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12:30 AM
Possibly relevant to anyone who works with networking equipment (@CanadianLuke? @JourneymanGeek?)
aww snap
(because I've referred to WikiDevi a handful of times to get technical info about routers)
@rahuldottech Its been historically useful
7 hours later…
7:24 AM
Frosty morning today
7:44 AM
well, let's hope it is better than the first attempt
2 hours later…
9:40 AM
10:21 AM
Woke up at 5:35 am today. I'm experimenting with early wake-up times again, though I'm doing this because I finding that my time after work is wasted after a long and exhausting commute. I figured it would be better to go to bed earlier and use the early morning time for personal business...
10:38 AM
relaxing after a long day at work isn't "wasted time"
10:53 AM
I still have housework and personal stuff to work on. The issue is that I can't do that stuff very well simply because I'm too tired at the end of the workday.
I'd rather go to bed at 9 pm so I can get stuff done at 5 am.
Had to wind down much earlier than usual last night, and Mother was hounding me about cleaning my room. I couldn't have done it last night. But I did do some cleanup this morning.
dude its your room
also you have weekends
11:37 AM
Anyone have any experience with OpenCV and/or OCR engines like tesseract?
12:20 PM
12:38 PM
1:12 PM
Tidying should never take more than 20 minutes of good effort.
1:24 PM
Yessssss.... twenty minutes...
I could totally tidy within that time
Realistically, it's a multi-day job.
Here too
But then I go for ages without tidying sometimes
I guess if I did it every day I could get it done in twenty minutes
^ tidying, too
(I know in which gutter y'alls minds are located)
And if you're talking about the whole-house cleaning we do prior to Chinese New Year, you're looking at a minimum of ten days. Now that I have a day job, it's probably a whole month or more.
It's traditionally started a week before Day 1 of the next lunar year, but busy schedules mean much longer times.
This is a large-scale, comprehensive cleaning of the house. And when I say comprehensive, I mean it. The entire house gets cleaned up. Every room, every little nook and cranny.
(Day 1 of the Year of the Rat is January 25, 2020.)
Anyhoo, I'm on the clock. See you later.
2:27 PM
The thing that matters to me the most is battery life, which is where AMD fell flat with the first generation of Ryzen Mobile processors. It's definitely better this time around, but AMD still has some work to do with idle and light-load power. Video playback continues to be a serious weakness. (Note that Microsoft's use of a rather small battery for a 15" system, at 46 Wh, doesn't help, either.)
For Web browsing, however, battery life is finally up to par.
(and as someone with a Raven Ridge laptop, I know firsthand that idle power was crap)
Intel processors can do <1W at idle, something AMD has yet to match.
Obviously, this isn't AMD's strong suit, as they haven't been serious competitors in the mobile processor space until very recently, and AMD simply lacks the colossal R&D budget that Intel has.
2:45 PM
way to derail it batman
No, i'm talking putting things back where they should be.
Implying everything has a place to go in the first instance
I have... too much stuff
Sometimes, you have to create a space for things. That is not always easy, especially if you have a small room.
Or get rid of stuff
Yup. I have to deal with lots of old product packaging.
the bin.
for everything
if you've got too much stuff, stop spending money on stuff.
stuff won't make you happy, it'll just make you hate cleaning up more
3:00 PM
I don't spend much on stuff
I just don't throw stuff away in case I need it
Partly because I couldn't really afford to re-buy it or something else if and when i do need it
I've been trying to throw out more product packaging proactively, especially for things which I have no reasonable expectation of returning.
hang on to it for a month or two if cheap, maybe a year if expensive++
> expensive++
3:36 PM
Finally got to taking a system image backup of Astaroth last night... was wondering why it was so slow (20-25 MB/s on a hard drive capable of doing 110-130 MB/s). Turns out it was doing CoW because it had shadow copies ("restore points") on it.
This is one of those things I don't get. Why does Windows System Image Backup need to create a shadow copy on the destination volume?
Deleting the shadow copies using the Windows "create a restore point" dialog solved the problem.
When you have close to 500 GB to back up, this is the difference between having to leave the power-hungry Demon on overnight or being able to shut it down at the end of the day.
(also uploaded most of my recent photos to Backblaze B2)
2 hours later…
5:48 PM
Ben Popper on October 21, 2019

“We make a huge difference in people’s lives, and it’s not to be underestimated.” – Prashanth Chandrasekar

Last week the Stack Overflow podcast crew sat down with our new CEO to chat about his background in computer science and his vision for the company’s future. What follows is a lightly edited selection of that conversation. To hear the full thing, you can listen to the podcast here. Don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Ben Popper:

Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast for the week of October 15th I’m here with my co hosts. Say hi everybody. …

6:08 PM
I think I'm going to migrate from VirtualBox to Hyper-V due to licensing concerns (and Oracle doesn't seem to be equipped to sell single licenses for the VirtualBox Extension Pack for individual users who need to use it in their line of work). That means I'm going to upgrade my laptop from Windows 10 Home to Pro.
I talked about getting Windows 10 Pro for my laptop before on Matrix because of BitLocker... that alone is not a sufficient reason, but I think I'm going to take the plunge this time.
Also... Windows Sandbox (which relies on Hyper-V's new containerization feature).
(and getting to play with Group Policy)
Astaroth already has Windows 10 Pro; it's just Stolas that's getting the upgrade.
Besides, @Bob isn't a fan of VBox and has generally preferred Hyper-V. I've also considered VMware Workstation Pro but that's too expensive.
6:31 PM
...purchased, applying upgrade.
6:44 PM
Monkey fighting sleep >_<
@djsmiley2k-CoW: What's with this monkey business?
Simply amazing.
7:10 PM
Small children are monkeys
And some bigger children at times
Just don't get caught calling the England football team that
Some people tried it an they caused themselves and their country a whole heap of trouble
7:43 PM
499 tracks sorted!
errr I think I caused it to segfault D:
I hate how fussy Hyper-V's networking stack is.
7:59 PM
At least Hyper-V's Dynamic Memory (memory ballooning) feature works :)
Which is great because there's only 8 GB of RAM on this laptop and 1 GB is reserved for the processor graphics.
2 hours later…
9:37 PM
Is it bad to use comments to nudge the user towards an answer rather than just answering their question outright?
9:47 PM
If you'd just agree to hold your meetings in here, you'd have PLENTY of time to figure things out before the deadline.
10:10 PM
@bwDraco I've never used Hyper-V.
I use VMware.
It's cheap during black friday sales

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