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12:01 AM
@Miniman (I thought I pinged you--regarding the SEDE query--'round 0530 your time...?)
@nitsua60 This post was 9:20 my time.
Realllyyyyyy... I always thought we were 12 hours apart, +/-1 for "daylight" stupidity.
More like 18, from memory.
@Miniman Super Serious Reality Simulations?
We're at +10, you're around -8, right?
@BESW SQL Server Reporting Services.
12:05 AM
@Miniman That's west coast. Here on the east coast we alternate between -4 and -5, depending on whether we're 60 or 90 degrees west of London.
Ah, so closer to 15.
Or 9 =)
But still three off of what I'd thought =)
@Miniman No, I'm just barely keeping up with the database talk going on here, if that.
Ah, I just wondered - I'm having somewhat of a graphic design issue with it.
12:11 AM
Nah, I have no useful advice to offer there - he's already decided his build, just wants levelling order.
Also, hatmas this year is acting as a perverse disincentive to participating in the site for me.
@Miniman Interesting; sorry to hear that.
Something about this year, or Hatmas in general?
Well, this year I can only use the site while at work on mobile, and I'm trying to minimise even that. That leaves the period between work and sleep, which is a quiet one anyway.
this year's hatmass has had a much lesser incentive for me, personally
though I did like the vader hat and this moon hat a lot
none of the others though,......
That, combined with the much less exciting and much less attainable hat collection, makes hatmas not an incentive.
except, I do like SSD's hat, at least on his particular avatar
12:18 AM
And it becomes a disincentive because it means the site is a mess - edits bumping random questions all the time, fastest gun in the west even stronger, and so on.
So I've still been doing stuff, but I've felt fairly unenthused and disenfranchised overall.
@Miniman =(
It could also be a case of not being on the leaderboard - I'm only human, and not winning makes me less inclined to play the game :)
sorta a vicious "death spiral" of Hatmas, eh?
Yeah, that initial 12 hours of not being active while hatmas was getting started sort of set me on a downward path.
last year there were a lot more hats that I either liked because of what they looked like, or what you would do to get them
this year, not so much
12:23 AM
Yeah, this year it's much more dependent on others, and I haven't seen any hats I really wanted anyway.
though, again, I still really really like this one hat
@Miniman I have had an issue with that with every hatmass I have been here for
I get that some of them probably should rely on other people, but having more than just one that does that is a bummer to me
Mmm. My "Bad Dads" gimmick is a little forced compared to last year's.
and this year in particular has more than just that restriction on some hats
you mean, the number that end up depending on votes?
And then you've got SO-exclusive ones, and ones which rely on cross-site participation...
12:25 AM
they upped the ante on all of that this year, not a direction I am excited for
@nitsua60 And stuff like the Jayne one, which requires that other people close a question that can later be reopened.
I mean, if I see a question that needs closing, I'm gonna cast my vote.
yeah, one issue for me is that a lot of the hats this year encourage you to do things I normally wouldn't do here
and besides that, in a possibly abnormal way to get said hats
not a thing I am interested in doing
Tubey fair, Hatmas has always been about gamification of desired behaviours--perhaps this is a year when the behaviours we've been enjoying are common enough to not need seasonal gamification?
some of the hats this year are also easier to get than normal, which I like
but it seems like every hat that isn't ridiculously easy to get is locked behind an action I don't feel comfortable partaking in
it's a weird hatmas all around
Given how successful it was, and how much it's needed, I'm amazed they didn't bring back a hat for welcoming new users.
12:35 AM
it is odd
considering, especially, that they do seem to bring back the same hat, or very similar hats, every year
not the same hat really, but a hat for doing the same thing
getting a gold or silver badge, getting a particular number of votes on an answer to a downvoted question, stuff like that
12:56 AM
My kids made their grandma a classic gable-roofed birdhouse for Christmas, which I just wrapped. That required some serious creativity, wrapping a pentagonal prism neatly.
@SevenSidedDie I don't know how you do it every morning.
does what every morning?
Wrap a pentagonal prism neatly. Keep up with the conversation, sheesh :P
[waits for it...]
1:00 AM
@Magician oh please, like I don't have better things to do XD :P
I know, I just got here after missing for a week :P
1:48 AM
@nitsua60 In cases like that I resort to the ol' gift bag and tissue paper.
2:09 AM
@LegendaryDude Deliberately oversized box & ton of bubblewrap
@Adeptus My wife does that to keep me guessing at what's in the box, haha.
1 hour later…
3:41 AM
@LegendaryDude There was an imgur album about someone putting small gift in a guitar-shaped box
@Miniman I think ooze amulets are all-weather terrain vehicles; do they count?
@nitsua60 I have a really good tailor.
@Miniman there was a hat for doing that..?
@SevenSidedDie =)
@doppelgreener Last year, yeah.
3:47 AM
@Miniman i am very confused because i don't remember it even a bit
oh huh interesting
guess it must have been a secret hat
i wasn't in the habit of welcoming people regularly back then i think
Was there ever a hat for queue clearing?
@BESW I don't recall one… If there had been, I imagine SO being pitchforks and torches since their queues never get cleared.
[feigns indifference]
3:57 AM
Q: Greeter Hat seems to be causing problems

apaul34208Is it just me or is the Greeter Hat causing a lot of questionable upvoting and trivial editing? Perhaps I'm growing cynical, but it seems like I've come across a lot of polished turds with single upvotes this morning. Greeter edit and upvote another user’s first post, which must have bee...

It's kinda interesting seeing how the hats actually are fairly-similar from year-to-year:
A: What positive behavior is each hat encouraging?

PopsQuestions about the origins/purpose of the hats have come up a few different ways in a few different places this year. I was planning on including a fairly detailed rundown at the end of the event. I think at one point I said in the blog post, although I've realized the post-mortem on meta would ...

oh now i remember this :D
it wasn't for commenting, that's the confusing bit for me
Yeah, I didn't remember it either.
9 hours later…
1:38 PM
Woo! Marty day! @BESW
Chat doesn't seem to have caught up yet.
@doppelgreener Troggy and I talked a bit about what makes us happy about our Bubblegumshoe campaign in the Not At Bar. If you have anything to add, please do.
@BESW I shall take a look while I wait on my train!
1:54 PM
2:29 PM
@BESW leaving thoughts!
3:26 PM
Is the "standard" notation for characters with mythic tiers in Pathfinder similar to wizard X/archmage Y, where X is the class level and Y is the tier?
This is confusing to me. It reads as a multiclassed character with X levels in wizard and Y levels in archmage.
4:00 PM
Hatmas is also Bountymas for me. If there's a question you know that you think deserves a bounty for some reason (including new attention needed, or you think a particular answer is exceptional and worthy of additional reward) please bring it to my attention. Or set a bounty yourself! Though I have spare rep to burn. :)
@LegendaryDude I don't know about standard notation, but what about "wizard X (archmage Y)"?
4:16 PM
Wizard 20 / Archmage 5 / Druid 8 / Elder Druid 3 reads to me as a level 36 character, but Wizard 20 (Archmage 5) / Druid 8 (Elder Druid 3) is more easily parseable as a level 28 character once I know how to read it
5:04 PM
@doppelgreener Yeah, that was my thought too. I had edited a question to make it more clear that "archmage 3" doesn't refer to multiclass levels, but another user reverted my edit
5 hours later…
10:21 PM
@LegendaryDude Btw that question is probably a good main site one. "what's the accepted practice for annotating this?"
10:40 PM
@LegendaryDude I don't know about the notation either, but I did the same thing. I read Archmage as the 3.5 prestige class, and jumped to the conclusion that the poster was high enough level to do what he wanted without workarounds.
11:20 PM
@LegendaryDude I wonder if the user who reverted the edit understood what it was that was being annotated — and if they themselves confused it for multiclassing
11:39 PM
(This is also the first KS I've seen where the "Risks and challenges" section gets so... personal.)
You have to remember that for every table playing Dungeons & Dragons, there is a unique version of Dungeons & Dragons.
So, from that point of view, not inaccurate.
I'm not sure what you mean. I mean, I agree with your statement but I don't see how it's relephant.
D&D is a loud but small corner of the RPG landscape, and even a lot of D&D-inspired games deal with spells in a more flexible, narrative form.
There are so many sadface flags there. The stretch goals promising entire new books for a mere couple thousand, starting at $20 for a PDF, the Fantasy Heartbreaker pitch, the Risks section, calling the game “Title” in the fourth sentence…
I really hope this doesn't fund. They'll be so disappointed, but at least it won't destroy them.
11:46 PM
@BESW If we're also looking at non-Fantasy roleplaying, then yeah, a spell list of nothing is rigid and uninteresting, never magical.
On further thought, a sadface flag I missed is encouraging: asking for $10k is a bad idea, but also means it is probably not going to fund. Bullet dodged!
[thinks about magic in his D&D game] [goes crying in a corner]
@Powerdork I'm looking at, say, Dresden Files; Dungeon World; even All Flesh Must Be Eaten attaches more significance and mystery to its spell systems than D&D does.
And from there I follow. Just saying, we can't know the angle they're coming from with that claim, only guess.
I think anybody looking to make a flexible magic system which fronts narrative creativity should at least glance at Ars Magica.
@Powerdork Sure. Just--I see a lot of failed Kickstarters trying to solve solved problems because the brand-new baby designer didn't research existing solutions.
11:52 PM
That's sad.
So "He doesn't know about those games" makes me less sanguine about the project.
I'm gonna go be sad.
Looking at the PDF player's guide. So far it's D&D.
(In the proper spirit of noticing Fantasy Heartbreakers, I'm looking for its One Amazing Thing.)
He's got some good instincts, like replacing HP with "one good narrative hit."
@BESW Mage also has an extremely flexible system. "Here's roughly what you can do at each of five levels in this Sphere of magic". Have fun!
11:55 PM
Hit points are still there, and work like 3.x. Even not-being-hit is called AC (“Avoidance Chance”).
@SevenSidedDie Aw.
@JoelHarmon Aye. In my experience, only the die-hard traditionalist D&D-likes have rigid spell-list magic systems.
Strength reduces how much damage you take? And AC = Dex bonus (which is -5 to +5 as in 3.x). Everyone has Mana Points, but they're handled behind the GM screen, which means they won't be explained in the free PDF.
@BESW I'm trying to come up with counter examples, but all I have are video games
@JoelHarmon CthulhuTech comes to mind, I guess.

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