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12:20 AM
@bwDraco uhm. Already went through that lol
He clearly can actually put in the investment into a better system, and pointed him out to one of the options I'm familiar with
IDK what HP's equivilent is, or who else would sell you a nice beefy powerful workstation or monitor stand other than apple.
Dell and HP both have prebuilt workstation options.
Linked him to Dell
I THINK HP's the Z series but I donno if that went to HP or HPe and how the models are
@JourneymanGeek It's HP, not Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
1:06 AM
@bwDraco Fujitsu also have prebuilt workstations.
2 hours later…
2:49 AM
Actually more for @internetofmine ;p
@internetofmine Fujitsu do prebuilt workstations. They're really good. (totally not a biased opinion... wink wink)
3:21 AM
Ordered me an RPI4 to keep me busy while my motherboard is being RMA'd without the ability to track it :-( stupid MSI
( want to start using PiHole)
for some reason when I edit a message on my pc the text is white on white background
phone doesn't have that problem.
Just edge..
*I think
3:46 AM
got any addons?
@Ramhound Pihole is nice, but not a huge fan cause it kinda takes over a lot of stuff in the device I do with other things + I have poor luck with rpis ;p
The Rpi4 looks... impressive though
add-ons are tough since it literally came out. I have an original RPI2?
which just sat....no idea where my parts are
so just starting over
ya, that happens
i was going to hook up bitcoin miners to it. GOt busy with work...could have 1/100000000000000 of a bitcoin :$
well at the time i would have had a great more...
I blame my friends for not knowing about bitcoin when it was easy
and when we had free power
one schnauzer powered time machine please. :$
( why else would the hamster, run on the wheel to power the server, but to get away from the schnauzer chasing them )
4:15 AM
@Ramhound I mean on the browser. Writeley is known to do that
4:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek - This has been an ongoing issue with editing a message in the chatroom
+2 years?
at least with Edge
ah odd
Oh well.
They don't seem to actively develop chat any more (boo) and edge is dying anyway
5:02 AM
When you are logged in your account on a website but don't do anything and stay logged in, does it still utilize server's resources?
5:46 AM
@Boris_yo many modern websites will have JS running in the background that keeps communicating with the server to keep you logged in
So you're answer is: possibly, a little
6:01 AM
(not as superior as the mini but awwwww)
2 hours later…
8:11 AM
now that I got the Marshal gold badge my next goal is 2k rep :)
A: Who are these Discworld wizards from this picture?

BurgiThis image is from the book "The Pratchett Portfolio" (ISBN: 0-575-06348-3). According to the accompanying text: Pictured opposite: Caught in uncharacteristically non-eating mode by the iconograph, the current incumbents of magic's highest offices are, left to right: The Lecturer in R...

8:36 AM
I did it the other way around.
8:49 AM
hm bois itsa me again, I prepared some pc configuration for my boss, to show, which used Xeon cpu, he came with ryzen threadripper and I wonder, what difference would that make? Would there be any real downside of using a 'gaming' cpu to server grade hardware? (for cpu intensive calculations, sometimes for days 24/7)
@internetofmine eh, stuff like ECC, a bit on reliability...
But Ryzens and other HEDT processors are pretty much 'cut down' server chips
For exact details, it could vary on the workload
Workload is basically 100% on each core for lets say 72hours straight. I am curious if there are any risks we would take by going for ryzens instead of server
Ryzens themselves no
but your system cooling might need to be pretty good
Alright, do you think some decent noctua on cpu + additional noctua fans will do the job?
eh, in which case you're homebrewing ;)
Probably want a case with good airflow, a motherboard with good VRM cooling...
8:59 AM
aight thanks for the tips :)
I liked look on my boss' face when I showed him $125k xeon server, but I guess we're going gaming grade instead :D
PRETTY sure you can do a tenth of that
ya went down from 125 to about 12k easily, but price difference between xeon and tr is >huge<
so whatcha guys are talking about here when im not around?
@internetofmine Check what software you're using.
Some may have Intel-specific optimisations.
Or just generally hit an edge case where AMD performance is a bit lacking (e.g. AVX-512)
@JourneymanGeek Also at the point where you're running a high-TDP proc for days on end, I'd be a bit worried about environmental cooling too.
i.e. the room it's in, if small/non-airconned, can heat up a fair bit.
9:14 AM
As I said 400ish km away, they didnt want my 125k usd server, they can burn with the gaming rig they so much desire!
but seriously I will warn them about that as well lol
@Bob true
I've been joking about getting watercooling for my current pipe dream dual-xeon cheapie, and pumping the heat into a drying closet...
when I move out of course
1 hour later…
10:32 AM
> The man who invented Internet is 80 years old now. If you see him walk down the street, you’ll think he’s just another old dude who doesn’t know how to use Internet.
10:46 AM
I don't understand why people use emoji
10:58 AM
Also. No shocked 🐕?
11:48 AM
I generally like Dora more, but I'm with Faye on this one
Also, look! A QC music reference that I actually get!
@bwDraco thanks for your help, took me a moment to notice it :)
You know, the problem with the thing is that my boss basically asks for as many cores as possible, while optimizing costs as much as possible. I basically see the thought-train going from "no-budget, propose something", all over through "reach for the stars", to "imagine 150k usd!" and "go for 10k usd" and finally comming to a conclusion that "threadripper and a ceiling fan will be fine"
And as I have no experience and knowledge to provide reasons >why< should we go for server grade, I have a feeling we'll end up with gaming pc :P
12:24 PM
The Chinese second hand xeons sound like a good idea
12:36 PM
Hah not for a company tho, would never take such a risk :)
The Ubuntu article says that they are maintaing a list for i386 packages. Anyone has the list?
@Biswapriyo looks like they don't know either
12:50 PM
@rahuldottech meh
i don't understand why people don't type out full words when using a keyboard. :D
> poke poke <
@internetofmine So. Going for numbers (core count, clock speeds) is a fallacy.
Really, ideally, you go for something you can benchmark, or where benchmarks of similar workloads exist.
@Bob I hear you, but I lack knowledge and experience in this domain. I will tell them to to go for better stuff, and I will hear 'why', and I'll just be silent.
Haha ya I might look for some specific benchmarks
I lack arguments to persuade my bosses :)
Going from 2 cores to 4 gave 3x speed increase, so it is natural that going for more cores looks like the best idea, and we have no hardware to test out for potential bottlenecks or different setups
exactly :D
1:13 PM
@internetofmine So you need to prove that the cores are the thing holding it back.
@djsmiley2k Not really sure how to do that though :)
Well, at some point...
it stops being your job to make the decision ;p
That is a good point, I just try to make as educated guess as possible :)
You guys were tremendous help whatever they decide :)
browsing through pc parts and workstation configurations made me want to finally upgrade my own pc >.>'
that's always a risk
THats vaguely how I ended up buying a graphics tablet
1:30 PM
@internetofmine I wonder if you can use one of the hourly cloud services (AWS? GCP? Azure?) to test scaling at higher core counts.
Though of course there could be other platform-specific bottlenecks.
Or rent a dedi for a month (Hetzner? OVH? etc.)
@Bob technically - might even work on a dedi of similar spec of what they're looking at
It could make sense... $500 for a month of a test platform when you're talking $10k+ buying decisions.
._. Jinx.
Of course that depends on how much you care about finding the best possible hardware.
If there's a fairly broad range of "good enough", it's probably not worth the effort.
Or they just want an excuse to buy a threadropper :D
@rahuldottech probably better to ping geek ;p
@Aibobot I never know which account to ping, lol
@rahuldottech always ok to ping geek
@Aibobot Yeah, that's what I usually do, lol
You can reply to this account, but I have my phone next to me. Especially if its links
1:38 PM
for our case cloud seems expensive AND for whatever reason we do not have floating witness licences atm, but usb-key one >.>'
Though it does seem too expensive for our scope
@Aibobot okay
Is there a way to monitor all internet usage on my wifi router at the house?
Wireshark catches http but not https it appears
@William It is not easy
You can see the hostnames even if HTTPS is being used (eg; stackexchange.com)
But if you want to know the exact URLs, then you're gonna have to install certs on all devices and stuff. Nothing simple.
1:54 PM
@rahuldottech mind sharing how to get hostnames
I'm using wireshark right now and with HTTP its obvious
@William I think you should be able to do so with Wireshark? I know it can be done, since I kinda know how HTTPS works, but I don't actually know how to do it, since I've never felt the need
Uh, look it up? Should be easy enough, I think
2:46 PM
@William what speed is your internet?
I mean you could totally mitm yourself, stick a box between and intercept all traffic...
also what do you want to know exactly?
My internet speed is roughly 46.25 MB
I think I'm not actually sure not home right now its fast enough
That's fine
Ok. Easy option
are there any preconfigured mitm options?
will that just give me domains or domains and urls?
Get a device that you can run pihole on and use it as a dns (or even dhcp) server and you can monitor what servets things are connecting to
right not wireshark gives me the ip addresses
okay will research thank you
2:51 PM
I think you can use tcpdump for watching and dumping actual traffic
That needs a lot more work
Something like superuser.com/questions/1409745/… though you could probably capture it with cheaper hardware. I have a orange pi r2 that could work and is 20 or so dollars off AliExpress
But you will need to work out what commands to run and how to interpret the output
3:12 PM
dumping what domains is easy, just run a dns server.
traffic is harder, and depends what you want to know.
content of the traffic is hardest and depends on mitm attacks
3:32 PM
DNS can be easily bypassed by any technical user.
It can
But it's also the simplest option
4:22 PM
@rahuldottech I'll try this on a prod server
4:43 PM
Ohai @ave, haven't seen you in a while
How's things going? Everything fine?
@Ave Yeah, that's definitely a smart thing to do ;p
@ThatBrazilianGuy sorta... I am trying to recover backups on a prod server.
@ThatBrazilianGuy (mostly because I haven't seen anyone in a while...)
4:44 PM
some very smart person ran rm -rf / on it
@Ave Wait, for real? Not a joke?
@ThatBrazilianGuy nah it's a joke
I'm trying to learn go
Was the smart person called Ave? If not, in a scaled of 1-10 how beaten fired are they?
@Ave Oh phew.
while watching a streamer friend... stream
4 messages moved to Trash
On second thougth, global politics is a touchy subject.
4:54 PM
Its a lot more difficult to load a bullet, point it at your foot and pull the trigger with rm -rf than folks assume
Second dog I see at work in less than 2 hours.
First one was a bit... less mechanical.
Also, I keep getting Secret Labs ads. I already have one of their chairs ._.
was it a small terrier?
@Aibobot ...actually, yes.
5:01 PM
@internetofmine Well, that makes more sense now. You don't need a specialized server/workstation machine. I'd want to suggest Ryzen Threadripper, or if you can wait a week and a half, 3rd Gen Ryzen.
But do get an NVIDIA Quadro card of some sort to go with it. I'd see this as a "lite workstation" setup; it doesn't require a specialized workstation board or processors, but it should be configured with some workstation parts.
A good place to start is the Quadro RTX 4000, which costs $900. It's basically a workstation version of the GeForce RTX 2070. Yes, you're paying a premium, but remember that workstation graphics cards and their drivers are specifically tested, validated, and optimized for workstation applications to ensure optimal reliability.
Also, note that Ryzen processors (though not necessarily every Ryzen motherboard) support ECC memory.
5:56 PM
Hey there! redirected from NE.SE
is it possible that to restart all network processes in Mac at once or at least not one by one?
Q: How to remove the socket server from "busy" state after `kill PID`?

ankiiiiiiiI have a simple socket server set-up to send some numbers to a client in the intranet. While testing, I stop the server.py script from terminal(CTRL+C) which later causes busy server error in Safari when I try to reach the same page. I saw this serverfault question But the issues are: I could ...

6:08 PM
@ankiiiiiii This is a SuperUser chat room, it's not for programming questions. Try SO chat.
umm a question is actually in the comments too
this is for reference only
I want to restart all network processes
as pointed out by tripleee but in a concise command maybe
@ankiiiiiii I don't think many people here are familiar with MacOS's terminal, we're mostly Windows or GNU/Linux people. You can hang around in case someone has an answer though, I guess. Otherwise try apple.SE chat.
okay! Is the main question about socket fine here?
that is not a programming question as such. I can run some commands too to achieve it
6:29 PM
it sounds like you're trying to edit the question to make it fit
Questions go on sites, not on the chatrooms
I don't want to spam a whole lot of sites
Ask on one site, ask well, the questrion will get migrated if it's in the wrong place.
got it.
any changes to make in this one on SO?
loioks good to me
Tho i'd be asking on ask different, maybe ask a mod to migrate if you think that'd help
as you're asking 2 questions really
1. how to free the socket
2. how to restart networking in OSX
They both should solve the problem tho
I will ask in Apple.SE tho
their chatroom is dead all day
7:39 PM
huh code golf icon changed?
8:31 PM
Short answer: no. Long answer: If email is tracked it must communicate that information somewhere and therefore must leave a footprint of some kind. — DavidPostill ♦ 8 mins ago
@DavidPostill thats.... an answer.
@djsmiley2k Indeed. Let me write a complete answer.
Done :)
8:48 PM
@djsmiley2k Hmm. Not sure about your edit ...
revise/delete as appropriate, I won't be offended
9:08 PM
No problem. It was a substantial edit but useful all the same. Thanks ...
1 hour later…
10:38 PM
Guys, I have a situation. In bash when you resize the terminal window, the text output on the shell wraps according to the width of the terminal. The same thing does not happen on zsh. Is there any configuration I need to do?
1 hour later…
11:38 PM
@SantoshKumar You might want to ask that on the main site
11:59 PM
I fear it will be closed.

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