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8:06 AM
8:36 AM
8:56 AM
Egypt, wtf.
Also, morning
9:11 AM
also maaaaaaaan i swear these routers are getting slower and slower to boot.
Also, why are we using about 20 different project management platforms here >_<
I don't know if this error is crashing the router entirely, or it's just really slow :/
> 1 DSL controller
1 Ethernet interface
4 FastEthernet interfaces
1 ATM interface
1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module
DRAM configuration is 32 bits wide
255K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
250880K bytes of ATA System CompactFlash (Read/Write)

ethernet lmi ce
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
Normally it wouldn't stop at an error like that.
In other news, anyone tell me a win10 telnet client that gives you data like bytes in/out, etc ?
basically some kind of 'status bar'
Wow yup, that completely derps it.
9:30 AM
@djsmiley2k tbh Iran/US is the one that worries me the most
mainly because trump buggered it all up
@Burgi Nod.
tis a mess.
"Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has been buried hours after he collapsed in court and died on Monday.

His lawyer told the AFP news agency the former leader had been buried in eastern Cairo early on Tuesday morning with his family present.

Morsi, who was 67, had been in custody since his removal from office in 2013."
is what I'm on about.
His son wrote an Op Ed
A few months back for the <coughing noise> newspaper
Saying "they're denying him treatment for diabetes and hypertension
because they want him to die in jail"
its entirely possible
It's a pretty crappy thing to do
regardless of intent
everyone should get basic medical treatment
9:59 AM
10:10 AM
Windows, pls
I want to use some software, not stare at a spinner
> It looks like you're trying to use some software, not stare at a spinner.
90s and 2000s, we're sorry. Can we please have progress bars back?
10:57 AM
sat here, waiting for firmware to load on a router, hum de dum
i'm deliberately not even lookin at other tickets, lest I get distracted
as far too much to do today.
11:34 AM
@rahuldottech panel mount switches are your friend.
Hum, Microsoft's ICE is actually not Brad
Simpler to use than Hugin for panoramas, certainly
12:16 PM
@bertieb Who you callin brad?!
@djsmiley2k Not MS's ICE, that fo sho!
I threw a stack of handheld manual 'hdr' (over/underexposed) photos at it and it produced something pretty darn reasonable!
Nice, but the wheels come off!
@djsmiley2k Aye, that castle ain't going anywhere without that wheel
You're right there, Ted
12:34 PM
hamsters come out too.
Right, on with the work. One site down, at least 2 more to go
@bertieb it's not Brad?
@djsmiley2k jinx
@JourneymanGeek Yup, not Brad!
1:00 PM
@bertieb Russell, perhaps?
@Burgi B'wha?
HHGTTG reference?
Fenchurch's brother was called Russell, and DA did a whole it on guys called Russell?
@bertieb i wish i was clever enough to say "yes" Not, no
@Burgi Yes, you say?
That's pretty clever
Not no? That means yes
nah, it is more ambigous than a straight up "yes"
> One beep for guilty, two beeps for not guilty. How do you plead?

> *Beep. Beep.*

> Two beeps. Double guilty!
You gotta love Zapp Brannigan
The velour fog
1:04 PM
hypno-toad to the rescue
o.O O.o o.O
a little project for @rahuldottech there i feel
@bertieb beep.............................................. beep
a little JS app to animate the o.O to make them like hypno eyes
I've finished my second pot of tea and I think it shows
1:24 PM
oh wtf
where's VBoxManage.exe gone o_O
> c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>dir
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is B096-5372

Directory of c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

18/06/2019 14:14 <DIR> .
18/06/2019 14:14 <DIR> ..
13/05/2019 15:15 319,976 DbgPlugInDiggers.dll
18/06/2019 14:13 <DIR> doc
18/06/2019 14:13 <DIR> drivers
13/05/2019 16:00 85,854 License_en_US.rtf
18/06/2019 14:13 <DIR> nls
18/06/2019 14:14 <DIR> platforms
@djsmiley2k I have your serial number, muahahahaha
scurries off to commit hard drive ID fraud
Is there anywhere
in the world
where renting software is illegal?
I mean, my toaster doesn't suddenly stop working if I stop paying a subscription to whoever manufactured it
Somewhere, RMS is laughing
Stroking his fine beard
And saying "told you so"
2:07 PM
@bertieb pretty sure it is
Because you don't own the software, you are given a license to use it
And one of the terms is that no one but you will use it
So renting it out? Prooooobably illegal.
@Burgi lol let's see
2:27 PM
So facebook launched a cryptocurrency
From the white paper:

> "Libra’s mission is to enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people."

They do this by issuing coins in exchange for fiat money, which is held by the reserve.

> "Interest on the reserve assets will be used to cover the costs of the system, ensure low transaction fees, pay dividends to investors who provided capital to jumpstart the ecosystem [...]. Users of Libra do not receive a return from the reserve."

Conceptually this is a bank, but with no interest returned to users, no financial oversight from governments, co
3:10 PM
@rahuldottech yup
Gaming Cafes, at least in the early 2000's, had to get a special licence to allow people to come in and play the games.
I'd be surprised if Microsoft doesn't technically have something about people using windows even.
@rahuldottech So..... when the fiat currency becomes worthless (their aim), their bank also becomes worthless, and they'll have no income to provide their services?
Sounds legit.
@rahuldottech I meant 'subscription' software
Where a company, say Adobe, to pick A PURELY HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE, can deactivate software if the user cancels their subscription
3:37 PM
Why does Jeremy Hunt always look like he's just stumbled across someone touching themselves, and likes what he sees?
the weirdest thing @bertieb? He's the most normal looking of the lot of them
Oh dear lord
it's true
you've got tramp in a suit bojo, yoda look alikey, mr wax melty face...
He just looks like he knows something funny you've not figured out yet.
which I guess he does - brexit :D
the guy who looks like he's seen your porn stash is the most normal looking
I'm still holding out for PM Fry
Stephen or Hannah
Don't care
3:54 PM
@bertieb What about Philip J.?
@bertieb wait a moment
Did Stephen and Hugh Laurie get it on, and Hannah resulted?
/me leaves that image in your mind
Eh, something something two consenting adults
I've had worse thoughts
4:17 PM
Jon Ericson on June 18, 2019


Documentation badges

Tumbleweed and Reversal

Julia Silge’s analysis demonstrated that the Tumbleweed badge wasn’t serving its purpose.

Meg Risdal is our Product Manager who led us to make these changes.

Jane Willborn wrote the code.

Nick Craver made sure the Lifejacket and Lifeboat triggers don’t break the site.

Ben Voigt suggested the trigger we used first for Winter Bash hats and now for two new badges.

A bunch of people tested those triggers on our sites and prodded us to keep considering something like these new badges. We also got a bunch of feedback about Reversal and especially Tumbleweed that helped us understand how they worked in practice. We’ve got an amazing community here! …

4:40 PM
@bertieb lol
Can I get a survey done with a few people in here?
Go to Google, and search for exactly this, and let me know what the first result is: ipc$ share not accessible
Mmkay. Where is sg?
4:54 PM
(this is JMG's sock)
My blog, and Google Webmaster Tools, keep bragging that phrase puts me at number 1
I get the same on my phone
Does my talk-about-it.ca site come up even on the first page?
3rd link
Alrighty, thanks
4:56 PM
3rd result here too
Technet thread is 1st
GB version of the robodog's link is second
Damn webmaster tools lying....
ew technet forums
yea I see the same as bertie
Well, if you want to help, I can't stop you from clicking on the link that actually explains how to fix the issue....
But, I know better than to tell you to click on my blog just cause
5:20 PM
Oh IPS, wtf is wrong with you.
So I'm the #1 site for it after the manufacturer
Close enough?
@djsmiley2k IPS?
@JourneymanGeek Intruser Personection Syskills
(it hurt my brain to type that)
sounds violently cyberpunky
@bertieb Then suggest it on Area 51, and make it a reality!
5:30 PM
@CanadianLuke There's probably a subreddit for those sorta things
Not quite Spoonerisms
A freudian slip? Where you mean to say one thing, but say your mother?
Or say one thing and mean your mother? :D
I mean like, uh, lemme get an example
Depending on context :P
> Starprise Entership
Lol, nice
5:33 PM
If you are just the right amount of tired it can cause uncontrollable laughter
...or so I've heard...
<stares at empty coffee mug> Hmmm, I must be tired.... I laughed a little too hard...
falls over from tierd
night shift lol
5:42 PM
TIL there's a lifejacket badge
Its new
I didn't know about it either
@Bob Me too!
6:23 PM
@CanadianLuke It's the first result for me
I'm using startpage (EU-only servers), which fetches results from Google
So maybe it is very customized then (Google results)
@CanadianLuke First on DuckDuckGo too, for me. Results are fetched primarily from one of three sources: 1) Their own crawler; 2) Bing; 3) Yahoo.
If I have a PC (2013-era HP enterprise desktop) that only has one VGA port, what's the best way to connect multiple (2 or 3) displays to it?
(cc @jou @bwd)
Corporate system?
6:33 PM
@bwDraco Nah, it's a PC I own. It's just the type that's sold primarily to businesses. I think that bit's irrelevant
iirc, it has one full-size PCI, and one PCIe
@rahuldottech cheap video card I suppose
But you would lose the onboard video if it wasn't a APU style process (SB or later for intel)
@Aibobot eugh. I was planning on using the expansion ports for other stuff. Are PCI(e) splitters a thing?
@rahuldottech would probably be costy
there's PCI video cards
Does it have USB 3.x? If it does, consider a DisplayLink adapter. Quality will differ as it uses a proprietary protocol with compression and it needs some CPU power, but it's the easiest way to add a display.
Otherwise, consider a GeForce GT 1030.
@bwDraco has usb 3.0, iirc
Huh. Is USB to optical video a thing?
6:44 PM
... optical video?
@Aibobot lol uh I meant the RCA thingy
I suspect unlikely
Yeah sorry
@Aibobot PCI composite?
6:47 PM
I doubt
Basically I need to connect a bunch of displays to this PC
They don't have to be high quality
You'd still need a video card, and S-video is more common, and it would be ooooldddddd
I need them for text, not video
not high quality + text? Draco's idea of displaylink works
you could even get away with the older (cheaper) USB 2.0 ones.
No idea if you can do more than one on a PC though
6:50 PM
looks off brand. ;p
@Aibobot yeah idk 1 out of 3 reviews is good
Terabyte products usually work, I've used a few in the past
7:24 PM
@rahuldottech how many are we talking?
/me has no clue if quatro cards ever got cheap
@djsmiley2k Total three would be nice
@bwDraco What's the cheapest video/graphics card that you think would work for my use case?
I could just buy a used GPU that has the video out that I need but guess what?????
8:12 PM
i made a mess :D
8:41 PM
PSA: Update Firefox NOW, the latest version patches an actively-exploited zero-day vulnerability: zdnet.com/article/…
8:57 PM
'Exploitable crash' wtf is that then Mozilla?
Arbitrary code execution.
9:44 PM
I don't like living alone
It gets lonely
1 hour later…
I don't think that will work the way you think it would
@JourneymanGeek :(
Ohh. Is that meant for RCA over VGA in the same way that I have USB over Ethernet?
If memory serves some old display adapters would switch modes
11:26 PM
Oct 9 '18 at 4:48, by noitsbecky
I miss qasdf.
Yeh, I wonder where they are

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