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Probably would be better with Hufflepuff as Champion dedication instead, for dat heavy armor
I should make a halfling or gnome warlock named Anita Rest.
Every Wizard in Harry Potter is actually a Sorcerer cosplaying as a Wizard, CMV.
(For evidence, I cite the existence of people who literally cannot perform magic despite years of studying, because HP made the mistake of making itself partly about.... that)
At the same time, HP wizards learn more spells through study.
I killed my computer this weekend :(
HP wizards aren't easily comparable to D&D variety casters, really
4:06 PM
@Yuuki Extremely Chris Hemsworth face Do they, though?
@Yuuki but they LEARN the spells, they don't have a spellbook.
@Delioth How dare you? There is no work of fantasy fiction that cannot be perfectly described by the mechanics of D&D!
@Carcer what about the D&D cartoon?
It sure seems like in 7 years of studying, Harry just keeps going back to Expelliarmus...
@Yuuki They could be bards.
4:07 PM
Avarda Cadavra is just power word kill
@goodguy5 except that one. That one's got nothing to do with D&D at all
They get arbitrary numbers of spells without tiring (so decidedly non-vancian), they learn new spells by learning the magic words (which is pretty wizard-like) but don't have to write them down or memorize them per day (which is really sorcerer-like)
Or, 6 years and a road trip, technically.
@Carcer The cartoon was a great representative of the game! With the Dungeon Master being the primary source of conflict, and the acrobat constantly outclassing the wizard, and Tiamat just sorta wandering around randomly
And "natural talent" is a pretty important part of being a HP wizard, but isn't correlated to any of the stats that D&D has (Ron, Harry, and Hermione are all relatively comparable wizards, even though they all have different focus and dump stats)
4:09 PM
@Xirema in fairness, cantrips do scale with level
Well, in the 6th book, they learn to apply metamagic to spells.
So there's that.
Even then, they don't appear to be limited in the spells they cast whatsoever, outside of some arbitrary idea of "difficult" that only seems to manifest as "can or cannot cast spell" with the exception of Fiendfyre that'll eat you if you aren't "good enough"
But if they can cast a spell they can do it as often as they like, it seems
@Delioth INT was Ron's dump stat
just like most of my characters
Yeah, Harry has high Cha and dumped Wis; Hermionie has high Int and dumped Cha; Ron has high Wis and dumped Int
you could argue that Harry has high CON
4:14 PM
@Delioth My actual point is that in HP, "Magic" that humans can perform is characterized as coming from within a person, regardless of the person, which is the only way you can explain characters like Finch, whose entire deal is that he cannot perform magic /at all/ which is..... a curious worldbuilding decision...
HP uses D&D mechanics, except most of the characters are spellcasting NPCs instead of player classes. The only PC is Hermione, who has wizard levels. Harry's the DMPC, with unbalanced homebrew magic rules.
@Himitsu_no_Yami i suppose the "boy who lived" subclass gives you some bonuses to death saving throws
Like, if the D&D conception of a Wizard exists in the HP universe, then he would just be one of those: a person who channels the ambient magic in the universe. But in HP, magic seems to only exist within and between sentient (or maybe just sapient) life.
@Yuuki Either that or he had 100+ HP
Harry's the DMPC
"Yeah, baby with 2 con somehow had Legendary resistance or something to negate the instant-death spell that apparently doesn't allow a save or anything"
[later retcons into "Mother sacrificed for (effects)"]
Insta-death is cantrip btw
4:18 PM
@Delioth Technically not a retcon, IIRC: it was established book 1 that that was how Harry survived, I believe.
I kinda figured, it's been too long since I read them and wife isn't easy to reference when we're at work
At the very least, heavily implied.
Like, I think that was the whole point of the "So you broke literally every single rule we have, but you stopped an evil plot so I guess you're actually the big-time hero" speech Dumbledore gave him while he was recovering in the hospital wing.
If there was a retcon about that night, it was about Voldemort giving Lily multiple attempts to leave.
Ostensibly at the request of Snape.
Ron's probably also a PC. Bard, maybe.
Malfoy's the third PC, but he bungled the initial social encounter with the DMPC. As punishment he is forever split from the party, off doing his own sidequests.
4:23 PM
@MikeQ reminds me of my first character. I failed the social encounter with the rest of the party. Only my punishment was death
If Rowling's interviews are to be believed, Ginny is actually the DMPC, and Harry is the character she allowed her boyfriend/husband to bring to the table.
And then years later, she realized how self-indulgent that was, hence why she started saying Harry should have hooked up with Hermione.
Ginny is a macguffin. Neither PC nor NPC.
I thought she said Hermione was the DMPC and that she avoided hooking them up because it felt too self-indulgent.
Yeah, Ginny is definitely the macguffin that the players then got too attached to, seeing as she didn't/barely appeared in the first book
That's a weird kind of attachment, given that she barely appears outside the second book.
4:26 PM
Neville was supposed to be PC #4, but the player couldn't attend most of the sessions, and never got around to learning the spellcasting mechanics, and eventually just took fighter levels
I stand by the statement that Harry's the DMPC though - he gets too much special treatment to not be. Either that or he's also a macguffin and what the players do didn't actually matter since the whole main plot is staged (the Hero can manage to overcome everything without the players, really)
@JohnP At your SE-accessible address?
@Delioth He's certainly the DMPC, if not the primary questgiver
@nitsua60 Yeah, that'll work. Although I do need to update it eventually, it's become a spam collector over the years.
@Yuuki I mean, speaking as someone who wrote an author avatar into the novel I've been trying to write, she only shows up for like ten pages in the novel and is just there to break the plot in half, five books later, if the series is successful enough to merit sequels...
4:28 PM
@JohnP Okay.
Since most of the plot points are "Harry did something heroic", often with minimal actual assistance (and if it is, it's certainly not from the players, it's from Dumbledore, fake mad-eye, hagrid, his dead family, etc)
@Delioth minimal assistance? really?
I mean he faces the Big Bad (tm) one on one most of the time, but the rest of the time he has to be led around by the hand and/or helped out.
Eh, a lot of the assistance harry ends up getting is getting him to the place where he does [heroic thing] or fails to do [heroic thing].
Harry's 1-v-1 duels vs NPCs are just cutscenes
Maybe a ghost or the incarnate Power of Love will manifest to give Harry in edge, but that only happens because the players complained
@Delioth Which, arguably, is the greater part of the books.
4:33 PM
What I'm hearing is that Harry Potter, if recreated in D&D, is just a glorified and extensive escort mission except when you fail there's several extra layers of backup because the escortee is also the GMPC (Sirius, dead family, special is-a-horcrux power, etc)
With a lot of cutscenes where the escortee is getting help from not-the-party
@Delioth That is scientifically 100% correct
Any scene without the PCs is just backstory explaining the quest that they must help with. Like that time the DM had to justify a 1-on-1 session where they tried out the vehicle driving mechanics.
@Delioth In fairness, I think you could say that about most mass-market media.
The real PC is Voldemort and the whole plot is the DM trying to punish this murderhobo.
If there was a credible chance any of the "Main" characters could die, the series would have ended with Book 4.
But due to the Anthropic Principle, the story has to happen in such a way where the important characters don't die, because if they did die, the story would be over and the series would end.
7 books is too many anyways, Harry Potter is just two completely separate trilogies that happen to have an interlude book that binds them together
4:36 PM
ASoIaF is arguably the only plausible counter-example, and even then it's really only because the story introduced a bunch of "fake" main characters and pretended they were real until it was convenient to off them.
Since most of what happens in 1-3 is a totally different story from what's happening in 5-7
Best "main" character death ever was Sturm Brightblade. But, since that series was basically a novelization of an extended campaign, that makes sense.
Sturm's death was the best and worst, he was my favorite character and he died in the best way possible
Think about it: Tom Riddle is born a descendant of ancient and powerful bloodline (Slytherin), his parent dies and he's sent to an orphanage, he has astounding magical power even as a kid, the first DMPC (Dumbledore) personally meets with him to send him to wizarding school, he's a superstar at wizarding school...
@Delioth My favorite was Raistlin, followed closely by Tas.
4:38 PM
But then Flint was my favorite and then he died like, the next book
And then he tries to kill everyone he lays his eyes on.
Sounds like a murderhobo PC to me.
Caramon was after Flint, which was a good choice apparently since he and Raistlin got a whole trilogy with time travel
@Yuuki So in the follow-up campaign, which character do you think was played by Tom Riddle's player?
@MikeQ Ironically enough, probably Snape.
Quirrel, then Ginny, then Wormtail, then Tom again
4:42 PM
He visibly hates the rest of the party, tries to come up with a tragic backstory that seems fine until you take a closer look at it, and ultimately the DM punishes him again by having his former character kill his current one.
Hmm... I dunno. I figured that they wanted to try out a new character. I'm guessing Hermione since they already have a good grasp on the lore and spellcasting rules.
I'm not sure - have you ever heard of a GM punishing a murderhobo, and then the murderhobo reforming because of it? Knowing human nature, I'd expect the murderhobo would dig in further (and try to revive his old PC who had perfect stats)
Nah, I imagine they agreed the original campaign was too adversarial and combat-focused, so the DM created a less murdery sequel campaign, and the player switched over to a more supportish build
Q: Alternatives to boxes

Weckar E.I have a box problem. 90% of all my original magic items either are boxes, or are inside boxes. I try to hide it by making them interesting shapes, but ultimately a box is a box. It has gotten to the point where if I even so much as mention a box, the words "a box, must be important!" can be hea...

@HotRPGQuestions WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!
confused brad pitt noises
4:53 PM
@HotRPGQuestions I feel like you could post this to /r/fifthworldproblems and no one would skip a beat.
> All of the Objects in my house have suddenly turned into abstract colored cubes, how do I reverse this?
@Xirema Why would you even want to reverse it
@Xirema This subreddit really speaks to me
5:10 PM
I personally love that question, and how the answers are basically split between "don't put interesting stuff in the box", "put angery stuff in the box", and "keep putting interesting stuff in the box"
@Delioth I think there should be a terducken box. An outer box with angery stuff, a middle box with some good stuff, and an inner box with nothing to make them wonder.
It's a mimic, with a portable hole inside, which contains an empty box
So it's The Luggage?
@MikeQ Well played, sir.
@MikeQ I feel like this is a Discworld reference...
5:19 PM
Its too off topic for me to leave a comment (as much as I want to), but I had to say this reminds me of a book where the (magician) main character is a specialist in "minor mending", but ends up in a state of temporary near god-hood, and so does a bit of "minor mending" to repair the entire world.
You can leave a comment. Just note that comments can get deleted, and comments that aren't corrections or follow-up questions tend to get deleted first.
well, I feel like I shouldn't be leaving comments that I suspect will be deleted...
as I said... deeply off topic. More of a fun aside than anything else.
@mbrig That would be the Magicians by Lev Grossman unless I'm very much mistaken. FWIW I loved those books
They turned it into a TV show!? It has 4 series? How have I not heard of this?
@Someone_Evil - Hey, they turned The Magicians into a tv series. Got 4 seasons, pretty good so far. 5th season confirmed.
5:35 PM
The series is... watchable? It's not awful but it's really a mess, in terms of tone and writing and pacing
@Someone_Evil ah yeah, that would be the name. Great books from what I remember. I remember I was impressed Grossman managed to create a satisfying/happy (but not cheesy) ending, given the buildup.
@MikeQ I stopped, but a buddy of mine said they shifted pretty hard from the books and it got better.
Hmm.. actually thinking back, I'm not sure many of the things I loved about the books would translate well to TV. I might need to read them again though
I also couldn't deal with all the angst. It was...too much.
@NautArch That doesn't go away. The biggest change after s1 is that the plot gets less focused, and often involves the main characters breaking reality
5:49 PM
@MikeQ Looks like I'm going to opt not to continue. I also haven't watched the last season of Agents of Shield.Mostly because I set my DVR wrong and I don't have the first 2-3 episodes.
yeah... I think in a book I can plow through angst rather quickly, but a TV show might exaggerate it.
I'm tempted but I dunno if I want to "soil" my memories of the books lol
6:13 PM
@Rubiksmoose Can you see if a comment has been deleted? I thought I had responded to one, but it's gone. Just want to make sure it was deleted and not that I forgot to add it so I don't add it again.
@NautArch I can! Post?
I've dealt with a lot of comment flags and cleanup today so it is entirely possible that it got removed.
Q: What part of a multi-type damage roll is reduced by a non-type-specific effect?

Isaac ReefmanEffects like Cutting Words (PHB, p. 54) and Spirit Shield (XGtE, p. 10) reduce damage by a roll, irrespective of damage type (PHB 196). However, single damage rolls can have multiple damage types, as confirmed (for wording) by Jeremy Crawford in this tweet. How do you know which part of the da...

Comments under the question.
(is that the one you are referring to?)
That's the one! If you wanted to delete it, that's fine. BUt should probably delete the one I was responding to as well.
Just didn't want to mischaracterize my answer.
@NautArch Well I think I just cleaned up all the comments and brought back the ones that looked relevant. As that user was the one that put the bounty down I thought the reasons why might be handy, but I didn't notice you were defending your answer.
6:24 PM
@Rubiksmoose I probably could have been more explicit that my answer was saying that :)
@NautArch Nah no worries. I'll just leave them both for now. Unless it starts a huge discussion or something. We can clean it up later after the bounty becomes a bit less relevant.
6:51 PM
Q: Do animals summoned by the Conjure Animals spell get extra HP from Circle of the Shepherd's Spirit Totem ability?

voidstateThis came up last game and seems very powerful. A 5th level druid gives each animal an extra 10hp. This let our druid summon 8 boars with nearly double hp (21 instead of 11). Do summoned creatures count as allies? Should there be a limit to the nunber of allies affected?

7:30 PM
@nitsua60 This is an accurate summary of the love triangle in the Hunger Games series.
@KorvinStarmast There's a significant difference between bouillon and bullion :P
@Yuuki I had to translate this sentence from Japanese on Duolingo recently.
@V2Blast Oh dang. I don't know if I can properly say that yet.
"Nani ga haitte ni hako imasu ka?" maybe?
> はこの中には何がありますか?
@V2Blast Aw weeird. I would definitely not have gotten there. (Not that I'm doubting it or anything)
and naka makes so much more sense then haitte.
7:49 PM
@JohnP Oooh, love the turducken box. Love it! No, You'll never encounter one in Salt Marsh, really ...
@nitsua60 Yes of course, hence the switch to velcro fastened sneakers a la Kyle Reese in the first Terminator movie.
@V2Blast True enough, though I do recall a "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" episode where there was some kind of gold flake on the ice cream of the very rich and the very famous. I don't know why !
8:15 PM
@KorvinStarmast Because rich people.
How do you moderators have so much time in the day to work on this site? Is this your job?
@Eternallord66 something something "working"
@Eternallord66 No (at least in my case), but I have been a programmer/systems integrator for 20 years. I have a browser open to a SE site most of the day. Compiling, you know.
9:15 PM
@JohnP Flint. Flint all the way. I still tear up reading that, no matter that it's horrible writing!
@Eternallord66 mumble mumble work odd hours mumble....
Well, we made it another session without anyone dying so I think today went well
@Himitsu_no_Yami That's what SE said...
I don't think you understand why this is such an accomplishment
We had like 8 people die in the first two or three sessions
@Himitsu_no_Yami also what SE said...
Sorry I m not poking fun at you. and if you think I am I will retract completely.
9:30 PM
I'm just lost
I'm sorry.
So maybe this campaign was secretly a Dark Souls campaign this whole time. XD
You die a thousand times until you learn how to not die.
I said that to the DM and he's just like "And then you die anyway"
@Himitsu_no_Yami I mean, naturally.
but he got a good laugh out of it
and so did I
9:38 PM
@Eternallord66 I'm unemployed myself :P That said, I don't usually spend too much time at once on RPG.SE - I just check on it regularly.
> When does a joke become a "dad joke"?
> When it becomes apparent.
@Yuuki I just exhaled sharply through my nose when I read that
@Yuuki You come inTO MY HOUSE—
@MikeQ ah but have you seen /r/seventhworldproblems?
10:26 PM
@Carcer Sounds like the Solar System Die Drop Table to me.
Apr 15 at 12:49, by BESW
"Solar System Die Drop Table!" by Saker Tarsos on Tarsos Theorem.
But see also Diaspora and macaroni
May 30 '18 at 23:48, by BESW
You generate system map connection randomly with 4dF (negative is "connect to next in line," zero is "like minus AND next unconnected after that," positive is "like zero AND next unconnected after that"). This kind of map automatically creates choke points, dead ends, trade hubs, backwaters, whatever those mean in an interstellar map or a map of a dungeon or a character relationship map. And then you connect these systems to each other by treating each group as a point on a larger map.
Jun 1 '17 at 13:43, by BESW
@DrRDizzle Macaroni.
@BESW took a while but you came through
@nitsua60 it’s often hard to know if a question has a simple answer or not. Eg I thought things like “how many comments before they get moved/deleted” and “how do I use the faq” are simple and that someone would just know.
10:41 PM
@BESW Very nice!
@jgn Nah. Most things on this site are very context dependent and rely on things like common sense and experience over hard and fast rules. We don't have very many rules that are hard, and those that we have are only that way for very specific reasons.
11:02 PM
@Yuuki makes face Bad @Yuuki no cookie
all y'all
@Yuuki ouch
@nitsua60 yeah Flint gets ya right in the feels fo sho.
@Ash there was a kidnapping at my son's preschool, but it's OK.
He woke up.
Rolemaster: Session Two. We meet the Werewolf! (Our main combat PC couldn't make it!).
My Healer spent the entire combat standing just behind the front-line, complaining that no-one was geting hurt!
11:19 PM
@JohnP I was like OMG WHAT and then I was like picard facepalm
@Ash hahahaha haha!
@JohnP you are bad, and you should feel bad #zoidberg
@BlackSpike well sorta. Maybe. Not really.
@BlackSpike just wait. You're going to break a window for a tpk. That's how rolemaster works.
@JohnP Yeah, waiting for that open-ended roll ...
@JohnP I was like "why is he telling me this? I mean it's awful but why me specifically....oh....*sigh*"
11:28 PM
@Ash well, because, you know... Slytherin
Ah, yes that would do it
@Ash I know. I'm horrible. I should be ashamed.
11:45 PM
You should.
11:58 PM
Well I guess I should hold onto all my terrible jokes for another time
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