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4:10 AM
Anyone familiar with the configuration of CloudRecording on MS Teams?
4:56 AM
@CanadianLuke a classic
5:35 AM
dupe Both questions were asked by the same user.
@CanadianLuke they disabled comments on the video :(
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
The LTO drive that I was totally just looking at and not going to bid on, honest went for 900 quid
Seems cheap for LTO-7
I am disappoint
Hi disappoint!
On my LTO-vs-HDD spreadsheet dealie, the tipping point for storage cost seems to be LTO-4 for storage of 16TB and up
all other things, like power costs (HAH) being equal
LTO-7 would have been sweeeeeeet... but not really justifiable :D
8:22 AM
you're talking about the drive right
what's the costs of tapes like?
8:35 AM
@djsmiley2k Depends on the generation, LTO6 maybe £25
I mean... what are you going to use LTO for?
8:55 AM
@MichaelFrank Storage!
But... it's slow, right?
I have a lot of... video footage... that I'd like to store
(get your mind out the gutter! game footage)
Yes it's definitely slow compared to other storage media, but a good chunk of my data is essentially archive
Doesn't need to be online
And it would also be nice to have offline backups
Ha, I wasn't thinking that.
But yes, I guess video footage would be one use.
I've been considering upping my Google One storage to 1TB.
Oh... it's only 100gb, 200gb, or 2tb...Hmmm
1TB doesn't go as far as it used to :-\
That's inflation for ya
Yea, and 2TB is probably more than I need.
9:50 AM
@bertieb Data inflation? Like money inflation in economics?
@Boris_yo Yup
Pretty much exactly that
10:22 AM
@bertieb is it cheaper than glacica/whatever google offers?
@djsmiley2k G'wha?
Like the deep storage dealies?
I would need to do some more calculations
And it would probably depend over what period is being considered
And also it'd take quite a while to upload 16TB :'D
Though I guess for some of those kinds of storage you can ship 'em a drive
@bertieb yeah them
@bertieb You've heard of archiveteam, right?
also I think glacia will send you a disk to fill up maybe.
@djsmiley2k I think someone in here has mentioned them, maybe..? ;-P
If you're a really big customer, they drive up and drop off a shipping container, with a usb connection on the outside ;)
I am not a big customer ;-P
Just zis guy, you know? someone who wants to justify a tape drive
10:35 AM
@djsmiley2k Amazon have the snowball or something, right?
unclear/off topic This issue has been resolved. Please void this question. If you face the same than ping me.
1 hour later…
11:50 AM
Soo I'm sitting in front of my synapse server
I think the NIC might be deid
Or dying
I've brought it back to life temporarily
But think I'll purchase an adapter
I mean I probably have an old pci NIC somewhere
@bertieb NICs dying is... rare
But finding one, then opening the case...
@JourneymanGeek the driver was not responding, a reboot didn't sort it but deep cycling power did
Searches for the error message lead to other folks with old machines who couldn't trace down a root cause
At least two or three of them ended with "I've since taken then machine out of commission"
11:57 AM
I could be wrong of course
But I'm treating it as if it's on its last legs :-P
A 26 year old woman hit on me today. In front of my sister. Wut.
Next failure, I replace (because it might be a one-off)
And because I'm a cheap git
Or s/cheap/nearly broke/
@rahuldottech go to it and enjoy
@Burgi idk man she's just moved in next door to my grandma
Weird stuff.
shrugs you are an adult, have fun but use protection
12:03 PM
@rahuldottech you use telegram right?
@bertieb dell?
@bertieb I've been there
@djsmiley2k yep
@Burgi hm. Let's see.
12:19 PM
@djsmiley2k Nah it's a PC of my own fabrication, onboard NIC, lemme check the mobo
ASRock 980DE3/U3S3
Looks like a Realtek RTL8111E
Anyone in here had a strange issue with Debian where the audio breaks when you disconnect the wi-fi?
@bertieb ah ok
I used to see that issue in some old dell optiplexes
where if it went to sleep, the network card would get stuck in that kind of state.
Ah right yeah, gotcha
I dunno what pushed the NIC into that state
As it's another server that doesn't sleep
I blame Obama Brexit liberal media computer gremlins
12:37 PM
Solar flares man, solar flares.
Oh, you're right! I had my excuse calendar set to the wrong day
1:16 PM
Oo eck
I've got a small wasp's next in a wooden shed / former rabbit hutch
Advice, suggestions? I'm all up for nuking it from orbit, but lesser and more targeted approaches would be welcomed
1:31 PM
are they the ones using your electricity?
in all seriousness, get a guy in to do it. not worth the risk
@bertieb Wasps don't like smoke, fire, loud constant noise....
tho fire next to the wooden shed wouldn't be fun
only problem with getting a guy in - no one will remove a wasps nest for free
bee's they will
@Burgi lol, might be ;-p
Hope it's honey bees?
99% sure its wasps
It's pretty tiny
but man
I hate wasps
if it's wasps it's paper and will burn
1:34 PM
just get a guy in
its not expensive
@djsmiley2k Rest of hut is pretty wooden and will also burn :P
it was about £80 to get two nests removed last year from my GFs house
@Burgi Aye, might do that tbh, should be a fairly straightforward job
Oh wait now, £80
I was thinking a tenner here...
@bertieb yeah I figured you'd figure that out :D
> Guys I destroyed the nest but my hut is on fire. It's pretty close to my house. Wat do? Need reply ASAP! (bertieb, 28 minutes from now)
i suggest moving the house
You're right
Wasps nearby, it's their house now I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
> mv ~ /down/the/road
@djsmiley2k so today I spotted one of your answers in wild, at work
2:44 PM
Was it a useful one?
2 hours later…
4:21 PM
@Ave was it gud tho?
4:33 PM
@bertieb Didn't understand instructions. House now on fire.
> Okay so the street is firmly ablaze, but I think I can save this part of the neighbourhood. Which houses should I bulldoze to create a firebreak? (bertieb, 1 hour from now)
@djsmiley2k it sorta helped
then I moved to a different solution :(
2 hours later…
6:12 PM
6:24 PM
News at 10, people are dumb.
1 hour later…
7:28 PM
Why I am not allowed to ask questions in superuser anymore
any admin around to assist ?
@Mathematics Question bans are automated. You have posted 10 questions. 8 have been deleted. You 10 questions have a net score of -2. Hence the question ban.
@Mathematics Please read and take note of:
oh ... nevermind
:50410446 it confused me too
system takes in account also the deleted questions
There's one thing I really like about quora, which is, they give more importance to answers then to questions
and I was thinking about this maybe a week or 2 ago
what benefits does SO or anyone gets from voting on questions
7:37 PM
YMMV, but my experience with quora has been ... emm ... hilarious
@Mathematics This is SU not SO.
if you ever get a programming query in google, that points you to quora, you can ignore that line - it will only contain complete garbage
and the same experience has been true regarding server-related stuff too ... and that's even including my horribly low opinion towards StackExchange policies
@Mathematics Another help page for you to read. superuser.com/help/why-vote
@Mathematics It's not surprising you are struggling with how the Stack Exchange network works if you haven't even read the help pages.
... neither have I :P
@tereško Why am I not surprised ;)
7:47 PM
I am definitely not struggling - looking at my rep on other SO sites, and me discussing this isn't a rant...

Years ago, I read a post on internet about how unwelcoming SO\SU\SE or any other website part of SO group is for new comers...

and for years with this network, I can see the changes made by SO and how they are trying to change this image...

I was just giving this a second thought, is it really worth it to down vote questions, maybe it's a good time to revisit these roles,

thinking out of box, does this platform really needs to be so restricted that you ask few questions and get b
yes, it is worth it to downvote bad questions
and it's even better to flag terrible content for closing
@tereško reading your profile on SO, ummm, I am more then ever assured this eco system is not making people happy indeed
but my reasons for dissatisfaction are completely different from yours
sure, and I think problem is with how parts of SO works
8:04 PM
@Mathematics This is not the place to discuss it. That's what meta is for.
@DavidPostill I tried it previously but one gets down vote there too lol
anyway am off, have a nice evening, laters
8:22 PM
I've been sleeping the whole afternoon today. I'll see if I can catch up on today's events...
8:38 PM
nothing interesting has happened today
@bwDraco @rahuldottech got hit upon by an older woman, @bertieb set his street on fire destroying a wasps nets.
^ as I said ... the standard degeneracy
9:19 PM
People supporting brexit likely accidently voted to keep people in european parliment
I'm not sure how people in UK feel about it, but since the Article 13, I have become quite an euro-skeptic
hmmm here, it is the evil leading the stupid.
it's an organization with german level of pedantry and french level of accountability
9:53 PM
@tereško i think it is more italian in accountability
naah, it's italian morals
bunga bunga! amirite ladies? ;P
2 hours later…
11:43 PM
Just now, I found out that the stopwatch on my phone makes a ticking noise... like a real stopwatch.
It's super annoying, but I have to let it run because I can't restart the task I just kicked off. :|
Heh, that reminds me of a car I once had Michael. It was a Volvo V70.
After having a small road issue, I turned on the hazards and turned off the engine. And the sound of the blinkers went away.
That was the first time I realized that the blinker sound probably has been fake for a long time. It's just an indicator for people to know it's there. :P
My 2017 Prius has the exact same thing.
Yeah. It's obvious when you think about it. Why waste money on a mechanical relay for something as simple as flashing lights.
But it just never occurred to me before. :P
If you have someone in the passenger seat that doesn't have a seatbelt on, it will playing a warning beep if you go over 25km/h. If you indicate at the same time, there's no indicator noise.
Interesting. I never noticed that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same.
I actually just came in with a quick question. I have a somewhat bricked Windows 10 installation. I'd like to get some files out without resolving to remove the disk and insert it into something else. So I'm making a bootable USB to help me, and I'm wondering if Hiren's is still a good option to use for this? Or if something better has come along.
Since it's obviously very subjective, I didn't see it as a good fit for a QA.
11:52 PM
I would probably use SystemRescueCd
Unless you are specifically wanting to use Hiren's for the miniXP.
I'm mostly just going to backup some files that I know the location of. (Me and my wifes Minecraft save ...)
So something with a basic UI for that would be it.
SystemRescueCd looks nice and light

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