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12:22 AM
This has got to be a sick joke.
12:35 AM
@bwDraco things catch fire. Phone happens to be a model that may catch fire. its a correlation, sure, but I'd note its the owners not the fire department that's saying it
no pun intended
12:55 AM
waiiiiit how many MB?!
did you ever manage to get the upgraded VHD loaded? ;p
@JourneymanGeek actually trying to do that right now!
got kinda sidetracked over the last week, for obvious (to you) reasons
I like how PowerShell uses o's for progress bars.
@Bob just 4.7 TB
"we have them [hard drives] that size in stock" --Star Trek IV
1:14 AM
@allquicatic I missed a few other screenshots but some reported over ten times that :P
Pretty sure it was reporting bytes but incorrectly marked MB.
1:32 AM
only 4,700,000 MB
4740585 MiB = 4629.48 GiB
This will not fit on a DVD.
you don't say...
2:04 AM
I don't get all these "RIP Headphone Jack" videos and articles that are showing up everywhere... It's not like we're never going to use it again...
@Rahul2001 clickbait ;p
2:32 AM
This whole socket removal business is just money-bait for fanboys anyway. The only thing it changes is that you now cannot plug ANYTHING into your iPhone without giving Apple more money.
@Rahul2001 So? Either raise a fuss or sit back and take it.
Oh and you'll have to buy two sets of headphones because those expensive shite shiny Beats ones you just bought for your Macbook won't work with your new phone and any Lightning headphones you buy for your phone won't work with your Macbook.
Cause yknow. Forcing people to rebuy everything with your own proprietary connector on is one thing, forcing people to rebuy everything with your own proprietary connector that most of your own devices don't even support? Apple... Think Different, Think Retarded.
@kerbalspacecat apparently the airbuds will work with normal phones
just without the 'magic' pairing, siri and a few other things
...and after some time reading benchmark results, I am not buying DOOM. The machine does not meet hardware requirements.
@Rahul2001 I use 1/4 inch jacks, like a proper hipster.
Well no. Real hipsters use fully balanced mini xlrs...
2:39 AM
Desktop GTX 770 gets about 45-50 fps average at 1080p Ultra. Considering that mobile GTX 780M is about 20% slower, frame rates will not be satisfactory.
Dropping to Low, from what I'm seeing, doesn't give back much performance.
DOOM is a no-go on this laptop.
and braided cable.
That means I'm due for a hardware upgrade.
@JourneymanGeek I think it's time to give up... doesn't want to deploy :\
If my hardware can't deliver a satisfactory experience on a significant portion of modern games (released within the last two years), an upgrade should be considered.
2:48 AM
Might have more luck if I did the whole thing from scratch
balanced quarter inch yo?
"Satisfactory experience" depends on the nature of the game. For example, DOOM must be able to run at a stable 50-60 fps, while something like XCOM can be considered to be satisfactory at 30 fps.
you use XLR for that
or twin mono.
and it needs to be a 4 connector XLR, not 3
@bwDraco tbh, my main critiera for my last upgrade was "I'm fed up with dad kicking me off the shared PC"
my next upgrade will be "I feel like it, and have $$$$"
I don't believe in laptops as main gaming machines tho
My current object of desire (tm) as far as laptops go is either a new razer blade stealth, or the most recent blade (with the 1060), the former's more what I do
2:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek ^
I think? :P
@JourneymanGeek It auto-activated too! :D
I was kinda worried about that cause it failed to activate during the upgrade. Needed the MS activation servers.
possibly cause the hardware changed?
and azure boxen would have the wassname...
3:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek Nah, it was cause I changed from Enterprise N to plain Enterprise. I think.
There we go.
Now I can properly run Edge-latest to test our crap :P
3:21 AM
cortana dosen't work here yet
I would actually buy the razer blade if I could.
@JourneymanGeek Are you sure you're not confusing hipsters with audiophiles
3:37 AM
I should watch Firefly
@kerbalspacecat no reason they can't be both
4:12 AM
4:45 AM
wifi is witchcraft...
I got my dad's laptop to connect by turning the router 90 degrees. They are in the same room...
@JourneymanGeek which axis?
from perpendicularish to the laptop to parallel
the router is crap ;p
but it was working ok before.
I'll eventually get fed up enough to replace it
flat, built in
and its a dlink, those are terrible
cause a lot of 'omnidirectional' antennae only work on one plane...
4:51 AM
I think the router is generally dying
Its also needing to get rebooted every so often, and I think that's overheating
Ahhhhh worldbuilding.se...
1 hour later…
6:02 AM
@Bob Distraction?
58 minutes!!!
*tenses* iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone
6:23 AM
"I was losing my butt vision. I was losing my dick vision. I was losing my energy ... vision." XD
"I'm Doctor Nicecream"
6:26 AM
@arda help, afk, awsm, ban, color, convert, define, die, doge, domain, eval, export, findcommand, forget, forgetseen, github, google, hang, imdb, import, info, inhistory, jquery, learn, listcommands, listen, live, mdn, meme, moustache, mustache, norris, nudge, parse, refresh, spec, stat, stats, tell, timer, todo, unban, undo, unonebox, user, weather, wiki, xkcd, youtube, zalgo, ;), ;p, \/s*, after5, ahh, ahhfire, apumpkin, areyoukidding, bababababat, baroo, bearhello
beatingbloodoutofarockwithahalberd, bespecific, biird, boberror, brainf__k, bunny, caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@arda Because. Now shutup.
!!is Arda going to order the iPhone 7 when it goes on sale for preorder?
6:29 AM
@allquicatic I can neither confirm nor deny
!!should I order the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB when it goes on sale for preorder or should I keep my iPhone 6S Plus?
@allquicatic You should order the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB when it goes on sale for preorder
thought so
@allquicatic no
@allquicatic no
If I can't ssh, connect to my samba share / use ftp, sideload apps or install emulators on my phone, then it is not worthy of being my phone
or, y'know, if I'm not able to plug in my headphones
6:43 AM
Microsoft tries something new (Windows 8): People loses their sh*t.
Apple tries something new (EarPods): Everyone loves it!
@arda Uhm. "loves"
the airbuds are pretty much their older earpods, sans cables..
does anyone actually like em?
@JourneymanGeek I've not seen a single person say they do...
I mean, at least windows 8 was usable without special hardware to do normal stuff, like lightning to 3.5.
6:46 AM
(I've not tried them, and well, I'm not even sure they would fit)
I have literally not seen a single person say dropping the headphone port was a good choice.
I've seen people try to justify the decision ("well...") but no one come out and say "yes, they should definitely have done that, and others should too"
@JourneymanGeek there are some people who say that they already have bluetooth headphones or they can live with the convertor
You aren't getting back the jack back with that attitude
@arda "can live with" is worlds away from "loves"
yes, you have a point
6:49 AM
Me, personally? Can't care less. Unless Samsung/Google/HTC/LG/etc. follow in their footsteps.
I was going to include Moto in that list, but that ship has sailed...
@Bob I think someone pointed out, you can't charge and use your headphones at once without a dock type device
@JourneymanGeek too bad it has a very small battery to keep the iphone thin
@JourneymanGeek s/dock type device/$$$/
@Bob closer to $$ I suppose
iphone dock speakers are costly
6:51 AM
amazon.com/dp/B00ALWIV12/ref=cm_sw_su_dp most popular in amazon, 250usd
@arda Can't find concrete specs, but people suggest 1960 mAh... that's laughably small...
oh cool, store.apple.com doesn't work at all because they are adding new styles and stuff for iphone 7
@arda I can SSH, connect to Samba, use FTP, sideload any open source software, and install (open source) emulators...
@arda Bluetooth
@allquicatic technically, you got an iphone cause of bt
7:00 AM
"Firefox is asking you if it should stop stopping the site from asking you if you want to install extensions."
7:20 AM
oh, come on! does every fucking website need to log into my Verizon account just to order a damn phone?!
@allquicatic 1) jailbreaking is a pita 2) I don't have a mac, so the 99$/y thingy wouldn't help
7:40 AM
7:54 AM
such wau
this guy has cross posted his question across multiple sites. not sure what to do? superuser.com/questions/1117133/…
8:14 AM
@Burgi Closed
8:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek Our friend is back.

User "Peter David Carter-Poulsen" (https://superuser.com/users/487669/peter-david-carter-poulsen) is using a sock "Peter David Carter" (https://meta.stackexchange.com/users/333703/peter-david-carter) to get around his suspension "temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on Jun 12 '17 at 18:47."
The avatars show clearly it is the same person.
@DavidPostill ouch that guy
I'm surprised nobody else has already spotted it.
@DavidPostill Contact Us link somewhere. If I can't find a sufficiently bored CM... ;p
@arda do the CMs know?
9:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek Will do :)
@JourneymanGeek yes, that was right after his network ban
@arda ah ok
that resulted in him getting his github account removed, lol
I can't do network wide stuff, but if there's an ongoing issue..
Right, that was you
I finally got my first repcap on WB...
@JourneymanGeek Done :)
9:14 AM
Warning: He's calling himself "Amy T McBride" on SU ...
@DavidPostill oh dammit
in The Bridge, 2 hours ago, by Arperum
Q: Is #489938 a good colour?

Amy T McBrideSo, I've been coding my website and there's a lot of competing colours out there, like the garish #99583A and the understated #2PE (extended utf-9), but I'm really not sure if I should be using #489938 at all. I have tried making #489938 into a more minimal, complete and verifiable example, like...

@DavidPostill link the account please?
from earlier today, a markov chained question by him
the ban things should link to a meta post explaining why the person was banned
9:18 AM
ehhh. I need to find that.
@JourneymanGeek I got popular on TL? :P
@JourneymanGeek for what? female hind quarters?
@arda I don't remember
@allquicatic I'm a polite canid, TYVM
I checked a bit more. He uses Tor to avoid sockpuppet checks, lol
Q: Change to profile not propagating to all Stack Exchange communities

Peter David CarterI have just been on Stack Overflow and changed my profile, then clicked: Save and copy changes to all Stack Exchange communities But although the changes pick up on some communities (Super User) on others my profile still stays the same as it used to be (Role-playing Games). I suppose I co...

@arda Oooh. Well spotted :)
9:25 AM
tor ip blocks should be blocked imo
@arda is there a post about that harassment that took place?
I want to make it easier for the CMs
And he's now admitting using socks:
@JourneymanGeek on chat or on meta?
Why are you using a sock to get around your network wide suspension? superuser.com/users/487669/peter-david-carter-poulsenDavidPostill 18 mins ago
Sorry for pushing this stuff your way
9:25 AM
or with github?
Because I need a job and I need to ask questions to learn of course. — Peter David Carter 1 min ago
@arda anything linkable I can show the CMs
he seems like an odd person...
@DavidPostill lol
@Burgi More than odd if you know any of the history :)
9:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=30311339#30311339 and the github link there died when his account got destroyed, but here is a quick snap from emails caused by his comments: 0ws.pw/oiiv.png - posted by his socks: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=30311003#30311003 chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=30311106#30311106 chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=30311113#30311113
this is like watching game of thrones halfway through an episode mid season...
i have no idea what is going on
right. Kitchen Sinked
9:55 AM
kitchen sunk?
i am having so many issues with this umbraco site
@Bob "Threw everything and the kitchen sink at em"
kitchen sync'd
10:16 AM
Q: Can we have the option to request approval when making edits

DaveWhen we gain rep, we no longer require approval when we make an edit. However, I feel there should be the option to request approval, (although it's probably only useful for tags). I've just asked this Are T-SQL questions on topic for this very reason. If there was an option for me to edit the ...

10:35 AM
that was annoying
Needed to send a form in after signing. Had a PDF. printer was printing faintly. printed, signed scanned copy, cropped signature in pdn, pasted it into inkscape, then realised I needed to print to PDF
10:48 AM
What, youdid not mail add .tiff ?
nope? ;p
@Prasanna light2yellow does not have enough rep to be in chat. And has never been in the room so @ will not ping them.
@DavidPostill... I almost forgot about the rep!... Thanks for pointing out
11:02 AM
VTC.... offtopic. Oh wait
@Burgi Is this the code you can't debug? ;P
output or outputted not outputed
Its a trivial edit so...
@JourneymanGeek fixed. hehe somewhere where I have more rep than you :)
@Prasanna I'm here :)
How does that work? ;p
11:20 AM
@DavidPostill some of it
i don't know if it is the same issue as the other day or a different issue
@Burgi welcome to the world of having no clue why things are the way they are
we just had a social media strategy meeting...
@Burgi those words. twitch
@Burgi Did shares go up after announcing a social media strategy?
11:25 AM
@Burgi please don't tell me you are going to use old memes to advertise?
i have no idea
uncertainty is bad enough
that xkcd is too damn relevant
back to working
they finished the meeting with a video
we paid $12 to a guy in sri lanka to video himself topless with our company name painted on himself
@Burgi hamstare
11:58 AM
@Bob we sring today?
hehehehehe >:D
i got my minion watching www.badgerbadgerbadger.com ... waiting for the squirrel >:D
12:37 PM
"A British police force has said it may allow Muslim officers to wear burkas in an attempt to boost diversity in its force.

West Midlands Police said they have “no barriers” relating to the burka - which covers the face as well as the body - as they announced that they would discuss allowing the traditional Islamic dress to become part of a policewoman’s uniform."
@JourneymanGeek if you're okay with a bit of a late start
@Bob Well, I need to do the walk today so... maybe 30-45 minutes from now onwards?
@JourneymanGeek yea, it's looking a bit more like 45-60 for me, but sounds about right :P
Would be OK.
1:33 PM
@DavidPostill wtf...
@Burgi Manchester is West Midlands, right?
Short version: do not trust dropbox.
@DavidPostill ha! ;)
1:59 PM
hey David!
hey Draco! :)
hey Bob, hey Henes, Hey JourneyManGeek, hey Arda hey Rahul, hey dj, and that's just about everyone I know here that's online :)
Hello Burgi! :)
2:15 PM
@Hennes that's a real cool article thanks. to me that's google update. Whenever you start a google program it automatically adds a google update entry in windows either 1 to your explorer startup, 1-2 to your services and 1-2 to your task scheduler. it's crazy
what is angular momentum aside from the earth's spin?

ohhh man page 155 P155
students please turn to page piss of your text books
2:32 PM
hmm I'm confusing myself with multi threading
Yeah, just stick to causing underflows and you'll be fine
kerbal are you experienced with synchronized locks in java?
hehe might've meant blocks might've not
3:10 PM
Gotta update my calculator's firmware
Kinda missed it the last time the prompt came up.
When calculators get firmware updates, it really shows how far we've come...
okay Draco now that's just silly.
@bwDraco i didn't know HP made calculators
LOL When a star'ed message is the top hit in a popular search engine for a query.!
couldn't decide if I want to end the sentence with a period or exclamation point so I put both
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere you used pretty specific search terms though
3:22 PM
I thought that brand was a real brand so I'd get a company website or something
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere You thought wrong
@Burgi HP used to make the best calculators there were ;p
i thought it was texas instruments
@JourneymanGeek For engineers, yes. The HP 48g series was the gold standard for engineers. TI took the education calculator market by storm, though...
The HP Prime is their latest graphing calculator. It's loaded with lots of features, from a two-point multitouch display to a rechargeable battery to an advanced computer algebra system. However, the firmware was very buggy at launch. Later updates addressed most of the bugs and have added a lot of features.
Hmm. So it turns out HP just released another firmware update.
do you still need a dedicated calculator if you have a smartphone?
3:38 PM
To be honest, a lot of complex computations are a lot easier to do on a dedicated calculator.
Q: Coworker is easily and often offended and doesn't want us to mention offensive topics like facial hair

Jeffery DouglasWe have an employee who seems to be easily offended by non-offensive things. The latest example is that we should not talk about how facial hair makes someone look different because this person is sensitive to comments about beards. A colleague with a long beard, let's call him Jeff, shaved it of...

Firmware flash succeeded.
So glad I don't work on a crazy place like that
...and we're up and running.
3:43 PM
> "Our customers demand a comprehensive solution, which is both scalable and flexible in delivering their 2G, 3G voice and data services," said George Nazi, managing director of BT's 21CN programme. "We chose the Tellabs solution because it brings manageability, flexibility and scalability in meeting these demands."
So glad I don't have a surname like that
"So today we have a meeting with... Mr. Nazi"
surprised he hasn't had it changed
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse agreed
@Bob I've had counterarguments with people saying "Why should I change it, I'm proud of my family name; the fact that society associates it with fascist Germany is not my problem!"
etc. etc. Same goes for anyone named Trump or Bieber.
(OK, for the record I'm not saying Trump and Bieber is equivalent to Nazism... Well at least not the latter)
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse I've come across a few people with the first name "Adolf" in my previous work, and indeed they were all of African descent
Actually Adolf, not Adolfo
I think it is pronounced NUH AZ EE not NUH AR ZEE
I think the word doesn't have that many syllables.
@Burgi I think that's just the classic difference between how americans and brits pronounce "a"
Ass => Arse, tomato => tom-ar-to, ban-ahn-na, ban-arn-na, etc.
iirc hilter's nephew served in the US navy
@kerbalspacecat Banhammer?
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse I think that gets pronounced fairly similarly tbh
3:54 PM
ZEE BAHNHAMMER! And its electric counterpart... THE AUTOBAHNHAMMER
I'm a cat, not target practice for your banhammer -_-
not your fault your fur is patterned like a banhammer target, right?
Also, one does not ban cats. One trees em.
4:20 PM
ffs my ear stil not leared
4:45 PM
LOL I just thought of a brilliant script for a new Wilford Brimley YTP
G'morning. I'm Wilford Brimley, and I'd like to talk to you for a minute about math. Now. One of the things I've... chuckle learned to do, is, add. Uhh... One, and uh, two, is three. Five, and, uh, three, is eight. Ice cream and a horseshoe rasp is, uhh... disgusting. See if I'm not right. My doctor told me, "Wilford, you're right." Have a good day.
too bad he never reads the phone number
might be able to splice together words like "multiply" from phonemes, then come up with something like, "And my family members wanted me to multiply. And I really wasn't interested in that."
So I've spent some time updating my answer to add an example where the power rails on a group-regulated supply really go out of whack when the supply is cross-loaded.
A: Under what conditions will a group-regulated PSU damage a modern computer?

bwDracoThe issue is specific to certain Haswell-based system configurations. Haswell introduced new, extremely low-power states called C6 and C7. The processor virtually shuts down in these power states, placing loads as low as 0.05A on the +12V rails. Since it's usually only high-power devices such as...

5:04 PM
As written, the OP knows what a group-regulated supply is but I write for my audience.
A coworker I want to sell a used Samsung Galaxy S5 in US$160.00... what do you think?
* wants to sell to me
I don't like samsungs, at all, but 160usd for one is ok. I still wouldn't use one though (too much crapware and imo terrible design, however, flash a rom and you should be fine)
5:28 PM
could use some help with a simple regex
trying to remove part of a string of characters that is to the left of a | symbol I use this
how can I use this to remove to the right ?
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