things (HW, prayer blanket, I started a blog) that prevent that
@BESW ooo cloves
5:50 AM
Sometimes I leave out about a third of the pumpkin and replace it with molasses, and go heavy with gingerbread spices. Gingerbread brownies are awesome.
But maybe I’ll make brownies eventually
(Ginger, ginnamon, ground mustardseed, cloves or allspice)
Oooh blog.
@BardicWizard I see you've finally been un-grounded
@BESW it’s not good yet but: needlesandnilbogs.blogspot.com
I found it in your profile! [adds to his feed]
5:53 AM
@RevenantBacon not totally, screen times about to kick me off
But sorta
Good to see you!
5:54 AM
hmm... i should discuss with my players how much information they want me to give them regarding the module we're doing
Speaking of foreknowledge, I should watch Columbo.
@STTLCU I think this is much better. The name change is nice too, but might I suggest using the [Name], [Title] format? I personally just think it's cooler for things to have both, especially Artifacts, so this could now be Eleutheria, the Chainbreaker, but that's entirely up to you.
One other thing I would tweak, from a mechanical perspective, is for the teleport ability, just tweak to "a space you can see within 15 feet of the target of that attack." It's mostly to prevent doors bypassing shenanigans, but also to just prevent weird happenstance where they may end up inside of a cliff face or something that they might not know is a cliff face, or if a wall is thicker than they thought.
Honestly, it was an oversight on my part for not noticing it before
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9:24 AM
@KorvinStarmast they follow the recommended guidelines in Wildemount so I didn't specify it, although I guess it's useful for other people less familiar with the setting :) thanks!
@RevenantBacon got it, makes sense thanks
10:21 AM
How long should I wait before posting a new question with the second iteration of the item?
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12:39 PM
Kickstarter: The Goblin Manor of Anstruther-Mogg #Zinequest by Roz Leahy. A setting and adventure zine for whatever game you like about a decrepit manor house and the terrible goblin sisters within its walls.
Modo Okulto by arisia. Join a cult. Fight colonialism.
Tabletop One-Shot Megabundle by kumada1 and 33 others. This bundle contains 45 standalone titles from 33 indie creators. Everything in here is designed to be easy to pick up and play, and you can use these games for one-shots, mini-campaigns, or to fill in whenever you're down a person for your regular campaign.
Kickstarter: A Divorce of Druids by Long Tail Games. An I-Cut ✂️ You-Choose ✂️ Print-And-Destroy ✂️ Craft-RPG-Game ✂️ Web Subscription Zine ✂️ for 2 players
Kickstarter: The Burning of Carbex: A Mothership RPG Compatible Adventure by Tim Obermueller. A three-part adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. A parasite is mutating its hosts and threatens to spread across the galaxy
Try Folds Jam A game jam hosted by Kegan (@Keganexe). This is THE Physical Game Jam that dares ask the question "what if you folded that the other way instead." Gone are the days of trifolds, eight page folds, and half-folds, our new rulers are double gates, cootie catchers, and those cool hats other kids knew how to make at school.
I'm vaguely recalling that one of the D&D settings has a hidden overgod, and specifically, an overgod who works to erase themselves from mortal records such that any sects that start up to worship that god inevitably disappear after a time, and all records eventually get lost. It might be Ao, but it isn't Forgotten Realms's Ao, I think.
Is it from Points of Light or something?
Hmm. PoL had dead gods, but I don't remember any deliberately-wants-to-be-forgotten god off the top of my head.
Certainly not an overgod.
Sounds like the kind of guy Ioun would take a hit out on.
You're right
...that'd be a wild 4e Epic tier adventure.
Do you take the job and go try to kill a god, or do you try to stop the god-assassins that Ioun sends instead of you?
12:55 PM
Find the god that can't be found, track down the god who can't be tracked.
Maybe to save the Hidden God, you need to find something that will make Ioun back down... or convince the Hidden God to reveal itself... or go assassinate Ioun.
Eventually it's discovered that the hidden god is just a security professional who takes privacy very seriously.
And not even a god at all
@BESW the fascinating part for me here is that Ioun is the god of knowing, and the hidden god would be a god of not being known. Asking the hidden god to reveal itself might be like asking a fish not to swim.
Epic Destiny: White Hat
Like, two irreconcilable cosmic forces colliding.
And it's not the god of secrets; that's Vecna, he's just a selfish tool.
1:01 PM
The god of Not Being Known is probably just walking the earth as a perpetually confused itinerant who has mostly forgotten their own identity, to the point that they change things like race and gender whenever they get distracted.
@Muennighoff Hi!
@doppelgreener my brain is telling me it's Ao, but I'm also wondering if the reason Ao doesn't seems right is something's trying to erase it from our brains
I feel like a god that didn't want to draw attention to itself wouldn't be named "Hey-o!"
@AncientSwordRage I also think it's Ao, but I checked the FR wiki and it described there being stable cults of Ao, and nothing about them erasing all records of themself
@BESW Ao gets cold sweats every time someone uses this phrase and can't wait for the next great vowel shift.
@doppelgreener maybe it changed in an edition shift?
The Lady Of Pain (spelljamer? something with planes) is also down on the 'murder all my worshippers'
1:13 PM
@AncientSwordRage planescape
Wanders among the torus-shaped plane linking all the other planes. Can't remember its name.
That's it
That's got me thinking now: at least from the pantheons I know of in the real world, the idea of each god having their own afterlife that their followers go to is quite unusual. In Norse mythology, who you worshiped wasn't necessarily going to determine anything for you. The same was true in Greek and Roman mythology. (Most interestingly, all three of these give a special place to people who die heroes or die in battle.)
At the same time, there's situations where people have been ascended to godhood through worship that wasn't their idea. For example in D&D 3.5e's expansion Frostbite, there's a paladin who died in some frozen wastes. People set up a shrine to him, and others started stopping by during their travels to pay homage to him. After a time, people doing so started noticing they were acquiring powers—he'd quite directly been elevated to minor god status and was able to give boons to his followers.
Which raises the question, what happens if your God just has no interest in tending to an afterlife? What if it's the spiritual equivalent of a wildly overgrown lawn?
And what kinds of things would be the snakes in the grass?
Other people, probably. Just like in the mortal world.
1:50 PM
@MikeQ the afterlife is other people
2:09 PM
Is this a case where comments in answers is actually good?
@BESW Conspicuously inconspicuous
@doppelgreener Oh my gosh, that ended me XD
2:47 PM
@MikeQ i'm thinking about how there might be things in the afterlives that can spring up like weeds where they're not being actively deterred, who in situations like this would become an active threat.
I don't think the Lady of Pain actively erases any knowledge of her
she does actively erase anyone who tries to worship her though
as far as FR's Ao goes he is certainly an obscure overgod
people remember he exists from time to time when does something important in the setting meta but seeing as how he doesn't answer prayers or grant powers or anything they tend to forget he exists just as quickly
but actively taking steps to prevent people worshipping or knowing about him would be out of character
3:07 PM
Q: Conquest paladins Fear spell hurts allies until lv10?

EbolaSpreadn247So, I noticed an odd detail about Conquest paladins' ability to use Fear spell regularily. And it seems bizarre, I feel like I'm missing something/literally cannot read. The conquest paladin gets their aura at lv7. They get the fear spell at lv9. And they get Aura of Courage at lv10. Basically, u...

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6:40 PM
@Carcer; well that would make targeting the Lady of Pain a good idea
If the erases worshipers than making her an enemy seems wise.
@STTLCU I would say give it a day between posts. That way you give a good enough amount of time for responses to your previous iteration in case someone picks up on something that was missed b others. Definitely don't put up like 8 posts in the same day. We had someone do that a few weeks ago, where they wanted to have like 8 different subclasses reviewed all at once. Didn't work out well.
Anybody want a head-bolt of tremorsense?
6:56 PM
@Joshua uhhh good luck with that
@RevenantBacon We actually specifically say three days
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8:28 PM
Q: Does casting spells through Mizzium Apparatus allow for upcasting?

Vittorio CaranoMizzium Apparatus lets a caster cast a spell on their spell list for which they have a spell slot of the spells level to cast a spell that they don't know, assuming a successful arcana check.. Per DMG (page 141) some magic items allow the user to cast a spell from the item. The spell is cast at...

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9:38 PM
Dead Letter Dungeon by Aaron King. A folding one-page dungeon
Kickstarter: What Once Went Wrong (Zine Quest 3) by Craig Campbell. A time travel RPG of altruism and discovery inspired by Quantum Leap
Kickstarter: Traveler's Trunk: Magical Emporium Zine by Paige Connelly. a black and white zine of 30 new items for Fantasy RPGs.
Player Memo Kit by r-n-w. A set of vintage-inspired printables for your 5e character journal.
10:02 PM
BESW has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Let's see if that takes.
Viditya Voleti wrote a twitter thread encouraging BIMPOC itch designers to tag their games "poc made."
The Spirit Library by lostwaysclub. Catalogue spirits for the Spirit Library's shelves
10:44 PM
@Someone_Evil Well, as long as it's not 8 in one day ;D

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