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12:52 AM
@XKCD I'm getting tired of all this Brexit nonsense...
1:10 AM
@bwDraco Imagine how the people directly involved feel then?
Yeah. So much uncertainty. Brexit or no Brexit? If so, deal or no deal? If deal, what kind of deal?
1 hour later…
2:20 AM
I've got the strangest issue: I've got a DVD drive that showed up on my Mac when I put in a disk containing drivers and manuals, but when I inserted a Windows 10 OEM disk, it won't even show up in sudo diskutil list.
The install DVD is not physically damaged, for context. It's a brand new drive that I'm hoping isn't DOA.
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Okay, never mind, it appears to at least be working on the target system. :-)
Still kinda wonder, though.
5 hours later…
8:03 AM
404 Page not found :)
8:16 AM
@bertieb haha, the "professionals" who cut trees here wear just an old t-shirt and jeans, and climb the tree and start hacking away with a good ol' axe.
9:16 AM
@CaldeiraG I like it :D
@rahuldottech Ah so you live in america.
Wait no, they shoot the tree there right?
tbh their solution to basically everything is guns
Oh, and the solution to guns is "thoughts and prayers"
s/guns/dead children/
Didn't you know their all Palidins, prayers give +5 AC
Careful, we're still on SU.
Yeah I'll say no more
9:41 AM
sad isn't it :/
10:13 AM
@rahuldottech Something something OSHA
11:05 AM
everyone be like 'use vpn more secure lololol'
me be like 'build your own vpn biatches!!'
What are you securing against?
Not just you specifically
But those who use ze VPNz
11:40 AM
@bertieb Its s nice way to bridge sites
@JourneymanGeek Yup! Those who use it for that won't be using NordVPN, which AIUI is an endpoint/anonymiser type deal?
Other than that they have all your traffic
On Faith
But if the point is to circumvent low-effort government initiatives - eg 1 year retention in UK, 'meme blocking' in EU etc - does it matter hugely if someone has access to that
I guess potentially
12:42 PM
oh i completely agree @bertieb it's just funnys
12:53 PM
@bertieb z
@bwDraco Yez
1:23 PM
Ben Popper on October 22, 2019

Welcome back to the another episode of the newly rebooted Stack Overflow podcast. This week we’ve got a very special guest, Cassidy Williams of React Training. Cassidy is a coder, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, and prolific Twitter comedian. She also curates our newsletter. On this episode, we talk about Paul’s career as a a club promoter, Ben’s brush with terrifying bitcoin spam, and Sara’s favorite Kanye tweet. Enjoy, subscribe, and leave us a rating if you like the show. …

Oct 16 at 14:57, by djsmiley2k
they were failing..... because they were running
I don't even know what this is.
@djsmiley2k-CoW Your systemd scripts
slash services
1:50 PM
oh yes cron
well that mystery continues.
2:33 PM
...my kingdom for a pipe unicode character...
No, not |, wiseacres
Hyper-V dynamic memory is amazing, a godsend on a laptop with 8 GB of memory.
Yea, but does it make you tea?
How many VMs are you using on your laptop, out of interest?
Generally only one, but I run a web browser and other stuff at the same time. The system's image is also pretty heavy. It does not help that 1 GB of memory is set aside for the Radeon Vega processor graphics.
The VM needs a bare minimum of 1 GB of memory to function, and 1.5 GB to 2 GB is best.
It's used for learning Docker. I'm trying to replicate the old setup I had under VirtualBox under Hyper-V.
wtf are you running in docker than needs 1Gb memory o_O
The worlds gone mad, MADDDD i tell you.
2:49 PM
Because I kinda need a graphical environment to work with. It's a dev environment for learning.
i'd have my 'dev' tools all on my main system
because, I never stop needing them
the only thing in a VM is the thing that's 'running' the code
I guess it's different if you're learning
Might not want things there all the time
But then I have no idea how Docker on Windows works, so dunno how much of an impact having it on a 'main' install would be
3:14 PM
i guess so.
Not saying put docker on the main install
but docker is just.... wlel, docker, and yaml files
When i say tools, I imagine editors etc.
3:49 PM
...wow. I can change the Dynamic Memory limits while the VM is running, and the VM gets to use the extra RAM immediately.
buzzfeednews.com/article/craigsilverman/… (via Pocket, Firefox new tab page)
Exploiting the Facebook ad platform to scam people out of millions of dollars. Wow.
I think I'm going to set the startup memory to 1.5 GiB with a Dynamic Memory range of 256 MB to 3 GB.
2 hours later…
5:45 PM
Ben Popper on October 22, 2019

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade immersed in the world of technology. I could give a lengthy lecture on the history of LIDAR and the future of self-driving cars. I could explain what’s so fascinating about artificial intelligence that can beat humans in poker and why we shouldn’t be afraid of robot overlords just yet. I’ve got a cocktail party’s worth of witty things to say about the potential for brain-computer interfaces and our very cybernetic future. Despite all my years as a journalist covering technology, however, the closest I got to working on the code that makes all  …

6:19 PM
"This might be a stupid question, Device Encryption is supposed to be enabled by default, on any Windows 10 tablet device that supports it. Any event the Microsoft documentation is clear, if Device Encryption does not appear in Settings, then it is not available (and cannot be enabled on your device)." - OOPS! I forgot to actually mention my stupid question :$
6:34 PM
Q: Migration - Replace ServerFault with SoftwareRecs?

TetsujinI don't have figures for this, just a perception based on my close-votes, usually with new users though not always. We have no migration path to software recommendations, even for well-structured questions that may be a perfect fit over there. I know if people actually read through the Help & l...

2 hours later…
8:34 PM
hmmm secretlab.co.uk is for sale
9:33 PM
Actually pretty cheap too oo
Hi Geek!
What's up in the ask SU mod room ? their messages are very unclear to me..
9:48 PM
fozzy, I assume.
- they don't like google
- google scripts are required to post stuff sometimes
- they don't like that
- taking ball and going home
Which they are well within their rights to

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