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12:05 AM
Or it has the same communicative skills as a pokemon and just keeps going "longsword! longsword!"
Now I want to make my players learn the hard way why a magic weapon is simply called Dagger
@BESW Can a talking weapon just talk, or does it need to listen too?
The ability to hear does not mean it will listen
I'm just riffing off Miniman saying nothing says "bigger than other swords" like the fullblade. Of course, it also says "requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency", which is not usually something you want weapons to say.
@BESW Gah.
12:25 AM
@skullpatrol long time no see
[obligatory QM reference]
1 hour later…
1:50 AM
Is it wrong I just suddenly had the image a hulking half orc barbarian walking into a pub looking for a drink and quick work carrying a huge sword strapped to his back, and the sword just wont stop making crude jokes, innuendos about size and taunting all the other blades present.
Then specifically mentions the half giant fully plated palladin in the corner with twin scimitars and how hes compensating for not being able to wield a real weapon so he uses two swords more "accurately sized" for representation.
@BradleyLindsey the half-orc tries singing an old lullaby to the sword to soothe it
@Shalvenay hush little bladey youll get your blood?
@BradleyLindsey No, it is not wrong. That's part of the fun in fantasy rpgs.
I suddenly feel like whenever the sword gets on his nerves too much he uses the small dagger strapped to his hip just because. The +1 vampiric dagger like Artemis Entrerri used against Drizzt
Q: How much room is needed for Call Lightning?

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7 hours later…
8:53 AM
Q: Does the Artillerist Artificer add their spellcasting damage mod to attacks using their Force Balista?

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11:10 AM
BTW, for anyone who came across this post (visible to 10K users only, since it's deleted), see these posts on MSE:
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@MikeQ see above
11:56 AM
Q: What's in a Dead God?

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12:07 PM
Just a funny question, earlier I haven seen the dice with cuboidal shape, now new dice are perfect cube.
Will that effect chance of getting some number?
I mean we usually through the dice along the longer side I mean dice rolled along longer side, and cube we can choose any side.
Hi, sorry I forget My intro I am yuvraj, a new user to this chat room.
@YuvrajSingh... By cuboidal, do you mean eg. a cube with a rounded shape?
Around the corners, I mean
A Dice which has three unequal side
And longest side is length
Breadth and height.
Hm, doesn't sound familiar to me.
Quite old dice.
But very famous during 1700
1 hour later…
1:33 PM
I don't think a cuboid but not actually cube six-sided die could be balanced without some really weird weight distribution going on
so some results would be more likely than others, whereas on a perfect cube die every number should be equally likely
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
@Carcer yes!
That, s what my point earlier I had that kind of cube.
2:50 PM
Yeah, if the die lacks symmetry between the faces it's unlikely to be balanced
There's also "long dice" or "barrel dice" that can be balanced despite having an unusual shape
I haven't seen anyone ever actually use a barrel die but I think they're conceptually neat. Especially as a substitute for d4 which doesn't really roll satisfyingly :-)
1 hour later…
4:27 PM
There's a lot of weird dice (there's always skew dice of course), but nearly any rectangular die won't be balanced without some very odd weight distribution simply because the surface area isn't evenly distributed
The problem with non-symmetric dice is that the probability of the faces will depend on material properties, both of the die and the surface it is rolled on
5:04 PM
@Shalvenay @ACuriousMind -- sorry, but I can't make it today. I've got some family stuff in the early afternoon.
6:02 PM
Q: Making the first level magic user combat fun

Jerry JeremiahA fighter gets to hit something every round. An assassin can backstab someone if they are really lucky with their hide in shadows and move silently. A cleric with more than 13 wisdom gets more than one miracle (spell) and he can melee as well. But a magic user with an 18 intelligence gets one s...

6:23 PM
@Shalvenay howdy, shal, I have resurfaced at WB.SE and have a link for you. This paper was a real eye opener when it was published and I hope that you find it at the least entertaining.
3 hours later…
9:12 PM
Is that paper a RL thing or a DnD campaign thing? Its interesting at the least just curious about the origin. Ya know?
The one Korvin linked? Doesn't seem related to D&D, but as the intro says:
> The letter that follows takes us on a darkly imagined excursion into the future. [...] It goes without saying (I hope) that the coup scenario above is purely a literary device intended to dramatize my concern over certain contemporary developments affecting the armed forces, and is emphatically not a prediction.
10:03 PM
Ahhhh that answers it. I think on the D&D thing i was meaning more of just an RPG setting.

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