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12:27 AM
powershell pls....
do the thing before sleep 3600 plz
Like seriously... I need to check an AD account every hour, so I have a while($true) with a get-aduser then a sleep 3600.
Except it for some reason is deciding to sleep 3600 before the get-aduser part.
12:45 AM
> DIRECTV Bad. Spectrum Good.
(TV commercial)
(we switched from satellite TV to cable a loooooooooong time ago)
12:55 AM
If anyone wants to take a stab...
1:13 AM
I'm pretty sure that should be synchronous - what kind of values does $users hold?
Get-ADUser is probably finding nothing
Just an array of $users
Well if I set the wait to 60 seconds it'll fire every 60.
But only after 60 seconds first.
Hmm, if you sprinkle Write-Host lines around, do they execute in the expected order? Maybe put one before the for-each, one inside the for-each, and one before the sleep
Does the problem also appear if the wait time is short, like 5 seconds?
Okay, so I have a write-host before the for-each, one after the get-aduser in the foreach, one before the sleep and one after.
Numbered 1 to 4.
The output looks kinda like this:

Get-aduser output
then repeats
I'm guessing that first blank line is an attempt to run the get-aduser.
Is the ... a bunch of 2s and 3s?
just 2s
One for each foreach
1:23 AM
Let's see if we can pipe $users directly into Get-ADUser, removing the need for a loop
Like $users | Get-ADUser -Properties EmailAddress | select ...
Or if you do only the foreach without the enclosing while or the sleep in a fresh prompt, do you get AD data?
Still the same... 1, then a blank line, 2, 3, 4, 1 2 x Get-ADUser output, 3, 4.
So I think it's failing to get the info first time around, then it produces double output the next time.
It works in ISE, but not in a POSH window.
Now that's interesting
Wait... now it's working in both places.
Hold on... o.O
Ahhhhh hahahaha wow
If I pipe it to a ` | ft` it works...
Hm, maybe buffering-related? I've never encountered a problem with that in PowerShell before
Does adding [Console]::Out.Flush() after the Get-ADUser line also fix it?
No, it still waits for the sleep before showing the first and second outputs together.
1:36 AM
Ohhhhhh I think I see
foreach captures the output of the stuff inside it, so you can assign a whole foreach block to a variable
Without anything to explicitly say "put this stuff on the screen", we were relying on the default printing after the output eventually falls out the pipeline
Does the Format-Table consistently fix it?
Yea, Format-Table seems to consistently fix it.
Except it puts the table headers on every instance.
Without it, it prints the headers once, then simply adds new lines after each round through.
You could have a variable that's initially $false and gets set to $true after one iteration of the loop, then pass -HideTableHeaders:$showedHeaders to Format-Table
(edited a bunch of times there, sorry)
1:54 AM
@BenN Okay... so I fixed it by sticking a sleep -second 1 inside the foreach
it works with -milliseconds 50 as well, which is basically nothing.
6 hours later…
7:55 AM
8:23 AM
@djsmiley2k My first digital SLR was a crop sensor Canon
I wouldn't have thought John Lewis was the cheapest place to get one tho :o
If I'm gong out for a wee walk I grab my wee 450D with kit 18-55mm lens (with the broken focus motor) as it's small and light, compared to the 6D with 24-105 lens
I'd rather look like some dude who happens to have a camera than a weirdo / paparazzi stalking the neighbourhood
Still get perfectly acceptable shots with it, even though it's an older crop sensor
1 hour later…
9:33 AM
@bertieb the guy, is obcessed with the place. Makes me laugh
twitch.tv/xandora - Streaming some Apex Legends
9:51 AM
Morning @Burgi
10:14 AM
@djsmiley2k shrug fair enough
i cannot get these fracking 301 redirects working
@Burgi I hate web stuff :<>
there are a million different syntax and if you get just one bit wrong you crunch the entire site
I'm upto 629Gb of Google+ ;D
10:37 AM
surely that is all of G+?
was there really much more than that uploaded to it?
10:55 AM
I just dreamt that I had a girlfriend
It was such a nice dream
you've had like 50
'Tis better to have dream't and woke, than never dreamed at all
11:20 AM
@Burgi I haven't really had any for a year and a half
But I can get back into action now that twelfth grade and exams are mostly over
@bertieb or never woke at all
12:03 PM
@JourneymanGeek That too :o
12:40 PM
When you plug a monitor into a DisplayPort socket of a laptop(running windows 10), should it always show a picture automatically, without restarting the laptop?
it's an unusual monitor like a portable type monitor by gechic, powered by usb. not sure if that would make any difference
@barlop usually yes
12:56 PM
hmm.. so what's the situation with restarts. Plugging a monitor into a VGA port didn't require a restart did it?
So is it that VGA didn't require it, but HDMI and DisplayPort do?
1:17 PM
Q: UX error on new SE login page

rahuldottechSo, I see the login page for SE has been updated, which is neat. However, when logging in by email, if I enter my email address and press tab, instead of taking me to the password field, it highlights the "Forgot Password?" link instead, and if I'm not looking at the screen, I just end up goin...

Bug! ^
@Burgi :
"Hi... Dad? Is that you?"
How do I delete that crap
it takes up so much space on my screen
@barlop You can "burn" the image if you use the Porkchat extension for chat.SE
1:51 PM
@rahuldottech Please check for existing bug reports before creating a new one ...
@bertieb Will Smith, Men In Black? ;)
@barlop Install uBlock Origin. Right click unwanted image > Block Element > Create
@djsmiley2k I'm afraid I can't let you do that, djsmiley2k
1:58 PM
@barlop Porkchat will only remove that occurrence. uBlock will remove it if @rahuldottech uses it again in future :)
I have all bot images blocked as they use up my limited mobile tethering allowance (and I'm bored with @rahuldottech's rimages and TOWMN's cat images)
oh he does it a lot.. if I block him that may be a quick fix
how do you block all bot images? is it that extension you mentioned?
ublock origin
2:06 PM
@barlop Yes. Just I just block them one by one.
2:22 PM
be quicker to block him. Is there an option to do that in the chat?
ffs snmp y u so dumb.,
@barlop Click on his avatar > Ignore user
thanks, done. And in the unlikely event that I want to unignore him, how would I do that?
you'd need to block the bot, not @rahuldottech surely?
2:38 PM
or just block rahul from the bot ;p
@barlop Go to your chat prefs page
@djsmiley2k either the bot or rahul that keeps triggering it.. the bot might have some value(or does it not?) so i'd rather block rahul
2:55 PM
Wtf @bertieb
"Since medieval times, people in Scotland had ‘porridge drawers’ in their kitchen dressers: leftover porridge was poured there, allowed to cool, and could be later cut into slices when cold and eaten over several days."
@DavidPostill I... Did? Couldn't find an identical bug report
@DavidPostill I rarely use rimages!
@barlop blocking me won't fix it. Blocking the bot will.
no wonder they appreciated their whiskey so much
Lmao he blocked me, but he'll still see this!
3:25 PM
@djsmiley2k Aye, don't ye have a porridge drawer? Uncivilised heathen!
3:37 PM
what was that samuel johnson said?
> Oats - In England they are used to feed horses, north of the border they are used to feed the people
@JourneymanGeek ಠ_ಠ
@bertieb do you make it with milk or water?
ooh god google what have you donme
he ded
3:59 PM
@DavidPostill Does djsmiley often post pics too?
only reasonable ones
@Burgi Water, a little salt
people say its grim up north but its even grimmer north of the wall
@djsmiley2k isn't this just a flapjack?
The fact they ignored capitialization indicated somethjing was weird
either they were just convertToLowercase() all passwords on submission, or weren't hashing them server side
4:44 PM
Morning all!
5:17 PM
huh.... GOG are doing another sale
they are becoming the DFS of game platforms
The parliament petition site is down again
It's been yoyoing all day due to that 'revoke article 50' dealie
that was up to 750k at 10am
5:50 PM
it's at 11
And I expect it's going to shoot up now it's getting news coverage
6:12 PM
its a shame it probably won't do anything
This petition went through 100k at 20.33 tonight and has just gone through 300K at 23.55 - that's an average of 1000 signatures per minute. Not too bad but nowhere near crashing the site - you all need to try harder tomorrow. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584
looks like people tried harder :P
they have to debate it now it has gone over 100k
> Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate
Considers ... hmm
@Burgi they just have to wait till April and it won't matter anymore
Doesn't say will debate
Currently on 1202803
6:26 PM
@Bob yeah i know
6:54 PM
> 502 Bad Gateway
It's really falling over now :D
"Here's a nickel kid Parliament, go buy yourself a real server"
7:09 PM
Parliament builds websites with the same contractor that makes Trump websites for $3
to be fair it probably has about 10 million people trying to land on it
It's back!
Hot diggity daffodil
Cancel that result
502'ing again
7:30 PM
its probably a physical box
2 hours later…
9:08 PM
@bertieb I've heard of filling the vegetable bucket at the bottom of your fridge with chilli.... but never heard of a porridge drawer!
@MichaelFrank I've never heard of that thing you just mentioned :o
Y'all must have way cleaner fridges than me :P
Things I'm Pretty Sure Are at The Bottom of my Fridge, A list by BertieB:

- 3 tomatoes, a pepper and a courgette (liquid)
- crumbs
- assorted overflow of rice, etc from leftovers
- the dessicated remains of that Nazi from the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
9:26 PM
So I find myself attempting to track down some kind of HDMI passthrough device that has fall back content for when no HDMI source is detected...
9:36 PM
@bertieb Oh, we mostly have dried carrots, dried celery, and questionable peppers in our crisper.
That's practically spotless :P
In my defence, it doesn't help that the shelves, drawers etc in my fridge are pretty broken
@bertieb When I had a broken shelf in my fridge we used the plastic as a template and got our local glazier to cut a piece of safety glass to replace the plastic shelf ... bob's your uncle! :)
@DavidPostill A good suggestion! Can't remember why I discounted glass...
I think there are generic glass replacement shelves that fit the fridge
glass is sterile or something
@Burgi that's a good reason. it's also easier to keep sterile cf plastic :)
And stronger ...
9:51 PM
Glass is sterile if sterilised
silver is naturally antibacterial.
@djsmiley2k A silver shelf would be a tad expensive ...
tis true :( and heavy.
@bertieb you could just order some cut to size pespect
our fridge has silver inlaid with the plastic
how do you spell it D:
9:53 PM
but that is still plastic
@Burgi you have a posh fridge :)
yeah its a bosch
many fridges come with glass shelves ...
9:54 PM
yeah we have glass shelves
but the plastic around the the sides and back has silver in it
you can get those plasters for cuts with silver in them
they aren't expensive
iirc glass is used because it is smoother at a microscopic level. fewer lumpy bits for the germs to cling to
@Burgi And you can sterilise it in the oven at 120C
> But silver's "zombie effect" has gone unrecognized—until now. To uncover this grisly mechanism, scientists first killed a sample of the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa using a solution of silver nitrate. Then, they carefully separated the dead bacteria from the silver solution. When they exposed living bacteria to the dead, they witnessed a microscopic massacre: Up to 99.99% of the living bacteria met their doom.
The silver is absorbed into the dead bacteria so it will eventually stop working as it gets leached from the plastic.
So does that mean that Werewolves are just really big bacteria?!
10:30 PM
That actually got me concerned about antibiotic resistance again...
We don't use silver in anti biotics
11:09 PM
@BenN... something I'm curious about that involves some intricacies with Windows. If the system is very busy (apparantly at the kernel level) and can't respond to hardware interrupts but isn't quite hung (e.g. lots of processes launching at once), if I move my mouse or scroll rapidly, the system will beep. This is from Windows itself, not a particular application and not from hardware. Why does the system do that?
(was doing some batch processing that involve launching hundreds of program instances at a time)
Another example would be trying to scroll in Firefox and the browser is seemingly hung for a few seconds. When it responds, the system beeps a few times.
Why does this happen?
I think this has to do with how Windows handles hardware interrupts, and it appears to involve the beep.sys driver (part of Windows). Why?
That's... very interesting, I hadn't noticed that
A Microsoft representative(?) seems to confirm that it does indeed indicate that the system is busy
(...welp, my phone's USB subsystem locked up while performing a file operation on a flash drive and I had to forcibly restart the phone)
Maybe the window manager does this when it tries to enqueue an input message to a full message queue?
(that's total speculation, I'm not sure of the architecture related to delivering input to windows)
Interesting... I'm not a Win32 programmer so not too sure if I understand but it seems to be something kernel-mode and related to hardware interrupts.
Then why would someone report that disabling the beep driver silenced it? Though I'm pretty sure that's covering up the symptom rather than actually solving the problem...
Good example:
And why would this involve a Windows kernel-mode driver like beep.sys?
11:30 PM
Is there a user-mode API that operates via the beep driver?
Maybe DWM is calling the beep driver?
Beep is a user-mode function that seems to, at least in some Windows versions, rely on the beep driver
Well... the hidden Win+Ctrl+Shift+B command (which manually triggers a graphics driver TDR, effectively restarting the graphics subsystem) triggers this same beep.
And I think that's a kernel-mode operation.
Oh, I recognize that sound now - I heard it when I pressed too many keys at once in a video game
Yup. That, too.
If there's a motherboard PC speaker, it'll beep that.
11:40 PM
Can confirm that stopping the beep driver removes that sound
(not common these days, but believe it or not, PC speaker headers are still present on some modern motherboards, including Astaroth's)
Example: download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/E7B18v1.0.zip, page 32 (MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk; PC speaker header is part of front panel headers)
(CBF to pull up the C6E motherboard manual right now)
Any idea what is calling the beep API?
11:57 PM
Afraid not, sorry :/
Thanks for helping, though ;)

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