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5:04 AM
I'm doing that thing again where I sign up for too many games and fill my free time with TTRPGs
My L5R beginner box game on Mondays seems to be becoming a campaign
I recently joined a CoS campaign (D&D 5e) on Fridays (first session was today)
And joined a POTA campaign on Sunday nights, though that doesn't start for a few weeks
and I came across a looking-for-players post for a Call of Cthulhu campaign set in India, and couldn't resist... so depending on when that game ends up being, I might end up playing in that too
that's in addition to my Lancer game on Saturday afternoons, the other Saturday game with chatizens here, the Sunday afternoon Adventures in Middle-Earth game, the streamed (5e) Planeslip game I'm in on Wednesday nights at midnight, and the SKT game I recently joined on Thursdays...
we'll see how many of these games survive
So what I'm hearing is that you are free to join my game I'm running on Tuesday
2 hours later…
7:31 AM
Good morning
Q: Can a Shadow Magic sorcerer control a Hound of Ill Omen as they would any other mount?

RuseSay I am a Small-sized Shadow Magic sorcerer. I summon a Hound of Ill Omen, I mount it, and I attempt to control it. Does it move as I direct it, choosing only between Dash, Disengage, and Dodge? Or does it only move towards its target, using every action to Attack it?

7:58 AM
@Sirv Well, the CoC game might end up being then since it's literally the only free evening I have :P
8:36 AM
so I forgot who mentioned Phoenix Wright here before, but I finally picked up the first,... 3 games I think? because they were on sale
I have to say, I enjoy it a lot
but also I have to take it in small doeses because good lord
the ridiculous things
I know what you mean ^^
I got into the series in the army because my best companion there was a huge fan of the series. (Incidentally, he also got me into Hitman)
But I haven't really been following the series' development with any zeal after that.
and I don't want it to sound like I hate it for this but,.. good god it's like if you are evil in that game, you have to be caught lying like 20 times?
and you can just accuse anyone you want of murder, they will be immediately arrested, and meanwhile they also have to prove you did it or they lose the case?
it's very weird
but also extremely satisfying
though often I also find I have evidence that should work but doesn't because that isn't what the game is looking for :/
that's my one major complaint
It is, by what I've understood, a satire of the Japanese justice system where the court is very heavily stacked in favor of the prosecution.
fair enough
it's just, even then it's extremely over the top XD
I do love it though
it's extremely fun
Yeah. It's rather silly in many ways
And how they localized it to take place in California
yes why not? XD
seems literally like the best time
to do that
@trogdor I've heard the newer installments get even crazier, eg. with murder trials decided by some magic that allows them to see the victim's last moments
Which, because drama, always is something excruciatingly misleading I'd believe
well,... there was already a spirit involved in the last one I did
and I,... at least think that's still the first game?
Yeah :D
I only did like 2,.. possibly 3 cases
8:49 AM
@kviiri Yep, it is
but yes at this point, I wouldn't put it past them making it weirder and weirder
and honestly I'm all for that
at that point I may very well end up only able to do one case a day XD
if I play any of the later ones
I have no idea how many of these games there are?
apparently at least three, I assume more than that
and here I was trying to take a break from Dicey Dungeons
assuming Phoenix Wright would be less intense
@trogdor There's about a dozen by now I'd think
yeah fair enough
I figured it was probably a lot but that's even more than I would have guessed
I mean, if you count all the spin-offs and such
I think I would
9:00 AM
I also played through the first Ace Attorney Investigations game where you solve crimes in a more conventional investigation setting, but with the series' trademark cross-examinations still being used
It was, in my opinion, very close in all aspects to the main series. The basic idea doesn't really change even if you move it from courthouses to the crime scenes :)
And yes, it's a very ridiculous series, but an enjoyable one.
@BESW Socrates Jones is a great homage to the series :)
Aviary Attorney is also inspired by it, but I didn't get very far in before I got sidetracked by life
Olly's playthrough is the closest I've come to the entire Attorney subgenre.
2 hours later…
10:40 AM
Because I still can't vocabulary properly: can I get help brainstorming non-specific terms for some character roles?
like what kind of thing
like tank/dps kinda roles?
like a job role? a dynamic role?
I'm trying to hack Lasers & Feelings for a more "space fantasy" feeling, and without any violence-as-default terminology. The original roles are doctor, envoy, engineer, explorer, pilot, scientist, and soldier.
Here's what I've got so far:
ah ok
I don't see much wrong necesarily with any of it besides soldier?
10:45 AM
> Doctor => Healer
Envoy => Diplomat
Engineer => Craftsfolk
Explorer => Telepath (Empath?)
Pilot =>
Scientist =>
Soldier => Therapist
But I'm not super happy with some of the replacements either.
I'm making something less... scientism.
Pilot - maybe guide?
Ooh I like that.
although that has other connoations
I'm also thinking about Shipfriend, since I've got this idea the ship is a living creature, like in Binti.
Scientist - sage, scholar?
10:48 AM
But for L&F style play, I think Guide is better.
Engineer -> Artificer, Alchemist, Carpenter, Mender, or maybe something more specific to how your non-scifi ships work
Why Soldier -> Therapist?
Doctor - physician, restorer, lifekeeper
One of my inspirations is "What would the rest of the Enterprise's crew and mission and activities look like if it was actually a place where the captain would have a therapist next to him on the bridge?"
And then I read a lot of interesting stuff recently about non-colonial exploration, both in games and in real-life space explorations.
Pilot => Wayfarer?
Move the focus to something more broad than ships/planes, just facilitating travel in general.
Yeah that depends on the role of pilot-equivalents in this setting
10:59 AM
You get an extra die if you're an expert in the thing you're doing, so I want it to be relatively broad.
Are pilots skilled by knowing the terrain/weather and how to navigate? Or are they skilled by communing with and controlling the ship-spirit-things?
In Binti, human spaceships are bio-engineered from shrimp-like creatures so that they have air-filled bladders which people can ride in, and the creatures love to travel across vast distances of space.
> The ship was a magnificent piece of living technology. Third Fish was a Miri 12, a type of ship closely related to a shrimp. Miri 12s were stable calm creatures with natural exoskeletons that could withstand the harshness of space. They were genetically enhanced to grow three breathing chambers within their bodies.
Scientists planted rapidly growing plants within these three enormous rooms that not only produced oxygen from the CO2 directed in from other parts of the ship, but also absorbed benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.
2 hours later…
2:06 PM
@BESW Try Soldier => Advisor based on what you want the Soldier to do for the Captain on the bridge. (The idea is that Soldier is acting as a being sounding board, "are you sure you wanna to that?" and maybe a little bit of Jimminy Cricket conscience.
FWIW, IRL in many navies a ship's captain has a senior advisor who is an experienced sailor. (You see this in some movies where the Chief of the Boat on a submarine acts as a voice of reason coming from the ranks during hard scenes ... very much an advisor)
@MikeQ They were in the age of sail, and are currently used in big harbors to guide in big ships. Our cruise ship took on board a pilot in one of the ports in Alaska that we pulled into. (IIRC it was Juneau, but it may have been in Ketchikan)
5 hours later…
7:27 PM
Q: How do the Etherealness and Banishment spells interact?

Medix2The etherealness spell states: You remain in the Border Ethereal for the duration or until you use your action to dismiss the spell... I am aware that the spell does not allow you to go back and forth like the blink spell and others. Let us asume somebody is under the effefts of etherealn...

8:26 PM
Q: Murderer's Gloves, which book is it from?

AndrásI tried googling it, but no luck. It is supposed to be good for rogues.

8:40 PM
@HotRPGQuestions um, ok then that's apparently a thing
2 hours later…
10:58 PM
I am baking a giiiiiiant funfetti cake. My house is gonna smell so good.
I'm making pinky-purple Script Change icons for custom Discord emoji, because Discord doesn't have all the right ones and also they're blue.
They're super janky as yet, but if anybody has a need, I can share 'em.
11:34 PM
I'm listening to Bonus Round, from Dicey Dungeons
I love it
Chipzel is some kind of ridiculous genius

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