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5:40 AM
Ben Popper on November 19, 2019

Our guest this week is Kent C Dodds, a developer who makes a terrific impact on the community through his workshops, talks, and newsletter. We chat about why he loves React and how he automated his way from a business analyst to a full fledged software engineer.  Plus, the value of execution versus intelligence, and how version control worked in the days before Git.

The crew chats about how Paul and Sara made the transition from individual contributors to managers overseeing teams of engineers. Sara used to see this transition as a form of selling out, but has a new perspective after having mad …

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8:32 AM
> A former Unix sysadmin has been elected the new president of Sri Lanka, giving hope to all those IT workers who fear they are trapped in a role where the smallest of decisions can have catastrophic consequences if it goes wrong.
8:51 AM
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11:05 AM
11:35 AM
How long before "AI decided Audi drivers are selfish, this is car-ist and must stop!"
12:11 PM
As long as the AI doesn't let people who scream up the outside (or sometimes, inside) of a queue traffic to nick in at the front, I'll be happy
1:00 PM
that's the next state
stage. Deliberaltely procovative AI drivers
they'll inch the car out enough to scare a human driver into slowing down, but never actually put you in any danger?
Also, where's the stars.
1:47 PM
In space?
2:11 PM
2:26 PM
not all Audi drivers are bad...
it's the 99% that gives 1% a bad name
exactly, same with white van drivers, bmw owners and London cyclists
that london cyclist killed a lady last year
The guy with insufficient brakes?
2:31 PM
i saw a jaywalker getting hit by a cyclist the other day... not the cyclist's fault at all. But the speeds some of them go at...
that person was an arse
@bertieb yeah
i think they had to charge him with "riding in a vigourous fashion"
"Wanton or furious driving"
thats the biscuit
sounds like he was cycling in a fast and furious manner
2:33 PM
'without due care and attention' ?
He wasn't the first to be convicted under that auspice
@djsmiley2k-CoW they couldn't charge him with that as it doesn't exist as a crime
does the law currently include the word "motor" I wonder
surely it would be manslaughter?
He was cleared of manslaughter
2:34 PM
Personslaughter, plz
i really hope thats a meme lol
Sorry, shouldn't say that, but....
look of disapproval disapproves
2:35 PM
i think it is genderist
I'm trying to imagine how it happened tho
I guess, if the traffic was at a standstill, but he could fit between the cars
> MAYBE in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself. Basically, it's made up of two separate words — "mank" and "ind." What do these words mean? It's a mystery, and that's why so is mankind.
FO clippy.
i like that explanation
good old Jack Handey
2:36 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW yeah and he didn't slow down or stop when the crossing lights wewnt red
Good with his hands, was he?
@Burgi uergh
that's illegal surely in so many ways
our legal system isa mess.
American humourist (though I guess that should be 'humorist')
@djsmiley2k-CoW turns out it isn't
so they had to use a law for the 1890s to get him
2:38 PM
Causing death by undue attention?
hence the wanton and furious riding
handling a bike in a dangerous fashion :/
its literally not a crime
it blows my mind that people though up of the penny farthing bycicle before having two wheels of the same size
you can be absolutely hammered and still ride a bike on an A road
2:39 PM
I know the highway code tells you not to, but I never realised there's no law against it?
@Burgi I don't think that's true
From what I've read
I think you can be done for drink driving on a pedal bike
@bertieb its drunk and disorderly
> Cycling while drunk is, of course, a big NO. While there is no legal limit for the alcohol volume accepted when riding a bike and nothing will happen to your driver’s license, the police can decide you are not able to ride safely and fine you by up to £2500.
@Burgi Nope
> Cycling when under influence of drink or drugs.
(1)A person who, when riding a cycle on a road or other public place, is unfit to ride through drink or drugs (that is to say, is under the influence of drink or a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the cycle) is guilty of an offence.
that sounds very wishy-washy
2:41 PM
Road Traffic Act, 1988
> In Scotland a constable may arrest without warrant a person committing an offence under this section.
> Cyclists must not
Moving on to the legal prohibitions, what are things cyclists must not do?

Alcohol and drugs:
Cycling on a road or other public place (including a bridleway) whilst unfit through drink or drugs carries a fine up to £1000. There's no breath test for this and no blood alcohol or other legal limits. The key question is simply whether you are under the influence to the extent that you're incapable of having proper control of your bike.
Whilst it is true that you can't have your driving licence endorsed with penalty points because of an offence committed on a bicycle, it's o
i don't think it is a crime in england....
Love how I've already found 2 sites with different fine values.
RTA applies to UK
2:42 PM
it sounds subjective - no hard limit on how much alcohol and its just about whether you're "incapable of having proper control" or not - which surely varies person to person
> Cause injury by cycling furiously (two year max imprisonment). This goes back to legislation from 1861 which applies to drivers of vehicles or carriages who cause bodily harm to anyone by wanton or furious driving. Cycles are legally carriages, so this is the offence which hits the headlines every couple of years following serious injury or fatal collisions between cyclists and pedestrians (though note that 98.5% of pedestrian fatalities and 96% of pedestrian serious injuries on a pavement / verge involve a motor vehicle not a cycle - see Cycling UK briefing).
> Licensing Act 1872.
not the RTA
> The law also applies to children, but as those under ten are below the age of criminal responsibility they can't be prosecuted (watch out in Scotland however, where criminal responsibility starts at eight, though the Scottish Government has announced plans to increase this to twelve)
(That's about riding on the pavement btw)
@Burgi In that case, the cyclist was walking home
2:44 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW looks like we have reason to be terrified of 9 year old drunk cyclists then /s
And the policeman happened to get a gift of a new bike the very next morning, and no one knew where it came from?
I haven't seen anything saying that one bit only applies to Scotland
it appears the law naming is different in scootlund, but other than that it's the same (and the age for children).
@djsmiley2k-CoW were you typing in an fake scottish accent there?
2:55 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW lol @ "scootlund"
Sounds more Sooth Efrikan to me
you just kinda make every vowel sound like it has an h attached at the end
my newly asked question here on super user got downvoted. is it just a bad question for the site or is there something else i'm missing?
Q: Determine how to combine a pool of numbers to reach a known total

Alex RobinsonI have 79 different numbers in excel and I need to figure out which of those numbers relate to a known total. Due to the range in values its difficult to do by eye/hand and extrapolate which numbers I can sum together to reach this total. The tricky part is that this may not be possible with the...

include some example data
3:06 PM
@AlexRobinson There were earlier bicycles with similar sized wheels ...
yeah the question is too broad at the moment
> * It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus) -> It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus) (title)
@DavidPostill back in your day...? ducks
that bloomin apstrophy is causing issues again.
I can add some data, would that make it better or would it still have underlying problems?
3:07 PM
include what you have and what you want to see
that should be enough to take it out of VTC land
is there a "good" format to post the data - its just a set of 78 numbers?
> the first recorded instance of a bicycling traffic offence, when a Glasgow newspaper reported in 1842 an accident in which an anonymous "gentleman from Dumfries-shire... bestride a velocipede... of ingenious design" knocked over a pedestrian in the Gorbals and was fined five British shillings.
Doesn't say what he was charged with though ...
@djsmiley2k-CoW !!! i will be back having used the article lol
"Hitting a Ped in the Gorbals" should be a crime ;)
3:11 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW the article sais i can have 200 variables but excel sais i can only have 32 :(
which means i don't appear to able to run it for my data set
i also get a "runtime error" and excel sais "file not found" ? i am very confused
you derp de durp?
i'm reasonably sure i entered it in correctly
what verison of excel?
3:24 PM
32 variables, hahahah
it's litterally 32bits excel. sort it out >_<
well i got my hopes up lol
tbf 78 numbers does return an awful lot of different combinations even if the vast majority are invalid for the solution
3:49 PM
@AlexRobinson your question is malformed though, should have include a screenshot of the excel worksheet instead of numbers or format everything into a markdown table
your question is being DV for that :\
i asked about how to post the hecking numbers in a good format and got no answer
@AlexRobinson where?
I see but there ya go, here's how you should do
would anyone here know if raspbian buster has inbuilt remote desktop capability?
4:02 PM
I don't know about inbuilt remote desktop but I used TightVNC on mine when I was starting with it
Eventually I just switched to SSH only because it's a bit sluggish and why use remote desktop with it when i'm basically just using the terminal anyways
@AlexRobinson See Format Text as a Table for a web utility that will help you to create a nice data table you can paste into your question.
3 hours later…
6:52 PM
beets Y U CRASH?!
> 3029
ok that's.... weird
This dude has HNQ'd thirce in the past nine days on security.SE
tbh looks like they just ask a lot of questions
and security.SE isn't perticularly active.
4 hours later…
11:41 PM
@bwDraco That's actually pretty neat for a prebuilt, I don't understand why a RX 550 on a Ryzen 7
that's a big bottleneck
if you're fine with selling the gpu and buy a new one it's totally a nice deal

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