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2:26 AM
@BESW the concept sort of reminds me of Ryan North's choose-your-own-adventure book and game To Be or Not To Be. (...I should play that at some point, given that I recently bought it... but I have hundreds of other Steam games I haven't played either)
on that note, that thought plus the itch.io links above makes me wonder about how it feels like a massive task for me to take in a "new" piece of media - even when there's no additional cost to me (e.g. if it's free or I already own it)
I wonder why that is
and then I sometimes end up buying additional things (this was especially true a while back for me with Steam games - less so nowadays in general) even despite my massive "backlog" that I've made virtually no progress on
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3:50 AM
In retrospect, it seems likely that it's tied to my ADHD, specifically the "executive dysfunction" aspect of ADHD... The same thing that makes it hard for me to get started with any other task
4:18 AM
Q: Can a Thief rogue use the Fast Hands feature to draw something from a magic item as a bonus action?

FamisuMy DM gave me a magic little bag, Heward's handy spice pouch, which has the description: Someone holding the pouch could reach into it and speak the name of any type of nonmagical seasoning—salt, pepper, saffron etc.—and produce enough of that seasoning to apply to a single meal. This power c...

5:00 AM
@V2Blast I've been trying not to buy new video games, unless I'm really enthused about them. But freebies? Gimme gimme. (Similar for RPGs)
5:41 AM
@Adeptus the free-for-a-limited-time I'll happily get (and never play), unless it's total garbage (or, for TTRPGs, an adventure/expansion/etc. for a system whose core rules aren't also free). but the always-free stuff is just more to add to the mental pile
6:38 AM
Q: How is the damage calculated for the kraken's Fling action?

KarazuAmong my group, there seem to be multiple ways of interpreting the damage from the kraken's Fling action: Fling. One Large or smaller object held or creature grappled by the kraken is thrown up to 60 feet in a random direction and knocked prone. If a thrown target strikes a solid surface, the...

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7:48 AM
Shoot 'n' Loot by Mitchell Salmon is a Rules-Lite Tactical Shooter TTRPG with Millions of Guns, Powered by the Apocalypse. It uses a unique map-drawing approach to fast-paced, lightly tactical combat. It contains everything you need to jump straight into a setting-agnostic high octane world of explosions, bullets, and mayhem.
8:39 AM
@V2Blast I'm a bit confused by whatever this recent Spellcasting errata is. Say you got a spell from a feat that appears on only the Cleric spell list, if you are a Wizard then you can't cast that spell using "Wizard" spell slots. But if you're a Cleric then you can because you can use your "Cleric" spell slots to cast the spell. But say you're a Wizard 5, you can't cast the spell using slots at all. That makes sense
But if you, next level, multiclass into Cleric then suddenly all of your spell slots are compatible with the spell? (As far as I'm aware, when multiclassing there is no such thing as a "Wizard" or "Cleric" spell slot)
8:54 AM
@Medix2 It's from 2018, not that recent :P
I think it has no impact on multiclassing directly, because the multiclass spellcasting rules override specific Spellcasting features in terms of determining the number of spell slots you have (if you have the Spellcasting feature from more than one class) and in determining whether you can use Pact Magic slots to cast spells known/prepared from the Spellcasting feature or vice versa
if single-classed, at least, it basically prevents using slots from your Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature to cast things that aren't spells of that class for you. That is, the Sage Advice Compendium already said you can't use your wizard slots to cast the 1st-level spell from the Magic Initiate feature unless you are a wizard. the errata made it so that claim is actually true by RAW.
The same is true for other feats that say you "know"/"learn" a leveled spell, for single-classed casters at least
it's way too late at night for me to remember or figure out how that ends up interacting with multiclassing, though
there's probably a few questions about it
but the tl;dr on what the errata specifically said/did is that the Ranger's Spellcasting feature used to say:
> The Ranger table shows how many spell slots you have to cast your spells of 1st level and higher.
it now says:
> The Ranger table shows how many spell slots you have to cast your ranger spells of 1st level and higher.
And a corresponding change was made to every class's Spellcasting/Pact Magic feature, for those that have it
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2:56 PM
I'm probably gonna go through and ask about multiclassing if I don't find a question already @V2Blast
3:12 PM
Anybody know if bounty descriptions support [TEXT](link) sort of stuff?
3:50 PM
Ever enhance seven league boots with water walking?
4:40 PM
@Medix2 I know we did have a question on this recently (specifically how it interacts with Pact Magic) and my conclusion there was that it doesn't change anything, because the Multiclassing rules (1) treat all non-Warlock classes as just contributing to a total caster level with a single pool of spell slots, and (2) let you use Pact Magic slots with non-Warlock spells and vice versa.
Quiet weekend.
@Medix2 I believe they do... [rummages]
@MarkWells I was trying to find such a question, a link would be greatly appreciated and I may open a question on how it works with multiple spellcasters but... I think it's technically already covered in this thing
@nitsua60 Yeah my Stack/Google-Fu did not seem to be adequate to get an answer
@MarkWells Perhaps you were thinking of this one?
5:23 PM
@Medix2 Here.
Oh yeah I've seen that but it's pretty different
It definitely would answer my question, so if I do end up asking, feel free to adjust and transport that on over
Under a very literal reading of the errata change, it would mean that if you're a single-class caster, you can't use your spell slots for non-class spells, but if you're a multiclass caster, you can (unless it's Warlock + one other class). Which is really weird.
^ Yeah that exact behavior is why I would ask the question, it makes almost no sense to me
And well... the rules certainly don't always make sense anyhow, just wondering if I'd missed something somehow
And even weirder, it only affects these oddball not-any-class spells, because if you have spells from another class then you're a multiclass caster.
Yuup, definitely not my favorite part of the rules
5:30 PM
I'd really like to know what the intent of that change was.
100% this ^
Voting begins tomorrow for the moderator election. So, last chance to nominate yourself!
Oh gosh darn it, I forgot close reasons autocreate messages... Do my comments here come across poorly?
@Medix2 Nope they look fine to me. You probably could get rid of the third one since the only new info it adds is that you're voting to close.
Done it then, thanks!
6:25 PM
I'm fairly certain you can answer question while having 1 reputation, no?
@Medix2 yup.
It's a primary way of getting rep =)
(Unless the reason for having 1 rep is a suspension, that is....)
Yeah this user has stated otherwise, and I hesitate to state another comments since I've already done quite a lot and fear everything coming across horribly
What's the where, now?
6:26 PM
Yeah help would be immensely appreciated, as I'm not quite sure what to do
@Medix2 Np--be right there.
They can't answer protected "highly active questions" which requires 10 rep on our stack
@Medix2 And I think your instinct to back away isn't crazy. They seem to be under some misconceptions, but also seem to be holding firmly to them. Not always a productive combo to do anything about.
@Someone_Evil Good point!
@Someone_Evil OH! Well you learn something new every day, thanks for that
@Medix2 that said, I think your answer's convincing-ness to OP might be greatly improved by leading with PHB p. 189: "you can take only one bonus action on your turn, so you must choose which bonus action to use when you have more than one available."
6:31 PM
@nitsua60 If you look at the edit history, I had a whole section on that but the OP is saying that's it's still only one bonus action
They clarified "if you re-read my breakdown, there is only one Bonus Action. That bonus action has two attacks" so I removed the section about number of bonus actions
@Medix2 hurk
Sorry, that actually was my reaction.
My opinion: they asked a meh question, they seem to misunderstand something about how the stack works, and they've got some squirrelyness around actions/bonus actions/attacks/Attack action/&c. (Tbf, WotC didn't help that last one much.)
Nothing there ^^ is urgent, so I'd just let it lie.
Every answer the person gets is going to say 3 attacks--they can take it or leave it.
@nitsua60 "WotC didn't help that last on much" gosh have I heard that phrase a lot
At this point I'd suggest disengaging until/unless they ask actual questions.
I was sitting here trying to figure out why I wasn't getting reputation notifications, then I remembered it doesn't notify you of changes if it's already negative
Yeah I'm stepping away from it now
Immense thanks for the help
@Medix2 Yeah--bountying is a good way to "turn off" notifications for a while =)
@Medix2 :thumbsup:
6:39 PM
Does Stack support this symbol even: 👍 (It does!)
Stack does, not all browsers support full unicode
Now I'm wondering if there's some horrible feature that allows you to take the Attack action as a bonus action...
@Medix2 I'd be surprised. I have heard it relayed secondhand that the three things Mearls/Perkins have laid down as "never touch these!" are the limit of three attunements, the limit of concentrating on one thing, and the limit on one bonus action. I know what you said isn't quite that, but it's near-neighbor enough that I find my mind shying away from it....
Artificers and Niv Mizzet have some words
6:57 PM
@Someone_Evil I haven't followed Artificers (at all)--is there somewhere they're flirting with one of those lines?
@nitsua60 Increased attunement limit, starting at 10th up to 6 total at 20th. Though a number of their infusions also use attunement
@Someone_Evil Must they use the infusions? Or could an artificer theoretically attune 6 things straight from the DMG?
@nitsua60 They could
Infusions are sort of comparable with warlock invocations (looking at how much they define and/or empower the character), so not something you want to ignore
7:09 PM
they could just pick non-attune infusions or hand all the infused items to other PCs, right?
Sure, I'll also heavily advocate using your infusions on your partymembers (giving your rogue a +1 rapier makes them so happy), but I've also not had the attunement limit be particularly relevant in a game of mine, so YMMV
@Someone_Evil Interesting.
In their defense, maybe this is why artificers went through 19 or 20 UA revisions?
(he he he)
7:26 PM
Gosh it's weird going back to an old question/answer and realizing how differently you write things now
@nitsua60 I mean it's hard to make a character concept that makes magic items work in a system thats build assuming magic items aren't made by players
7:55 PM
@nitsua60 Okay I'm actually just gonna step away for a while now, I had hoped the question could be resolved better and now I just feel bad
@Medix2 Oh, I wasn't watching. All okay?
Yeah I'm gonna leave a final comment and step away
@Medix2 "Final comment"?
Do you need to?
Or can someone just be wrong on the internet?
Oh, I see it now--looks fine.
(Explaining why you deleted your answer makes sense.)
Yeah turns out their question was a lot more about the intricate details of the definition of a bonus action (which the books suck at defining)
And the differences between a "special action" and an "additional action" amongst other things
8:13 PM
@Medix2 I don't really have anything to say about it. My answer to the sorcerer/warlock question was more or less that the rules don't say and you have to make a ruling.
When the context of the question is a practical situation at the table, an answer like that can work, because there often is some basis for a ruling--game balance, or perceived fairness, or how much table time is going to be taken up bookkeeping this guy's Sorcery Points, etc.
When it's just a rules question in isolation, there's no basis for making a ruling and not really any reason you need one.
8:52 PM
I've got to say, @kang's new answer to the old "how many attacks" question doesn't strike me as insane. I mean, it's clearly at odds with the broad and near-universal understanding of what's going on, but I'm having a hard time pinning down anywhere in the rules or SAC one could point to say "that's blatantly wrong."
9:08 PM
I'd probably point to booming blade or flame blade or spiritual weapon which would benefit from Extra Attack, or the fact that it is explicitly stated that anything that deprives you of the ability to take actions also prevents you from taking bonus action, which, by their logic, did not need to be stated
Fair points--I'm moving on for the night, this seems to be productive (on mainsite) for the moment. Thanks @Medix2 for raising a hand to say "hey, this seems like it's going off the rails" back at the beginning.
I definitely think I could have handled myself better but I'm glad it seems mostly resolved at the moment. I greatly appreciate the help
@nitsua60 If you're still about, do you mind (if you agree) to push that comment thread to a chat room? It looks like it's going to need (or at least have) some talking out
@Someone_Evil On the new answer to the old question?
@nitsua60 New answer is where I'm seeing ongoing activity
9:22 PM
Yup. On it!
There's also an interesting thing going on where OP posted a new question that was really "different answer to this older question, but I don't have rep to post it there, is my understanding right?" I went ahead and unprotected the old question and OP posted there. And now another high-rep user has re-protected the question. I intend to open a meta to explore that-all, but I have to run now for most of the rest of a day... =(
9:38 PM
Well that's ^^ the best new thing in the world today =)
He's an IT guy, so his chicken coops are all wired with webcams and electronic controls for the doors and ventilation. He's watching his chickens in this photo.
10:01 PM
That puts my sister's chicken coops with her chickens to shame a little tech wise :P
10:16 PM
Q: What happens if a wizard attempts to create a complex object using True Polymorph?

firionLet's say that a wizard tries to create a vessel using True Polymorph. Now, a vessel is made of a main wooden body and many other parts, more or less "removable" (e.g. sails, wheel, furniture, crates, ropes). Are they created along with the main body? Is it necessary to roll for some knowledge ch...

10:30 PM
"You have two stats: DINOSAUR and SHRED" by HyveMynd (Twitter link)
THat was a fun end for a campaign. My characters saved the world but had to go to a different world and took a couple of cool NPCs with them. Then they changed into elves in the new world, spent a few days getting Geased into servitude by a rich woman who apparently owned the NPCs that came before them and they managed to kind of get in touch with one of them and escape. And thus we transitioned from Fate to Dnd
Yey! I'm glad it was good for your group.
1 hour later…
11:50 PM
Q: How much damage do I deal with the Shocking Grasp cantrip?

AmicableThe description of the shocking grasp cantrip says: Make a melee spell attack against the target. You have advantage on the attack roll if the target is wearing armor made of metal. On a hit, the target takes 1d8 lightning damage, and it can’t take reactions until the start of its next ...

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